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God Rules, Not Man

Good News

Free Grace Deaf Church, Preston (, is affiliated to Bible Theology Ministries via pastor Ian Funnell. Many deaf people struggle by joining hearing churches, or deaf associations that teach bad doctrine, so Ian’s venture is like an oasis in the desert.

Free Grace Deaf Church Preston Members

Andrea is the first to be baptised by Ian, and they had to borrow a denominational local church in their home town of Preston for the event, as their own church does not have a baptismal pool. We wish Free Grace church many blessings as they continue in the Lord and do what is right and true, a witness to a group of people misunderstood by those who can hear. A vital ministry!

No Compromise!

When it comes to Genesis, NEVER compromise with unbelievers who spout ‘evolution’! Evolution is a bag of mixed fables and unscientific nonsense, and the only reason teachers of evolution are so ‘confident’ is that no-one bothers to challenge them and call them stupid! (God’s term for them). Study the claims and demolish them – and don’t remain silent! Silence furthers lies and error.

 Local Chruch

The folks who attend our Sunday meetings are a lively bunch, who contribute greatly. They are certainly not brainwashed (as some think), and are not slow to speak out if they think something is not right, or if they wish to ask questions, or otherwise make a comment. They are certainly not shrinking violets, but reflect the truth that God rules, and not man!!

They are joined by many readers worldwide who receive the studies on the day, many of whom pass the studies on to others and in their churches. Essential in these dark days of unbelief and error.

Do you receive these studies? The basis for them is simple – tell the people what God’s word actually says. No hidden stuff plucked out of thin air, but solid Bible study without denominational or personalised nonsense. As some of you know, I never use ‘spiritualised’ teaching, because, to me, it is useless with nothing of God. You can recognise it by its flowery content, with little or no true biblical reference, and scant regard for real meanings given in scripture itself. (If you would like to receive the Sunday Meeting Bible Study Notes, just ask.)

God Rules in the USA?

Many Christians dislike Trump, but from my own observations they do so with dishonour, for the reality of Trump is NOT what the mainstream media say about him. They are squarely behind socialism, and Trump doesn’t play ball – so they invent all kinds of evil against him.

But, God showed His hand in the election of Trump, and he has been chosen to do God’s bidding, whether we like it or not. Compared to Clinton he is a shining light of virtue, in spite of silly talk!! We should all be grateful that God prevented Clinton, the arch-enemy of all that is good, from gaining the White House.

However, we must be on our guard for many have promised to assassinate Trump. Yet, they allowed Obama to live, though he has ruined the USA. The violence coming from Clinton socialists is terrifying and continuous, showing what Clinton really stands for – iron-handed rule, and retribution upon those who reject her.

Socialists are feverishly signing a petition to the electoral Colleges who finalise presidents for office, demanding that they ignore the votes and put Clinton into office instead. Such a disastrous Marxist-fascist move would certainly bring civil war to the USA, something Obama and socialists have long looked forward to, and is the reason why they have built camps for dissidents, and tried to ban guns.

Even so, God got Trump elected to give the USA and the world at least a break from evil, and a respite from the constant wickedness of Obama and Clinton. So, stop whining and pray that God keeps Trump alive, because if he is harmed and Clinton gets in, she will rule with a rod of iron and punish all who did not vote for her. The West will then fall to socialism, including the Islamic kind. PRAY for Trump to be successful.

Prayer Request

If called to pray for our situation... my wife and I have been hit in the face by a sudden massive set of bills, all due before mid-December, because of Diane’s continuing decline. Prayers of friends would be much appreciated... their pleas to God have never failed previously!

Brexit Follies

In the USA, socialists are stomping mad that Trump stopped their Marxist agenda, so they mindlessly riot and threaten assassination. In the UK, Brexit is STILL being wiggled about as MPs/socialists in Europe try to force a SECOND referendum. Just as the EU did with Ireland some years ago. The idea is to have a free vote – until that vote is what the socialist EU wants!

Now, with the amazingly ridiculous court decision that Parliament must ‘approve’ what millions told them we wanted, Labour (communist by another name) and others see an opportunity to scupper the referendum results and stop Brexit. Of course, if the results were to stay in the EU, they would have been quiet! But, as we see in the USA, where socialists are violently attacking those who voted for Trump, socialism never accepts defeat but gets its own way through beating people up and being foul-mouthed.

The Prime Minister MUST stay on course and MUST drive through the act of Brexit, otherwise there will be anger from those who voted. What this proves is that Parliament thinks it is supreme and free to act as it wishes. We would repeat the simple fact – MPs are NOT our rulers, but our REPRESENTATIVES. (How many Christians understand this?)

I don’t care what my MP thinks, so long as he does what the voters tell him to do. He cannot vote opposite to what we say, because he is there for US, not for himself. There can be no ‘conscience vote’, because he is not free to have one. Same goes for the Prime Minister. Those who wanted Brexit MUST push the issue and keep pushing, or our efforts will have been in vain, a shambles caused NOT by us, but by Heath at the start and socialists thereafter.

Heath told the people a pack of lies. In law someone who gains an advantage after conning people, is called a fraudster, but Heath got away with it, and the con has continued to this day. To my mind something achieved by fraud has no power in law. So, why are we held in chains by fraud? And WHY must we be held hostage by socialism, the same fascist socialism of the EU, when most of us want our freedom back?

Fight it or lose it! I know some Christians tut-tut against people like us, but there are times when we MUST fight back, and this is one of those times. Sadly, though, most Christians are gutless, but think they are being pious. And so we sink below the waves as the demonic tsunami rolls over us.

The Day of the Lord is Fast approaching!

How many Christians truly believe we are in the last days, or that Christ will soon come again? An indication that they only pay lip service to these truths, is their laxity and refusal to live holy lives! A dead giveaway!

We are told in scripture that the foul-mouthed unbelievers who rule us today will watch in absolute quaking fear when that great day of God comes. But, few will repent and be saved, such is their hatred for God. Yet, in spite of their stupidity, God WILL come and crush them with His wrath.

Some foolishly wonder how a ‘loving God’ can so readily destroy people. He will do it BECAUSE He is holy and just. He issued His commands, and today we have those commands in both Testaments. We cannot claim ignorance. In scripture we see that God MUST act against unbelievers, because they have flouted His law, a law published in the Bible, God’s word.

The same Bible teaches how we may escape the day of God. So, those who refuse will not be cried-over by the Lord... He will judge men according to His declared law, and the proper sentence will be carried out, with no concessions from God, and no excuses from mankind.

The law MUST present its verdict, and sin MUST be judged unworthy, and sinners who do not repent MUST then be sent to hell. On that fateful “day of the Lord” sentence will be applied, and the penalty will last forever. But, those free of this day, we who are Believers, will enter Heaven with joy. And God will create a new heaven (universe) and a new earth, as a sign of His own joy, as prophesied.

KB Napier's on iPatriot

A link to the USA publication, iPatriot, on the front page of our website, will take you to articles by K B Napier, some of which you might not be able to read otherwise. Approx one to three new articles every day. The aim is for us to spread the word of our website, and the truth of God, to thousands more readers. If you prefer to receive each of these articles immediately, ask to be put on the ‘New Articles’ mailing list. If you want to also receive iPatriot articles, ask to be put on the list.

Likewise, if you wish to have your name removed from a list, just say so. Feel free to send us comments, too. (Contact us)

Alexander’s Part in Protecting the Jews

Throughout ancient history God protected the Jews, though they deserved nothing but woes. This was evidenced not just by His direct hand through godly people, but also by His use of pagans.

Alexander the Great was not godless in the usual sense, but was trained by none other than the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who no doubt helped to hone the young king’s mind and thinking.

Well before he began his campaign to gain the known world he had a vision or dream. Much later, when he began to take over Hebrew lands, he met a face he had etched on his brain – the high priest at Jerusalem. And because of this, he spared the Hebrews and they lived without further attack or harassment, with Alexander’s blessing.

Today, unlikely people have been used of God to further His cause, so we should look for these and let God do His work.

Isaiah wrote of the destruction wrought on the Jews by the “king of the north”, who ravaged the land and people. God chose this king to do so, as a punishment for His chosen ones, for their refusal to obey. Even so, in the punishment is the promise of restitution if the people at last listen and do what the lord commands.

Christians have certainly been increasingly ravaged by wicked rulers and people in the last sixty years. Then along came homosexuals, and hot on their heels, environmentalists and then Islamists. Each group hates Christians and God and spend many happy hours devising ways to cripple or kill us. This is a direct result of disobeying God and gazing at our own navels. But, in these punishments is refuge. All we have to do is repent and obey. Then, God will remove the wicked from our lives.

Yet, it took God 70 years to bring the people back from Babylonian exile, and even then, they came back to a land gone to ruin, which they had to rebuild. So, the sooner we repent the quicker will be our earthly salvation, perhaps through another ‘Alexander’.

Is Trump this man? Maybe. Maybe not. The point is, though, he has broken into the vile socialistic plans that would have enslaved the world. He has at least given us a possible respite. Take it while it lasts, even as Satan has been let loose for a season.

Next – 2 Corinthians

I am now 70. That means my future is getting much shorter! And as time marches on the things I want to do will probably not be completed. This is the complaint of all who are called to preach and teach!

And as time flies twice as fast (well, that’s how it seems) I wonder when God will decide my time here is over, and much will still be undone. Along with this lack of time, come many woes and problems, so everything is mingled like a pan full of soup!!

Looking back I see a life also mingled, but not always good. In my earlier days particularly I was prone to unjustified anger (certainly not righteous) and demands that my foes listened to me!! What a fool. Perhaps this is why I later denounced my own self and let critics take their toll.

And where I used to press hard for people to be saved, I now just speak what God says and leave it up to Him. In the past I even had the idea that those who heard me should have listened to the Gospel and be saved. Now, of course, I know that only the Holy Spirit can cause a man or woman to be saved. My part is insignificant compared to God’s ways. It is HE Who calls a person to salvation. Not me. So I watch others struggle big-time as they hope someone will be saved, if only they have enough time and the right set of words.

All this, and my early days, are to do with Arminianism – something I renounced long ago. We are not called to hang about for ages while someone makes up their mind... no, God has either elected them, or He has not. And if they are not elect, we can wait until doomsday for them to respond, because it won’t happen. It is our task to simply tell it as it is and walk away. Many Christians spend their entire lives waiting on people to be saved, when scripture is more blunt – shake the dust off your sandals and carry on, never to return.

By hanging around waiting for the results WE desire, we waste time, effort, and spend sometimes years crying over what we hope will happen, but never does. The results are always in God’s hands, not ours. Waiting for what WE want may never come, so our waiting is utterly ruinous, because it prevents us from doing what GOD wants US to do. Instead, we wait nervously in the shadows for someone to ‘get saved’. How many Christians waste their life like this? Too many.

We cannot live by what might be. We can only declare God’s word and leave it at that. If someone is to be saved, then God will bring it about. But, this does not mean we must suspend our whole life by waiting in the dark, hoping but seeing no return.

Another error I fell into was very embarrassing. That is, I would never let a ‘no’ or an argument get in the way! I ALWAYS argued back and never let go of a ‘victim’ I was sure would be saved if only I talked enough or just waited. Not so! I just kept on and on, never letting a reply go unanswered. Sadly, I was often quite angry or ‘attitudinally challenged’. I look back on those days with deep regret.

When I display anger today, it is not my own, because I no longer allow personal reactions to rule my heart and mind. It is, rather, righteous anger in days of darkness.

I should, however, hasten to add that all these errors changed when I ‘saw the light’ of genuine scripture study. Instead of organising God, I let God organise me! My Arminianism fell away, and everything changed for the better. I hope I will continue to  speak and act as God demands!

Hopefully, with age comes wisdom, and the Lord will give me many more years to do what must be done. I don’t know. But, I do pray I will not be so stupid again!! Part of this spiritual process is for me to see myself as a nobody. When I say that I really mean it, because I know my own self! When I thought I was ‘something’ I made many mistakes and sometimes did so with sarcasm and anger. Thankfully, this went away many years ago, but you never know, given our sinful ‘old man’ within... our Christian life is constant.

So, I try to pass on to younger believers the things I had to learn over the decades. I pray I will continue to learn, and to treat others with respect... NOT for their sins, but for the fact they are given life by God, if not salvation. I will NEVER respect false religions or bad beliefs. Seek wisdom, for it must underlie all things we do. Amen.

How To Get it Wrong

Know how many times I witness or hear about Christians asking God the wrong thing? Too many times!

Or, to put it another way, they do something without God’s approval (in other words, sin). Then, they live by the ‘rules’ of their sin and have the temerity to ask for God to guide them! Sorry, but the Lord doesn’t act that way. First, get rid of the sin and obey Him. Only then can you ask for guidance. If you intend to carry on sinning, well, God turns His back on you.

When we continue in a sin, God is likely to make sure we know it in our heart and conscience. He will keep prodding, whether we like it or not. The longer we hold out, preferring our own answers (“I know what I’m doing”), the deeper we get into sin and the farther we run away from God. We’ve ALL done it. The trick is to learn and stop our silliness.

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