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Appeasement Equals Ruin

Under extreme pressure from its (bad) neighbours and the Marxist troublemaker, the UN, Israel is refusing to give up its land, which is already greatly diminished because of world opinion formed by ‘Palestinian’ lies.

The population of Israel now stands at 8.58 million, and the country is surrounded by hostile Arab nations with populations of haters running into many millions. That is why so many urge Israel to give up and hand over land to ‘Palestine’ and others. This is appeasement, not real need. When a schoolyard bully is appeased today, he comes back again, but more violently, tomorrow!

Some in the Israeli Knesset understand this, and the Education Minister rallied his country by saying not an inch of land will be handed over to its enemies. Israel has already given away significant areas, in the hope of peace, but, it didn’t come. This should not be surprising, because appeasement comes from a position of weakness, physical or moral.

The Minister believes Israel’s enemies will respect Israel for not giving in. And he is right. They might not like Israel, but they WILL respect it. After all, Israel is renowned for its military resolve and strength, and they know the IDF maxim of hitting back ten times harder than they are hit by enemies. (No, I’m not saying violence is always the answer, but at times of immense violence, it may be the only way forward. Every country defends itself!).

It doesn’t matter WHO tells Israel to hand over land – Israel MUST resist. Compromise on this matter would be deadly, as enemies see weakness and continue their vile Islamic attacks. In particular the UN is wickedness personified. It hopes to squeeze Israel, through the offices of so-called Security Council members – mostly ardent Islamists, so that in time Israel will simply cease to exist. If THAT happens, the world will see a mighty caliphate centred in the Middle East, but with an eye on the rest of the world as its prize.

I have always, from a child, loathed appeasement, even before I had even heard of the word! And it sometimes ended in someone harming me, for daring to make a stand. This was surprising because I also feared violence and being hit! And that was why I was sometimes bullied.

It was not until I worked in a psychiatric hospital where violence was a daily event that I overcame my reluctance to stand up to bullies. At times this still ended up with me being hurt, but at least I didn’t hand myself over like a whimpering puppy!

Do you recognise any of this in your Christian walk? You should. Appeasement in the churches goes on all the time, and it acts like smoking heavily – first a few illnesses, then longer periods of incapacity, then death by cancer.

In the Christian life, we must  compromise in some matters, but we have no right or authority to appease anything that contradicts scripture. This is because scripture, every word of it, is GOD’S word, not ours. We cannot appease by changing what that word says; we can’t compromise when God says something else. Yet, so many supposed ‘church leaders’ compromise with the world and with dodgy beliefs.  Their sin leads to ‘people in the pew’ doing the same things. The result is degeneration of faith and beliefs, with a lack of ethics and morality.

In the beginning, I have no doubt that many Christians who compromise wrongly, have a nasty taste in their mouths. But, as with all habitual sin, that taste goes away and no longer reminds a person of what he has done. Yes, compromise with God’s word IS sin. Today, huge numbers of churches and denominations have compromised with the devil. They refuse to do the right thing, even when it ruins the glory owed to God. And, in return, what they compromise on, ruins them. When compromise is habitual you can recognise it in the way the Christian acts and speaks. His attitude is all wrong; he allows sins to grow in others without a murmur; he doesn’t condemn sin and becomes quite open (another word for ‘sinning’) to life. He is ruined and ready to be threshed by God.

Some will argue that it is alright for me to condemn compromise with sin, but they are not so strong. That’s no excuse. There are times when I am absolutely scared witless by not compromising. But, as I repeat many times, I am more afraid of God than of those who wish me harm!

Think about it, friends, for the stakes are not just high, they reach to Heaven and come to the ears and sight of Almighty God.

Each Day is Literally a Day!

Without a doubt, if liberals and atheistic minds had not meddled with Genesis, anyone reading the Creation account would read it as it is written! Its style, construction and wording all point to literal 24 hour days. But, those infected with the evolution virus have given the account a peculiar and unbelieving twist, so that each day fits the unbelievable model set out by evolution!

Yet, sitting quietly in the biblical text is the proof of 24 hour days. By comparison, the excuses given for long periods of time made by evolutionists are moronic. But, many Christians are so eager to appear ‘scientific’ they are more than ready to ignore the facts, and to support rampant unbelievers, to tear-down what God says.

In Exodus 20:11 we are told, “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.”

The tiny word at the end, “it” proves the text is referring to actual literal days. If the text meant long periods, the word “it” would be very odd indeed. Also, in this Exodus text the words for ‘day’ and ‘days’ are the same as in the Creation account in Genesis. Exodus 31:17 has the same words.

And, if these days were not literal, the statement, that God blessed “the Sabbath day, and hallowed it” would make no sense whatever... it would mean that EVERY day for thousands or millions of years was special (the seventh day Sabbath)! In other words, NO day would be special or hallowed.

As ancient Hebrew only had about 8000 words, most words had to ‘double up’ to include other meanings. Finding the correct meaning for each text is the ‘interpretation’, which MUST arise from the text itself, its context, plus the word meanings.

The meanings and interpretations in English, a language that has many more thousands of words than ancient Hebrew, can sometimes not be so direct. That is why, in English, we have the singular Hebrew word ‘yom’ for both a single ‘day’ AND for plural ‘days’! The actual ancient Hebrew word for plural days is yamîm... and this word is NEVER used to mean long periods of time. Case closed! This means the days in the Creation account in Genesis are actual, literal days. A tiny bit of detective work does wonders for the understanding!

So, don’t fall for the unscientific nonsense of unbelievers, or the sad and treasonous false ‘interpretations’ of theistic evolutionists who ignore the facts and the real biblical texts. Be assured – ‘day’ is a literal day.

The Wickedness of Halloween

There are critics of Christmas – which can be understood, though there are also advocates, or at least non-critics!

But, the need for criticism of Halloween is more serious, because it actually harms children. This is why I was compelled to write a short article on the harm done, following a request from a parent. It seems kids are subjected to Halloween in schools, at home, and even in Sunday Schools! Ignorance in the unsaved is one thing, but ignorance in Christians is worryingly dangerous.

Unlike the Christmas that many Christians do not like, Halloween is sinister and can have lasting psychological and spiritual effects on children, who can literally be terrified. Halloween is about the dead and hell, demons, etc. It is fronted by costumes that give the pretence of witches, demons, ghouls, the dead, and is the exact opposite of God’s life-giving Gospel and a joyful Christian attitude to living.

Parents should not encourage their children to take part. In many places people put signs on their windows saying they will not answer the door, because thugs frighten them. I put a wooden block in the letter box to stop stuff being pushed into the house. It is not unusual for fireworks to be thrown in, or for eggs to be cast at walls and doors.

Worse still is a new phenomenon – so-called ‘killer clowns’. They dress in clown outfits, but have the most hideous evil-looking masks. They hide in bushes or behind walls and jump out at victims, screaming and brandishing knives, axes, and baseball bats. One mother was horrified as the clowns jumped over her car with knives and tried to abduct her baby.

British police in some areas warn against these revolting ‘clowns’, and hundreds of complaints are received about their activities.

But, the main point is that Halloween, a Roman Catholic invention based on Celtic paganism, is all about demons, witches and ghosts – something no Christian can take part in or encourage.

Salvation is the Key

Over the years we have published a huge number of articles, tackled several mighty movements, and urged readers worldwide to oppose evil at any level, including government. But, none of this is of much importance if people are unsaved.

Also over the years I have communicated with a large number of people, many of whom have been saved by the exercise, though we never talk about this work. The latest is a professor of medicine in India who was an Hindu, reporting that she had been possessed by evil spirits a number of times. She (Seema) read my article on Hinduism and wrote to me asking for help, which I have given via a number of emails.

She is interesting because ALL the emails we receive from Hindus, apart from hers, have been crude, foul-mouthed, and threatening violence... and this surprises many who think Hinduism is all about peace! Far from it.  And, it is one the most demon-affected religions in the world.

Firstly, I felt it necessary for her to get rid of every item in her home devoted to Hindu Gods. Inevitably, and as I predicted to her, she was subsequently attacked by demons, including those who manifested themselves as Lord Krishna. They hate opposition!

I then advised her to get rid of that outward sign of Hindu women, the bindi – the mark placed on the forehead symbolising the chakra, or third eye. This she also did.

I then gave her an outline of vital statements to see if she would agree to them, which she did. Lastly, I asked if she was burdened to repent and be saved (after telling her what this meant). She claims ‘yes’.

Thus far her grown children have asked what she will now call herself (instead of Hindu) and her husband refuses to even think about the Christian faith. But, she persists.

Because of the past possessions and the very heavy presence of Hinduism in her country, I contacted an Indian city pastor and probed him to see if it was spiritually safe to put her in contact with him.

She visited the church last week. Joyfully, the pastor answered my requests for information on his church’s beliefs, after he looked at our website, and his replies were exactly what I hoped for. So, I have asked the woman if she would care to visit the church again and identify herself, so that the pastor can take over from my own beginnings.

This is what makes the work worthwhile, and it is the kind of ministry no-one knows about. Even so, if we had more financial backing we could do far more. Like an iceberg, only a small percentage of the ministry is about publishing. The rest consists of daily counselling of our church members and others who read our materials. Lives are changed and God is glorified. Always, my mind is on salvation, for without it no amount of articles will help.

Many readers contact me personally to say how much they have been helped to change their lives by reading the publications. We thank God for this mighty privilege and pray we will never let them down.

Seema is moving forward and the latest is that she is willing to attend the church again to speak with the pastor. Both of us pray that her eagerness is prompted by being born again. If that is the case, she should soon know salvation and complete freedom from the Hindu demons who have hitherto attacked her. (My only concern is that she might see this as a ‘conversion’ from one religion to another, rather than as a God-led repentance unto salvation. However, the signs so far are good and I am sure the Indian pastor will discern the truth of the matter).

As she lives so far away and has a complex background, I have taken her as far as I can from this end, and hand her care over to the Indian pastor, who will keep me informed. This ministry often has interesting results. Let us hope for more!

The Nephilim – a Giant Lie

There is an idea floating around that demons had sex with human women, and these acts resulted in the birth of giants – the Nephilim. But, it isn’t biblical! And some teachers (Jacob Prasch appears to be one of them) tell people this is ‘scriptural’!

I suggest you read my article, A-497, ‘Giants and Myths’, so that this nonsense can be removed from your mind! Apart from the fact that a spirit cannot indulge in sexual relations with humans to produce ‘half-breeds’, there is nothing in Genesis 6:4 that hints at evil spirits doing such things. The notion that Nephilim are demon offspring is more like a Greek myth than truth – that’s because it is a lie! For a proper interpretation, see the Article.

I should add that the myth comes from the Book of Enoch, which was written by an ancient Jew, but which is NOT part of the canon of scripture OR of Judaism. Beware when a Christian teacher passes off myth as biblical truth!

Hebrew Roots Movement

Many have wanted to return to the first century of Christianity. But, the Hebrew Roots movement goes a step farther, by insisting we must also return to Jewish Torah ideas. It is true that modern Christians have left behind many things that ought to be part of their lives, but a return to the Torah (or, more precisely, the beliefs of rabbis) is not feasible.

The claim is that when He died, Jesus strengthened the Mosaic laws, so we must now regain the teachings of the Hebrews, and get back to the Hebrew text of the New Testament. That is, to replace the Greek texts because they are ‘corrupt’. In other words, we cannot trust the KJAV. I have lost count of the number of times Christians write to me about G-D, refusing to mention the very title given in scripture. This is all Jewish.

Sadly, many Christians today have a fashionable observance of Jewishness, and say ‘shalom’ at inappropriate times! They even hold to Jewish festivals. Others go deeper, like Jacob Prasch, by insisting we MUST know everything there is to know from an Hebrew angle. But, none of this is inherent in New Testament Christianity.

Adherents say we are ‘grafted into’ Israel, which is not quite true... we were grafted into spiritual Israel, not Israel per se, and so ALL believers, whether Jew or gentile, are on the same footing. But, we are NOT to return to the Judaism that passed away when Jesus gave us the New promises.

Another name for these believers is ‘Messianic Christians’ (again, note Jacob Prasch, who identifies with them), who even have ‘gentile rabbis’ amongst their numbers. They wear Jewish clothing, hold Jewish festivals, and prefer to say Yeshua or even use YHWH instead of Yahweh!

For them, the Torah (Old Testament) is greater, and the New is less. For this reason the Trinity has come under attack.

In my own studies and teachings on the Old Testament, I have shown our church that the Torah is vibrant, but leads up to Christ’s New Testament. Jesus Himself banished the formal priesthood, and while many early Christians continued to attend synagogues, Jews made it impossible for them to continue past 300 years, and so church meeting places were started. In our studies I believe I have properly interpreted texts, and have given the Hebrew background to them.

I urge readers NOT to follow the Hebrew Roots movement, nor to buy its redone ‘bible’. We have the KJAV and it is the best version available! (Article to follow).

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