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True Sacrifice

I daresay most Christians repeat the mantra: “I have given my life to the Lord”! But, where is the proof? (I apply what I write to myself also). Why are the churches in such a bad state if all these lives have been given to God? Sorry – I don’t buy it!

In the Old Testament we see a system of sacrifices commanded by God. Sacrifices alone do not necessarily mean a man is pure, but it is what God required. The burnt sacrifice was to God alone, and so the offerings of meat were burnt totally. Neither priest nor offeror ate anything of this sacrifice, which was meant to atone for sin. The blood drained from the animal was literally thrown all over the sides of the altar.

This atoning sacrifice was made either for an individual at any time, or for the whole nation (as shown in Solomon’s day after the Temple was completed). The stages of preparing for, and making, a burnt sacrifice were usually sufficient to prove the sincerity and holy desire of the one making the sacrifice.

“For on this day He will forgive you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from all your sins before God.”

Leviticus 16:30

The death of Jesus Christ was the final, eternal and actual meaning of the burnt sacrifice. The Lord God Himself was put to death as a full atoning sacrifice for all who are elected in Heaven by the Lord.

The sacrifice was full and complete. His blood was spilt and symbolically splashed over the altar on the cross. The Father accepted the sacrifice as a total, eternal purifying of all who belong to Him. The Old Testament sacrifices no longer applied, because the sacrifice of Christ was final and once-only. This is why the Roman Catholic Mass is a blasphemy and a direct insult to God. A deliberate lie. A fraud.

But, the sacrifice meant far more, for it also affects those who claim to be the followers of Christ. In the Old Testament God commanded that those who offered sacrifices had themselves to be pure and holy, obeying His every command and statute. Those who did not may as well have not offered a sacrifice in the first place – hence the saying that not all in Israel were of Israel.

Christians, those of us who profit from being under the New Covenant or promise (Testament), may not stand by and brazenly say we sacrifice ourselves to Him, when we obviously do not! To do so is to turn our backs on the Saviour Who gave His life for us, Whose body was battered and Whose blood was drawn. The sacrifice meant that all who claim to belong to Him MUST obey His every word and command. Do we do this? Most of us do not. There is no option or let-out. The demand for total obedience has never changed or been amended.

Take the average Christian... he says he has given his life to God – but arranges everything in life as he himself wishes! Then, he checks with scripture to see if that is okay. This covers just about everything in life, from choice of college or work, to what he saves for, who he (might) help, what he chooses to believe, and so on. In truth, this is the wrong way to look at life!

David was truly blessed by God, even after his death. Though David sinned awfully on one occasion, he repented and God accepted his changed life (though there was a punishment). This is why God commended Solomon after his father had died. In his turn, Solomon built most of his life around what God required, for several decades, and NOT around his own desires. What Christian does this today? Almost none.

The sacrifice of Christ, then, places a 100% responsibility upon our shoulders. Believers who claim to give their lives to Christ must act like it, think like it, and generally prove it to be so to the world as well as to the Church. When the first sacrifices were made in the first Temple, God spoke from within the Holy of Holies, thus proving to the collected chiefs of tribes that God was behind the Temple and behind Solomon. Further, God promised that if Solomon (and every other king) obeyed His commands, the whole nation would benefit and be blessed.

We see no such presence today. And most Christians are just Sunday-suit believers, whose lives continue just like the lives of the unbelievers around them. Most have unsaved friends who they hold close, against the command of God to stay aloof (because the unsaved are like yeast, growing in the heart and ruining holiness), never realising the potential harm they do to their witness and life.

Some even have friends who belong to cults or unfaithful sects within the churches! This is a kick-in-the-face against God, Who expects total purity. The comeback from many Christians is that no man can be perfect. Well, God EXPECTS us to be 100% perfect!!

Christians should understand what this means and should also understand that God forgives those who do not reach that 100% if they repent and change. If a man portrays a genuine Christian stand, I can guarantee that any unsaved friend or sect-member will not want to remain friendly!

This totality also applies to voting. Today, people even vote for the Labour party, though it is communist in principle, with a base godless and sexual ethic. Or, thinking it is safe, they vote now for UKIP, when, on review, they are little different. Here, the teaching applies – ‘Come out of her’. Into what? What if there is no-one else to vote for? That does not matter – come out from her!

As I have said elsewhere, people are so accepting of the sinful lives of MPs, they overlook what God definitely does NOT overlook. Thus, they vote for people whose sins are open and harmful to the nation. Christ did not sacrifice Himself so that we could ignore it and carry on as normal... as unsaved human beings.

And what about jobs? When my career in higher education was destroyed by homosexuals, I was offered a variety of jobs, but many I discarded without applying for them, because they were not suitable for Christians. One of these was pressure-selling insurance and mortgages. I simply could not do it, though I was accepted as a candidate, because the emphasis was on making money by leading people to buy products, whether or not they really could afford them. It flirted with the sins of this world and made money the foundation for a career (“Are you hungry for success?” was the question asked). Others do jobs that link to other sorts of sins. If a Christian has to join with those sins, then he is not free to work at that job.

A teacher may not teach government RE, if it means supporting fake gods and godless systems (such as Islam). I taught RE my own way, and told pupils that the only true God is the God of scripture. I also told them what the Gospel was. For this I was hated and I know that if I had remained in that job, I would have been rebuked and sacked! But, it had to be done as proof of my acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice.

Look at your life and see why God is not moving. Is your desire the wrong way around? Do you begin with God and accept whatever that means? Or, do you begin with your own ideas and reap the bad results, but ask God “Why, Lord?” The sacrifice of Christ on the cross has great ramifications. It means that all who are saved MUST act as those who are purified by Christ by His atoning act. As Paul said:

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Romans 12:1

Unlike our Lord Jesus Christ, we are not a once-only sacrifice to God. We must be a LIVING sacrifice, holy, always repenting and giving ourselves, body, soul and spirit, to the Lord. Only then do things happen!

This Old Testament mirror on sacrifice applies to every communion meeting, too. Christ told the apostles that they had to remember His own sacrifice by drinking wine (His blood) and eating bread (His body).

This remembrance is experienced at every communion since. And, as the Old Testament ‘fellowship’ sacrifices included a meal, we, too, should hold communion at a meal together. Sacrifice, as Paul said, is a LIVING ongoing experience, and not just an historical look at Old Testament days! Be honest – you experience communion and, next day, everything is as usual. No change!

Odd Bits...

  1. Many sources of information are sent to me daily, such as the NJOP, an American organisation that tries to bring Jews back to their religion. The rabbi in charge of this, Ephraim Z Buchwald, tells us that over quarter of a million US and Canadian Jews have recently studied Hebrew... a massive increase in Jews wanting to rediscover their cultural and religious roots since the 2011 Islamic attack on the Twin Towers.
    In Israel itself an active two-type approach is evolving, where Jews are either going back to their religion with zeal, or they are supporting the treasonous idea of dividing Israel up into Palestinian/Israeli rule. Either way, the murderous intent of Islam has hardened Jewish resolve.
    Though there is plenty of evidence to show that being pushed too far produces martyrs and fearless people, Islam continues to use outright slaughter to get its own way, even though it is having the opposite effect on Jews, most of whom have also renewed their interest in Shabbat (Saturday seventh day rest) and the various festivals. If Islam keeps pushing they will get a very tough response in the future. In other words, Jews are returning to their religion in large numbers. Sadly, this will not help them in terms of salvation, but it is an interesting time in history.

  2. Modern Christians do not really connect with Romans 12:1, which says “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” But, Jewish Christians will know its significance. Paul is referring to the Old Testament burnt sacrifices to the Lord. Unlike other sacrifices these were to be burnt up completely, and not eaten, because only the Lord was worthy to receive everything on the altar, with nothing kept back.
    This was Paul’s demand of believers. Jesus Christ represented this Old Testament full-sacrifice when He died on the cross, with nothing held back for Himself. Only a full blood sacrifice of the Pure Lamb of God was capable of absolving men of their sin. Paul says this is “reasonable”. That is, we must give our whole lives to God if we claim to belong to Him. Nothing held back and no space left for sin or for personal gain and interest. Many believers yawn when it comes to Old Testament sacrifices, but they help us to understand New Testament demands (see leading article).

  1. The Dalai Lama went on stage at the O2 music event to “rapturous applause” for his message of peace and harmony, tolerance and balance, even though Buddhists and their close cousins, the Hindus, are far from showing these qualities! It is amazing that so many people applaud a fake when they dismiss and even hate the only real bringer of peace, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Coming About

Christians can be a weird bunch. When it comes to enemies, they just lay down, roll over, and allow the enemy to plant a boot on their neck, submitting to whatever the enemy wishes to do with them!!

Or, to put it another way, THAT IS WHAT THEY CLAIM THEY WOULD DO IF PUT IN THAT POSITION!! Frankly, I don’t believe it!! If they don’t have a real sense of foreboding and survival, then their minds must be fuddled to the point of being mush. They even misuse the old excuse of ‘turn the other cheek’ – a teaching that has nothing to do with a generic enemy coming to kill you!

So, these vague and untaught believers sit down and do nothing. I fear for their relatives who might rely on them for protection! Sorry – but it just won’t happen. With such a weird and unreal attitude they’ll let you down big time.

This is because Christians are not good at self-defence. I thank God that so many stood up to be counted during WW2! Today, Christians are all about saying the right thing but doing nothing. And when it comes to the push, they cave in to violence and intimidation, rather than be ‘unchristian’. To these people I say “You won’t even be unchristian if you are dead or in prison!”

If you receive this Beacon by post you will not have read the steady stream of warnings we send out concerning either homosexual attacks on Christians (via the EU), or the tsunami of Islamists crossing our borders. Many believers thought I was being alarmist and they didn’t bother to listen (just as they haven’t listened over the past forty years). But, over the past few weeks our warnings have been given great substance as truth after truth comes out in the media. Our predictions are coming about and will do so rapidly.

This means our warning that Islamists are coming here to uproot Europe and kill Christians is actual, not alarmist. ISIS and others tell us openly they are sending their soldiers into Europe to wreak havoc and kill as many as possible. And even if some (a small few) are genuine refugees, we must STILL be ultra-careful in who we accept. Why? Because even if you never experience a terrorist attack, you WILL experience the continual hatred of Muslims in the West.

As I personally warned ten or more years ago, the REAL Muslims are the terrorists! They put the Koran into practice – and the Koran is a murderous book that hates Jews and Christians... and even fellow Muslims who don’t want violence. I also warned that when those who are now called ‘moderate’ are threatened by terrorists they WILL turn against their host countries. Of that there can be no doubt. Some might refuse to oblige, and they will be murdered as retribution. So, ‘moderates’ will begin to change the UK into an Islamic state.

It is then that weak Christians will either capitulate, or ‘convert’ to Islam, or hide in fear. But, this won’t do any good, for Islamists are very good at seeking out Christians. Just as the giant could smell Jack after he climbed the beanstalk! For this reason some brethren will even show Islamists where Christians are hiding, or they’ll identify them. But, it won’t stay their own execution!

As the news starts to catch on to what is really happening, so everything we have warned about is coming true. I know that some think I am ‘unchristian’ because of my lack of sympathy towards Muslims who claim to be refugees. But, my attitude is far more biblical! There is nothing ‘Christian’ about inviting murderous Islamists to behead you. Or, allowing them to take all the benefits that should go to citizens who have paid their taxes for life. Or, wanting to refuse entry to all Muslims until their true status can be revealed. Secret Service personnel say that only about 15% of asylum applicants are genuine refugees. The rest are illegals, terrorists, or ‘economic migrants’ (spongers)!! Therefore, they must be denied entry to the UK. It really is that simple. The UK will soon collapse financially because of migrant demands. And sharia will be enshrined in British law systems.

Christians who are not aware, and who deliberately avoid these issues, are not pious at all, but are very foolish, bringing great danger upon themselves, their families, the Church in general, and even the nation. To put it bluntly, I have little time for them, though they claim to be saved by grace. How can they claim to be my brethren when they could not care less what happens to me and to others who are on the front line warning them from the watchtowers of the city?

Cameron the Deceiver

Many think Cameron is a squeaky-clean man. He is not. The recent book about him ('Call me Dave' being serialised in the Daily Mail) speaks of his earlier days, even when married, when drugs and sexual activities filled his days. I suspected as such before he was elected and told him so. Notably, he refused to answer. Now, the book proves my thesis and tells us why he was so quick to enable homosexuality and give homosexuals (Stonewall) everything they wanted. And he boasts that there is more to come, thus placing every Christian in grave danger and fear of the law!

As a result, the law treats us like criminals and as ‘terrorists’. That is what the new law is all about. It isn’t about terrorists, but about Stonewall wanting Cameron to criminalise our concerns and opposition. Now we know that Cameron’s background is consistent with one whose sexual sins rule his life. It is my suspicion that he was, or still is, homosexual... and this easily explains his wicked laws in favour of perversion.

His refusal to ban many thousands of Muslims from entering the UK is something else and grossly odd. German secret services say that AT LEAST one third of ‘refugees’ from Syria are neither Syrian nor refugees, but terrorists. About 4000 ISIS soldiers are said to be in Europe right now, thanks to Cameron and others of his ilk. Supporting ‘refugees’ who are not refugees is crippling our country and opening the doors to terrorists. And he is helped by supposed Christian sympathisers!

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