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Back to the Future

After studying 2 Kings and then Zephaniah, I returned to again look at 1 Corinthians. The last time I delivered studies in this book was twenty year ago, when the vile Toronto Blessing was at its height. So, why return to the same book today?

The reason is simple: I am returning to the future, a future in which charismatic heresy and cultism is mainstream, ruining individuals, and grooming false churches. It is a future we must change, but this will take grim determination, massive input of truth, and personal resolve, for the sake of the true believing Church. Expect to be hated for it.

For many people, including those in what might be called ‘genuine’ churches, the whole issue is finished with, so why rake up the dust now? Surely it is just causing trouble? Maybe I should just shut up!

That is the same argument used to allow homosexuality into our churches, and to soften the wicked attack made by perversion on the world and the churches.

It is a very sad fact of human character, that if an evil (of any kind) continues unabated for a few years, Christians begin to forget its wickedness and its satanic origin and practices. They start to accept it, not just in unsaved society, but even within the churches. The many ‘dialogues’ conducted by this or that denomination prove that genuine believers are weak, and bad churches are bringing homosexuality and false religion into the churches and into their unbiblical minds. We need strong pastors and preachers who refuse to be turned towards evil. Where are they?

The true way to deal with such sins is NEVER to have ‘dialogue’, but to steadfastly condemn them outright, just as God does! To put it bluntly, WE DO NOT WANT homosexuality or charismatic error in the churches, for they both corrupt God’s people, and replace truth with lies, thus defaming God Himself and making one’s self corrupt.

This is consistent with the prophecy that the end time will result in large numbers who fall-away and become apostate. Charismatics, on the other hand, teach that the end times will see a massive influx of people being saved, against all biblical truth! The start of this decline was slow, and rallied around evolutionism at the time of Darwin. It then grew like a virus in a science lab, its opening shot being at Azusa Street (Article A-115), and seriously erupted in the 1990s with the ultra-wicked Toronto Blessing.

For these Luke 8:13 holds true:

“They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away.”

Friends of those who fell-away into the charismatic sin-pit hated us for saying that those who fell were not Christians to begin with, but were shams, or they were badly deluded. Some discovered the reality of charismatic fake-food and left its folds, but not until they had been severely damaged.

Some resisted but few stood firm, as they were attacked on all sides for not accepting the ‘move of God’, though it was/is fake. In reality it was a move of Satan. Those who stood firm finally buckled and stayed silent, and so charismaticism now rules in the world’s churches.

Today, this evil continues to grow, thus encouraging the virus to proliferate, to harm people, and to dishonour the Lord:

“If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.” (Hebrews 6:6)

To ‘fall away’ means to cause others to revolt, to become faithless, to withdraw from God’s truth and presence. Yet, watch any charismatic meeting and you’ll be tempted to think how spiritual and exciting it all is! Not so. Pagans can muster exactly the same excitement! Don’t be fooled.

Make no mistake; to become charismatic is to depart from truth and God’s word. That is, joining this satanic movement is to become apostate. Some will disagree, but I lump ALL charismatic churches together as apostate. I don’t care how much a charismatic yells at me – he or she is apostate and must be warned that God may one day fall like a hammer on him or her, even before their life is ended on this earth. They succumbed to spiritual temptation, to a lie spread by Satan.

When the Toronto Blessing began, I warned that though the movement was then chaotic (another sign it was not of God), charismatic leaders would ‘theologise’ what they said and did, so as to convince others on the sidelines. (We published MANY articles).

This has happened and continues at a fast rate, deceiving so many. I even detect charismatic terms, words and practices in what were once ‘sound’ churches. Many who are ‘reformed’ talk to me in charismatic tones, and have shifted from election and true salvation, to Arminianism and other unbiblical beliefs. Jesus was a tough man on earth, but His followers have become indolent, doing many things in the body, but doing almost nothing in the spirit.

They have no problem, then, in having Arminian or charismatic friends, counting them to be close allies. This, though charismaticism is a deception, a lie of Satan that destroys truth and real Christian lives, replacing God’s word with fakery. (For plenty of evidence read all our literature on the movement).

This destruction of truth continues twenty years on. The Toronto Blessing, too, continues in various guises. Remember that it was behind the start of the Alpha Course. Trying to teach these Arminianistic types is like wading through deep mud, and those who hate truth are deliberately deaf, helped enormously by Satan’s envoys, who teach against biblical truth. We must be rid of it all, especially as we are fast heading for the end of time.

And if some reject what I say, or oppose, I can only reply - I DON’T CARE! I only care that truth is known by God’s people. We can only preach the Gospel with truth. Charismaticism prevents that, and it is why Satan developed such a wicked scheme of lies. As I have said elsewhere, the fact that Rome totally accepts the charismatic movement and has its own Catholic-style movement, is proof that charismaticism is heretical, a cult.

Deadly Butterflies...

All last week I was extremely tired and could do little, with an underlying ‘low’ chest pain. By the middle of the week this was explained as it felt like a thousand butterflies were fluttering around in my chest (not pleasant). This was my heart complaint. Besides the fluttery sensation I was not able to breathe properly because intake was messed around, and it made me light-headed. I was told to expect this kind of thing, and was also warned that no-one could tell if this would be a prelude to a full heart attack. After that came more tiredness. It is a bit less today (Saturday), but not much. The problem is not really me, but Diane, because I must be okay to look after her (I fear not being able to do this). Above all else, I know life is short. Anyone with this kind of life-threatening problem will understand what I am saying. I am human, and I don’t want to experience this reminder about brevity of life! But, I am prodded by it regularly, so I try my best to stick to God’s plan.

Though I fail now and then, I try to get rid of sin when it arises, and look to live in holiness. Only the Holy Spirit can give me ‘success’ in this venture – I know my own limitations, fears and sinfulness. This is why I urge readers not to take life lightly. Especially if you are young. We never know when God will take us, even in our sin.

One young man in our meetings, a diabetic aged 21, recently suffered a near-fatal hyperglaecemic attack. Unknown to himself, his insulin machine (otherwise a great device) malfunctioned and he kept turning up the dose to compensate, because this is what the machine demanded. This pushed him into a high-sugar condition that produced ketones, which are deadly. Thankfully, he knew something was wrong and asked his mother to get an ambulance quickly. He was treated – but it was a very close call. Also the two youngest members of another church family, a few months old, are being monitored by medics because of their poor condition.

God can take us at any age. Please don’t think you can forget your mortality just because you are younger! Look to the Lord and obey Him in all things.

Medical Lies Lead to Murder

Just a few days ago a woman in her mid-sixties was stabbed to death in the middle of London. About half a dozen others were injured. Then came the excuses from the police: the man, a Muslim Somali, was said to have ‘mental health issues’! This is now the standard excuse used by police throughout Europe and the USA, when a Muslim kills.

It is not good enough! Even if he was deranged, it is no reason to give him an excuse. The reason mental illness is put out as a ‘reason’ is to take the spotlight away from Islam. Also, Islam itself produces psychopaths, as I have said many times. They have no hesitation in slitting a throat or hacking off a head. This itself is a mental imbalance, but it is NOT an excuse. Islam is an inducer of mental disturbance; it encourages many, many odd or immoral beliefs and actions.

The idea of ‘mental illness’ can be argued away (as I did in my Master’s dissertation), even though it is coveted by medical men around the world. In my psychiatric days I opposed the idea virulently, because I did not see mental illness as a ‘cause’ of bad behaviour – I only saw rampant sin. Refusing to identify the true cause of a condition means we let it slide and even condone it, by giving it an excuse. The world did the same with HIV and AIDS, even though homosexuality is the cause and kills millions.

To let Muslims get away with murder under the cover of ‘mental illness’ is a fraud and a very stupid, irresponsible thing to do. There is no proof whatever that mental illness even exists! (A very few conditions ARE excused, but they are badly identified as ‘psychiatric’, e.g. brain trauma, dementia; really, they are physical conditions with psychiatric sub-symptoms). So, don’t accept the ‘mental illness’ tag as an excuse. (See article PSY-10 concerning this bad application of hypotheses).

Obama: More Evidence of His Fascism

I don’t hide the fact that Obama disgusts me greatly, and every day he comes out with even worse actions. He has now given the green light to scientists (so-called) who wish to make animal-human hybrids. This comes directly out of the Nazi death camp manual!!

The actual work is to use human stem cells to create animal embryos. Sounds a small thing... but it is the basis for even worse things to come. They are trying to overcome God’s creation and the separation of man and animal life. It will only lead to disaster and it shows us just how wicked Obama is. Once this initial step is taken, it will open the doors to much worse evils.

As usual, scientists involved tell us it will ‘help’ humankind. One idea is to grow human babies within animal bodies. This is not ‘help’ – it is satanic.

Saved by Our Choice?

Are we saved by our own choice? The answer is simply ‘No’! Yet, I am compelled to write another article about so-called ‘free will’, which is an old scheme of thought designed to lessen the power of God and increase the claimed power of humans.

Jesus covered this query concerning salvation of men, “Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” Note the finality of this! This short statement tells us that no man can choose his salvation or to follow God. The “will of man” is nowhere to be seen!

Why do men, some who call themselves ‘Christian’ or ‘saved’, insist that they had a part in their salvation by choosing Christ? Sadly, they are deluded by Arminian theology, which is Romanistic. They don’t like knowing that God alone gave them salvation freely, so they loudly shout of their ‘free will’. If they continue along this path, frankly, I would question their claim to being saved.

Galatians 1:4 tells us that He delivered us “according to the will of God”. No mention of man’s involvement in salvation. It is the same will throughout scripture: for example, “For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication”. (1 Th.4:3) That is, the same will of God that gives us salvation freely, and we have no part in it, is the will that urges us to live sanctified lives. The difference is that in salvation we cannot alter the fact of election and cannot choose it, but our Christian lives after salvation are given choice. Thus, we are not ‘robots’ (another Arminian fallacy).

Get to know the facts about God’s will and our human will, because knowing the difference is vital.

Evolutionists Can’t Stop Lying!

If fossils are millions or even billions of years old, then no ‘soft’ material such as flesh or DNA can possibly survive that long. Right? Yes, if evolution was real. But, it isn’t!!

According to ‘Geology’ (3rd June 2016) DNA has been found in sea sediments supposedly over one million years old. They can’t explain how this is possible, but the answer is so obvious – the sediments are no older than the end of the Great Flood of Noah, about 4000 years ago. The DNA, probably from algae, is found even at the deepest drilling level (supposedly impossible).

Scientists stubbornly refuse to look at the idea of God and the Flood, because they hate God and deny the Flood, though it answers most queries logically. Thus, they ignore a vast repository of data, because of their irrational fear of allowing the idea of God entrance to their minds. For this reason Darwinian science can never come up with truth or real facts.

Peace with ‘Palestine’? Never!

Time and time again, the so-called ‘Palestinians’ have broken truces with Israel, though Israel has kept to their end of the bargain. Why is this? No, it has nothing to do with politics or with the false idea of ‘occupation’.

Hamas and ‘Palestine’ want Israel erased from the land and from history. Though Islam is younger than the Christian church and millennia younger than Judaism, it claims that Israel has taken its land!! Yet, Israel was given the land by God, AND by international law! Jews lived in the land now occupied by ‘Palestinians’ for millennia before Mohammed came along. And the land is filled with migrant Arabs anyway – many of whom went to live there because Israel gave them jobs, money, healthcare, etc. There are, then, almost NO ‘Palestinians’ living in ‘Palestine’! Yet, they threaten Israel with genocide every day, while the UN does nothing but side with terrorists.

It is unfortunate that ignorant Christians support the “poor people of Palestine”, even though most want to kill Jews, and do so every day in Israel. It is about time that ‘Christians’ taught themselves the truth about these ‘poor people’, who are kept poor not by Jews but by Hamas and the PA.

Stop believing the multiple lies issued by the PA and Islamists. Get the true facts. ‘Palestinians’ are taught from birth to hate and kill Jews. They have no intention of living side by side with Israel. (See my iPatriot article on this issue).

The Sabbath

I have previously mentioned Christians who celebrate all kinds of things simply because they are Jewish. Even though Christ got rid of Judaism as a religion connected to God! I call such Christians ‘twee’ (quaint/sentimental) because they have no idea what they are doing.

They think the Jewish Shabbat (Hebrew word based on the meaning of ‘rest’), observed on a Saturday, is the ‘true’ Sabbath. This is an ignorant belief, for not even the Jews know why their sabbath is on a Saturday!

God expects everyone to rest once a week, but He does not state which day this is. He merely calls it the ‘seventh day’... and the seventh day is ANY day we wish to make it. Why so many Christians are uptight about the actual day is mystifying! (See Article A-300).

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