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All You Need Is Love?

The ‘love ‘em to heaven’ approach is certainly not part of my thinking. It is an Arminian ‘emotion seed’ planted into almost every preacher’s garden of earthly delights. They are his worldly means of trying to apply God’s word concerning the Gospel. But, no matter how much or how hard he tries, no-one is saved by his worldly methods.

People are saved whether the Gospel is presented in tough language or soft. This is because the TRUE preacher or witness speaks ONLY as the Holy Spirit dictates, and each individual is reached by means known only to God. Thus, every approach is tailor-made by the Holy Spirit, and the man delivering the words, if he is genuine, will deliver ONLY those words, at the exact time, and to the very person chosen to receive it.

“As the LORD liveth, what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.”

(Micah, in 1 Kings 22:14)

It is plain that most preachers and witnesses don’t understand or accept this. They are so captured by their own selfism that what God does is almost a second-rate act. I know this because this is how I preached and (badly) witnessed-to for over ten years... because I tried to copy my peers in the churches I attended. Sorry peers – but that is how you came across!!

I had a great sense of humour (I think I still have it). I loved those I spoke to. I spent many hours trying to persuade them to be saved. All for nothing!This is because two things are required – love and truth. In my zeal, I majored only on love.... and if love must be coupled to truth, was what I did really  ‘love’ at all? No, it was just human sentiment. As truth is bound beautifully in doctrine and love is part of doctrine, the two are inseparable. Sadly most preachers and churches today think it adequate to give out love by the bucketful. Doctrine? No – they leave that out just in case it offends people!

When the awful Toronto Blessing arrived, charismatics put doctrine aside, telling us that love is the key. How wrong they were. So, they were and still are, in error:

“They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine.”

(Isaiah 29:24).

How many preachers and pastors teach sound doctrine, even when people hate to hear it? Not many! They should be astonishing hearers with God’s word, not be complicit in teaching error. People who heard Jesus speak were always amazed by His words. The Pharisees didn’t like Him for it, but He spoke it anyway!

Preachers who avoid certain aspects of doctrine are being hypocritical and are not led by God to do it. Gushing with ‘love’ does not fill the gap left by doctrine.

What is doctrine? The entire Bible is doctrine!

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

(2 Timothy 3:16)

It has been my experience that very few Christians, even the best, don’t really want genuine doctrine. Thus, prophecy is come true:

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;”

(2 Timothy 4:3)

Truth is now hard to find in the churches. Yes, some of it is still there, but not all of it. Yet, we must worship God with both truth and love. (‘Truth’ is doctrine).

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

(John 4:24)

“All you need is love” was written not by God, but by a rock band who listened to eastern gurus! It is not love that makes us free, but truth (doctrine) (John 8:32). But, many Christians treat those who speak truth as enemies! (Galatians 4:16)

Love is vital, but a ‘love’ that is free of truth is not true love (see O-169). This is why, for example, the ‘love’ claimed by homosexuals is false and does not exist... because the truth defies their claim and reduces it to ashes.

In my own dealings I always approach with love, but few accept it or want it. That goes for fellow believers, too. But, I keep trying, not overly but sensibly. It would be nice to see something reciprocal.

Every Christian claims to ‘love’ their brethren. But, what do they MEAN by it? Real Christian love means accepting that a saved person is your brother or sister, even when you don’t wish to believe exactly the same things. It means to protect them from harm, and to offer help when needed. It means to suffer alongside them and to put their needs before your own. Frankly, I see almost no fellow Christian acting this way. So, do you REALLY love the brethren? Christian love is very practical and observable. It is never just a word.

Green Rubbish Builds Up Again!

Paris was first gunned out. Then came the next bout of violence – violence against common sense and science. That’s it – the ‘climate change’ conference in Paris 2015 attended by Green fanatics and ignorant world leaders, who insist we obey their commands even though the terror they say exists does not! (And note how Obama claims that climate change is deadlier than terrorism! Try telling that to victims of Islamic terrorism! He even said at the conference that climate change ‘caused’ Islamic terrorism!!).

It’s a fact that if someone has been well-drilled in Green environmentalism they will rarely listen to real arguments. Instead, they stick to their third-rate arguments borrowed from Green activists. So, the REAL threats are left alone and everyone is forced to pay through the nose for fraudulent Green policies when that money should go to eradicating Islamic terror.

Let’s get it straight! I have no problem with keeping our living areas clean. Or, insisting on clean water. Or, sifting through our household rubbish to separate plastics from food, etc. All of this is – common sense. But, Green policies are NOT about common sense. My book critical of the notorious ‘Green Bible’ examines the arguments put forward by theological dunces and (excuse the pun) trashes their ridiculous links between Green policies and the Bible.

My 2009 book on the Global Green Agenda, shows the fascist-Marxist roots of environmentalism and how modern socialists are using the very same hypotheses to control the people. Their arguments have nothing at all to do with the environment!!

Behind the Greens are secretive wealthy people who are the real masters of our sinful universe, spurred on by THEIR Master, ambitious Satan! They speak of Green policies being used to cull Third World peoples. In any other arena this would be called ‘genocide’. (The info is available online – they are quite open about their ideas). This is mixed in with worship of the goddess Gaia (and why not, when Islam worships the moon-god!) and very odd mystical ideologies.

This book is critical of the heathenish ‘Green Bible’ and points out a variety of unscientific lies

Greenism is costing trillions; it harms those in poorer countries and destroys personal incomes in the West with bogus taxes. CO2, essential to all life, is being stupidly ‘controlled’ (in theory!), without rhyme or reason. As I pointed out in a recent message to our email subscribers, there are about 60 volcanic eruptions a year. These emit sufficient gases and dust to completely ruin five years’ worth of CO2 emission controls PER VOLCANIC ERUPTION.

Thus, each year, the total volcanic emissions ruin ALL CO2 emission controls for 300 years. As this occurs EVERY YEAR, in just 100 years there are about one million years’ worth of ruined CO2 plans!!

Yet, we are being taxed and told what fuel to use by numpties who do not have a fig’s worth of knowledge! Try counting backwards to ALL the volcanic eruptions there have ever been and you will realise that we cannot play catch-up on CO2, a gas VITAL TO THE EXISTENCE OF EVERY PERSON, ANIMAL AND PLANT IN THE WORLD.

And we are only talking here about volcanoes. There are other natural emitters of CO2 that man cannot control. But, Greens CAN control people who prefer to remain ignorant of the scientific truth. Time and again the UN and its crony scientists are shown to be liars and frauds concerning climate. Their conclusions are foolish and deceptive, but they continue to deceive and play around with the people of the world.

There is a genuine environmentalism, but its values are not decided by government and tax policies. Nor is it deliberately telling lies in order to keep university funding. Rather, genuine environmentalists look at science, not uninformed nonsense.

Often, I feel like I am in the Alice in Wonderland story where stupidity and ignorance are the drivers of weird happenings! Where people think and speak as if on mind-bending drugs! Where no-one bothers to investigate what is the truth!

What we are seeing is the world in the grip of Satan. We are now in the time given to him by God for a short while. After that, he will be removed and those who were and are his minions will be left high-and-dry, without an evil lord. Many Christians are amongst these deluded souls. Why? Because they prefer their own ideas to truth and God’s word.

Blinded by Satan and their own rejection of hard study, they are unable to link world affairs to scriptural warnings, and can’t see what is obvious. So, when the time comes, they will sink without trace. Before that time, I hope, they will repent and look more seriously at scripture – as I say in a recent article,

God’s doctrine ALWAYS trumps anything put forward by mankind. Will you continue to give sympathy to the Green movement? Or, will you use the brain given to you by your Creator, and search out the truth? It is vital that you do so, before the world shows you to be a fool.

I am flabbergasted by the way Greens (whose aims are socialist) are talking, in Paris and in every sphere they have influence. Honestly, I wonder if they DO have brains, given their absurd rhetoric. The breaks in logic are so vast, they are unbridgeable! When a world leader blames climate for Islamic murders, well, surely you can see the quality of the arguments? It is not quality but rot, sheer decomposing garbage.

As Christians we must be truthful in all areas, and we must discover the facts in ANY argument. Otherwise we become willing victims of socialistic/Marxist totalitarianism, with fascism thrown in as flavouring! (Order books from Lulu – cheaper than Amazon!)

Where Do Puppies Go?

Many animal lovers think their pets go to Heaven when they die. Some even quote the JW idea of lions laying down with lambs. This picture is an Hebrew way of saying that there will be peace; Hebraic writing often contains extreme opposites to make a point. Will there be animals in Heaven? I don’t think so and this is my reason for saying so...

Heaven is the place where God and the faithful angels live. It is also where saved people will go after the day of judgment. So, I cannot see animals there – they have no souls and cannot, therefore, be saved. Only the eternal God, His heavenly creatures (angels) and the saved will be there. At least that’s my educated guess (an opinion).

What about on the new earth that will be created after God destroys the universe with fire? Possibly. I see no reason not to suppose the new earth will have animals. After all, they bring pleasure to so many, and who can deny the way chimps are so amusing! This is just a brief aside, a light relief from reporting on foul sinful events in the world today!

Civil Unrest Against Islam Continues, this time in Poland

We predicted this would happen. To try to keep the lid on the unrest in many EU countries, the media are instructed not to mention it, or to speak of the rising tide of countless acts of crime coming from Islamic immigrants/ISIS operatives. But, the unrest continues fast, itself a counter-rising tide!

Sweden, often referred to as a country welcoming to Muslims, is now seething with resentment, anger and fear, and government is locking down borders. But, police refuse to act against the Muslim criminals and terrorists.Germany is going the same way and France is already locked down. Latest is Poland, where a young Catholic priest is calling for the people to resist the Islamic invasion, saying at a huge rally, “Yes to the Gospel, no to Islam”. When he spoke his words were truthful!

But, ‘Christians’ in the EU continue to embrace Muslim ‘refugees’ (who are NOT refugees), thinking that offering everything to Muslims is somehow God’s will. This rising tide of unrest will soon match the evils of Islam in Europe. I expect much more of this in coming days; governments are to blame.

Does God Punish His People?

Yes, He certainly does! We see this from beginning to end of scripture. However, punishment of believers is not as we know it today. To be struck down, for example, is definitely a punishment. But, God does not simply punish His people – this is reserved for His enemies. No, His punishment is for a good reason – our benefit: thus, it is an exercise in discipline. It turns us from our sins to again face God and ask for mercy. We repent and resume living as we should.

So, next time you suffer in life and appear to be punished, thank God for His mercy in not crushing you, repent, and turn back to righteousness. This is why God punishes – to bring us back to Him.

What of those with lifelong conditions, when there is no apparent sin? Then again thank God for the affliction, for, as with Paul’s thorn in the flesh, it keeps us mindful of God and His glory, and makes sure we look upon His face daily, handing over even our physical comfort in favour of His love and peace.

More on 'Moderate' Muslims

I know from emails and remarks that some Christians think we are being very hard on ‘moderates’. Sadly, Muslims are taught from birth that their religion is superior and without flaw. Thus, Muslims grow up with a deep brainwashed idea of what Islam is. This is fast becoming more and more evident in the many reports I have from around the world, which show a steady growth in moderates turning to what we call ‘radicalism’.

Islam is their sub-culture and they find it very hard to get away from that kind of thinking. The same can be said of many religions. But, the big difference in Islam is that its book, the Koran, actually teaches Muslims that Christians and Jews must be killed. Recently, non-Sunni Muslims are also targets. This is because Islam is politics, not religion.

The closer to radical/real Islam a Muslim lives, the more likely he or she is to obey violent demands, such as are made by ISIS and other Islamic terror groups. So-called Palestinians have been doing this for years and this is why so many kill Jews (and others) in Israel with scissors, knives, cars and anything else... an average of three a day, but spiking much higher at times.

The farther away one lives from the centres of violence the less one is likely to commit violence. Thus, we have what are called ‘moderates’. BUT, this is now changing as more and more ‘moderates’ are compelled to kill in the name of Allah. Also note that in Europe, including London and provincial cities, police tell us they have Islamic ‘no-go’ areas, where Sharia law replaces legitimate UK law. No-one knows how many ‘honour killings’ go on in those areas. In some of those no-go areas police have to ASK PERMISSION of Muslim elders before they enter!! (This information given by serving police officers). Stupidly, this is denied by Scotland Yard and the Home Office. REMEMBER – these are supposed to be areas filled with ‘moderates’!

In the UK and the rest of Europe, terrorists are being home-grown amongst the moderates. This explains the gradual change in mood of Muslims in my own city for example. It is tangible. And, about half of all moderates in the UK favour ISIS and violence in the name of Allah, as do almost ALL Syrians, including those now in refugee camps (beware who you send your money gifts to!), where ISIS has infiltrated their numbers. Also, once a terrorist operative is amongst moderates, they are unlikely to expose him or her to the police, and they themselves are highly likely to become terroristic themselves.

Brainwashed Muslims – No Excuse for Evil

I have sympathy with anyone who is brainwashed from birth. But, in the case of Muslims there is the ‘added value’ of incitement to violence and murder. In these cases their reluctance to follow killers is good, but when they start on a terroristic path they have no excuse. The trouble is, none of us knows when a moderate turns radical until he or she kills or incites others to violence. This is reported time and again around the world.

This is why I do not trust moderates, nor do I have sympathy with their actions. I am highly suspicious of them, even though I remain civil and courteous. If a man in the UK commits heinous crimes, he is guilty of those crimes, even if his family upbringing has been foul. A judge may, or may not, show a degree of mercy... but the crime is the crime, regardless of a previous brainwashed life to accept crime, violence, etc. Brainwashing is no excuse for sin or any kind.

Not to judge properly is to condone the crime. Remember, if a man is a carrier of a deadly disease, he remains deadly even if he stays in his own room! A ‘moderate’ is still a Muslim and carries a deadly perversion of truth given by the moon-god, no matter how ‘nice’ or friendly he or she is. Those who have ‘moderate’ Muslim friends are playing a game that can turn foul in a split second.

As no-one can tell which moderate is already devoting his ideas to Islamism, we MUST be cautious and not become friendly. Courteous and civil, yes. If we cosy-up to a sleeping viper we only have ourselves to blame if it awakes and bites us to death!

Throughout the world, radicals are awakening their moderate pals, who then follow the path of violence. If you ever watch the videos from Jerusalem, you will note how jihadists saunter up to Israelis with a smile on their face, chatting normally. Then, out comes the weapon! No reason – except Islam!

The Threatening Promise of Muslims

Moderates in the UK promise they will change the UK irrevocably once their births raise the number of Muslims past the tipping point. This change includes sharia law and strident Islamic beliefs and practices. The rest is too horrific to contemplate. It is essential that Islamic votes are closely monitored and Islam does not gain rule over us. Nor should we have more than a few Islamic MPs.

The only aspiring unbelieving leader to see the truth in all this is Donald Trump – and the establishment, used to their own lies and riches, despise him for upsetting their apple-cart! His solutions to Islam are clearly sound.

But, fearing that any new law against Islam would result in their own demise, these fat-cat religious leaders don’t want his ideas to come to fruition. Some don’t want his ideas because they fear ISIS and other terrorists will become outraged. SO WHAT? They have been ‘outraged’ since Mohammed rampaged through the Middle East. And these same leaders do not care a fig about harm and offence committed against Christians!

People MUST obey or die. Simple, really! Christians must NEVER support any religion outside God’s. They must NEVER be afraid to ban what is unholy and vile, for fear of being turned against. As one who has been ‘turned against’ by both unbelievers AND believers, I can only support truth.

So, until ALL Muslims start to reform (I don’t care about Islam or Islamic sensibilities, because their religion is false anyway, and hated by God) and literally cut out violence and death from their books, I will not support them. I will just remain courteous and formally friendly in the street. Anyone who can’t see the logic in all this needs a time of intense thinking! (Note: a recent American survey of ‘moderates’ in Islamic countries repeats what we already know – Muslims really do hate the USA and the West. So much for ‘moderates’!).

The Malta Story

I have always had an affinity with Malta, though it is primarily a Catholic country. The bravery and fortitude of its people in WW2 is etched on my mind. They stood against overwhelming odds, fighting-back the Nazi machine whilst being bombed out of homes and food. That is why I kept returning to Malta, each time adding to my store of knowledge about this small island, thereby increasing my admiration for the people.

The story of the tanker Ohio is enough to bring a lump to the throat, its crew deserving of every accolade. The captain ordered the crew to abandon ship after numerous bombs caused huge damage... then came the brilliant idea of strapping two other smaller ships either side to literally hold the Ohio upright! The crew bravely returned to the ship from the lifeboats, and began in earnest keeping the Ohio afloat, and fighting off the evil Nazi war ‘planes until the Maltese-based Spitfires were close enough to combat the enemy ‘planes. 

If the Ohio did not arrive in the Grand Harbour, the people of Malta and the armed forces would not have lasted another two weeks. I have no doubt whatever that God’s hand was on the Ohio, because after it limped into the Harbour the island’s fortunes were changed into victory.

Maltese people and every available hand offloaded the ship before Nazi bombers returned. After the war it remained in Grand Harbour, serving as offices, sleeping quarters and administration areas, finally to be towed into deeper waters to be sunk.

Maltese gun batteries were just as brave as they shot Nazi ‘planes coming from Sicily and Italy, but many battery operatives were killed by warplanes. Yet it is all forgotten.

Malta Harbour

View of Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta

All of this makes me think with great sadness of the way Malta leaders have moved back in time to accept the fascism their fathers fought against, in the shape of the EU. So has all of Europe, which now obeys the same country that brought it misery in WW2!

There can be no doubt that the EU is fascist. Its laws and aims are obvious, and yet even the True Blues, the Tories, are now becoming neo-socialist in their policies and laws, forgetting all the terrors of the War in favour of becoming fascist-fodder and, eventually, fascists themselves.

The wartime people of Malta would never have contemplated giving-in to fascism, yet now it is undoing its glorious past. One big recent problem this has brought them is the EU demand to allow illegals to land on its shores and to give them free everything! Before that problem came a moral one – the enforced acceptance of homosexuality and its laws. Malta WILL be changed for the worst.

Malta is now obeying the EU, a fascist institution. The Ohio made a huge sacrifice to keep Malta free. Now Malta is willingly caving in to the same fascists for the sake of a few new roads, and a bellyful of poison.

Old Malta will disappear soon as its people forget what their earlier generation went through to keep the island free from socialist slavery and godlessness. The same is happening to Christian churches and pastors worldwide, who easily capitulate to things no earlier pastor would have dreamt of allowing into the churches. Ancient Israel sank into near oblivion at times, worshipping idols, allowing unspeakable evils (Islam and homosexuality are just two of them), and refusing to teach truth and speak the genuine Gospel. Malta is still a lovely place to visit... but change in the Church is unforgivable and wicked.

Who will steer a spiritual Ohio, limping and damaged, into port to save Christians from their self-administered sins? Who will stand up to be counted, against all odds and evil intentions? Who is willing to lose everything so that the word of God is left pure and holy? Ask yourself these questions, because Satan is already bombing us out of existence. We NEED that new Ohio, or we will be spiritually starved, if the Lord does not discipline us here and now for our sinful laxity.

How Much Is Tolerable?

As I have said before, for about ten years after I was saved I preached almost every week, but in Arminian fashion. I felt that if only I gave a little joke, or made clever remarks, someone might be saved. During that sad time I kept my brother and his wife for hours one evening until midnight, intensely trying to make them see the Gospel, was for them! How embarrassing that memory is to me! And how nice they were not to complain!!

It reminds me of those annoying Christians who pounce on unsuspecting people in town (or anywhere they wish to pounce) with the urgent question, “Are you saved?” Those they pounce on have no idea what they are talking about and resent being accosted. But, the Christian keeps on pouncing anyway, even though their pounce has no scriptural backing, and, usually, they have no real idea themselves what ‘saved’ is!

Nor do they understand that ‘witnessing’ does NOT mean jumping on people and being ‘in their face’! Before we talk with anyone about the Gospel, we must firstly be prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak to that person. It is not a ‘free for all’!

The pouncers have no real idea what they are accosting others with, and their notion of ‘doctrine’ is far from useful, if not sometimes heretical. So, the question must be asked: “How much error in doctrine is tolerable?” The answer is swift and short – “None!”

The point is this – if you preach, teach, pastor, or in any way approach people with the Gospel and scripture, then you MUST know what you are talking about. I have heard many weird things said about what God says and does, and none of it is scriptural!

What God says is 100% correct. He allows for no deviation from what he says. Therefore, whatever we say to others MUST be 100% correct, too. We cannot change what Almighty God says in His word. This ties in with the fact that no man may give his own idea of interpretation. (2 Peter 1:20).

It is painfully obvious that if what God says is 100% perfect, then His word has only ONE interpretation. It does not have alternative interpretations. This is why I do not tolerate interpretational nonsense. The more one knows about God’s word the less tolerant he is about what people mess up!

It is the duty of every Christian to learn God’s word in detail. Have you tried it yet?  It is not an option, but a requirement of all who claim to know the Lord. Otherwise they show disdain and disinterest in what God says. It is these who fail regularly as believers; they tend to remain silent in any and all situations, allow unbelievers to curse and use God’s name in vain, and are poor witnesses. We CANNOT tolerate what God does not!

Book Review:- Leviticus, Jay Sklar, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

Few people want to read Leviticus. I have just finished reading a commentary on it and couldn’t put it down! (Leviticus, Jay Sklar, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries. 336 pages. Intervarsity Press).

Because it is a commentary divided into passages and verse-by-verse explanations, it is not readable like a novel – though I found it so interesting I DID read it like a novel! I was able to agree with everything the author said, and he divided up sections in a suitable manner. My only regret is that the author obviously places store by a variety of Bible versions, which I definitely do not. But, I checked each one and they created no problems, mainly because they were only looking at single Hebrew words. One or two NIV interpretations were, to my mind, ‘off’, but the author then used his own translations, which I found closer to the real meaning.

Overall, then, the commentary is useful for those who find Leviticus difficult to understand. Others, like myself, with many years’ experience in researching scripture and have some knowledge of Hebrew, find its academic style to be quite good.

However, if you want definitive answers to the current question, “can we apply Leviticus to modern days?” the answers will elude you. The author does not enter into that sphere in any detail, but he does say that whilst certain texts are only for the ancient Hebrews, the principles contained in the book still apply. (I hope to apply this idea to the issue of homosexuality, etc., i.e. especially the matter of putting homosexuals to death).

In total I agreed with the author’s content in this commentary. Indeed, it helped to answer a query I once had about Paul, who, it seems, had made a vow to God. (Not stated openly but in an aside, when he visited the Temple in Jerusalem after one of his travels. As I keep telling our church – always be aware of clues found in scripture, because they bring the text alive, and help to ‘sew together’ a variety of concepts and narratives!)

"It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.” (Psalm 119:71)

A Sticky Church Situation

When my sister, Dianne, married Jamie, he was still in the Royal Marines. So he and his mates dashingly wore their dress uniform, matching my sister’s dress beautifully.

As is usual, guests entered the church first and sat down waiting for the entrance of the happy couple. It was not until the first hymn that everyone realised “Uh, Oh”...

Just days before, the kindly folks of the church had varnished the pews in honour of the couple. Though they were dry to the touch, after being sat on, the varnish proved to be only superficially dry!

So, when I had to stand up to sing, at first I was stuck... but, with effort, I managed to peel (literally) myself off the pew seat with a kind of ripping sound! Thankfully the cloth didn’t rip, but just sounded as if it did! And this was the same every time we had to stand up. Despite the stickiness, the wedding itself was great and the photos looked good!

A Reality-Bite

The BBC (and many Christians) whine about Muslims risking their lives to get to the West. OF COURSE THEY ARE! It is part of Islamic extremism to do so. Losing their lives is, to them, an acceptable risk. They risk their children’s lives, too, because their kids are just Islamic fodder. GET REAL!!

Spare your tears for genuine refugees, who, mostly, are unable to even start on a journey to escape their tormentors! Those who come here throw away their identity papers for a very good reason – so as not to be checked! There ARE terrorists amongst them – possibly many. This is why these Muslims refuse to have their fingerprints taken! What’s wrong with the authorities? They MUST take their fingerprints! WHO CARES about ‘human rights’ of Muslims when people in the West become victims of Muslim terrorists? I do not!

The EU is helping to create a ‘hell on earth’ by helping Islam to take us over. When and if that caliphate finally rules, all of the EU will know REAL suffering – suffering no Muslim has yet to experience during their travels!

What is Love?

Every Christian repeats that they ‘love’ others even though they have no idea what that ‘love’ comprises of! For examples of what Christian love is about read O-169, O-254, A/454 and A/402. Like so many things Christians say they believe, whole areas of Christian living are marred by wrong beliefs on so many topics! GET REAL.

“And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.”  (2 John 1:6)

Do you REALLY understand what that means? Then prove it by living it.

Final Note for 2015

God’s anger is directed at Christians and this is why we now suffer, and will continue to suffer, for our laxity.

The key as always is repentance. But modern Christians are stiff-necked and prefer their own answers! So attacks and challenges will keep on coming.

Remember that it took 400 years to release the Hebrews from Egypt, and 70 years before God saved them from Babylonian exile. Don’t let your foolishness stop our release from coming Islam, current homosexuality and many other ills that WILL befall us if we don’t repent.

“If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.” (Jeremiah 18:8)

© December 2015

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