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Those Pesky Aliens & UFOs!

We wrote recently about so-called ‘aliens’ and UFO sightings, but a bit more needs to be said.

Way back in the 1970s I agreed with a few Christian writers who warned that UFOs and aliens are the product of demon activity. Yet, many Christians and even pastors think that both are ‘evidence’ for beings from outer space who are more advanced than us. This is a sad deception of minds that should be centred on God, not on guesswork based on evolution. Evolution? Yes.

What has evolution got to do with seeing things in the sky, or encountering a being with big eyes, etc? Everything. Modern men would not be bothered by them if evolution theory did not advise that there ‘must be’ aliens whose evolutionary paths have been different, and whose existence ‘must be’ more advanced than ours. Please, folks, let’s stay in reality!

Haven’t you bothered to ask why these oh so advanced beings remain elusive? Why they NEVER prove their existence as aliens beyond vague sightings and encounters? Why they do ridiculous things like hover over wilderness, or even over the White House, without once proving who they are? If they did exist, they are surely playing silly games with us!!

No, there are no aliens and no life outside of the Earth. Nothing in space probes have come up with evidence to the contrary, let alone solid proofs!

I concur with UFO analyst Norio Hayakawa, who concludes:

“These alleged aliens coming to us from distant star systems are nothing of the sort; rather, they are deceptive supernatural entities emanating from another dimension.”

See what he is saying? Norio is head of the Civilian Intelligence Central and is well-known for ufology and paranormal researches. One of his publications is titled ‘UFOs, the Grand deception and the Coming New World Order’.

Interesting posts are found on his site. As one said: so-called abductees have an experience they cannot explain. Then, they convince themselves it was both real and ‘alien’... based on watching abduction movies in the past, and on New Age beliefs. The supposed ‘abductee’ feels important and thinks he or she must be special to be ‘chosen’ by aliens. So, they feel they are elite. Very soon, he or she starts to ‘remember’ more details of their abductions.

However, some ‘abductees’ admit that their ‘aliens’ were actually demons who deceived them. Knowing this, they dropped their ‘special status’ and humbly acknowledged they were deceived. They also felt intense remorse for giving so much time to believing they were abducted, thus removing their aim to follow Christ and damaging their faith. That, friends, is a very good assessment and I hope the pastor who believes in aliens will repent!

For years crop circles were enthusiastically pushed as ‘proof’ of aliens. I wondered why such advanced aliens bothered with messing about making doodles in wheat fields! Then, some very skilled pranksters admitted they had made the circles! The avid followers dwindled quickly to nothing as the hoax was shown to be true – the pranksters actually showed how they did it. I have no doubt that some UFOs are pranks. Others are simply unknown but natural phenomena. Others are tricks of perception. Some are the delusions of mentally unstable minds. This leaves the very few of genuinely unknown origin...

But, even these must be thrown out as ridiculous, for no matter how avid a UFO follower might be, he or she CANNOT show ANY proof that what they saw or experienced was genuine, or recorded to the satisfaction of forensics, or even happened at all. But, if we assume they did occur, what were they?

We must say we don’t really know. We DO know, though, that such ‘confirmed’ sightings or experiences would not have been a thought unless the idea of UFOs as alien had first been mooted! I have no doubt whatever that we sometimes see what we cannot explain... but it is evolution hypothesis that prompts people to think there are advanced races ‘out there’, even though there is not a shred of actual proof. And, as others propose, pseudo-religious New Age stories add to this melting pot of useless beliefs and activities.

The New Age has a lot to answer for. It is responsible for the massive attempt to get everyone under the control of fake environmentalism (Re Al Gore and his mob). The excuses for control of the masses are nothing new to those who know anything about communism. The idea is to spread alarm that the population needs extra ‘protection’ from some vague threat ‘out there’. When the people submit to this idea, they ask the government to intervene on their behalf, and any Marxist/socialist government will then use it to subdue the nation. That is why there is the idea of martial law constantly in the background in the USA.

According to some, the biggest supposed threat (Source: Vigileaks) to come will be – UFOs. As communist-loving Kissinger once said, the Americans will gladly trade their freedom for security. Trouble is, the ‘threats’ are invented. If they created a massive country-wide UFO scare, the people would just fall at their feet for protection. Martial Law would ensue. After all, did not Orson Wells create USA-wide panic when he put out a broadcast saying the Martians had come? “The spirit behind the UFO scare is socialist” (iPatriot, May, 2017).

UFOs are, then, an end-time delusion. Some believers, those who think there will be a rapture, when Christians will just disappear well before the end, don’t help matters, but fuel the idea of people being taken by aliens. So, look out for the UFO delusion and resist being fooled by the authorities and others.

Crocs and Other Old Bones

Australian researchers into how dead crocodiles decompose, have unwittingly confirmed the Flood account (Symes, Salisbury: Patterns of aquatic decay and disarticulation in juvenile crocodiles...’. When fossils are found with body parts spread over a wide area, this is ‘disarticulation’. Articulation is when the skeleton is intact.

They found that a certain level of silt was needed to keep bodies on the sea or river floor, and that the covering of the body had to be fast and of sufficient depth. The researchers tried eight inches of fine sand to mimic sediment, but the bodies rose to the surface after a while and became disarticulated.

Crocodile fossils have been found throughout the world, and it is evident that they had been buried very fast. It is also evident that they had been buried under huge amounts of sediment all at once, and then had added sediment after that. That is how they remained articulate.

This finding is consistent with the biblical Flood, when water rained down and rose up, destroying earth and rocks that broke up to cover the dead animals. No other kind of catastrophe could effect this kind of action! We can even add to the pot by saying that when volcanoes erupted (vulcanologists have stated that some erupted so massively they had the power of one million St Helena’s!) their dust would have risen into the air but would almost certainly have dropped back down again instantly under the terrible rainfall, thus forming sediment at a rapid rate around the world. This sediment rate had to be extraordinary to cover bigger animals such as dinosaurs, elephants, etc. Why don’t evolutionists admit defeat?

The Little Things...

My musical life began with pre-war non-Christian choruses such as ‘Roll Out the Barrel’ at social gatherings... of which we had many when I was a child. Much later, with the advent of The Beatles, I played rock and rhythm and blues, wrote my own music, played the usual instruments, and sang. I even played a baby-grand piano alongside a music teacher, also on his own baby-grand piano, as we both pounded out jazz, copying greats such as Dave Brubeck

But, when I was 24, sitting in a large psychiatric ward full of burned-out schizophrenics as their minder, I saw a rock programme on the TV. It was then that I asked myself what I saw in it. Nothing, came back my own reply!

From that time on I enjoyed good music, mainly classical, with some opera. I like a few modern pieces, but most current music and singing I call ‘sounds’, not music. Old-style country music seemed to be the exception, a style I often used when singing in churches with my mother on piano.

And my wife, Diane, went through the same process, coming to her own conclusions, soon to embrace classical and some opera... though a good voice and any melodic music will also please her.

A short while ago we sat to watch a 1951 film, ‘The Great Caruso’, who was played by Mario Lanza, an opera singer Diane remembers.

As we sat watching, Diane was rapt by the music and singing, and her face glowed as she remembered the operatic songs, quietly singing along. Frankly, I was close to tears as she mouthed some of the words, or at least went along with the music. I don’t know how much longer we have together – if she has another big crash in her symptoms (dementia), it could be her last; each day could bring her final moments. On any day, at any moment, her life could end, which is why I watch her like a hawk. But, I will always remember her love of good music and the way it helped her to remember.

For me, modern music is repetitive and voices sound all the same. Much is just noise. That Diane still recognises what is good is remarkable and I thank God for this small mercy. Her condition, of course, is terminal, and any moment might take her from me (I pray I will not be taken first, so that I can look after her)... but until that day I will play her the older songs and music, giving her brief respite from her terrible condition... and with it, my gratitude for God’s mercy in providing such lovely music, allowing her memory to be active.

Eugenics. A Murderous Science

Darwin’s cousin started it: Francis Galton mused about creating a ‘better’ society by tampering with unborn babies to produce superior people.

This was the basis of Hitler’s deranged wickedness. But, even before he became an evil tyrant, doctors were forcibly sterilizing women they deemed to be unable to produce ‘good’ children. 60,000 were thus forced in the USA alone early in the 20th century.

Soon, Hitler arose from the depths of sin, and he ordered 400,000 sterilizations of ‘inferior’ women. Then came the ‘mercy killing’ of 300,000 ‘inferior’ citizens. And this figure does not include the millions who died in concentration camps because they belonged to ‘inferior’ races. That, friends, is the foundation for the eugenics currently coming into vogue to produce ‘superior’ babies!

No matter how eugenicists word their work, this is manipulation of what God created. We do not know how this will end, or if there will be horrors to come because of it. We can expect this new version of eugenics in societies that accept the evils of helping homosexuals to falsely have babies, or helping them to change their very sex (which is impossible). In such a perverse medical society, anything is possible... but it will not end well, because it is against God’s order.

Archbishop Apostate

The archbishop of York recently objected to, and rejected, a motion at its latest synod, to amend its wording in certain documents, so that the bible took precedence. He almost made his words sarcastic. It is the word of God that made Anglicanism what it was at first. Since that time it has driven itself over the cliff on fast furious horses.

The archbishop of York (note I do not put a capital ‘A’ for ‘archbishop, which is a spurious and unbiblical office) has thus removed himself from the rank of ‘Christian’. He is apostate and a supporter of sin.

On TV...

Noticed how many ads on TV contain family life consisting of mixed-race families? I have no problem with people of one race marrying someone of another race. But, the state of advertisements make me wonder if this is not a concerted effort to literally mix races, in a sideways move to mix religions... Islam and ‘other’? This is my strong impression, and I am rarely wrong when I ‘join the dots’!

Another thing I have noticed is the way all soap series contain not just one but several homosexuals. One soap enjoyed by many Brits is Neighbours, with a very strong homosexual presence. Given that ‘gays’ have less than 1% presence in real life... this makes Neighbours a threat to morality, where, also, couples live together and have babies without marriage. The programme makes all its ‘gay’ characters seem nice, fresh and friendly....a far cry from real ‘gay’ relationships and lives with filth, disease, violence, and anarchy. Notably its rival series, Home and Away has NO gay characters... at least not yet. As both series are watched by many young people, we hope this trend will continue and the series does not slavishly follow Neighbours.

I was getting my wife ready for bed and an hour-long programme came on going back over parts of a series called ‘Game of Thrones’. (Apparently a new series is to come soon). Before I could get to turn it off, several scenes were shown that prove to me the series is not suitable at all for Christians and anyone else of moral character. But, who am I to object, when many Christians also watch the ‘top’ series containing sexual and other immorality – Eastenders. No wonder so many Christians are defeated in this life!

Then there are those seemingly endless ads cheerily selling insurance for funerals! For goodness sake, why not enjoy the life God has given us, instead of concentrating on our deaths!!

And, endless game and chat shows, with good programmes pushed to late evenings! I know that some watch game shows so as to get the answers right (thereby thinking smugly they must be clever)! Oh dear, what a way to show off!! I am bored silly by them all, whether they are ‘University Challenge’ or stupid stuff with screaming audiences. Ugh!

Today, I read that ads containing women doing household chores have been voluntarily banned. Why? Because feminists dislike the images! As you can see, these paltry minority groups have an influence well beyond their usefulness or validity! The more we allow these ridiculous useless people and homosexuals to rule the roost, the worse it will get. Hit back!!

Almost all TV programmes now contain homosexuals. One is a series observing UK people setting up business in Spain. Trouble is, it seems to focus on the miserable low-end of business. Why feature homosexuals and drag queens? There must be far more worthy folks to concentrate on!

Finally, a personal irritation... in most advertisements for the Lidl stores, why do voice-over ladies have to pronounce it “Lidowls”!!?? It offends my sensitive ears!!

Where Are the Men of Valour?

Where are the men of valour today? The effete cowardly men of today make me throw up my hands in despair! Where are the MANLY men? The ones who, seeing or hearing of injustice or evil immediately stood up and fought the enemy head-on, even when scared. WHERE ARE THEY?

Christian men today act more like women (and I don’t care if feminists and homosexuals hate that). They fear their employers more than they fear God. They hide behind ‘love’ rather than attack sin. They refuse to speak bluntly to sinners. They never openly defy wickedness, but mutter quietly so no-one notices.

“... but ye shall pass before your brethren armed, and the mighty men of valour...” (Joshua 1:14). These men of valour were a force to be reckoned with. They were not foppish, like so many Christian men of our day! These men had might on their side; they were valiant; they had power within; they were strong! If a Christian today saw someone being attacked in the street, they would hang back; they would call the police but not step in to stop further bloodshed or death. They have no backbone.

As I have said before, I hate violence and opposition. But, there have been times when I had no real choice – I either denied my own mannishness, or I hid in the background. Yes, there were times when what I did could have been construed as recklessness, when my own safety did not enter my head. But, at those times, doing something about evil was necessary. Just as doing something NOW to fight jihadists is an imperative. We have men trained in force and might, but they are held back by fearful leaders who don’t deserve the title of ‘leader’. And those who will fight homosexual wickedness are taken to court or cast out of society.

We are living in the days of foppishness, of yellow streaks down the back, of fear for self rather than outrage against evil. And it is killing us, a danger to society. We watch as evil killers roam our streets, we align with ‘friendly’ Muslims, we allow sexualisation of our own children and the androgenisation of men and women, we say nothing of God’s hatred for them and their evils. Men of valour have all but disappeared. So, all of us suffer as a result. Worse of all, we destroy the image of God by our silence.

Control of the people...

Both the University of Wales and the NHS make me heartily sick. Both use wording in their job ads that discriminate against Christians. And the NHS in Wales (Swansea at least) make sure non-Welsh speakers don’t apply, too, even though workers and patients can get on well enough without the language).

But, what makes me sick is the gratuitous way they force everyone to obey their homosexual mantra. If you disagree with their policies you are out if you already work for them, and won’t get a job to begin with if not yet employed!

For example, a job was advertised recently, for an ‘Administrative Assistant, Exams and Assessment Team’. The opening terms were made quite clear: “Ability to work together in an environment of equality, trust and respect, to deliver services that strive to exceed the needs and expectations of customers...”

This is a Stonewall-induced phrase! Agree with homosexuality and university policies that fawn over them, or else! So, you won’t get a job if you disagree with it. The job itself does not require homosexual leanings! Nor does sympathy for them add to the job. This is bullying even before one applies for the job. It discriminates against Christians. In this way, the wicked and the puerile get jobs, reinforcing homosexuality and sexualisation.

It is so farcical – what’s wrong with one doing a good job and sticking to the job description? Why introduce this homosexualised PC stuff when it adds nothing to the job itself? The whole ethos is one of childish violence against intellectual truth and against one’s beliefs. Of course, this coincides with the university’s PC aims, reducing the mind to a sop for Stonewall’s wickedness. In turn this stops honest intellectual endeavour.

Anyone in a job of ANY kind should work fairly and honestly. The imposition of a Stonewall-style clause is irrelevant and not needed, except as a warning of dire punishments if not heeded. Adhering to pro-homosexuality is NOT a job description – it is a political, propagandist tool used by liberals with half a brain.

Universities and health services are becoming pits of PC uselessness by making these demands on workers and applicants. They should be ashamed of themselves for being so petty, laborious, restrictive, and colonialist. They discriminate against suitably qualified staff, by being totalitarian in view and policy, a policy that has nothing at all to do with ability. Such places deserve to fail.

A Few Scientific Facts

No, I don’t mean pretend facts put out by evolutionists. I mean genuine scientific facts from real science...

Take coral reefs. Almost none are found in post-Flood seas, which suggests they don’t take too long to form. Though some coral formations are very large, they are usually one single organism with many mouths! But, the most interesting fact for me is that these animals are only a millimetre or so thick, and their cells are crammed full with even smaller organisms, tiny algae that are passed into the very cells of the coral. Though corals have many bright colours, they are actually filled to the brim with the algae, which are brown. The algae provide vital nutrients to the coral, by dissolving carbon dioxide with water. This is then given to the coral via photosynthesis.

My point is this – ridiculous ‘Greens’ insist that we must cut CO2 to save the coral reefs. But, coral relies totally on CO2 in order to live and grow!!

Then we have CO2 in the air... another inconvenient truth for Greens is that every volcanic eruption pushes out enough dust to undo ALL the silly attempts to reduce CO2 throughout the world. As I noted some years ago, there are MANY volcanic eruptions EVERY YEAR – so no matter how many CO2 credits are bought by ignorant people, their efforts are meaningless and costly for no reason! Another fact is that the more CO2 there is in the air the faster it disappears... only the Greens don’t know this, or refuse to admit it! And, of course, the more CO2 there is, the more luxuriant vegetation is, making things much easier for poor farmers and the world in general. And, as for warming... it is much better than freezing! In warmer climes diseases are fewer, so people are healthier (except in Muslim countries where leaders could not care less for health provision).

Warming and weather change is normal and cyclical. No man can stop it, so why get hysterical about it? Rich men like Al Gore get richer by pushing the fake global disaster scenario. And governments who insist on Green solutions are displaying their ignorance, too... but they gain a huge amount of money from CO2 taxes! Which will be used for... nothing, because you can’t change weather or CO2. CO2 is essential to life – unless you are a Green or deluded government or a lying scientist. I have warned before – don’t get sucked in by these deceptions... unless you enjoy reducing your standard of living and can’t be bothered to check facts.

God’s Attitude To Paganism

As a church we have been studying the Book of Joshua. Chapter six gave us a stark reminder of how God hates pagan fake religions, and how He deals with them!

What we have is the REAL attitude of God towards those who worship false gods. Today, even Christians have a soft and dangerous attitude towards Islam and Muslims. As I have often warned, having a friendly relationship with pagans and homosexuals waters down genuine biblical beliefs and relationships. In this way, though we KNOW God hates them, we insist anyway, thinking that those we are friendly with are so nice and lovely.

Imagine this scenario: Instead of followers of Baal or other false gods, what if they were all Muslims? Some were ardent followers of Allah, and the rest were ‘moderates’. Instead of being an Israelite, you were a Christian, and you had some ‘friends’ amongst the people of Jericho.

God hated the people of Jericho for the same reasons He hates Islam and Muslims today; only the name of their paganism was different. So, imagine what you, as a Muslim sympathiser, would do when Joshua, following God’s direct command, ordered you to attack the city and slay every single person in it. Would you do it? I don’t think so! Instead, you would hold back, or you would pretend to do your duty and let some live. Like Achan, son of Carmi, you would disobey the Lord and “trespass in the accursed thing”. That is, you would allow accursed people to live because you were blinded by your emotions.

Disobeying God does not go unnoticed by the very Lord you claim saved you from hell. He will ‘mark you’ as an unstable follower, one whose friendship with pagans can, and often does, lead to the death of God’s people. More than that, having sympathy for the ungodly is to reject God and what HE thinks and desires. What you do, is what Achan did when God commanded the Israelites to kill every last person in Jericho. He secretly took the “accursed thing” even though he also killed people. And what he did affected the whole nation.

I have no love for killing or violence, but if I don’t obey God in every respect, I am finished as a true believer. And, when we cosy-up to pagans, the end result will always be danger to others and damage to our souls. There are times when we must harden-up and wise-up. Many times I have had to leave out my own emotions and friendships, so that I could obey God. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes I was scared, and sometimes I felt uneasy. But, I did it anyway because obedience to God in everything is above all and any human thinking I have. Will YOU leave aside the “accursed thing” and walk away from the enemies of God?

What About Open-Air Preaching?

I have only preached in the open air a few times, but I was recently asked about the validity of open-air street preachers. So, here’s a summary (not a final word!):

I have no doubt some are genuinely called to preach this way. But, I am also aware, from what I hear and see, that many are NOT called.

The one who thus preaches MUST be called to do so by the Holy Spirit. No, I do NOT mean your local church or someone who already preaches this way suggests it to you and you ‘give it a go’! I mean you MUST have a definite burden to preach anywhere, let alone in the streets.

Your message MUST be centred on the Gospel and salvation. It is NOT an opportunity to get on a ‘hobby horse’ to spout about your favourite themes. You should speak about our state before God, the need for repentance, and the need for a total change of life after salvation. Also, there is only ONE way to God.

Openly denouncing Islam or homosexuality... I am not sure about that if the aim is to evangelise. If someone asks about them, then you should speak to them later, privately, either without anyone else nearby (and so no provable accusations), OR with witnesses and preferably a video recording with sound. Really they are ‘extra-evangelism’ topics... the real aim being to point people to God through salvation by Jesus Christ.

I have seen some street preachers make a real mess of what they say and do. If called to do this kind of work, you must be called, must stick to the Gospel, and must be amenable to passers-by... but not their doormat or punch-bag. You must not react sharply or badly, must not shout at them, or ridicule them.

If street preachers ask you to join them – find out if this is what GOD wants you to do! Do not do so because it sounds exciting, or different, or because you ‘feel’ you ‘ought to do something’. Street preachers are NOT called by God via advertisements, but solely by a deep heavy burden on their hearts and mind that cannot be shaken. When you have this, your words and actions will always be correct, always from God, always with a purpose, and therefore powerful. There is more to say of course, but that sums it up.

Of course, a similar thing applies to preachers in churches... many THINK they SHOULD preach, and MOST of them are not called. It is obvious from what they say and do.

God’s Reality is Not Ours!

A 2005 survey showed that the British people rejected the idea of Camilla becoming queen. Now, in 2017 the number who have accepted her for the role has risen dramatically. They do not understand that God’s standards are fixed and do not change. Thus unrepentant sinners can alter minds!

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