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“... taken us away to die...?”

Already, just a few days after voting to leave the EU, many regret the decision. Tough! The vote is cast! That’s what they would tell us if we lost the vote to leave! It’s time to stop whining; everybody must now get on with the reform of Britain.

Riddled with doubt and fear, like all who rely heavily on a socialist state that tells them how to breathe, eat and grow straight bananas, even some Christians are fearful as ‘bad news’ comes at them from everywhere. This bad news comes from our enemies! They are not content to let us live without attacks from their totalitarian beliefs. So, they spread news that is ‘bad’ because they say so. It’s all a deceptive front!

We said before – when we leave there will be a short period of disturbance. Then, as is the way of entrepreneurs and REAL leaders, they will find a way to transcend any negatives to rebuild Britain back into a robust free country.

Even so, many folks are bleating like sheep, wanting to return to the fold that keeps them bound until they are led off to the slaughter-house!

“And they said unto Moses, Because there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness? wherefore hast thou dealt thus with us, to carry us forth out of Egypt?” (Exodus 14:11)

“And they said unto Moses, Because there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou taken us away to die in the wilderness? wherefore hast thou dealt thus with us, to carry us forth out of Egypt?” (Numbers 21:5)

Conditioned by 400 years of enslavement the ungrateful Hebrews wanted to return to Egypt as slaves rather than know a bit of discomfort in the desert. They wanted to trade their freedom under God for slavery under the pagan Pharaohs!! This is what I am hearing today from Christians who fear the future without the fascist EU! Shame on them!

Maybe you think me perverse, but I will never belong to this motley complaining crowd... I prefer to ‘go down fighting’ than be in slavery to a hateful, godless regime, in which we love jobs, salaries and savings more than we love freedom and the Lord. The same Hebrews lost their impetus when they made a golden calf and worshipped idols so soon after leaving Egypt. Entering the Promised Land was left to their descendants because of the sins and unbelief of the parents.

I believe strongly that the vote to leave won because it was God’s intention to show us mercy, just as He showed mercy to king Josiah. The judgment on Judah would indeed fall like an axe on Judah, but Josiah was spared seeing it in his lifetime because of his faithfulness. It seems enough believers repented and obeyed to allow Him to show this mercy to us today. The axe WILL fall as Satan’s power grows beyond known bounds, as prophesied, but we have this respite for now, and must use it wisely.

Do not wail with remorse. Repent and stand up in God’s sunshine! Don’t shake with fear about your pensions, income, house and savings... instead, thank God for the respite and show your appreciation for His love towards us! God will not take us out of a dire and sinful association just to ruin us!

To make a difference we MUST repent individually; we MUST proclaim the Gospel to counter the atheistic hatred for truth; we MUST defy sin and wicked leaders. We MUST reflect the sun, and not hide in the darkness, as our enemies do.

Perhaps you think it is easy for me to talk. In a way you are right. I have never known stable jobs, salary or house. Everything has been a BIG struggle. I could not save, nor have a decent pension. Any job and salary I had was snatched away just when they seemed stable. Every time!

Throughout my life I have waited for the bailiffs or bank foreclosure and the loss of my home. Not because I am lazy or deliberately lose my jobs, but because I must speak as a believer. So, yes, it is easy for me to talk – because I know what I’m talking about. Been there, done that, got the T shirt! Those with a steady job, are well thought of, and have a decent pension and savings to count as assets, WILL be fearful of the future; they fear losing everything they have accrued. They have never faced uncertainty and loss, but place trust in their own plans instead of in God. They keep quiet and don’t witness.

Why have I not accrued the same things? That’s simple – employers and others hate Christians who speak out. Mainly, I lost jobs because I spoke out. This has left me with a chronic debt that hangs around my neck like a weight. But, that’s how it is. God knows! But, my history also fortified me with strength to oppose evil. With nothing to lose (because I have lost everything several times over) I can speak out boldly. And because I have looked terror and loss in the face many times, I am now used to it. (As I have warned before, the worst thing a Christian can do is run from the battle).

Those who have never stood firm for the Lord will keep their relative wealth and goods, but their souls suffer deprivation as they carefully avoid saying and doing what is right. Of course, these quiet Christians who wear timidity like a cloak say it is my own fault – I have been told on several occasions that I should keep my mouth shut! But, that’s not what I must do. I must obey God and the prompt of the Holy Spirit. It is probable that I will again lose everything, but, hey – God NEVER promises ease or social rest to those who belong to Him! This is a hard lesson to learn, but once you get it under your belt, you will win even when you appear to lose!

And this is now what ALL Christians must do after the referendum. ALL must stand up to be counted and must shout out strongly for the country to recognise we are here and everyone must obey God. We must stand against rampant homosexuality, the falsity of greens, and the wickedness of Islamic intimidation. We must also speak out boldly against those who deceive by calling themselves our brethren, but whose ways and beliefs are anything but!

Believe the Lord, readers! He did not bring us out of the EU to just curl up in a dark corner to hide and sigh! We have come through one big battle. Now, we must prepare for the next one, which is only around the corner... the scouting party is already sniping at us. We must be spiritually-fit, with our battle-muscles toned and minds clear.

It is possible that you will have to make choices you did not wish to face, and will need to prove your faith. You might even lose everything you worked for. Stand firm... but, do you know what that means?

Go forward with positivity, for the Lord gave us this new freedom. IT IS A NEW DAY – SIEZE IT!

EU Fascism Proved

Merkel demands that if we leave we cannot exclude free movement from any trade negotiations. This, friends, is blunt fascism and an excellent reason to be out of the EU. Free movement includes allowing EU nationals to come to the UK even without work, so we will support them AND their families at home with benefits. It also includes an inability to deport terrorists and must include accepting Islamic migrants though they are not refugees.

Thus, if we allow all this, we will not have left the EU, but will accept it messing with our economy and country yet again. Better to turn to the rest of the world and find new contracts. However, companies such as BMW and VW will not be pleased, for the EU companies export far more to the UK, than the UK exports to them!

Just remember the real reason to leave the EU – to regain sovereignty and recapture our culture. This should be in God’s name, as a prelude to going out in force to remind the people and parliament of God. As an individual, if someone tried to force me into a position I did not want by offering me ‘incentives’ I would just walk away. It is just blatant uncultured bribery, if not bullying.

When Merkel insists on all kinds of reasons to accept EU policies if we want contracts, I would tell them to go away! Britain must have the courage to do just this if we want to keep our dignity and sanity. Otherwise we will be back in the EU’s clutches, but without the name.

Today (June 30th) government was talking about having ‘careful negotiations’ with the EU. WHY? We are leaving the EU. That is it. Forget ‘negotiations’ – just sign the papers and get out!! I don’t trust ‘remain’ government negotiators, but I’d accept ‘leave’ politicians as negotiators. Yet, it seems Theresa May has been put forward for the job, though she wanted to remain!! Let’s not skew things, and let’s not leave this vital task to Europhiles!

Right now all businesses should be well on the way to getting new contracts with the rest of the world. They should not rely on the ‘single market’, which is proving to be just as totalitarian as the EU itself. Just tell EU businesses they are welcome to trade with us – but on our terms, not the EUs.

To buckle at this juncture would be an immense and lasting folly. Voters must be fully aware if what is going on in our name... because if we are not careful, we will be worked over just as when Heath deceived us all those decades ago.

More Rubbish to Come...

I warned readers not to whoop with joy over Brexit, saying that much more bad stuff was to come. Apart from the venom being spat out at Britain by the EU bosses, we also have unseemly fights over leadership of both Labour and Tory parties. I have already warned not to accept another homosexual. I have also warned against Theresa May. She did immense damage to Christians in the matter of gay rights, continually bringing a hammer down on our heads at every turn.

One PM candidate has been vilified for his non-alignment with gay demands as if this is a bad reflection of his aptitude and character! I would remind you that God calls this evil lifestyle an ‘abomination’ worthy only of death! The same candidate has been ‘forced’ to say he is ‘homophobic’ and has sadly submitted. I am not ‘homophobic’ (meaning irrationally afraid of homosexuals), but I do hate homosexuality with all my heart, and reasonably so, and I do fear what will happen if we continue down this road of homosexual sycophancy. The candidate should be honest about being against gay rule.

Then we have Gove, who stabbed Boris in the back the day he told press he was running for the PMship, forcing Boris to stand down. Of course, the dogs of war are unleashed against Labour’s leader, and equally socialistic candidates have pushed themselves forward in the most nasty manner.

I do not like socialism but nor do I like this kind of wicked backstabbing. Even so, I think Labour will win their way to government soon. Not because socialism is worthy but because of propaganda. Note, however, the racism of Corbyn and many in Labour – this week he said that Israel is just the same as ISIS!! He cannot lead Labour after saying that.

I note that many thousands have joined Labour as members in the last few days. What no-one yet knows is if these are being brought in to fight Corbyn, or to build him up. I am very suspicious of this, too, and I am sure most of the new joiners are teenagers or in their early twenties... the age when young people know nothing but pretend they do!

If the majority ARE youngsters it shows that propaganda has again won the day, at a time when they are whining about ‘not realising’ what Brexit really meant!! Kids love socialism for some absurd reason. It is time to remove the blinkers, to show that socialism is just the blunt end of ice-pick-sharp communism.

We need STRONG characters in parliament, who will stand firmly on their convictions. I mean biblical ones and not party demands. They must speak with a clear voice without flinching. If they do not, and Christians in the UK stay silent (as they usually do, to their discredit), getting out of the EU will mean absolutely nothing.

So, form a strong wall of defiance against EUism, because it is still trying to rule us. Stand up as Christians and squawk until heard!! This is not about being a pressure group or becoming antagonistic for the sake of it. It is about being believers and honouring the Lord, not backing-down for the sake of a job or money or social acceptance. NOW IS THE TIME. DON’T MAKE A MESS OF IT!

Calais – Keep Your Immigrants!

Some in the French government are petulantly calling for the UK to remove its security and border controls at Calais, and to put them in Dover and Folkestone. The French president, however, for whatever reason, is refusing the idea.

Some in government say we could not cope if this replacement of the border happened. NOT SO! Defeatism is NOT an option when it comes to stopping Islamic terrorists and fake refugees. If necessary, border control and armed guards must be on the ferries and at the station of the Channel Tunnel. It will slow down travel, but so what? Better to be alive than dead!

In this way the UK officers can turn back migrants before they get into the boat or train. It would cost a lot, but until Islamists stop trying to make a fool of us, it will have to be done. France has allowed Calais to become a one-stop-shop for terrorists and false refugees, so let them deal with it. They hope, of course, that many of these ‘refugees’ will somehow gain access to the UK by any means, thus reducing numbers at Calais. But, it won’t happen. They’ll still keep on coming thanks to Merkel and absurd EU policies.

Britain must now state unequivocally that illegal migrants are NOT WELCOME. It doesn’t matter if they are terrorists, Muslims who want to harm society in other ways, or economic migrants. THEY ARE FAKE, SO KEEP THEM OUT. Only the foolish will dub this ‘racist’. Let those in the EU who want Islam to destroy their cultures, keep them! There can be no negotiation about this, nor about ‘freedom of movement’ allowing many thousands into the UK without jobs, costing the taxpayer millions. Now, those from Europe who are here without jobs must be sent back home. Why should the UK give them increasing benefits from a continually smaller pot of taxes? We either mean what we say, or we will again be enmeshed with the EU.

The UN and Israel

The UN ‘security council’ (as it is laughingly called) is full of Arab countries who hate Israel. The only country demonised by this council is Israel.

So, how will the UN view the latest (though by the time I send this out there will be even more cases) murder? A young Israeli girl of thirteen was stabbed many times in her own bedroom by a ‘Palestinian’ intruder a few days ago, because he was filled with hate for Jews. He was shot dead by security officers, but too late. I am in agreement that ALL such terrorists must be shot dead on the scene or when captured (reasons have been given many times), if they are known to be the assailant. In every case, including in Jerusalem, where multiple murders or attempts are committed every week, the assailant is witnessed to be the killer or attempted killer.

So, there is no problem with having ‘two or three witnesses’. After witnessing the crime the person should be put to death immediately... far more godly than allowing a murderer to get away with it in prison.

Driving Society to Hate Crimes

Every individual is responsible for his own hatred and racism. But, governments throughout Europe (and the USA) drive up these incidents by refusing to listen to the electorate. The UK government repeatedly refused to do anything about foul immigrants, whether Islamic or other. It was the central theme in the Referendum. But, Cameron and others continued in their arrogant refusal to do anything.

Illegal and Muslim migration is STILL the hottest topic in the UK, so I sincerely pray that any future PM will take this on board, to avoid riots. We simply do not want freeloaders from the east, nor do we want the Islamisation of Britain. This is not about race, but about security, freedom, and fairness to the British people. Why should we pay taxes just to support spongers and people who hate us?

We must have a points system, as they do in Australia, where an intended migrant must prove he has a job to go to, a place to live, and enough money to keep himself for at least two years. If we continue as we are, Britain will become overloaded with spongers and destroyers of our culture.

Christians MUST play their part in this demand for a righteous and sensible society. We must get back to what is good for the country – and it isn’t spongers and Islamic haters! Get real NOW. Thus far Christians have been cowards. IT MUST STOP.

“The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.” Job 17:9

© June 2016

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