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Thoughts on Fellow Believers

Those who don’t talk with me know little of what I truly think. They read what I say online perhaps, and imply that this is my whole outlook. Not true! And few understand that I am capable of discussing issues without being emotionally involved. This is essential when it comes to doctrine and deciphering what is going on in this world. As a man called by God to teach I MUST have certain values, and these come from scripture. I cannot allow my own emotions to rule my head, or for either to rule the teaching of God’s word. Some have asked if doctrine ‘trumps’ responses to Islam etc. The answer is a blunt “Yes”. I am amazed that after thirty years of this published ministry, so many have to ask the question! ‘Doctrine’ is every word of scripture and must be obeyed!!

This, in fact, is why my language is strong and does not move... unless I am proved to be wrong from God’s word. (I have no interest whatever in arguments based on social or sentimental reasons). This is how I approach everything in life. But, for many, this is extreme. And it is also why some secretly think the past attacks by evil people are my own fault. For these folks I need to compromise. The problem I have with that, is that compromise usually means avoiding truth and accepting what is wrong.


Another error in some, is to assume that how I write is who I am. Not so. On many occasions I fear as I write. This is my human side. But, as one called by God to a ministry, I am unable to resort to an inner sanctum of my mind and just let matters flow over me! Without a doubt I am called to be a watchman, and, because of this, my outward words clash with the inward emotions of many. And so they believe I am just a loudmouth who should keep quiet.


Oh how I have wished this many times for myself! It would make things so much easier! If I did that, I would deny what God has for me to say, and I would be liable for not warning fellow believers of evils present and to come.

With these few things in mind, what are my thoughts on fellow believers who don’t think as I do? And, what do I REALLY think about refugees? I receive a number of value-judgment emails saying I ‘must’ hate both (because I don’t agree with their view!). Or, that my views are too sweeping. Well, on that latter point, I HAVE to make general statements when writing in what might be called ‘popular style’. For more detailed analysis they should read my detailed articles. Sadly, few bother to do that – they have their entrenched views and see what I write as also ‘entrenched’. Again, this is not so – what they call ‘entrenched’ I call scriptural. I take my entire life from what God says, and not from friends, or those I know. So, what do I think about my fellow believers who don’t think as I do? Here it is from the horse’s mouth.

Fellow Believers

I have routinely said two things over the years, and they still hold true. If genuine believers do not agree with me, it does not bother me in the slightest. But, if they do not agree with scripture, then that is a very different thing, which I cannot tolerate. Also over the years I have noted that those who criticise me usually do so from a distance. Why? Because they know that they cannot sustain their own argument when face-to-face. It is a way of retaining one’s prejudices, but it is not a good way for Christians to come to important decisions or conclusions.

It has to be acknowledged that most Christians do not look further than what their pastors tell them, or what they read in popular Christians newspapers, or (worse) what they pick up along the way. Some might read one of those daily Bible verse plans, but these are disjointed and their value is only in the texts themselves. Better understanding would come from a proper textual search and reading, whole books at a time. (This is why our Sunday studies go through whole books). At times this sticking to popular output is down to an inability to study deeply, because people are spoon-fed by pastors, but every believer MUST study as deeply as God gives him ability. If they do this, I have nothing to say.

One of the worst approaches is from emotion, particularly if one has friends amongst people God warns against.But, I WILL speak tough words to brethren who have the ability but do not bother! This is spiritual laxity, which will cause them to believe what is wrong, and to hold adverse opinions about fellow believers. I will encourage these to hold to true Bible reading practices. If they don’t, well, it is out of my hands. I will not think less of them, but I will think sadly, not just of their refusal to learn what is advantageous to their lives, but also of the poor witness they have to unbelievers.

Another problem area is that of dividing up issues so that no genuine conclusion can be reached. For example, seeing things from everyone’s point of view. In Christian doctrine terms this is not good enough. A true Christian teacher will speak strongly and will not move from what God says. For myself, I KNOW what other arguments are out there, on most issues. But my task is to sift through it and present what GOD says. It is this that brings me great grief from people, who refuse to accept a strict word from God. If they tend to think I am being unreasonable in one aspect, they will usually apply the same (il)logic to everything I say. In other words, they don’t listen because their minds are filtering-out real biblical argument.

I genuinely don’t care if fellow Christians argue against me. Indeed, I like to see them think and argue their points! It is a sign of spiritual life... even if that life is askew! I love the brethren and enjoy those VERY rare moments when we chat, though few of them WANT to stop and talk to me, such is their indifference or even hatred. Or, they reject whatever is not part of their belief system, even if that system is wrong.

What of those who argue and refuse to accept clear biblical evidence to the contrary? (Which they do not listen to: see article on being selective, ‘Confirmation Bias’, A-573). This is sin, because it is rejection NOT of myself, but of God’s word. This cannot be tolerated nor allowed ‘house room’ by ANY genuine believer.

What of all those things I have written against – services, prayer meetings, and so on, found in the churches? I just think these folks are ignorant because they have been badly taught, just as I was for some years, before the Lord changed my life remarkably with truth. It took at least ten years to sort all this out in my own head, and the process continues to this day! I recognise that without the Holy Spirit, people stick to their magpie-collection of beliefs.

I always try my best to re-teach them, but if they refuse truth I can do nothing else for them. I love them as brethren, but I do not really wish to join with them in events or meetings. This is because, over the years, the Lord has taught me so much that argues against their weak or wrong beliefs, that to mix with those who know almost nothing of truth would be to devalue what God has shown me. This is not arrogance, it is recognition that God has shown me something special and I don’t want to lose it.

There is just too much wrong with ‘ordinary’ churches for me to join them as if I agree with their stance and work. Why should I accept what is less when God has given me what is far greater? This is not being proud, it is being truthful... something many Christians are not very good at.

With such folk I rarely speak of deep doctrinal matters. They will switch off or think I am being ‘boring’! With these good folks I will keep it light and be sociable and courteous, unless, of course, they ask me questions or begin a solid conversation. I cannot change their minds when they have spent a lifetime believing trite or badly taught doctrine. I still count them as brethren and will never disavow them – unless they speak wrongly of God’s word. Then, I MUST speak out.

I begin re-teaching gently, but if they remain hardened with stiff-necks, I will press the point, because God expects me to! I have no choice. It is given to me by the Lord. Let superficial pastors do what they will, but I MUST speak out when there is error against God’s word. If this means loss of friends, well, so be it. I must stay true to God.

In practice I NEVER allow ANY wrong teaching to go without challenge, even if only briefly in one line. There are two reasons for this: a small error seems insignificant, but when we add up all the ‘small’ errors, they are sufficient to crush all of the truth. Also, and more importantly, God does not tolerate ANY deviation from what He has declared. Therefore, To accept even a ‘small’ error or deviation is to stand against the Lord.

Of course, most do not wish to speak to me anyway, so I have little contact with these Christians, many of whom have been propagandised by their pastors against me, especially after the Toronto Blessing ruined the churches and I spoke out against it. Thus, again, the problem is not me against them... but them against me! It is why some have attended our meetings and then go away again. No, this is not being paranoid! It is plain fact seen by those who have known me for many years.

Over the years I have had to stand firm against this backwash of mediocrity, and yet have love for the same brethren who shun us. Yes, at first I was angry with them, but this subsided as I realised they are just untaught and ignorant. I can say this because I was once the same, and recognise the symptoms. I used to try and live up to (or should I say ‘down from’) the standards of these folks, but because it was not what God was telling me to do I failed miserably and my preaching was as mediocre and wrong as that of my peers. In essence I was trying to please others, rather than please God. It took a very long time to acquire a right attitude towards doctrine. (What is YOUR attitude?).

I look upon the brethren with frustration and love. I am frustrated because so few want to know truth, and prefer confirmation in their half-truths and even lies. I love because I know I was once caught in the same trap and know what it is like to suddenly be confronted by actual biblical facts.

I also wonder what these folks would be like if faced with a real Bible study that didn’t consist of clichés or fables, or those corny phrases lots of people like. I know from experience that they try to get away from the ‘tormentor’ speaking to them!

I also know that many of them will be completely knocked off their feet when Satan approaches them with enemies or bad situations... they will be unable to cope or find an answer, because they have been hiding from truth for so long. In short, then, I feel sorry for my brethren, those who pretend to love truth but reject or modify it to suit their own preferences.


Okay, let’s get real! The facts are these: Islam is a godless religion. It teaches violence towards Jews and Christians. Those who do not bow to violence are in Koranic terms, ‘bad’ Muslims (which I am grateful for). Lately, there has been a rise in hatred towards those who are not of the Sunni way of thinking (though they have been killing each other since Mohammed led his merry band of fun-lovers). As a false religion the religion itself is hated by God. In the Old Testament we see His hatred for them when He commands the Israelites to kill nations of idolaters. Today, the same hatred is shown by God towards all adherents to Islam. Why? Because they directly oppose His divine authority and laws.

So, that is the ‘bottom line’. We have every reason to be suspicious of ‘moderates’, and any reader who follows all our news items on the subject (which barely scratch the surface) will notice that more and more ‘moderates’ approve of ISIS, even when they do not become violent themselves. And, as I have reported a number of times, it is ‘moderates’ in Africa who murder whole villages of Christians.

Having said that, I have worked with Muslims. In the health field I must be honest and say that African Muslim women who cared for older people were hard hearted. However, generally, I have not had a problem with ordinary, everyday Muslims. But it must be said that in my home city, where I could greet a Muslim in the street or elsewhere, today this does not happen. They completely ignore my greeting. Even so, I know that a large number of Muslims are, in everyday terms, decent folks who only want to work and live in peace.

But, those who are critical of me all-round tend to see my warnings about moderates in the wrong light! I do NOT say they are ‘all the same’. Rather, I am saying that when fellow Muslims intimidate them, they will change. Read all those reports I send out and you will find I am not inventing things or just holding to personal prejudices.All I am doing is warning readers of human frailty. See how this worked out in Nazi Germany!

Which one of us would not cave-in when faced with threats? I pray I would not, but I don’t really know until the time. All I can say is that it takes inward strength from God to stand against threats. I have done so thus far, with one or two failures. But, in the case of Islam we are talking about real, present dangers. It is in their holy books!

How does all this affect my stance towards Muslim refugees? Well, the first thing is this – God says we may NOT help those who hate either Him or ourselves. Secondly, few Muslims coming to the West are actual refugees. This is not surprising when we learn that a huge majority of Syrians agree with ISIS. Real refugees can be helped, but the rest should be sent back to their own countries. There are many reasons for this – if the country fills up with even genuine refugees (a large number) it lowers standards for natural citizens and ruins our heritage of progress that has raised our standards.

Because the vast majority are economic migrants, they must be sent home straight away. Few are here because of war. I know this from many reports and surveys. Also, an increasing number of these migrants are ISIS men. We saw this in the Paris attack and in a recent attack in the USA.

So, to put it briefly – real refugees – fine. The rest we can do without, especially as they have no skills and refuse to work, and because they blatantly tell us they will overtake us soon simply by having more babies. And THAT talk comes from ‘moderates’. It is a fact of Islam that Muslims are told to stay quiet and reasonable until they tip the balance and become the majority. Then they show their true colours. THAT is their religion. It is also in their religion to lie if it allows Islam to proliferate.

Thus, I will always treat real refugees kindly (though I still expect them to comply with our laws and culture, but not sexual promiscuity, etc). The rest remain a silent threat, no matter how friendly they seem to be at the moment. But, above all else, I must speak the mind of God – that Muslims are idolaters. And we know God’s word on that.

I was in Cardiff city (capitol of Wales) last week, to give my wife a short trip, accompanied by my sister. It was quite cold. We had a bite to eat. I noted how a Muslim mother pushing a pram walked past and saw the open fire. She finally entered and sat close to the fire. I felt sorry for her because she looked sad and cold, and was perhaps hungry. As we started to leave, I looked at her beautiful baby and said how lovely she was. The mother smiled. I wanted to pay for a meal for her, but I dared not, because I did not know how she would take ‘charity’ from a white man!

That, to me, was awful – but it is how I am shown Muslim hatred for white folks as they travel through Europe. It is why my sister, the week before in a café, was compelled to be suspicious of a burqa-clad (no veil) woman, because she thought she was fiddling with something under her burqa. Naturally, Paris came to her mind. It is completely natural to have these thoughts, and they will become worse over time as Muslims do even worse things and continue to ignore Western fears, which are reasonable.

Those who just accept all Muslims, or even all moderates, then, are not being real. For myself I can accept ‘ordinary’ Muslims superficially, but not as close friends. I respect them as human beings, because God made us all. But, I refuse to respect their false religion, which is hated by God. This is scriptural, and it is real life.

And to extend it further, I have the same attitude towards those who call themselves ‘Christian’ but who follow their own paths and heresies. Thus all cults receive the same suspicion and dislike (but Islam receives more, because of its holy book verses about killing). It is why I closely question anyone who says they are ‘Christian’. So please – don’t be trite and accuse me of being a ‘Muslim hater’! And don’t assume that I see all Muslims in the same light! Repeatedly, I have to say these things to readers who have contacted me since 9/11. I simply tell them to read ALL my material and not just the bits that catch their attention (see article on ‘Confirmation Bias’!).

Government and Anti-Extremism

The UK government is trying to bring in anti-terrorism laws, but it is easy to see that hatred for Christians is part of the deal.

Time and again, both in Europe and in the USA, Christianity and Islam are treated the same. Absurdly, Christians are being called ‘terrorists’, even though it is Christians who are the main target for Islamic terrorists and do not act violently!!

Christians have done nothing wrong, whereas real Islamists murder, maim and destroy in the name of the moon-god, Allah! How can both be called ‘terrorists’? They cannot – but hatred for Christians is paramount. If anything, hatred for us is greater than hatred for Islam or ISIS. That is how governments come across every day.

Many recent laws in the UK were designed not for their alleged purpose, but as a means to control and eradicate Christians. We see this constantly in pro-gay laws that, in God’s eyes, are illicit and godless. The laws are made to punish us. Laws are coming about to double this attack on our God and on us. Now, the supposed aim is to counter terrorism. But, the obvious target will again be Christians. Governments are intent on attacking soft targets, rather than the much tougher Islamic ones they SHOULD be attacking. It is so much easier!

Part of this attack mentality is because Christian supposedly ‘offend’ others by adhering to their faith and Bible. Why, I am even accused of ‘offending’ fellow believers! We are thus stopped from speaking about urgent and hard subjects like homosexuality and Islam. We cannot tell people what is blatantly obvious – that homosexuals kill millions by way of AIDS, or that Islam is responsible for genocide. The old claim, that “it is not Islam” is wearing rather thin, especially after the Paris killings. I cannot fathom how intelligent people can disassociate Islam from what the Koran instructs! In terms of truth, they are being very, very stupid.

Police are being used by government to help destroy Christian witness. Now, even openly Christian cafes and shops are told they cannot hang Bible verses on their walls! Try going into a mosque and tell them something similar!

It reminds me of how my former employer finally got rid of me, by getting individual homosexuals to sign letters, saying that they were “offended” because I did not accept homosexuality!! How strange that all the letters had the same wording! And how strange that they had worked with me for a long time without fuss! The plan was to offer me a ‘way out’, by my signing a promise never to mention homosexuality in ANY context. Yet, I had never mentioned it at all in my work.

This is what ‘offensive’ comes down to – do as we say, talk as we do, or we will destroy you. That was in 2005, and government are finally trying to tighten the noose even more with even more laws. The new laws are written in such a way as to be ‘loose’ in certain areas, so that they can be made to apply to anyone the government wishes to attack. Yet, the laws that favour gays are written in the most strangling and tight way – tighter than any law I have ever come across. Yet, gays are just as ‘terroristic’ as any Islamist. They, however, will not be arrested for taunting Christians.

So, write to the government and express dismay and concern about their coming ‘extremism disruption orders’ (EDOs), because they intend to lump Christians with Islamic terrorists, whether in schools, churches, streets, publications, or any other means. It is, as I have said many times before, an example of fascism in government. They want to get rid of Christians, simple as that, so they hide their true intent behind terrorism laws. You have been warned – but, as usual, who cares and who will listen?

The Bouncing Nut...

To finish the framework I am making for a new internal wall upstairs, I have to put four large bolts into it. I got to the final bolt and... the nut that fixes the bolt dropped from my hand. I watched it bounce down the stairs, quite sedately. I saw it reach the bottom. But, could I find it? Nope! So, my day’s work came to an end and I’ll have to buy another nut! Really annoying. Without it the job cannot be finished. What a waste of time and cash!

Many Christians put the framework of their makeshift beliefs together using nuts and bolts. But, they insist on using odd sizes; they drop nuts, but don’t replace the right ones, if at all. So, their belief systems tend to be ramshackle affairs, ready to collapse at a moment’s notice.

If the framework is important, a missing nut or bolt can ruin the whole edifice. Yet, Christians are good at making do, when, all along, God gives us a perfect word, with all the nuts and bolts available to make the framework secure! If you drop the vital nut, you run the risk of making the Lord angry... and a nut that doesn’t fit could be the weakest link in your spiritual armour.

Tomorrow I have to buy another nut. But, what will you do to replace a vital nut? Leave it lost? Buy another one? God gave us His word, perfect in every jot and tittle. Don’t mess it up for the sake of the right component. The framework is, after all, not yours to begin with. It belongs to God, and He expects us to use authentic parts, and to leave nothing out. If you do not comply, the framework could be rendered useless.

Do We Help Brethren?

Concerning reaping the harvest, the ancient Hebrews were commanded (not asked) to leave parts of their vineyards and fields with unharvested foods. This was to help the poor, including foreigners in the land. The foreigners, however, were expected to obey God’s laws (not their ungodly ones – apply this thinking to Islam and all the other cults) and to live under Hebrew guidance. Any who did not, were cast out of Israel, because there was only one God – Jehovah.

This is a grave message for all who wish to bring Muslims into the West without expecting them to obey the law and God! Or, without expecting them to reject their false religions. GOD expects it and so must we! But, modern Christians are shy about this strict law of God.

It is interesting that Muslims collect tithes of their fellows to help the poor... but note that Muslim countries do not help their Muslim kin! If anything, they shun them. But, my concern is NOT for cultic members who hate us. A Christian theologian says this of verses in Leviticus:

“These verses underscore a central theme of covenant law: namely, holy living means generously caring for those in need...Such generous care means putting people before maximum profits (Ed. or before personal gain, savings, etc).” (Quoted from ‘Leviticus’, Dr Jay Sklar).

Few Christians understand how vital it is to give not just once to Christians in need, but for as long as is possible on a regular basis. Why? Because someone in dire need requires help daily or weekly, not just once or twice. The first people Christians should help, apart from family, are fellow believers. Christians, above all others, should regularly give generously to help brethren, and not just if they have anything spare left over after giving to themselves.

I know this from my own life, when, frankly, the only help I was given was once a year, when we received a small box of vegetables from the Harvest service! It was an empty gesture, having nothing to do with selfless giving or real concern for the poor! And any food was eaten immediately. That left 364 days to go before another tiny parcel came.  I urge all believers who have never known this kind of poverty to look out for Christians in real need. From my own experience I know that they won’t necessarily tell you they are in dire need! It is our duty to watch for them and help; it is also a sign of genuine love for the brethren. Almost no Christian helped us in our dire need! Today, we are what I might call ‘floating along’, but one big wave would cause us to sink!

Those in real need must have cash, goods and food, if they are to survive. Having been in that position I know it is so true, and urge all believers to consider the needy in their own churches before giving to those abroad... and would discourage them from giving help to people who hate God and us (the TV is full of charity ads asking for money to help – and always in countries run by despotic Islamic rulers. Of course, they aim at the emotions and so use babies with huge eyes). All these brief requirements are found in the Bible as commands, so think about it. Look out for those needy Christians!

As the whole world darkens daily, being covered in the blood of innocent Christians, we must keep together and show love for each other, not just in words, but in deeds. But, in no way should we help the wicked. Another sad fact is that many Christians read what I say, and secretly do whatever they want to do, ignoring warnings and even biblical law. They think they know better, of course; they resent being told... and some of them tell me so in strong words of anger! That is up to them, but they must not expect God to view them favourably.

Slaves in the Old Testament

As with so many truths in scripture, the one about ‘slaves’ is usually misread by most Christians! This is the result of poor reading of doctrine. Yes, there were ‘slaves’ (the English transliteration) in Israel, but these were not the same as slaves found in, say, Egypt. As with any word from God, this term needs careful handling. We know people get it wrong by the way they accuse ancient Israel of having ‘slaves’, who they think were treated badly. Friends, please take time to read scripture with effort and study! Israel tread their ‘slaves’ as servants, treating them kindly and with generosity. Don’t fall to the lies!

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