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OT Sacrifices – Highly Relevant!

In the last Beacon I said that the Old Testament sacrifices mirrored the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. In saying that I implied the importance of those sacrifices to us today. NOT because we must now adopt Jewish ways or use Jewish terms (as many faddish charismatics and others tend to do!), but because what we see in the Old Testament found its completion and fulfilment in what Christ said and did. If we don’t recognise this, we lose the whole meaning of the sacrifices and see them as ‘dry old bones’ of no relevance to us today. Take note – they are HIGHLY relevant!

Today, Christians are very loose in their application of truth to their lives and the Old sacrifices seem to be far away in a different time and land. But, what God says and does in ANY era is always relevant to us today... each matter important for its own reasons.

If Jesus spoke of His sacrifice in Old Testament terms, then this makes it relevant for every Christian who has ever lived. It was no coincidence that His last supper was held during the Passover week, for He enacted the final applicable feast of the Jews, and initiated the first new remembrance of His sacrifice as the Lamb of God. John the Baptist was the last and greatest Old Testament prophet, ushering in the New Testament promises of the Lord. Jesus’ last supper opened the new era for believers, by changing the kind of sacrifice, the propitiation of, the sins of the elect. The Second Temple would soon fall, but this was replaced by every believer, whose bodies became the Temple of God. And each believer became a priest, with direct access to God. Sadly, the Roman Catholic church veered away from this and reintroduced the Old Testament style of priesthood and sacrifices (via the Mass), thus rejecting the once-for-all sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and bringing back the demand to confess to priests, plus other abandoned rites and beliefs which Christ’s new ordinances replaced.

Why was there this stark difference between Old sacrifices and the New? The Old applied at that time to a people only recently brought out of slavery in Egypt. By leaving Egypt (the Exodus) the huge number of slaves became free. Only when they left did they become a new nation, the people of God.

As with any new nation, laws are needed to maintain calm, peace and harmony. This was the civil need. The new nation of the Hebrews was far more than men and women freed from physical slavery – they were the people chosen by God to bear His name. As such, they had to obey the God Who freed them. This was put into effect through the leadership of Moses, who gave principles of governance based entirely on God’s commands, primarily the Decalogue.

With these strict laws came responsibility to obey, and to maintain themselves and remember what God said, God uttered words they had to keep. In those days, the rites and sacrifices were many. Not to burden the people, but as a reminder of God’s demands, His holiness, and His purity. Look at the law books of our modern society – they contain reams of pages filling many libraries. The laws of God were just as strict but were covered by far fewer laws, because what underlaid those laws was the simple unction: hear God’s laws: obey and live! The rest fell into place!

It was the beginning of a people of God, and God insisted on strict laws so that the people could learn to live by His command, for His purposes, and stay pure. When the Hebrews were holy (usually when they had holy leaders and kings) each man, woman and child had to remember God’s instructions and apply them to their lives. When they failed, they went to the priest with a sacrifice, seeking forgiveness. This included repentance for wrongdoing.

Today, most Christians attend what they call ‘communion services’. They sit demurely and solemnly while the elders/deacons, and pastor make much of the communion itself. Often, long prayers are said, though Jesus did not insist on these. The communions found in later days, referred to by Paul, are closer to what should happen – share remembrances of Christ (not necessarily as prayers, and probably NOT as prayers) whilst sharing a light meal.

As an ordinary meal is currently enjoyed by those who take part, and is a live event, so taking part in the remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice is also a current and live event. Hence the two go together! The practice of looking po-faced is not really remembering Christ with joy! Rather, most of these services resemble funerals...

Jesus is alive forever more! He was/is the final, once-only, sacrifice for our sins, the sins of the elect alone. Would you look depressed and sombre if a doctor took away your ailment and you felt better? I don’t think so! You would be elated and happy. Then show happiness and joy in your remembrance communion, not misery! Oddly, when modern communions are over, everyone troops outdoors, smiling, laughing and telling jokes! But, the sacrifice of the Lord is met with unsmiling faces and a pretence of sobriety! Something wrong with that!!!

Communion is the New Testament form of rededication to the Lord, a covenant meal that has the same meaning as was found in Old Testament sacrifices. The Old ‘fellowship offering’ is the basis for our modern communion, in which those who were chosen by God share memories of the Lord and what He has done for us. The priests sacrificed the fellowship offering and partook, with the offeror, in a meal of the things sacrificed (itself worthy of far more detailed explanation). Is this not what we should do in Communion? We share with each other what Christ has done and remember His sacrifice through the drinking of the wine (His blood) and eating of the bread (His body). This is essentially a group thing, because it is a fellowship offering of ourselves to Christ in remembrance of His remarkable and undeserved cancelling of our sins by His own sacrifice.

And, just as purified Hebrews praised the Lord and confessed their sins, thereby re-committing themselves to the Lord, so we, today, do the same things in communion. At least that is the correct way to look at it. The Old Testament is directly relevant to us today. If you don’t see it that way – keep reading, and seek understanding.

Judicial Reality Needed!

The godlessness of our judicial system makes criminality easier and decency worse off. For example, a murderer, even the most vile, is let out of prison within a few years, as if his crime had never existed. Thieves are jailed for a very short time and never repay.

This is where the Old Testament system wins hand-down. In those days criminals were judged AND repaid what they had cost the offended party... at a rate of 200% or even 300%! In no way was he allowed to come away better off!

But, in our godless, socialist, humanist society the thief (for example) merely goes to prison for a very short time (or not at all). He keeps everything he has and his family enjoy the benefits of his ill-gotten gains. I have long advocated that if a criminal continues in his crimes, his home should be sold and his family sent away to cope as best they can. And if not that, then his car and belongings (usually of the best quality thanks to thievery) should be sold and the money given to those he has robbed. He should also pay for his court fees. There must be reparation, otherwise the criminal gets away freely and the ones he has robbed lose out.

And if he STILL continues, he should be locked up for a very long time. Not with privileges but on his own, with no fellowship with other criminals. Not nice? Try it and see the difference in criminals who laugh at our ridiculous system. The old Hebrews got it right!

VW – The Game is Costly!

Shock! Horror! When it comes to cars, I always skip impatiently over the blurb on ‘emissions’. This is because it is all hype, of no real use to anyone. Personally I do not even bother to read the emissions blurb, because it is just an invention. Unfortunately, VW is now caught in the cross-hairs of this fairy tale issue.

I don’t accept their deliberate deception, but, on the other hand, it has come about because of the EU and worldwide deception surrounding emissions! That is, VW are deceiving about deception!

The biggest ‘emission problem’ seems to be CO2... but this is a farce! CO2 is essential to our lives, to plant life and to animals. Without it we would die. And larger amounts of CO2 make for finer crops. The whole thing is beefed up by lying statistics from lying scientists, the lying IPCC and the lying EU. The numbers are of no consequence. Even if cars threw out 100% CO2, it would do nothing to either health or the global environment. VW, then (and probably all other manufacturers), is trying to comply with a dream, a pretend urgency that has no substance! It is all a farce – and it is this unscientific farce that VW should be fighting against. Behind it is the environmental nonsense that bleats about illusory global warming and climate change.

The CO2 farce is costing buyers a small fortune, through higher car costs. The same applies to so-called ‘greenhouse emissions’...there is no ‘greenhouse’ and no emissions are kept stored in the upper atmosphere or troposphere!!

VW subterfuge, then, is itself part of that fairy tale... which means that while the accusation exists, the matter it relates to is nonsense, a made-up urgency. It is made up by those who want to control our lives, and who wish to tax us to a crippling degree. These secretive, unscientific, lying scientists and their funders, are pushing an environmental scam of their own making, to gain power over the people. (Read my 2009 book and find out what this is really all about). They are using this VW ‘horror’ (but really a nothing-item) as a front to further enforce their environmental idiocy.

The best thing VW can do is fight the pseudo-scientific claims behind the demand for fewer emissions. They are facing a massive £26 billion bill for maintaining an invented hoax urgency! And this will be passed on to future buyers of their cars. The other emissions, too, must be questioned, because they are also based on a scam, called ‘greenhouse gases’!

When will the gullible public (and manufacturers) start to question these silly unscientific claims? Certain emissions must be controlled, such as lead – but, as a whole, the emissions thing is just an elaborate game played by scientists who want to keep their illicit funding for unscientific ‘research’ that means nothing.

Sadly, many car buyers are now convinced that emissions are important when buying a car. Frankly, they are not, and have almost no meaning whatever. Even though it is all a scam, governments continue to tax cars at a higher rate if their emissions aren’t low enough. As I said – what a farce!! To put it another way, it is like being told a giant lives at the top of every beanstalk, so we must have laws to stop it coming down. The giant does not exist, but everyone is scared! Yawn... yet another scam to boost taxation and control the people and their choices. Socialism! Recognise it?

Sodomites – MUST be Removed!

“And in the twentieth year of Jeroboam king of Israel reigned Asa over Judah.

And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD, as did David his father.

And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.”

(1 Kings 15, verses 9-12)

Note that Asa did right in the eyes of the Lord! This included getting rid of false gods and sodomites. In our day nothing has changed – we must be rid of all idolatry (any false religion) and all sodomites. Asa “took (them) away”. That is, he did away with them, ‘abar. One of the meanings of this word is to perish, to cease to exist. This could include death or simply to get rid of... remembering that putting them to death was a command by God to the Hebrews.

Today, we have the unique situation, where homosexuals ARE the idols who cause others to idolise them. Their presence is not just unwanted – they are an affront against God, having no value, and no use on this earth. They bring shame to the image of God and cannot be allowed to exist openly.

How God removes them is His prerogative. For our part we must warn them to go of their own accord and to hide away where they cannot be seen or heard. And, as I have said elsewhere, they must be put to death if their wicked sexual activities deliberately harm children or pass on deadly diseases (which is First Degree Murder).

For the Christian this is a very explicit command, not just an historical note concerning Asa (other kings did a similar thing). Nor is ‘sodomite’ solely describing a male temple prostitute. It describes men and women who have gone far beyond having sexual relations with the same sex. It refers to the most disgusting, explicit and outrageous sins imaginable... one of them being homosexuality in all its variants. The sin condemns a person, whose activities God calls an ‘abomination’. For such there is no stay of punishment in this life or the next, and so all unrepentant homosexuals will go to hell.

A few, by God’s mercy, will be allowed to repent and turn away from their foul, diseased lives. The rest are already bound for hell. Today we see a very different form of homosexuality, different even from only 30 years ago, for it is totally arrogant and made public. It refuses to hide away in shame, and it adds many wicked acts to its untamed sexual nature. This is why, today, we can refer to these people as ‘sodomites’, even if they remain ‘celibate’. God loathes them with heavenly disgust. So, do not offer them sympathy – they either repent fully AND change, or they carry on until they reach hell. The reason they must be got rid of is simple – they destroy the image of God, and cause others (including children) to follow in their evil footsteps. They are ‘unclean’ and have no place before God or in society.

The original word refers to someone consecrated in their evil to a false god. Today, homosexuals are, in the main, consecrated to sexual promiscuity - their god - thus making each one a colleague of the ‘temple prostitute’. (See relevant article on the true meaning of sodomy – A-496).

There Is An Order

The Lord left nothing to chance, nor did He ever leave what exists simply to whatever mankind desires. Man always desires his own ends and loves to sin. This is why God gives order to everything.

Take, for example, the order of helps. Today, we are inundated with TV commercials by charities, asking us to give generously to help godless people whose aim is to eliminate Christians and anyone who isn’t a Muslim. Of course, they tug at the heart strings by using pictures of babies and toddlers with big eyes.

Modern Christians are not very good at being strict with their own faith and beliefs. That is why they are ignoring the order of giving found in God’s word, and blatantly giving help to the ungodly. The order is this:

First, God and His work; Second, one’s own immediate family (particularly parents). Third, those in need within our local church. Fourth, those in need in the general church. Fifth, others of our own country, Sixthly, general ‘others’. Note how far down the list foreigners come? Note that we are commanded NOT to help godless people, such as Muslim countries.(e.g. Job 8:20; 2 Chronicles 19:2).

I could expand greatly on this list, but have already covered similar items in articles. How many Christians know of a fellow Christian in his own local church who needs help? Do they give that help? Not to do so is an offence against God. It is God’s order of helps. Please observe!

What about the order of knowledge? I have heard lame excuses for maintaining poor pastors and Bible teachers, and have read many materials they publish. To put it bluntly most of them should not be allowed to produce them unchallenged! A man (not a woman) called by God to pastor or to teach MUST be called personally. Attending a Bible college is not enough. Such a call will be overwhelming and pressing. It is never casual. And though all men have to learn, a pastor or Bible teacher MUST hit the road running! Nothing is hit or miss. Everything comes from God and is given back to Him.

This means that the genuine man of God will make very few big mistakes; his doctrine will always be right; his public behaviour will reflect the goodness and justice of God. The order is: Saved by grace; called by God to serve as pastor or teacher; given the necessary gifts and knowledge; given the desire to continually learn from scripture and to teach it accurately, without flaw or personal input. His outward stance will mirror his inward state of heart and mind. He will not be proud or arrogant and is always willing to learn. He might make one or two MINOR errors, but will immediately put these right when counselled from scripture. In all this there is order.

In the matter of civil government there is order – God first, everyone else second or not at all. We elect ONLY if those to be elected are not ungodly. If their lives are ungodly and their aims are ungodly, we have no right to vote for them, but only to get rid of them from office. God does not expect us to elect people who are against Him or us. Do you get the message? Find the order of things in scripture – or the result is godless disorder.

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