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Freedom to Perish!

Have you noticed that the actions of the Left in the USA following the election of President Trump, are beyond imagination and reason? Have you also noticed that British lefties are following the same pattern? In both countries anarchy is a strong movement, and anarchy always leads to extreme measures and ends. They choose to ignore views of others who disagree with them, and use violence to silence or get rid of them.

People are deliberately choosing failure, what is wrong, and what is evil, even though these things destroy souls and bodies. The choice to ruin one’s own body and mind is paramount in almost all societies and is spreading like a demonic plague.

Homosexuals are behind the sexual ‘revolution’ that is killing millions. Now, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are rampant, cannot be cured, and growing in number. Thus, people who choose this kind of life are choosing freedom to perish!

Public Health England just issued the latest figures for sexually transmitted diseases. Since 2012 these figures have increased by about 100% and syphilis almost controlled, is now making an horrific comeback in society, thanks to the promotion of sex of all kinds, the sexualisation of children, the further sexualisation of adults through the media, and the relentless activism of homosexuals, who hide their perversions beneath a society-wide sexual lust. By pushing for freedom to do whatever we like, they manage to infiltrate communities with their filth... and yet the CofE is now looking at legalising same-sex ‘marriage’ in Anglican churches! They, too, are part of the problem.

Successive governments have fallen to the lie put out by homosexuals, and children are taught about the wondrous ‘benefits’ of having sex – especially homosexual sex. It is portrayed as ‘normal’, and so STIs are rampant and getting worse. Thus, government, encouraged by homosexuals, are putting all our lives in danger, starting with the young. Even the medical director of the homosexual Terence Higgins Trust admits the figures are “unacceptably high”.

Yet, it is the same homosexual organisations that are given freedom to push their foul perversions and sexual activities, even though their involvement is the cause of the surge in cases.

Some STIs are untreatable, and most are now resistant to antibiotics. It has long been my view that the secrecy surrounding treatments is partly to blame for the acceptance of promiscuous behaviour, as is the free NHS treatment of homosexually-caused diseases. The recent development of drugs that will hold back HIV and which can be given before any infection arises will also cause the figures to increase dramatically. In the 1970s the treatments offered for STIs led most people to think it was okay to do whatever they liked – after all, drugs would quickly get rid of symptoms. But, they only did so for a while. Now, the diseases are resisting antibiotics and stronger.

Many, too, are told that wearing condoms is the answer. This is a direct lie, especially when it comes to HIV, whose virus is smaller in size than the latex molecules of a condom! Experts know this, but still lie about condoms as an answer!

For health figures see

The ONLY answer to STIs and HIV/AIDS is sex within heterosexual marriage only, with no previous partners. That’s a fact! It is about time Christians, too, knew this and obeyed God’s laws on decency and sexual morality. Do not help sexualisers to win!

Hip-Hop... Rap... eh?

It has nothing to do with my age. But, I just don’t ‘get’ rap! It isn’t music. It’s a kind of very rough poetry, and sometimes it can be VERY rough, if not violent in notion, and a sign that nations have succumbed to bad vibes.

As each nation loses its way because it rejects God, so it drives itself into an ever deeper and darker pit where anything goes and true art evaporates in favour of nothingness and exceptionally poor expression that is not harnessed and controlled.

Those who are its followers call it ‘art’ and ‘music’ but it is nothing of the sort. Just as prisoners on the Gulag ate old shoe leather, so modern kids are imbibing rubbish that does them no good... but they think it does.

I have no problem with things moving on, and about new ways of art. But, not when it is based on self-harm, harm to others, rebellion against everything and God, foul language and even more foul morality. It isn’t art. It isn’t music. It is just wickedness made mainstream, for no reason other than self.

Though I moved on from it when I was about 24 years old, I loved the Beatles at the time. I still maintain they were unique and wrote very interesting music. But, I moved on. Now I see it all as a progression of sin, slowly feeding youngsters with what was to come, the casting aside of everything decent.

Music today is rarely unique, and is mainly formula-driven, where selling stuff is the only aim. That it is not art and not unique or useful, does not matter so long as money is made in fistfuls by wealthy businessmen.

I would remind readers that modern society is the result of massive influence and continuous pushing by just one group – homosexuals. The theatre, Hollywood, and Tin Pan Alley, all accept and promote sex and homosexual depravity, and have done so for a very long time. Now, every soap contains several homosexual characters, many bands contain at least one pervert. And it is all fed to your son and daughter and grandchildren! It is done with sweetness and light, as if there is nothing wrong with sexual depravity. Comedians and presenters are only shown as people who make you laugh... the truth and extent of their depravity is never shown or even hinted at. And so youngsters learn to love what is evil, and copy what is unthinkable. Rap is a part of this rebellion against God. It is certainly not art or music. It is just rotten food given to your children, so that poison becomes normal and they cry out for more. It is how Satan prepares his people.

The same judgment can be made of what is now called visual ‘art’. But, it isn’t. Art is not hanging up bodies of dead animals, or rows of bricks, or unmade beds.

What is art?  It is very hard to define, but we can say with certainty what is NOT art! And anything that is useless and foul belongs in the gutter, not in galleries.

What we are seeing is sin growing metastases, a moral cancer with outgrowths. The body continues to live, but will suddenly collapse and die. Society is already much advanced into evil, paganism and godlessness. And many Christians follow on like sheep as they enter the fold belonging to wolves, whose aim is their destruction. We see this in rock music in churches, which is a ‘natural’ part of charismatic heresy. With this music travesty comes more heresy – they go together like flies and necrotic flesh.

What do your children listen to, watch and subscribe to? Do you really know? Modern society is NOT the same as it once was. Homosexuality is very clever in the way it attracts, even though very few are behind it. Watch. Listen. Call sin what it is; shun it.

Islam is at War With Us

It grieves me to talk this way, but the fact is, this is a time of war. As the Psalmist said, “I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war” Psalm 120). Therefore, “Prepare ye war against her...” (Jer 6:4). It is no time for weak-spined Christians to plead love and more love! In my psychiatric work I was adept at observing men building up to violence and often had to ‘get in first’ to prevent even worse harm. Muslims display all the marks of such men, so a pre-emptive strike is vital. But, the West cannot even muster defence!

I urge all believers to have the mind of warriors. This does not in any way deplete any love we may have for those around us, but it DOES comply with God’s commands.

“The Lord is a man of war” (Ex 15:3) and does not shirk the need to act fast and with power. “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up... a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing... A time to love and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace.” (Ecc 3:3-8). These are God’s words. Do you believe that those who murder should be put to death swiftly? It is what God commands. “Kill” in the text means what it says. To “break down” means to breach the enemy. To cease embracing means to stop being friendly. To “hate” means ‘to hate’. “War” means what it says. So, we either embrace Muslims who hate us and kill us, or we do the right thing and take courage. What will YOU do? And when you do it, are you compliant with God’s word?

Audacious Lies!!

The UK’s Channel Four has produced a programme called ‘Great Gay Buildings’. In reality, the title should be: ‘Buildings in which gays lived or worked’. There is nothing ‘great’ about homosexuality. The sin produces nothing but immorality, filth, promiscuity, extreme ill health, grooming and godlessness.

Buildings are just buildings. TV and other media try to rewrite history and redact facts, to make homosexuality seem to be somehow good and creative. But, homosexuality is a sewer. It has nothing good about it, only harm.

At one time ‘gays’ were properly ashamed of their sin. Now, they boast about it, though it is a vile lifestyle with nothing in its favour. Don’t watch the programme. Tell the producers what you think!

Yes, homosexuals can be creative, skilled at wood, metal, art, music, singing... but there is no such skill or talent in being ‘gay’! We can have gay artists and singers... but not art and singing that’s ‘gay’! Pro-gay propaganda is trying to tell people that gay has its own talent. Not so! ‘Gay’ is simply a name for perverted sex, nothing more.

When I worked with homosexuals it was okay so long as they did their job. But, when they tried to act like gays or promote their sexuality, I warned them to be silent. And I did the same if someone attempted to portray heterosexual sexuality, even though it’s normal. There is no excuse for sexualising others, young or old.

However, we will not see TV programmes about ‘Great Heterosexual Buildings’!! This is because heterosexuality is normal and is against the current PC drive to ‘normalise’ homosexuality. But, even heterosexuality does not produce anything special... it is just a sexual topic, nothing more.

So, when these people attempt to persuade us of the wondrous ways of gays, don’t accept it. Like gay laws, it is just a big con-trick, worthless, of Satan. Do not be tempted to be ‘balanced’, when God is not!

Atheists Have Closed Minds

As a Christian with years of research experience, I accept what is true and proved, and reject what is not. At times I will patiently wait for proof or otherwise, and leave unproved issues for another time.

I first believed in God’s existence and in the veracity of His word, NOT because ‘the Bible says so’, but because I knew God existed and was true in my life; THEREFORE I accept what scripture says. In other words, God has proved Himself in my life.

But, atheists are not so fussy. They just believe in their theories and in evolution ‘because they say so’. As I have said time and again THERE ARE NO PROOFS FOR EVOLUTION and certainly no proof that God does not exist. As a person I am very hard to persuade about anything, so I am not gullible. But, atheists are!

A recent study found that atheists are less tolerant of dissenting views than Christians. We must be honest and say that many Christians are just as closed-minded. It is something I have fought against for several decades, as fellow believers do not know why they believe, or even in Whom! They believe because they agree with their pastors, or they have read a favoured author. Proof is something they are not keen on, nor do they seek it out. Atheists and agnostics are far worse. This contradicts the ‘urban legend’ that Christians are all stupid and all prejudiced. For myself I reject evolution, for example, because it opposes scripture and it has no science behind it, and does not conform to the scientific method. (Source: Are Atheists Undogmatic?’ Uzarevic, Saraglou, Clobert, I find dealing with atheists unrewarding, because they ARE closed-minded and often juvenile in their arguments.

This unintellectual attitude amongst atheists is found in so many fields of interest. For example, almost all museums have huge stocks of objects never seen by the public.

My father’s last job before he had a heart attack was caretaker of our local museum. He once showed me the basement where thousands of items were just sitting there untouched. I also know that some of those items are not put on display because they contradict evolution (University of Bristol News, 2/17).

And one paper by atheists dared to accused Christians of believing what coincides with their beliefs (, 1/17)... when every atheist in the world does exactly that with evolution! Yet, what they ‘believe’ in is absolute nonsense; intellectual stupidity!

Do Ghosts Exist? (Introduction)

‘Really’ TV has a programme called ‘My Ghost story: Caught on Camera’. I saw one today containing an anthology of accounts made by a variety of individuals.

The first story was of a bar in the USA, where several young men died. Because some patrons had told the bar owner they felt the place was haunted, he allowed paranormal investigators to come in to examine the claims, though he himself was a sceptic.

When one of the investigators ‘greeted’ the spirit he thought might be there, the spirit said “Hi” in return (though I heard it as ‘hey’). A camera was set up, and it recorded a mist going from right to left, and then an orb appeared (often found in similar stories; I had a video sent to me by a pastor of several such orbs floating around in the church... he didn’t like my assessment!).

After this even the sceptic said he now believed in ghosts and that “it has to be paranormal”. The mist and orb were not seen by the naked eye, but only on the camera. The next story was about a mist turning into an orb, which then turned into a fast-moving man, who could be seen-through. And so on.

Two doors from my home is a large Victorian school that has been empty for about a year. It used to be guarded by security guards, but they refused to work there after several guards said objects used to fly across the room without being touched. They said it had to be ghosts.

Before I returned to college, I worked as a handyman, doing all kinds of work on buildings. One job was to prepare and decorate a snooker hall. The hall itself was located on a first floor of an old 18th century building in the town. The snooker tables were all installed along with a large plasma TV and a bar, etc. Above the snooker hall was a vast empty space, another floor.

One night I was there on my own with the lights off in the hall. I was painting the stairway from the street to the first floor. Suddenly, I could hear footsteps in the empty room above, like someone running fast from the farthest end towards the street end. It got louder and louder, reverberating on the wooden floor above, and just as suddenly the steps stopped immediately above my head. To be frank, though a believer, I put my brush down, went downstairs, and got in my car!

Now – the people in the programme actually saw what they said they saw. I actually heard running, getting louder until the sound reached my position. But, let us get it straight, eh? Were they ghosts?

A definition of a ‘ghost’ is that it is ‘an apparition of a dead person manifesting as a nebulous image’. My comment is... NO IT IS NOT A DEAD PERSON! But, it is real.

The dead will remain dead until they are called before the judgment seat of God, when all who have died will be raised up to know their final fate.

Well, if they are not the souls or spirits of dead people, what are they? That’s easy – THEY ARE DEMONS. In my psychiatric work in a mental hospital I had direct contact with demons (too much to mention here).

Their task with the human race is to convince people of the reality of dead people not finding rest. This is a lie. The ‘ghosts’, sometimes referred to as ‘apparitions’, are not dead people, but demons come to frighten and control those who think they have seen one. Listening to witnesses, it is obvious they have been convinced they have seen a dead person come in vague form. What this does is open them up to further ‘paranormal’ experiences, including spiritualistic/psychic phenomenon.

But, this is NOT what they are. ‘Paranormal’ means beyond normal. Supposed extra-terrestrials come into this category. The implication of calling these things ‘paranormal’ is that though they cannot be verified by usual sciences, they are nevertheless somehow earth-bound or verifiable in the future. From this we get ridiculous TV and film ideas about fighting demons with guns and karate (such as ‘Buffy’)! What, then, are we talking about?

We are talking about evil spirits playing silly fools with gullible humans! They can appear to be benign beings come to pass on messages from dead folks, to malignant ones intent on destruction and causing fear. They love to perplex and scare people (like security guards) by throwing items around, banging doors, and so on. Their aim is to strengthen the idea that spirits are dead people. IN REALITY, THEY ARE DEMONS. And they are ALWAYS wicked, ALWAYS out to dominate and deceive.

There are many ghost-type programmes on TV. Don’t watch them! In my work I came across a number of demonic activities and can assure you that a demon cannot damage a Christian whose faith is real. But, if demons can convince them they can talk with the dead, or that spirits are dead people, they have won a big victory, corrupting faith until it becomes superstition. It moves people away from God and towards Satan. Make sure your knowledge is real!

© June 2017

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