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“The Lord is with us”... if...

“Only rebel not ye against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defence is departed from them, and the LORD is with us: fear them not.”(Numbers 14:9)

Today, many Christians cower behind their own fears, thinking God is not responding. They fail to understand that with God, only salvation is given without conditions. The rest of God’s promises and help all have conditions attached. Thus, those fearful Christians pray emptily, not believing the Lord will answer or will even listen. In this way, Satan has successfully deceived their souls!

The verse quoted begins with the word “only”, because it is linked to the previous text. Verse seven says the land given to the Israelites was “exceeding good”. But, verse 8 gives the condition required of the Israelites if they were to enjoy that land... “IF the Lord rejoice in us, then he will bring us into this land... a land which floweth with milk and honey.” God would give them everything if only they obeyed Him.

If we want what is good from God, then we must remember this condition. He must firstly rejoice in us; be pleased with our faith and holiness. He does not hand out blessings and benefits to a people who reject Him or whose lives display inner/outer sin.

We must not be rebellious against God – rebellion can be one of any number of godless activities, thoughts and words.

Another condition for God’s intervention is not to “fear the people of the land”. There were many more pagan peoples than there were Israelites, but with God on their side, those big numbers meant nothing.

When we, God’s people, are holy and obey Him, our enemies are just like bread to us – ready to be eaten and got rid of. This is how our modern-day enemies are, but few Christians have the guts and faith to believe it. Rather, they quake in fear at the coming fight... this is today’s Christians are too gentile and civilised to fight their enemies. Instead, they open the city gates and invite the enemy inside the walls for a cup of pre-capture tea!

By being so polite and ‘balanced’ they have already conceded victory to the enemy – “their defence is departed from them”. This was the lot of the enemy, but when Christians fear and hand over victory it is THEY whose defence has vanished! However, when we stand up firmly against the enemy, with faith and obedience as our shield, the enemy’s defence is shattered into shards.

So, “Fear them not”. Today our enemies are many, and vast in number. But, so what? If we are true to the Lord He will blast His way through their ranks and the threat will be averted.

A hidden source of strength, rarely used by modern Christians, is imprecatory prayer (see A-027). So many churches teach their members to only pray for the good of their enemies. Not so. This is not what we read in scripture! If an enemy is hot on our trail and intent on killing or destroying us, then we must utter urgent imprecatory prayers. In the New Testament do you think for one moment that God asks us to pray for the good of enemies who hate Him and us? No, He says they will head for hell because they are anathema.

Face to face, if I come across a single enemy who is starving, I will feed him. If he is hurt, I will tend to him. If he needs help, I will offer it. IF I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me to do so. But, generally, such an enemy is under God’s wrath, and so we may not prayer for his wellbeing – he is under God’s wrath!

In my job I dealt fairly with homosexuals, though I despised their choices and would not socialise with them. Though I knew Muslim workers hated white folks they had to care for, I treated them with respect if they did their work. But, I reject and hate their beliefs and actions... because God does.

What I feel or think is not the issue. If I want to have God’s blessings then I must follow His example and deal with enemies as He instructs. The fact that a few homosexuals do not shout their evil doings from the rooftops and are not overtly foul is irrelevant – their life choices are wicked and condemned. Likewise with Muslims; it is irrelevant that some are quiet, when God condemns their pagan godless beliefs and practices.

Friendship with human beings is NOT our criterion for dealing with others. What God says is our criterion!

Our stance is very clear – obey God, pray against our enemies that God will destroy them, be holy, and never fear the huge numbers who wish us harm. Stand as God’s army and He will reward and give us what we desire (in Christ).

Was Jesus a Refugee?

I’m not sure if Christians are trying to be clever or are just ignorant. Last Christmas they came up with a way of lending support to Muslim migrants, by saying “Jesus was a refugee, too”! as if that erased the Islamic terror sweeping the world, and as if just saying it produces pro-West sentiments in their unproved new Islamic ‘friends’, many of whom will hate them in their hearts, and even kill.

How can I say such a thing when I don’t even know each individual? Easily! I know the hard facts – that Islam itself produces terrorists and hate. I know there are no such Muslims as ‘moderates’, when they all follow the same Koran and favour implementation of sharia, whether or not we want it. I know they are taught taqiyya, the art of lying. Unfortunately one of my son’s friends was a Muslim, and he lies about everything, literally. Lies beget lies... so how do you know that your new-found moderate Islamic friend is actually a friend? How do you know he does not hate you? Don’t be naïve.

Several decades ago a leading local councillor was arrested and taken to court on corruption charges. Immediately, political friends and local voters wrote to the newspaper giving him their unlimited support, and saying they ‘knew’ he was innocent.

I wrote to the newspaper warning these silly people that only HE knew if he was innocent or guilty, and not to offer support until they knew the outcome of the court case.

It turned out he was more corrupt than the newspapers realised, and as the charges kept coming to light, so his ‘supporters’ started to go quiet. It is very foolish to claim innocence for someone you don’t know!

And bear in mind that in many parts of the world murders and mayhem have begun NOT with known terrorists, but with ordinary local Muslims who suddenly follow the Koran. They, too, were ‘moderates’! Then they struck and the Koran boasted of its power to make murderers.

In the USA many Muslims who went on shooting sprees were known to their neighbours and friends, and even their families, as ‘moderates’, quiet, gentle, etc. So, how can YOU, with no true knowledge whatsoever of the real thoughts in your Muslim moderate friends, possibly tell others that we cannot think the same way about all Muslims?

ANY Muslim, no matter how gentle and friendly, can become a raging monster, an indiscriminate murderer! How do I know? Because they ALL have the same politico-military ‘religion’ and the same Koran! They drink from the same poisoned well. Are you going to see sense... or will you wait until one of them blasts a hole in your child’s head in the name of Allah (or is it Baal?).

Getting back to Jesus - it is ignorant to say Jesus was also a refugee. No, he was a single person taken to hide from a royal murderer who wanted Him dead.... just Him! He was not a refugee, but returned to his own country when the wicked king died. There is, then, no comparison between illegal pagans escaping their own evil companions to bring the same evil beliefs to the West, and the Son of God, Who came to save! Do not dare to make them equal!

It does not matter how ‘nice’ a Muslim is – God hates both him and his beliefs. We have no business supporting either. Read scripture.

Must Be Okay

We must be doing something right. Lately, several servers have conspired to stop our emailed news items going out to a long list of subscribers. Whilst I am very annoyed that people are having their in-mails censored by unsaved totalitarians, we nevertheless thank God that we are touching so many nerves!

Perhaps some readers are unhappy by our constant use of the term ‘fascist’, but when that is exactly the atmosphere we are in around the world (homosexuality, Islam, politics itself, environmentalism, and so on) we must keep on using it. For us the signs of fascism are abounding and increasing. Not for nothing do we compare it to the period in Germany before WW2.

If your emails are being tampered with in this way we ask you to contact your servers and complain. Show them that YOU pay for their services! They are stopping important issues from coming across – about hidden Clinton crimes, the Soros stranglehold on the USA, Islam devastating Europe, the way the democrats are going after Trump but left Obama alone... these are issues that socialist drones hate us to talk about, because they expose their wickedness! Don’t let them get away with it!

As MB from Texas rightly observed, “some servers try to filter out important mail, because of a pre-programmed propensity to inhibit Gospel truth.” Do you recognise this? Then oppose it or allow them to censor your very breath!

Rhossili Bay Aerial Image

This is a beach on the west side of Gower Peninsula, on the outskirts of Swansea. Photo was taken during a light ‘plane flight a while ago. From the ground you won’t see the true landscape. It is the same with dealing properly with enemies – if you are too close and friendly, you lose perspective and cannot see the truth, that God is filled with wrath at their existence. Christians must always be objective when applying His truth... human objections only muddy it.

Bits and Pieces

How the Parthenon Lost its Head. Turkey has bothered Greece for a very long time... only recently ISIS Islamists destroyed a number of ancient structures. Back in the time of the Ottoman conquest, the Turks turned the Parthenon into a mosque in the early 1460s. Later, in the 1680s the building was used as an ammunition dump. During an attack by the Venetians, the dump blew up and the roof of the Parthenon disappeared upwards, never to be replaced.

Older or Younger Gospels? It is generally taught that the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) were written between about 80AD to 100AD. Though this is taken to be true, it is only an academic guess! Bits of these Gospels were found in Dead Sea Scrolls, dated earlier than 69AD. But, it is the Acts that suggest otherwise. Luke was taken along with Paul as a scribe, recording the journey and its activities. The narrative contains real names of Roman officials that place the book as early as at least 62AD. Both Luke and Mark drew (?) from another source, known as ‘Q’, which existed about 42AD. And in recent years, even this early date was reduced to the time Christ was on this earth.

To suggest that the Gospel writers waited between thirty and over 60 years before writing seems rather improbable. Luke wrote contemporaneously with Paul’s travels, so why should he not have recorded the life of Christ when it happened? Especially as the new churches cropping up around the Mediterranean needed accurate teachers and accounts. And, as Paul tells his readers, he wrote only what he had seen and heard, as did the other Apostles. So, the idea that the Gospels are not first-hand accounts is wrong, for they certainly were!

Spanish Inquisition. On the island of Malta, across the Grand Harbour in one of the three-island districts, is a Cardinal’s house, under which is still a dungeon that was used during the Inquisition, containing gruesome tools of torture. The Inquisition lasted for 350 years and its office didn’t get disbanded until 1834. The Inquisition was devised to protect Romanism and to get rid of ‘heresy’ (mainly, this meant Protestantism and biblical truth). No-one really knows how many died at the hands of Catholic priests during all the time the Inquisition ran, but the number must have been well into the many thousands.

Islamic History Stupidity. I find it very hard to accept that Islam contains scholars of genuine intellectual grade! This is particularly so when Islam claims it has always owned Jerusalem and that the Temple of the Jews was never there, despite archaeology and written historical accounts that say otherwise! Even as I write this brief note, archaeologists are digging up plenty of evidence showing that the Jews were lords of Jerusalem for millennia, and the Temple was a very real edifice built by the Jews.

The Festival of Hanukkah remembers what is called a miracle in the second century BC... almost two thousand years before Mohammed brought lawless carnage to the Middle East and Jerusalem. Seleucid rulers forced the Jews to worship pagan gods and desecrated the Temple, finally leading to a revolt by the Jews. In 165BC Jewish military genius Maccabeus recaptured Jerusalem and gained entry to the Temple, to find the holy oil tainted. The very fact that history documents the Temple in Jerusalem, and as belonging to the Jews, is proof enough even for ignorant UN officials.

The point of these few brief notes is to show that Christians should not be dismayed by claims made by pagans and secular unbelievers! Scripture is 100% accurate. So is genuine history. Attempts to discredit it, or to make history in the image of Islam or evolution, should simply be laughed at and fought against with great vigour!

Back-Bone Needed!

As we reported last year, the EU is intent on creating its own EU army to protect MEPs. But, Britain is expected to pay for it, though we are leaving!

We are expected to pay over £230 million towards the bill. If we had truly strong leaders they would simply poke the EU in the eye and say “No more!” But, they don’t have such courage. They forget that the EU needs us more than we need the EU!

More Drivel...

The UK legal system is too stupid to be effective against terror! A Muslim who murdered a ‘lax’ fellow Muslim was allowed to preach his hatred over the prison telephone!

Like his other violent Muslim buddies the killer says that any who are not rampant Muslims must be beheaded. In other words, it is a warning to all ‘moderates’ to become real Islamists. And such warnings work!

Typically for weak British law, he has been stopped making calls, but the prison cannot stop him from writing letters!! The law is indeed an ass!! Back home in Pakistan meanwhile, his hateful rants have enthused many hundreds to do the same against any Muslims who are thought to ‘blaspheme’.

It is now about time that prison meant prison! Only a few categories should be in prison. These few should have individual cells and should not be allowed any mingling with other prisoners, and must only have visitors behind glass. In this way Muslim killers cannot recruit, or spread hate.

Britain Defeated!

Hitler warned he would “raze every British city to the ground”. For a year he bombed vital cities, including the one I live in. London was hammered by night after night of bombing, and then by V bombs. At that time my father was convalescing in London from gunshot wounds, yet he helped pull people out of the rubble. My wife’s father was in a reserved occupation, producing copper, so couldn’t join the forces... but every night after work he joined his fellows on the sea front manning the ack-ack guns during the blitz on docks and homes.

The armed forces fought furiously for six years, with many thousands dead from bombs, and even more on the battlefields of Europe. And for many years after, British people did not like to see or hear Germans in Britain. Sadly, because of PC stupidity, those who bravely flew over Germany to bomb cities were shunned, as liberals said such bombing was immoral. They conveniently forgot the many thousands who died as a result of constant bombing by the Germans!

The British fought and died for freedom and against the horror of fascism. But, as the fighting generation became older and died, the new generation, whose freedom was built on what the previous generation fought so hard to keep, threw away their freedoms and were chained to sexual evils and political nonsense.

Today, we are STILL under the fascist flag of the EU, and liberals are killing Britain with their wicked wishes and designs, destroying freedom that many died for!

They even try to kill off Poppy Day by saying “It’s about time we forgot the war”! What stupidity! They want to also kill off remembrance of the Holocaust, even while millions are being murdered throughout the world by Islamic followers (not just terrorists).

I have no love for such mean-spirited fools, nor will I subject my mind and conscience to their wicked wishes. They are no less than a fifth-column, out to ruin everything free and good.

They want to replace it with filth, degradation and perversion, led by the very fascism and Marxism that demands them!

It took Russia just a few months to achieve this in the early 20th century... but it took seventy years to remove it again.

Britain now lives in a moral and political cess-pit, the stink of which rises to the nostrils of our holy God. He also smells the acrid smoke of His people turning to paganism and false Gospeleers. They twist truth so that black becomes white, and people forget what is good and free, and why we must fight for freedom, even now.

Britain is already a defeated nation. It has forgotten to be free, and those who fought for it, and so all must suffer, as ruling elites rake-in in their gold and silver. Yet, though defeated already, believers have a duty and a right to fight for the same freedoms now being taken away. The Lord demands it!

© February 2017

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