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Your Vote - Godless or Moral?

Most films and videos depicting Esau lead Christians to assume he was terribly wronged by his brother. But, Esau was called evil by God. As Hebrews 12:16 tells us, he was a “fornicator... a profane person” who was willing to sell his entire future just to satisfy his belly! I fear many Christians will do just that in the coming UK election.

They will examine who to vote for, instead of seeing through the gloss. This is a vote about Brexit, nothing else. But, how many will vote in a way to increase their personal wealth, or to satisfy some other vain desire, or political preference? Already, large numbers of Christians vote Labour, even though Labour is the ‘blunt end’ of Marxism; communism hates Christians and God!

How many will vote Lib-Dem, when its leader, a supposed Christian, readily ditched truth of scripture concerning homosexuality to keep his job? How many will vote to allow-in the huge numbers of Islamic migrants, whose only aim is to harm us? Their godless desires place us all in danger! First, keep us out of the EU – THEN follow up with demands for a better Britain. Don’t follow your stomach, your base wishes. Once again, it is ‘all or nothing’, so don’t sell your Christian birthright for personal gains.

Follow the Lord, not men! 2 Samuel 23:6 says the “sons of Belial” (and there are huge numbers of these in the West today) shall end up like thorns, made ready for the fire. They “cannot be taken by hands”, but God can get rid of them!

Today, Christians forget God. Job 8:13 gives the warning, that those who forget God will be cut down (including His children) because they are hypocrites. Don’t allow the wicked to maintain power. Oppose them, for Job tells us in chapter 20, verses 5 and 8 that the triumphant shouts of the wicked are short-lived and hypocrites only last a brief moment.

The just – Christians – will survive the onslaught of evil because they have godly knowledge (Proverbs 11:9)... BUT DO YOU? In Isaiah we find the king of the North sent against God’s people BY GOD to punish and rebuke them, reducing the land to rubble and the people made penniless. God will NOT protect those of us who are godless.

Ephraim caused his own grief because he “mixed himself among the people” (Hosea 7:8). “Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not”. How many more Muslim migrants, strangers to God, have we mixed with willingly, saying their ‘rights’ must be upheld, while their aim is to destroy us and force the worship of Allah?

And what of evolution and false Christian teaching? Do you vote to keep them, too?  “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith.” Yes, unbelieving scientists babble!

And do you support or turn a blind eye to those who make our society filthy and sickly? That allow foul language in the streets and yet arrest preachers of the Gospel? We MUST “shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.” (2 Timothy 2:16). The older I get the less I allow these things to continue in my presence. The more we allow, the worse things will get.

But, first, vote in favour of Brexit, if you vote at all. It is so vital, for without retaining it, we will be cast into the teeth of a virulent and vicious satanic destroyer.

Brexit is the real focus of this election. Lose this one and you can forget ALL the other things you’d like to see as a believer! We MUST cut off the iron fist of fascist Europe. Got the guts?

March for Stupidity!

A short while ago I wrote to a group that provides science curricula for schools, and asked them why they ban teaching of Creation but teach evolution without any proofs for its existence. I got the usual run-around answers, trite and anti-intellectual. It is what I have got for many decades when trying to talk sensibly with scientists, whose vision seems to end at David Attenborough – they seem to believe his nonsense because of the great graphics!

Now we have a worldwide ‘March for Science’. To me, they look exactly like the ridiculous marches once held for ‘saving the planet’ (also a major concern in the science marches), and for homosexual ‘freedom’.

They are the same because no-one knows what they are talking about, not even the supposed scientists, and the whole ‘proof’ comes under “Because we say so”!

Behind this new movement is a dual aim: 1. To destroy Trump and 2. To destroy Christians. Anyone who dares to speak facts, scientific data and common sense, will be crushed under this weird global desire to spout garbage in the name of science! Trump can see global warming/climate change arguments are false. So can many others. But, liberals and atheists MUST rule. Wanting proofs and real scientific answers is NOT on the agenda.

I can assure readers that these people are fools trying their best to be promoted to idiots! But, they fail even at that.

Nothing to Report...

I am writing this section when I have already had shingles for three weeks, and look forward to further months of the same. One night I could not sleep because of the pain, and my mind mused over the philosophical aspect of ‘nothing’ (see my article on ‘nothing’; A-380, Publications’ List).

In particular, I wondered if 0 (zero) has any weight. How can it, you might ask, when it is nothing? Hah! I pondered the issue for many hours that night and thought of a number of arguments. In the morning I discovered that mathematicians say 0=1 (see my article on the subject). But, wanting to explore the philosophical side of it, I investigated further.

As part of my study, I looked at the atomic measure of molecules, and found that science says they have ‘mass’. Now, if they have mass, they must also have weight, no matter how infinitesimal. And, if we say space contains ‘nothing’, but this ‘nothing’ contains molecules... it must mean that outer space weighs something! And if one molecule has mass and weight... but is called ‘nothing’, is this really equal to 0? And, if this is true, and 0=1, does this mean it has weight in the philosophical sense?

Perhaps this might seem obscure, but in Medieval times, theologians argued over how many angels could fit on a pin-head. Not so silly as you might think. Maybe my thoughts are along similar lines. Maybe they are worthless. Read the article to decide. At least it got me through a sleepless night!

Only One

There is only one true logic and one philosophy - God’s word. Everything else is vain nonsense. That is why I compiled a few notes on the “philosophies of men”, to show that there are as many philosophers as there are philosophical statements.

It should be obvious that if there are two differing statements, only one can be true (assuming one is actually true to begin with). The other must be false.

Yet, throughout history, men have stupidly attempted to displace God with gods, and truth with lies. Even those who get quite close to truth go off at a tangent.

You should never back down when faced with an evolutionist or an atheist. Their beliefs are wrong and founded on countless ‘truths’ that don’t hold water... so why should YOU back down, and not them? Just look ‘em straight in the eye and tell them what God says. Go on – take courage!

Manchester, etc

For ‘Manchester’ read ANY town, city or village in the UK, any house, even next door, any field, any place at all. Everywhere is being trashed by Islam, physically via terrorism and spiritually via pagan beliefs and behaviour. And it seems everyone in the country is willingly lining up to be put down by Muslim demands and violence.

People are bowing their knee to the false god of Islam and slowly dumbing-down in every sense. Including Christians. Pagan groves are everywhere, in the form of mosques and Islamic centres. And many cities and towns now have Islamic no-go areas. It won’t be long before local churches will be forced to shut down, their buildings put to the use of good old Allah.

As usual, Christian leaders talk about ‘praying’ for the families of victims. Sorry, but I must smile ironically at that! First we allow into the country vast numbers of evil men and women whose intent is our destruction. We do not bother to complain about it but encourage it. We even collect money, goods and food to help these ‘poor refugees’, whose status is very far from being ‘refugee’ according to international law!

When large numbers of these ‘refugees’ then turn on us and demand our subjection to their worthless medieval beliefs and actions, we again pray and try to have ‘dialogue’ – this very activity proves to our Islamic moguls that we are defeated!

So, once again, I will repeat that until we look at these people of Islam, no matter who they are, through the lens of Second Kings, our lot will be one of increasing misery and fear. If some wish to be cosy with pagans and extremists, let them. But, if you wish to live a truly Christian life, get your battle gear on and don’t be so ridiculous.

Are You a PC Christian?

I meet them all the time – Christians who take umbrage at being told they are wrong. Usually, I will try to encourage fellow believers to think beyond the box they have built around their minds, attitudes and beliefs reinforced by pastors and preachers who are also constrained by what they have heard, rather than by what is found in God’s word.

I try to gently move them towards a better understanding. But, there are also times when I have to be almost brutal in my rebuke. Who do I think I am to do this? Nobody. But, I DO know scripture! It is God’s word you must follow, not a leader, teacher, or me.

Most believers are quick to denounce what is PC. But, sadly, their own beliefs and actions are themselves very PC. This is why I wrote my book, ‘Patchwork Quilt Theology’.

Do you believe a local church can choose who is to be an elder? Then you are PC. Do you think regular, scheduled prayer meetings are acceptable and genuine? Then you are PC. Do you think a deacon can be ‘promoted’ by a church to the role of elder? Then you are PC. Do you think you have every right to ‘interpret’ scripture as you feel fit? Then you are PC. I could go on with many examples of PC, because there ARE many!

Do you have the spiritual courage to listen and change, without feeling attacked? Then there is hope for you. Don’t be dragged down by your peers in a PC church. Think with the brain and mind given to you by Almighty God and search His word properly! If you don’t your spirit will be adversely affected. Fact!

Luther and Free Will

Unfortunately, Luther’s followers jumped back into their own vomit by going back to Rome. Luther himself, however, was made of greater stuff. In reply to Erasmus’s ‘Diatribe’, Luther wrote ‘Of The Slavery of the Will’, in 1525.

Erasmus was really an humanist and showed it in his teaching, that when Adam and Eve fell they retained some form of goodness and so mankind was not fully depraved or corrupted, but could still think and act reasonably. Not so for Luther, who replied that human beings could not expect anything but condemnation and could not, in any way, do anything to merit salvation (take note Arminians)! He said

“If we believe that Christ redeemed men by his blood, we are forced to confess that all of man was lost; otherwise, we make Christ either wholly superfluous, or else the redeemer of the least valuable part of man only; which is blasphemy, and sacrilege.”

He said that the idea of mankind being reasonable (a central position to any humanist argument).and able to contribute to its salvation, was redundant, (Yes, Arminians, too, are humanists).

romanian church

Don’t be Misled

When doing my business degree I took classes in statistics and know how easily they can be juggled to produce the ‘right’ answers. It is well to remember that before we judge figures we must have something to compare them with.

A few moments ago I saw the tail-end of a TV documentary about an African country and the supposed ‘exploitation’ of its workers. The ‘proof’ of this is that the workers are ‘only’ paid £3 a day for their labour. But, this claim is meaningless unless we properly compare to other wages in the same country for similar levels of jobs. We must also know the cost of living in that country before concluding.

The presenter made the usual error of speaking of the ‘low’ wages as if they were being earned in the UK, thus totally misrepresenting them to the viewer. How?

Well, £3 a day in that particular African country might be a living wage, or even above it. And this would be reflected in a lower cost of living. If the workers could not live on the wages they wouldn’t do the work! £3 a day in the UK would be an absurdity, but in other countries it might be a good wage. Unless the cost of living is also alluded to, the statistic is worthless.

So, when approached by charities or other bodies about giving to these ‘poorly paid’ people, ask yourself if they really are ‘poorly paid’, or if the water is being muddied by referring to UK wages and costs instead of to local conditions.

Therefore, it is useless to compare one country’s conditions against those of another – comparison is only legitimately possible with two equal things (ceteris paribus). Got the idea?

Misled by Corbyn?

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is very dangerous, because he wants to use his personal Marxism to have power over Britain. He is a communist. Surely people in Britain understand that communism has failed and continues to fail in EVERY country that has fallen into its clutches?

He would make us sitting ducks for any strutting country wanting to bring us down. He would allow immigrants in to ruin us even more. And he thinks it is our own fault that terrorists are trying to kill us.

He seems incapable of understanding the reality of Islam – that it exists to promote Allah, whether or not the people want him. The death of infidels is enshrined in the Koran, and THAT is the reason terrorists want to kill us. I do not like many policies made by our politicians – but this does not ‘cause’ me to kill them!!

Terrorists kill because they wish to, and no Western policy, good or bad, can force individuals to commit murder. Even if I absolutely hate a policy it will take my will to source a gun or explosives, and then to kill others. I couldn’t blame anyone else.

Corbyn forgets that when ISIS first raised its wicked ugly head, it killed its own kind – fellow Muslims, as well as people with different beliefs they had lived amongst for centuries. This is the case in every country in the world where Islam is allowed breathing space... and most of them are not ‘the West’!

So, come off it Corbyn – your excuses for Islamic terror are straight from the propaganda invented by ISIS!! Search facts before making such absurd statements about terror. Stop misleading the people with your half-baked communism.

The same is true of other UK leaders, who can’t get it into their dim heads what Islam is all about. That is why so many are being murdered by suicide bombers.

Guess What!

You would never guess it (that’s tongue in cheek by the way) – but the wicked murderer who blew himself up and many others, was... a nice young man, a normal teenager, a quiet moderate Muslim!!

I have pointed this out time and again – EVERY terrorist-killer thus far has been nice, quiet, normal, moderate! His sister told The Guardian that she never saw this coming. BUT. please!!! Their father was himself a jihadist, who took the now dead killer to the Middle East to kill, at age 16.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR TERRORISTS. As I have previously pointed out, the problem is Islam, and every one of those who are being called ‘moderates’ are possible killers for Allah. This has been proved ad nauseam, yet people are STILL coming to the side of ‘moderates’ who currently don’t kill. (Or, more precisely, there is no proof yet they are involved with terror).

I would insist, yet again, that instead of being so keen to ‘hug-a-Muslim’, we should instead look at each one in the light of God’s demands in 2 Kings. At the very least being so close to Muslims degenerates the spiritual status of Christians, who fail to understand how GOD sees these people.

Brer Rabbit Rides Again!

Remember the story? Now apply the principles to this weekend’s Dinosaur programmes in the UK, laughingly called ‘documentaries’!

Every few seconds I could show you where the presenter rambled into the brambles, using subjective language to supposedly give an objective view of dinosaurs, even though these animals have not been witnessed by science.

They were witnessed by men who lived at the same time, but scientists take things a thousand times farther by inventing ‘facts’. Such as saying feathers show a direct link with birds. Just ignorant guesswork!

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