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500 Years, but Error Persists!

So, it is 500 years since Luther pinned his theses on the cathedral door. Has anything changed??? Sadly, very little.

Believers were put to death for resisting and opposing papal heresy, lies and deception. Now, those who claim the great title of ‘Christian’ are moving like lemmings towards the popes and Rome, the very ones who put their predecessors to death. Lemmings all run furiously towards a cliff edge and jump off, only to die. This is the spiritual end of those who yearn to be ruled by godless Rome and its rulers.

Reformation Day is not new. On 31st October this year Lutherans in particular will celebrate the day Luther dared to show the errors of Rome back in 1517. The actual date of his dissidence is not fully proved, but the date chosen seems appropriate.

As I keep saying, Luther et al were Roman Catholic. From my studies of his work it does not appear that he thought of himself as being a strident unbeliever in Rome. Rather, he wanted to open up a debate on the bad practices he exposed in his 95 theses. He was challenging the popes and their authority, but initially was not stating his total opposition. But, that’s how the popes saw his theses!

They particularly did not like his objection to popes using money they raised from the poor to build the basilica of St Peter, when they should have used their own incalculable wealth. He likened this wealth to the huge wealth of the Roman general Crassus, who was considered to be the wealthiest man in all Roman history, and who financed Julius Caesar.

Nor did the popes like the fact that Luther objected to the collection of money to pay for salvation through indulgences. He said that as God alone can grant forgiveness and give salvation, the selling of indulgences was a false hope, so the sins remained sins.

Since the time of Luther and the enthusiasm of his followers, Lutherans have moved back into subjection to Rome, as if the daring of Luther and resultant martyrs meant nothing. I remember walking through the back corridor of a large store in, I think (but am not sure) in Northampton, in the 1960s. As I turned a corner I saw a small plaque on a pillar, stating that on the spot now taken by the shop, a martyr was burned at the stake. Today, such amazing heroism and godliness is forgotten... how many shoppers actually saw and read that tiny plaque?

Few Christians today put much worth to the deaths of these martyrs. They might hold special meetings this year, and preachers might wax eloquent about their deeds, but I KNOW it will mean next to nothing. After all, when Christians in the UK have been called upon to be just as heroic they have remained silent, doing nothing whilst the enormous bravery and stalwartness of the reformers is left pinned to the cathedral door. No modern Christian wants to suffer the same fate, so they stay quiet as Rome and faithless ones run headlong towards Rome. They speak of ‘brethren’ in Catholicism and hold joint meetings. They have ‘dialogue’ with Romanists, seemingly unaware it is a nod in the direction of the papacy. Do they really think they can stay apart from Rome, when their willingness to hold talks is an acknowledgement that Rome rules? Today, Reformation has changed into ecumenism and few Christians refuse to associate with Catholics, making it worse.

The Church of England, of course, as a lap-dog of Rome, praises Reformation year, so long as it refers to Roman authority! This is what their prayers for ‘Christian unity’ are all about – going back to being under the thumb(screw) of Rome!

Read the words of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York! See how they refer to the Reformation as ‘doing damage’ to unity! No, it was an example of using the two-edged sword to cut asunder truth from lies, genuine faith from clerical oppression.

Yet, the two ‘archbishops’ stand together in their ridiculous finery and silly hats, to tell us we must have unity at all costs. That is, unity with Rome. They see the division between truth and lies, reformation, genuine Christianity and false beliefs owed to Rome, as being a defiance of Christ’s call for us to be unified. In this their ignorance is pitiable!

Our unity is ONLY in truth and love. Both must be inseparable for unity to be claimed. Joining with the great harlot, Rome, is NOT the unity demanded by Christ, but the very antithesis of it!

So, while Rome, Anglicanism and others openly defy Christ by joining together in heresy and godlessness, we will oppose such fake unity with all our might! Our brethren are ONLY those saved by grace alone. Romanists are NOT our brethren.

Is Your Faith Just Epilepsy?

As we grow older we remember what has gone before! As young nurses come to my home to tend to my wife’s heels, I muse on the fact that the methods they use to dress wounds has gone through many strict guises. Today, the methods they use have reverted back to what was done in the 1970s! In between, methods have changed dramatically several times. Which shows just how authoritative such changes really are!

Same goes for theories of Christian faith and practices. Recent news proclaim that Christian beliefs and faith could be the result of epilepsy. But, those of us who are ‘in the know’ have seen it all before. It is not news, but a rehash of older ideas pushed by secular psychologists who base their ideas on evolution. All they’ve done is re-package an old form of godlessness.

Stop it NOW...

Many schools now take children to visit mosques. Whilst there they must obey mosque/Islamic rules – all designed to honour the false pagan god, Allah. It is yet another way to teach kids that Allah is great and being Islamic is superior.

Parents, do not allow your kids to visit a mosque! A refusal will bring you problems – but do not allow it. Tell other parents why it must be stopped. Tell them what Islam really stands for and what it promises to do when Islam is in power. Otherwise, you aid and abet Islamic violence.

Anything at all??

“And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.” (John 1:46).

Nathanael was only echoing the prevalent attitude towards Nazareth, an attitude held by the Pharisees. But, yes, Jesus Christ the Saviour came out of hated Nazareth! He came to save the elect of this world, by sacrificing His own life for theirs.

But, repeat the question in this way, and you get an entirely different answer: “Can there any good thing come out of Mecca?” The answer is plain and documented throughout history! Nothing good comes out of Mecca, stronghold of Islam. It never has. Out of Islam comes regression, oppression, murder, deceit and hatred. None of it saves. This is because a false religio-militarism is unable to offer anything good. It can only offer death and evil, because it is a spawn of Satan. Do not be misled by the word ‘peaceful’! Speaking of which...

Call it What it is!

I watched a police documentary last night. The police chased a fast car driving at 100 miles an hour in the dark. Then it drove down a dead-end road and stopped, the driver running away. Now here’s the thing – the narrator referred to the town, Bradford, as ‘multicultural’. In other words, mainly Muslim.

It was said the area the man was captured in experienced a ‘troubled relationship’ with police. But, the point is this – the driver was a Muslim. As he fought police, another Muslim arrived quickly and began screaming abuse at the police. CCTV showed cars arriving at the end of the street. Within a few minutes, the police were surrounded by a taunting angry mob... of Muslims!

It reminded me of the many videos I have seen from around Europe, where Muslims do the same thing, making ‘their’ areas non-white and no-go. Later the policemen involved said they thought the whole incident was designed to lure them into the quiet street, as was evidenced by so many Muslim men arriving within a few minutes.

This MUST be stopped! It does not matter if police have to use strong-arm tactics. And if police cars have to go into these areas, they must be supported by a very big contingent of police in riot gear. This is nothing less than mini-war waged by Muslims, who want to indicate that THEY rule the area, and police must never enter. Do you not see what is happening?

Another reason Islam is getting its own way is that whole housing areas are allowed to become Islamic ghettos, where police are told not to enter, and hatred is always ready to spill over. I could say a lot more on this kind of control we MUST have. What those few police officers experienced will become normal as Islam takes over, just as it is ‘normal’ in Europe. And if they face that amount of hatred and violence over one legitimate arrest, we know that in a few years’ time places like Bradford will become non-white and no-go altogether.

It was very obvious from what the police said, and from watching what happened, that the Muslim mob was well organised and ready to attack at a moment’s notice. They arrived in seconds in what seemed to be a quiet street at that time of night. Such Islamic thugs should be hit often and hard, not allowed to run the area. And where is deportation? Where is the splitting-up of solely Muslim habitations?

That is just one town. Many others have no-go areas, for fear of Muslim agitation. But, the agitation is deliberate; it is happening to show westerners that they have no right in their own country and that Islam will rule very soon. If that is what British Christians want for their grandchildren, or even their children and themselves, then so be it – they will become prisoners in their own country.

I would repeat (though it makes me angry that I have to keep saying these things), that 1. Muslims should have no political clout, 2. We should treat them courteously, whilst opposing their religious beliefs, 3. BUT, if they act like the ones in the example, they must be hit hard and, wherever possible, deported swiftly. 4. As I have said before, I do not trust Muslims. However, if they live peaceably (for now) I will be peaceable back. Yet, even the peaceable MUST NOT BE GIVEN TOTAL FREEDOM.

I CANNOT trust them, because every day Muslims around the world are violent and murderous and even small town Muslims are showing their hatred for the population. As I have pointed out, the majority of those who attack are ‘moderates’ or ordinary local Muslims. Some even attack their Christian neighbours who they have lived with for generations. We SHOULD see this as a grave warning... but Christians seem blissfully unaware of what is happening!

You might ask how I can say these things, but it is how I operated in my workplaces! I knew exactly what colleagues (and junior staff) said about me, yet I worked with them and treated them with courtesy. But, I didn’t trust most of them. In that way I was never surprised by their evils.

This is how we should be towards Muslims, because Islam is unique in its open wish to murder non-Muslims and Muslims who will not submit to Allah. The fact that most have not (yet) come out against us, is not a criterion for trust, because the majority of violence comes from ‘moderates’. We already KNOW what Islam has in store for the West, yet we allow Muslims to enter in large numbers and to gain political clout!

And Christians today seem to forget that Catholicism was just as violent in past centuries, killing genuine Christians. It is likely that both Rome and Islam will collude in our deaths and demise in coming days.

Meanwhile, police in places like Bradford stay quiet and let Muslims rule their own areas. This is a godless attitude towards a godless group of militaristic-pseudo religionists! If you are a young reader, I would ask you to remember these words in coming years, as Islam destroys everything you might hold dear. And remember, it was allowed and encouraged by stupid elders whose amazing laxity and cowardice made it so.

I know many ‘Christians’ will shudder at my words. It is their laxity that causes them to do so, with a make-believe ‘godliness’ that prevents them from seeing truth and what is about to hit them between the eyes.

After so many years warning Christians firstly about homosexuality and then Islam, I have humanly had enough. Cowardly, ignorant Christians fill the churches with unscriptural interpretations and unwarranted ‘love’. Continue not to take notice, and continue to shun people like me, but your own families will suffer when Satan decides to increase his fury through Islamists.

A warning: be courteous, but do not form social bonds with Muslims, or regret and fear will possibly be your last view of the world. Again I warn – SATAN IS BRINGING ISLAM TO DESTROY US, FOR OUR SINFUL LAXITY. Islam is pagan and godless, and Islamists want us dead or submissive, paying them to leave us alive but enslaved.

For a few years I was burdened to teach on 1 and 2 Kings. I am convinced that it is a lesson for us all today – God condemned and brought judgment upon the Jews in both Israel and Judah, because of their laxity and refusal to obey God, Who told them He would bring them to nothing as a punishment. That’s why the exiles came about, why Jerusalem fell in 70AD, why Jews have always been hounded, and why the Holocaust came about – lax Christians have a lot to answer for, too.

I see this as a direct parallel to our current situation. It is why I again warn all Christians that we are about to be ruined for the very same reasons God ruined the Jews. The end for us will come very swiftly unless we repent.

The way we have been taken over by homosexuals should have been a warning in itself – yet, few have taken notice. But, the Islamic punishment will be worse than anything you might perceive or imagine. Ignore what I say at your peril. What I am saying is NOT ‘racist’ – Islam isn’t a race. Nor is it ‘hate speech’ – it is telling the truth, and the evidences are all around us, every day.

God help us all!

A Further Warning?

As if to fortify the above warning, Muslim terrorists were at work in London on 22nd March 2017, killing at least four people and injuring over 40 others, as they copied the daily car rammings and stabbings in Israel, and the lorry rammings in France.

How much more evidence is needed that Islam is our sworn enemy? One of the main attackers was a known Islamic terror suspect (who was shot dead), but I can guarantee the government, and the Muslim mayor of London, will make excuses and say “It isn’t Islam”. (Later note – this happened!)

Also, the media went into overdrive to show that friends and family of the killer (rightfully shot dead) maintained he was a good person, friendly and quiet, so his actions must have been caused by ‘mental illness’. Yeah, right! Just like many other terrorists. What’s happening is terrorism is being normalised and Islam protected!

They will no doubt repeat their statements that ‘ordinary’ (moderate) Muslims should not be blamed. But I DO blame them! They harbour terrorists. 40% of Muslims surveyed say they want to see Sharia rule in the UK. Over one third of Muslims throughout Europe said they agreed with terrorism. And it is a matter of fact that most killings of westerners and non-compliant Muslims are done by ‘ordinary’/’moderate’ Muslims! The same pattern is found throughout the world.

Recent Muslim migrants should be deported, along with ALL Muslims who are surveilled (they are not surveilled for nothing), whether or not they have citizenship, which should be revoked. None of them is a real asylum seeker escaping from dire wars. Nor are most of them coming from war-torn areas. They are just benefits-seekers coming to suck the country dry... another aspect of stealth jihad, alongside producing multiple babies.

Furthermore, Muslims should not be encouraged to have a lot of children – simply stop paying state benefits for any children after two births. And if migrants do not work, throw them out. If something like that is not done, we will soon be afraid to leave our homes as Muslims gain ground. They have already said they will force us out of our own country – so why is government doing nothing to protect us?

What I have said above is NOT racist or hateful. It is common sense in light of a sworn enemy of the West. It is also a godly thing to demand, because it repeats what God demanded in the time of the Kings. Friends, you had better ‘gird your loins’ in readiness for widespread civil unrest. No doubt the majority of Christians will ignore that, too.

Russia – Good and Bad?

A short TV programme on British TV (‘Unreported World’) looked at the impressive rise of the Russian Orthodox Church and the way Putin is encouraging family and moral values. It shows a Russia that rejects Western values. We could easily nit-pick many ideas that WE might reject, but in terms of values and morals Russia currently beats us hands down, as it rejects homosexual and Islamic power struggles.

One activity might seem incomprehensible - parents of seven or more children are awarded medals, and many have about ten. The reason can be found in the earlier history of communist Russia, when edicts glorified homosexuality at the expense of families. The result was a near-collapse of Russia, as the numbers of children born to heterosexuals shot down rapidly, bringing Russia to its knees.

So, homosexuality was removed from protected status and even now Russia is battling to bring its population up to sustainable levels.

The programme raised two main issues: so-called ‘homophobia’ and abortion. Russia rejects both, and for this reason the presenter appeared to find this strange. But, western Christians can thank God for such a small sway towards His commands, even though the Russian Orthodox Church is far from biblical concerning salvation. We can be thankful for these efforts to maintain morality and at least a semblance of biblical truth.

It is about time we in the West stopped using the word ‘homophobia’, because its use strengthens the homosexual cause. A word that means rejection of homosexuality would be better.

So, before condemning Russia, try to discover its overall aims. As I have suggested before, the West has goaded Russia in the past, so I am not surprised it now opposes us. The country has gone from seventy years of godless atheism/communism, to family orientation and rejection of western evil values (what Russia calls perversion and murder respectively – and they are right).

This is a massive swing away from the godless, and it shows that even here in the West, if Christians stood up to be counted, we could see a similar swing towards what is good, even if some mistakes are made along the way. If not, the West is almost dead.

Alien Abductions

In 1968 I was walking along a country path and saw an orange glow in the forest to my left. Curious, I walked past several bushes, and suddenly felt drawn further in. Not the bravest of souls, I kept walking and then came into a circle of orange light.

Within seconds I was lifted up by a beam of some kind and found myself inside a metallic room, laying on a metal bed. Short beings, aliens, slowly approached me, and though I was not aware of being pinned down I couldn’t move and felt scared. The aliens stood near me, and then taller thinner beings, with fair hair, came into the room. All of them had huge black eyes.

A few more seconds, and something prodded my side. I shouted in pain as the taller beings cut into my flesh and either out things into me, or took things out. I must have blacked out, because next thing I knew I was laying in the forest and it was dark. Afraid, I stumbled back to the path and went home, not daring to tell my family what happened. Only today, five decades later, have I had the courage to tell people about it, knowing that few would accept my account. Do you?

If you believe the above, you are more gullible than I thought! I made it all up. So, I apologise to all those ardent critics who thought I had at last shown myself to be nuts!

Seriously, hundreds of people, almost all thought to be rational by their friends, have said similar things after many years of silence. What do you make of them? I can say that they are not all nuts! But, they ARE all mistaken, if not deluded.

If you believe the stories, or even one or two of them, then your spiritual condition is in question!

Let me put it this way, if I insisted that millions of red Kukoldikites lived on this earth, but show not a shred of proof (I mean ‘proof’, not ‘evidence’), then you should just shrug and forget I said it. What on earth are Kukoldikites? And if no-one has given proof they exist, how do I know they are red? And by the same token, how do I know there are millions of them?

By this century thousands have said they have seen aliens, alien space craft, and may have been abducted. Does this mean aliens exist? No, it does not. Not ONE actual alien or craft has been proved to exist! It is very similar to the old fairy story about the king’s new clothes!

It only takes a steady trickle of stories to get others to believe in what does not exist (like evolution). Are those who claim to have been abducted just nuts? Have people really seen alien spacecraft? And aliens (usually with huge black eyes)? Another disappointment – no, they are not all nuts! But, they are certainly greatly deceived.

So, many claim to have seen these things, and a fewer number claim they were abducted. But, no proof! Worryingly, some Christians make similar claims, or, they believe them. So, let’s put the matter into context...

Back in the 1970s a few biblical writers said that aliens and their craft were demonic sightings. This made some sense in  some of the cases. Why should they be demonic? Because Satan will use any means, particularly popular ideas of the time, to stop people believing in God. So, if little (or taller) ‘aliens’ can be used to great effect, why not make them part of popular culture?

The real conclusions, though, are quite straightforward:

  1. The brain will always try to find a reason for what we ‘see’. So, if something seems to be like, say, aliens, then that is what the brain tells a person he is ‘seeing’. But, it will only ‘see’ aliens because the person has already heard about such beings.
  2. However, there is no proof at all for the existence of aliens from outer space. So, it is a matter of personal faith – not in what has been proved, but in what is conjectured.
  3. Some folks who claim they have seen aliens are mentally unstable, for whatever reason. ‘Seeing’ aliens gives them a kind of assurance that their ideas matter, and they have status, even if silly.
  4. Some who have ‘seen’ aliens or craft are just deluded. They are NOT alien.
  5. Some are naïve and follow the herd, inventing sightings to be part of a group.
  6. Some who have ‘seen’ these things are intelligent, so it has nothing to do with their mindpower.
  7. When you listen to ‘witnesses’ to aliens, alien craft, or alien abduction, listen carefully – you will notice a good deal of invention – they ‘see’ them because they have already heard about such things. The mind can play powerful tricks! For example, something they cannot put into a category they have already seen ‘must be alien’! Something moving oddly in the sky ‘must be alien’.
  8. Christians should never be part of this fallacy! We KNOW (or should) that God created the earth just for humans, and the rest of the cosmos as an adornment for us and for Him.
  9. Scripture does NOT speak of aliens or life other than on earth. Everything points to earth as unique, and humans as the only sentient beings in the universe.
  10. Therefore – there are no aliens, no alien craft and thus no abductions.

In other words, always start with what we know – the above. The rest will come easy! Note that aliens are part of the evolution hypothesis. That’s another reason not to believe in aliens. Evolution is another fallacy, a myth, so anything arising from it is also a myth. Aliens introduce another aspect of unbelief in God and Man as unique. So, poke the alien in his big eye, and stop fooling about believing in stupid fantasies!

A Small Comparison

Ever thought about time and eternity – NOT the ideas of certain cosmologists, but as the Bible would have us think of them? (Cosmology is NOT a science; it is guesswork dressed as science).

Time, as we know, is linear. It began with the creation of the earth and will finish when God wraps it up. But, eternity is omnidirectional. That is, it is everywhere all at once, as it should be, because God is omnipresent. And if it were possible to separate one direction from another, each of the separated directions would have its own omnidirections, ad infinitum... too vast an idea to contemplate, but an indication of God’s limitless power. Wow! (Just musing!!). The structure of the brain is a feeble model of this.

Antidote to Christian Failure

“Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honorable, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report: if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, think about these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

I am often asked how we may escape our sinful desires. The verse above is the answer! You have to tell Satan to jump off the pier into deep water! Then get on with living in purity, thinking holy thoughts and doing what is good in God’s eyes. If we do not, it shows that we prefer to sin. Not a nice truth, eh?

They Won’t Shut Up!

Though scripture is plain as day about election and thus God’s restriction of love to those who obey, we continue to receive insults and abuse from those who believe Arminianistic error. Oddly, they think that by constantly repeating their mantra, what they say MUST be correct! Of course, it isn’t! So true Arminians live under their mass delusion, unsaved.

Unfortunately, many genuine Christians also labour under a variety of delusions, and think that by ignoring what others say, or by repeatedly pronouncing what they believe, all is okay and their beliefs MUST be true. Not so!

Supported by their fellows, and refusing to examine their beliefs, they live out their lives in semi-righteousness, tut-tutting at those who argue against them. They never look at the end results of their beliefs, and are quite content at cosily sitting in their pews thinking they are right. But, God knows!

He watches and prods them, with people like us, who are shunned and spoken against. Surely truth is worth far more?

© March 2017

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