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Joy of the Lord – what is it?

This is another example of a phrase much used by Christians... but, how many understand what this joy really is? Few believers use the phrase with much meaning. Do YOU understand what it means? (The phrase is found only once in this exact wording in the English KJAV). I see little true joy in my brethren, or, sometimes, in myself!

 Yet, this joy should be our strength! Are we weak today because we do not accept God’s word as it stands?

 Many of us have physical, emotional or spiritual hurdles to jump, and suffer a variety of ills and problems (some more than others). Are these reasons to give in and give up? Depression is a mighty good prospect for those with problems! But, it doesn’t solve anything and does immense harm to those who fall for its promises of ‘getting out of it’. For the Christian, ditching one’s responsibility is not an option! Read the verse below...

“Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength”. (Nehemiah 8:10).

All Christians agree that having the ‘joy of the Lord’ is vital, and should be found in each one who is saved. But – WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Do YOU know what it means?

As with all promises of God, there are conditions. We can have the joy of the Lord that gives us strength IF we obey. Note that we are to enjoy life and what it has to offer (the ‘fat’ and the ‘sweet’). But, when we do, we must remember those (brethren) who have nothing (‘nothing is prepared’). Note the utter holiness displayed in the text.

Enjoy your life while you can, because circumstances can change in a second. And God’s joy will fill your very being. This ‘joy’,  chedvah, simply means to be glad, to experience deep happiness/joy. Therefore ‘gladness’ may be used instead of ‘joy’.

Thus, to have this joy is to be glad, to enjoy His presence and actions. This is done by obeying and being happy to do so. This extends to enjoying one’s life insofar as one is able, even when labouring under stresses or physical ailments. Indeed, when we do so under such ailments, God will give us peace and the reward of knowing His presence.

GOD is our strength – not us!

“For though the fig tree doesn’t flourish, nor fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive fails, the fields yield no food; the flocks are cut off from the fold, and there is no herd in the stalls: yet I will rejoice in the LORD. I will be joyful in the God of my salvation! The LORD, the Lord, is my strength. He makes my feet like deerʼs feet, and enables me to go in high places.”

(Habakkuk 3:17-19)

God is Good

Do you believe that? Or, is He only ‘good’ when things go well with you and you have nothing much to complain about? We must all remember that God is ALWAYS good to us. Not everyone, just His people.

“[A Psalm of Asaph.] Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.”(Psalm 73:1)

Yes, God was good to Israel, but the ‘qualifier’ is, that He is good to ALL who have a clean heart. That is, spiritual Israel... us.

He is ‘good’ to us, towb – pleasant, agreeable, kind, does what is right, giving benefits and good things. When Israel lived righteously, God looked after them and gave them what they needed. He does the same for us today, IF we have a “clean heart”, bar. That is, pure, sincere, empty (of sinful thoughts), making us beloved.

Bar is from its root, barar, meaning to be chosen, pure, choice, polished and purified. Does this not perfectly describe our condition as new creatures? Not only are we purified by the blood of Christ, but we are to remain pure and strive for our hearts to remain clean.

This has nothing to do with being rewarded, but is conditional. If we wish to see God working in our lives, then we must present ourselves as He demands us to be – clean. When we are clean, He showers us with goodness and peace. This happens even when we think all is lost, or when we perceive our lives as full of woes and problems, ill health, or some other serious thing.

Never forget that God is good! Our current positions are not the point! What matters is that we live clean lives, free of sin and bad design. God is ALWAYS good to those who love and obey Him, so, if you strive to live like this, praise God for whatever comes your way, for it is allowed by, or sent from, God, for your ultimate good and well-being, even when we fail in our hearts and think all is gone away and God is far from us. He never leaves His faithful children, but merely stands behind them at times, so they call out to Him for help and comfort.

ECT & Common Sense

 ECT stands for ‘Electro-Convulsive Therapy’, a psychiatric treatment much hated by liberals, but not by me!

The procedure is done under general anaesthesia. It passes a small electrical current from two electrodes, one each side of the head on the temples. A seizure similar to one found in a grand mal (epileptic fit) takes place and the person is left to come around, and is taken back to a ward.

In its earlier days larger doses of electricity were used, sometimes without anaesthetic. Patients often suffered significant memory loss, and even fractures.

It was, and still is (modified of course), used to treat severe depression, especially if it did not respond to the usual treatments, mania (one of the two cycles of manic-depression, now called bipolar), catatonia, and aggression or agitation in dementia.

I often attended sessions, with half a dozen other staff, helping to control the thrashing around of limbs.

There can be no doubt that despite liberals shouting about loss of liberty and danger, many patients have had severe symptoms reduced or removed. In my own case, however, I was happy for ECT being used on violent patients... treatment several times a year literally stunned them into compliance at times when drugs did not touch them. In other words, I wanted the patient to be given ECT for my own safety. Sounds tough, but those who have to deal with continuous violence from ultra-violent people will understand.

Did this oppose my Christian beliefs? No. It was my view, and still is, that violent people must be subdued by whatever means are necessary, for the sake of those they could harm, or even kill. As one who regularly was injured, sometimes badly and several times escaping death, for no reason other than patients hating ‘authority figures’, I would give ECT at the drop of a hat, if it stopped violent people in their tracks.

What if it caused memory loss or other problems? It does not bother me – what matters is that ordinary, innocent people are unharmed. I have the same idea about people in prison for violence or murder. Compared to the well-being of innocent people, their rights and well-being come a very low second... they should either be held for the rest of their lives, or put to death (as God demands). Christians must not rely on emotion in these instances.

A Christian Attitude Towards Muslims

Two attitudes seem to prevail, even amongst Christians, towards Muslims in general. What should we do?

There is also much criticism of Donald Trump, because he has halted immigration from certain ‘hot bed’ Islamic countries, for a relatively short duration. Is this down to a dislike for Trump as a person? Or, down to a liking for Muslims? Or even lack of knowledge about Islam?

Trump is only doing what the USA did when Pearl Harbour was attacked, and Japanese or their offspring were detained in camps. Except that he has not ordered the detention of Muslims, only the temporary cessation of immigration, which is superb common-sense!

The same happened to Germans in Britain at the start of WW2, though the government KNEW most of them had nothing to do with Fascism, By late 1940 many were released, having been checked out thoroughly by the intelligence services.

The ‘niceness’ of the Germans in Britain at that time was not the point. They were detained for security reasons, and because they were ‘profiled’ as being German. By March 1944 all the German detainees (down to 228) that were left were sent to Peel, so the Isle of Mann camp could be used to house military POWs. Such detention was a matter of survival. The same happened to Italians in Britain, including those who had lived in the country for many decades. Thus, all were ‘tarred with the same brush’ out of necessity until checks were made.

Today, there is a furious effort to give freedom to all Muslims who wish to enter Europe and the USA. I cannot emphasise just how stupidly alarming this is, given the growing violence in Europe coming from Muslim young men.

One problem I see with UK, European and US Christians, is the high number who think it is shameful to profile all Muslims in the same way, because not all are violent, nor will they ever be. This may, or may not, be true – we have no way of knowing.

It is a fact that comes through time and again – home-grown terrorists were known to be quiet, decent citizens, until they blasted their way through communities with murderous hearts. Almost none of them were suspicious characters. And, invariably, their friends and even family, were shocked to learn that their ‘nice’ friends and relatives became terrorists! We MUST profile them all.

A key testimony comes from certain Muslims from Africa, who say there was no such problem UNTIL Muslims began to read the Koran (at the behest of imams and radicals). THEN they changed character and became murderers. More unsettling is that almost all of them were seen to be normal ordinary folks, before they killed. In other words, NO European/UK or US citizen can possibly tell WHICH Muslim will turn deadly. And THAT is our problem!

Christians should NOT be saying it is wrong to profile all Muslims as being all the same. It is NOT ‘tarring them with the same brush’, but is a common-sense attitude. As I have said before, no Christian can legitimately seek freedom for ANY Muslim to live amongst us without careful checks and staunch refusal to allow Islam to infiltrate our society. There are two reasons for this – the first is that we DO NOT KNOW who will become murderers. The second is that God hates false gods, those who preach on their behalf, and those who follow as adherents.

I have noted over the past fifteen years that the Christians who uphold Muslims are those who have personal contact with them on a social basis. Nowhere in the Old Testament do we find God allowing the Jews to mingle freely with pagans and the followers of Baal! Far from it. And the ONLY reason Jesus mixed with unbelievers (or sinful Jews) was to teach and to spread the Gospel.

Do you honestly think God allows us to freely mingle with pagans who follow a murderous cult such as Islam? Do you think He differentiates between murderous and non-murderous? No, of course not. We should not be socially attached to them at any time, regardless of how ‘nice’ they may appear. To do so is to deny the holiness of God and His demands. And it is to allow hearts to overrule the mind, sense, and spirit.

I have no problem with profiling Muslims. One big reason is that few of them commit to non-violence by handing over the violent or terroristic ones to police. Therefore, that ‘nice’ Muslim you might know may just as easily be plotting with terrorists. Even if they are not violent and condemn terror, they are still part of the ‘big picture’ of being pagans condemned by God. Their very Muslim beliefs are a danger or social evil to society as a whole. The only way to limit this is not to allow Islam any say in government and law.

Today, we are seeing the logical and only way for Islam – to murder and oppress, taking all societies back to a violent medievalism. The Koran hates Christians and Jews, as well as other Muslims who do not sport the ‘correct’ Koranic beliefs. For this and many other reasons, no Christian should have a close affiliation with Muslims. Could you imagine Jesus mixing socially with followers of Baal? Of course not.

Muslims claim that only a small percentage of their co-believers become terrorists. Some have calculated that this 'small percentage’ runs into the several millions! And many of them will be thought of as ‘friendly’ by their neighbours and families.

Let me repeat what common sense says... it is my view that we should trust people until we cannot. However, with Islam we have a peculiar and unique problem. First, Islam is not a true religion: it is a militaristic political system, initially devised by a no-hoper leader who hated his fellows for not accepting him. He threw together a variety of Old and New Testament teachings, and added his own ingredients, all of which meant one thing – accept or die! Marxism without the religious bits! Second, because of this poisonous mixture, no western government should allow Islam to have ANY influence over a free country. Let Muslims have mosques and be believers, but slap down their oppressiveness and demands made of westerners.

Thirdly, do I trust Muslims, even the ‘nice’ ones? No, I do not and cannot. I am prevented from doing so by their own fellows, many of whom were just as ‘nice’. This is ‘tarring everyone with the same brush’ for two reasons – one, is that ALL Muslims have the same Koran and are therefore potentially dangerous. Most may not become dangerous, but to avoid the possibility is a grave mistake. When they act out the Koran, murder always follows. And, as we all realise, nobody knows which Muslims will turn bad. Thus, only a fool would trust Muslims. For myself, there is sufficient proof that Koranists become murderers. They even boast about it.

The other reason is that Christians must never accept as normal the teachings of pagans, nor may we allow them into our social circles. We can be civil, but when we go further, we lose our spiritual ‘edge’ and will not see trouble even when it looms before us like a dark cloud.

If an individual Muslim is before me, I will be courteous and civilly friendly, but trust is not within me, because I do not know if he or she is terroristic. Thus, I cannot trust them, even when I can be friendly and courteous. I would even help them if they were in immediate danger or trouble. But, trust? No - their very beliefs and Koran stop me being that foolish. Many have fought for western countries... but others have ‘turned’ and committed Islamic killings. Most who fought for the West did so before Islam became a modern, ruthless murder machine. Beware.

God does not commend paganism. He hates its false gods. I wonder, then, who is right? God - or those who are willing to give Islam a chance? Once again, as I have put it many times before, do not let your emotions or friendship cause you to take your eyes off what is happening, to lower your shields. Be vigilant, for the friendly Muslim before you yesterday can easily become the deadly foe the Koran wants him to be, today! If the terrorism and murders were the reactions of individuals within a religion, we could say something different. But, when ALL those individuals follow a religious book that commands them to kill and oppress, no-one is safe, and no follower can be deemed trustworthy. This is exacerbated by Islamic taqqiya (lying). Is that Muslim friend of yours being honest? Or, is his friendship only a front for Islamic planning and deception? Either way – HOW DO YOU KNOW?

On occasions I am prompted to issue a warning. Right now I am warning that we are in darkening days, part of the last days. During these days even Christians will be deceived for a season. One of these deceptions is the softening of attitude towards Islam and its followers. When Christians do this it is not just deception – it is a rejection of God’s word.

This odd thing is not just psychological, it is an example of Satanic influence in the churches, and it will harm believers, possibly to an horrific extent. There is no godliness in giving a ‘good word’ for Islam or its followers. This is not about social friendship, but about being true to God. So, again I say, BEWARE of who you extend your right hand out to! I would finally add that in all my years, any warning I have issued is always true and is never repudiated, because the warning is from God. I dare to say it this time, too, because the writing is on the wall.

 For those who still see individual Muslims as ‘good’ or ‘not the same’ as their terroristic fellow followers of Allah, I warn again. If you choose not to accept the warning, then be assured that you will place us all in danger and your own souls in jeopardy. Ask yourself this – WHY do you wish to uphold a pagan person or system that God hates?

© January 2017

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