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Unidentified Fanciful Objects

It seems interest in UFOs comes and goes. Right now interest has returned again, even amongst Christians. I think you’ll get my attitude towards the subject from the above title! A recent TV programme contained material about alien abductions. For goodness sake! Firstly, there is no proof whatever for the existence of aliens. Secondly, WHY abduct us? And such abductions are ALWAYS about doing medical experiments on humans!! The folks who believe these things are not idiots... but their fanciful ideas are!

One psychiatrist gave a good explanation – night paralysis. This is something I have had and I recognise the signs – pressure on the chest, the notion that ‘someone’ is in the room, and heightened anxiety. This is what people with alien fixation feel. I should add that I have also had a series of three consecutive ‘night visitations’ that were similar but more detailed. At the time I was working in psychiatry and, in my capacity, I came across a large number of people affected by grave sins; some were demon possessed. It was at a time of intense dealings with these people that I had the ‘visitations’. When I prayed to the Lord for Him to take care of whatever they were, I had peace and was able to sleep. So, the outcome was very different from ‘alien abduction’!

The reason some experience ‘alien abduction’ seems simple – they have heard about so-called ‘aliens’ and because they can’t explain their experience in another way, they claim to have been abducted by aliens. To put it another way, if the world had never talked about supposed aliens from other planets, they would have to explain what they had in very different terms! There would be no mention of aliens whatsoever!

Listen to people who make claims of alien abduction – their logic is simplistic, if not silly. Because they know of no possible earthly meaning for their experience, they automatically say it ‘must be’ alien! But, this is only because their knowledge is very limited, and they have been subjected to talk of aliens on TV, radio, in magazines, and so on.

Even scientists are not immune to alien talk. Indeed, many otherwise logical, intelligent people believe there is ‘something out there’. This is why a radio telescope in Australia is perpetually switched on at great public funding expense. Its sole purpose is to wait for ‘messages’ from aliens ‘out there’. For several decades they have heard absolutely nothing. Except for one startling day when they had a ‘message from a distant galaxy’ (sounds a bit like StarWars, eh?).

Great scientific excitement! Headlines in the media, referring to what became known as the ‘WOW Signal’! But, wait. As the same scientists at the telescope station tried to fathom what the message was telling them, they realized that the message coincided exactly with use of the microwave oven in their kitchen! So they replicated the possibility, and it worked again! The ‘message’ started when the switch was put on to cook a snack, and finished about 72 seconds later when the food was cooked and the machine switched itself off!

So, their ‘aliens’ were actually someone’s noodles in the microwave. But, if those scientists didn’t realise the possibility existed, they would still think they had been contacted by some big-eyed, spindly-legged (usually naked) being from ‘out there’!

And have you ever noticed in sci-fi films how some aliens are large, vicious, murderous, and have, say, just two long fingers and ridiculous legs that are more of an hindrance than a help?  Yet, these awkwardly designed beings manage to build space ships beyond our imagination and have the most advanced electronics! HOW can they build their empire with just two fingers and a body that would respond better under water??

C’mon, it is all a silly farce! There is NEVER proof that aliens exist, or their supposed space craft. Yes, I have seen videos and photo’s of so-called ‘craft’. But, ever noticed how videos are usually very shaky and out of focus? Notice how there are NEVER precise photos with exact details? Notice how there are no logical steps and actions that prove beyond doubt that these are ‘alien craft’?

A very few witnessed accounts cannot be explained by ANY known factors, and some of these can possibly be demonic manifestations. Yet even these must be carefully examined. We should note that nowhere in scripture do we find reference to any other inhabited planet, and even if any existed, it does not follow that they contain creatures that are more advanced than ourselves. Every bit of it is guesswork, not science. The idea that some other planets ‘must be’ inhabited, is not logical but a guess. It is not science, but a fairy-story costing countries vast sums of taxes to maintain.

God has implied that He has only created one planet – earth – for habitation, and that those who inhabit the planet have a special place in His desires. He said that we fell from His direct presence through sin, and needed a Saviour. He says nothing like this about any other planet He created. Rather, we are told that all the other planets and space objects are there just for His pleasure.

There is only ONE kind of ‘UFO’ and that is Satan and his demons. They surround the earth with their foul presence ready to harm and damage people who allow them to. But, no space beings from another planet.

We should note that growing interest in UFOs coincides with the growing interest in the occult and the loss of interest and belief in an actual God.

People are really seeing things, but to ascribe what they see to aliens is as unscientific as it gets. There is no physical proof whatever for the existence of aliens or their supposed visits to earth. There are lots of ‘evidences’ (e.g. things seen), but none of these evidences point to a logical proof that aliens exist.

However, what if aliens DID exist? What then? It would not bother me in the slightest, because the Gospel would still be needed and is the only answer to entering Heaven. Note, too, that a belief in aliens leads people down an occult or cultic road, away from God. That should give you a clue about the truth concerning ‘aliens’. Demons are VERY good at inventing things for gullible people to believe in. And they are very happy to produce supposed ‘proofs’, based on “seeing is believing”.

So, forget the idea of so-called ‘aliens’ from another planet. Think of THIS planet and the duty placed on all Christians, to live and proclaim the Gospel. Otherwise, the next bowl of noodles cooked in a microwave might just tip you over into cuckoo-land.

(A detailed article covering this silly phenomenon is being prepared).

A Lighter Note...

Want a nice soft drink? If you like non-fizzy bitter orange, try the national soft drink of Malta, ‘Kinnie’. Comes in standard and extra-orange. I like the standard – comes in 500 ml plastic bottles and is very refreshing. Got to drink it cold, otherwise it is a bit like cough mixture! There are a few independent suppliers, mainly in London I think. I get mine from Amazon. When in Malta when it was hot I guzzled bottle after bottle!


Taqiyya is the Islamic instruction in the Koran to lie. (See article A-590 for more details). Muslim teachers try to explain their way out of the simple fact that lying is endemic amongst Muslims. This is why USA presidential candidate, Donald Trump, asks “How do we know who is lying and who is not?” This is the most basic fact of them all. Because Muslims are told to lie to their ‘enemy’ (anyone who is not a Muslim), HOW do we know WHICH Muslims are terrorists, or who come to a country just to get unearned benefits? It is a fact given by secret services and border controls, that almost NO migrants are escaping from a war zone. (And most don’t qualify as ‘refugees’ in international law).

Those now using boats, etc., to enter Europe, pay a small fortune to get there. They are not refugees fleeing for their lives. Most are fit young men; there are relatively NO families or women. And, as I have said in my various articles on refugees and asylum seekers, THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW who is genuine because they throw away their papers and passports, often within yards of a border post! The reason is, almost no migrants are from Syria, and almost all of them are coming to get state benefits. Amongst these are terrorists, hundreds or even thousands of them (sources: many secret services reports, and border control posts).

Make no mistake, Muslims are taught how to lie from birth. They can easily fool security officers. They lie about where they come from, who they are, and why they wish to enter Europe (and the USA). They can also lie about having a family. Their ‘wife’ may not be their wife, and the kids in tow may not be theirs, either. It is mainly a scam to get into the West, which is an Islamic ploy used to inhabit the West with a growing number of Muslims.

Mohammed taught all this in his Koran. And ISIS terrorists even produce a handbook, containing all the lies to use to get into the West, together with useful contact numbers and addresses of agents already there. Taqiyya, then, prevents any sane person from believing ANYTHING said by Muslims. Remember the aim – to make babies that will outgrow any number of Western families, by about eight to one! Then comes the end of Western civilisation as Islam takes over and imposes sharia. Lying is a means to that end... and the end is OUR end.

As many authorities (and Islamic teachers) point out, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE MUSLIM. Yes, many are quiet at the moment. But, when the time is deemed right, they will join forces with their extreme Islamic brothers. That is when all Christians will be in mortal danger. Those who study this phenomenon KNOW this will happen and what has happened in every country run by Islamists. God help us all.

And here’s another fact... many Muslims appear to be friendly towards Westerners. They may invite them to lunch, or even to weddings. But, it will soon finish. Do you think you cannot be fooled by Muslims? THEN YOU ARE ALREADY FOOLED! Mohammed taught Muslims to ‘smile on their face and to hate in their hearts’. A very small number of Muslims (usually of the older generation who came to the West before the 1970s) genuinely want to be your friend. They got proper jobs. They integrate. But, the rest are liars and cheats. Do YOU know which friendly face is genuine? Really? Taqiyya is now rife and rules every Muslim entering the West. It is used specifically so that Islam can be spread by fair means or foul. Muslims don’t care what you think, or about being your friend. They want only one thing – to Islamicise every country in the world. And most of them (‘moderates’) support ISIS and want sharia. They agree to unbelievers having their heads chopped off. Peace? Islam began murderously and is still murderous.

“There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked.” (Isaiah 48:22)

“Because, even because they have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no peace” (Eze. 13:10)

“The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.” (Isaiah 59:8)

Islam began with war, hatred and murder. Today, it is as it always was, and will be, until the Lord brings down His hammer of anger and justice. Islam itself is a complete lie. So are the words of Allah’s people. Live in civil peace for as long as you can – but you will never get inward peace from Islam and its followers, whose lies fill the air we breathe.


You’ve got to hand it to Zondervan! They know how to wring the shekels out of their gullible readers! Now, the already corrupt NIV ‘bible’ has been given yet another facelift –the so-called ‘NIV God’s Justice Bible’!!!

What it really means is that the corrupt NIV has been added to by corrupt writers who pretend to know their theology! And the result will be that millions of corrupted NIV readers will be even more corrupted.

The new ‘bible’ contains introductions and footnotes drawing readers’ attention to ideas by human writers, who show where God (??) highlights issues of social justice! Really, this is just another socialist/Marxist ploy to redistribute wealth and get onto the dying ‘green’ bandwagon (it even has illustrations of all the trees in the world. What has this to do with the Bible???).

This new edition will be lapped up by pseudo-Christians with nothing better to do with their time than to read literary nonsense masquerading as truth. The ONLY genuine Bible available to us today, but slowly disappearing, is the KJAV. NOT the New KJAV, but the original. Wise up! I don’t think regular readers of our ministry will be duped by this ‘bible’, but millions will fall to its lure, which is also Arminian in scope. People love to think that God is helped by our silly offerings! Wait another few years and Zondervan will think up yet another money-making ‘version’. That, too, will be a fake ‘bible’, so don’t bother to read it.


Local churches, even the best of them, tend to be very PC in their views and expression of ideas. This is extremely disappointing. Very often I see horror or rejection on the faces of these fellow believers even though what I am saying is truth from scripture. We are not supposed to rock the religious boat! Instead, we must just grin and bear it when truth is replaced by lies or half-truths... and there are many of these in reformed churches!

The reasons why people prefer PC to truth can be many. For example, most folks like to think they have made wise decisions about biblical teaching. So, to have someone suddenly take the carpet from under you can be very disconcerting! Better to reject what is said than face the possibility of being wrong all those years!

Another reason is that a whole life can be built around the vacuous ramblings of a favourite pastor or preacher. It is easier to turn a deaf ear to truth than to have to rebuild what you know from scratch!

Another reason is that the Christian has ingested many foibles and fantasy theology gleaned from a variety of sources. If we question one of these sources and beliefs, all the others start to collapse! Better to leave the truth alone.

I have witnessed these reasons in action for almost fifty decades. From long experience I know that anything I say is always wrong and the ignorant folks who don’t wish to speak to me are always right. Even when scripture says otherwise. So, WHY do believers act this way? I see only one answer...

They have succumbed to Satan’s lies and wiles. Yes, even those lovely Christians you meet on your social rounds in churches. It has long been my wish that Christians should be the most intelligent and lively of people, searching for biblical fact and not relying on the whims of passing preachers. This is my wish because I KNOW God demands it of us. Instead, what we get is selective learning that reinforces the very thin veneer of beliefs that passes for Christian knowledge.

This is why many see me as brash or arrogant! In reality, after so many years teaching I am now impatient with such laxity. I see the effects of this laxity everywhere. It is why our country is now being overrun by cults, the occult, and the wicked paganism of idolatrous Islam. I am not better than my fellow believers. I am just very aware of God’s calling and His commands. I urge all believers to get real, to wise up, to jettison rubbish from their minds and hearts. Otherwise, if I am still here in another ten years, I will again be asking ‘Why?’

Today, Christians of this weak kind are scoffed at throughout the world. And this leaves me very embarrassed. Oh how I would love to see the exact opposite, so that Paul’s words ring true:

“First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.” (Romans 1:8)

Sadly, what the world sees in us is ignorance, futility, and pretence. REAL faith is powerful to behold, and makes a Christian stand tall alongside Christ. And it is my duty and love to call believers to repentance and faith, this being a good and worthy thing. (1 Timothy 4:6). Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.”

© March 2016

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