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Wrong Angle on Islam!

I REALLY don’t understand fellow Christians! I’m just being charitable... the situation needs something tougher than charity. As scripture says, “The Lord is a man of war...” (Exodus 15:3). Numbers chapter one lists all the young men able to go to war. The Old Testament is full of records of God’s people going to war, by God’s command..

When we go to war against an oppressive enemy God will be with us and save us (Numbers 10:9). Some might say that God was with the Israelites – He does not expect us to go to war today! Who says so? I hate war, but I am also a realist. We are NOW in a war, worldwide. Not because we seek it but because some are oppressing us with wickedness, done boldly and without remorse.

In Numbers 31:4 we see God demanding 1000 young soldiers from each tribe to go to war. Moses then sent them to war. He even said that they went “armed before the Lord to war” (32:20). They didn’t go to war on a whim, or because someone felt offended. They went at God’s behest to do His bidding!

When an implacable enemy refuses to make peace, then we must “make war” against them (Deuteronomy 20:12). None of this continual begging with them to be nice! None of this paying billions for them to keep their own kind in their own lands.

Throughout Joshua we find it was the Lord Who commanded the new nation of Israel to go to war against ALL the pagan nations in Canaan and to the east of Jordan. These wars lasted a long time (Joshua 11:18), but this did not put off Joshua, for the cause was God’s not his own.

Just short of half a million Israelites went to war against 26,000 Benjamites for a sin committed by a member (Judges 20:17). So, war against our own is not ruled out. In the time of king Saul and then David, the Philistines, allowed to live by earlier Israelites, constantly harried Israel, keeping war always on the mind of the kings. Who then, are you, my fellow Christians, to say war is always wrong and we must always seek peace with enemies, a ‘peace’ that is not peace because it enables the enemy to lord it over us?

David praised God for giving him skills and strength in war (Psalm 18:34) and yet he was also able to praise God for giving him “the shield of thy salvation”.

Today, our enemy is Islam. I make no apology for saying that. Islam has made itself our enemy – we don’t seek war with it, but it is unrelenting and fierce, lying about its blood lust and desire for conquest of not just the West, but of the world. It is a war of its making, not ours. “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” (Psalm 120:7).

They “imagine mischiefs in their heart, continually are they gathered together for war”.(140:2). As Ecclesiastes 3:8, says, there is a “time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace.” While so many are trying to appease Islam around the world, Islam plots our downfall. Like cowards hiding behind the baggage in fear, appeasers hand their own heads to Islam in the hope of being counted a ‘friend’, but the ONLY friend a Muslim has is a fellow Muslim (IF he is faithful), and thus an enemy of God and us.

Get my message clear! When I say I am nobody, I mean it. Only the Lord is great and only He must be listened to. The Lord we profess to love is the same Lord Who led all those mighty warriors in the Old Testament. Nowhere in the New Testament do I find a command to desist from war against a foul enemy. Nowhere do I read of capitulating to a ‘culture’ of death and filth in homosexuality. Nowhere do I read of God commanding us to love enemies who hate Him, and worship false gods, and who murder wholesale. Those who try to throw ‘love your enemy’ into the mix are sadly mistaken, for it does not mean laying down and baring our necks to murderous godless hordes.

We are at war with Islam whether or not we like it, or wish to engage with it violently. It is Islam that began this war and if the West wishes to survive, Islam must be eradicated. No, I am not being war-like or bloodthirsty – I am being realistic. But, we don’t think this way because, frankly, the one who most recently has had his head lopped off, or had his chest caved in, or a bullet or knife through his heart, was not us, or our closest family! Thus, we can sigh “Oh that’s terrible” when another truck ploughs people down in the street, or another ‘friendly, nice chap’ knifes a group of innocent people, or when another ‘Palestinian’ mows down children and old people on a bus.

So long as it isn’t US, we remain passive, like cows being led to the slaughter-house. Surely the death camps of Germany are enough of a warning about this?

I will repeat, I HATE war and violence. But, there is a time for war and a time for peace. Today is NOT a time for peace, because our enemies are openly saying they are at war with us and will kill us. God does NOT call us to love them unconditionally, or at all, unless they stop what they do!

I do not hate individual Muslims but I loathe what they stand for and their false religion. I hate their obedience to a false god, and their blasphemy against the Lord. To my mind they must live where they are, in the Middle East, in their self-made pits of despair. They should not be in the West, where they intend to replace us with themselves, thus making all the world into a cess-pit of evil. Nor may Christians accept Islam or Muslims as friends, when Islam itself commands its members to kill the infidels, and hate God.

I ask again... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? If you befriend Muslims I remind you of their Islamic teaching on Taqiyya – lying. I will keep repeating it; there is only ONE reason given to us to befriend Muslims... that is, ONLY on an individual basis, one-on-one. And this is specifically to preach the Gospel to them and to witness to Christ as the only Lord.

But, if you befriend Muslims without this in mind, you are being blasphemous to the Lord, because you are staying quiet in the face of an enemy who hates God and Christ, and who blaspheme against them by their Islamic beliefs and actions.

I will not always speak out this way. Indeed, this might even be the last time. Who knows? I only speak this way when provoked to do so by God, as I watch so many brethren befriending Muslims for no reason other than for ‘social’ reasons! This is unacceptable and very wrong. Who will listen? How many of our misled believers will listen to truth? God is watching what we do and hearing what we say. What do you think He thinks when His own people blaspheme by befriending people who degrade Christ?

On one occasion even the increasingly sinful king Saul said “I have sinned... I have played the fool, and have erred exceedingly.” (1 Samuel 26:21). When David wrote Psalm 14:1, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” do you think he was just talking about atheists? No, he included amongst ‘fools’ those who believed in false gods, too! Such as followers of Baal... the same god many researchers (including myself) believe was an early form of the Islamic Allah. It is these ‘fools’ that many Christians befriend! Even though those they befriend “have done abominable works”!

Ah, they counter – those I know are NOT killers and have not done abominable things. As I keep pointing out, how do THEY know? Even the families and close friends of murderous terrorists did not know when their family member or friend was going to kill people! GET REAL!

In our meetings our church discuss these realities and we ask ourselves what WE will do if Islam becomes so enmeshed in our country and offer widespread violence and murder. I will not tell you our conclusions, but suffice to say we would not give in to it.

As I said above, I might not speak like this again. It depends on God and on the situation. But, I urge you all to think hard, for your church walls won’t save you... and nor will God if you cannot test yourself against the charge of blasphemy!

In Joshua 23 the dying Joshua reminded the Israelites of the condition imposed by God before He would protect them (see verse 7): they had to cleave to God and love Him totally. Verse 12 is the warning – never to have any part in the worship or ways of the surrounding enemies of God, pagans. In verse 13 He says He would not again drive out the enemies if we deny him in ANY way (much as I describe above). Will YOU listen? Do YOU see the coming murderous ideals of those you accept as ‘friends’, though they despise God? Then, pity help you in coming days!

The David Horowitz Freedom Centre asked “How many lives is political correctness worth? How many times do we have to do the same song and dance before we wake up?”

It is a fact that unless an individual is directly smacked in the face, he will turn his face aside when it happens to others. He will not act until that fist hits him between the eyes. But, how many around you need to die or be damaged by Islam before you speak out, or stand up?

How many screaming Islamists must take over streets waving their black flags, and say they are going to kill us all, before you admit enough is enough? Sadly, most will just turn away, pretending it is nothing to do with them. I have seen and heard it all before! But, also, I have done a lot of things and been involved in a lot, so I know the score. I KNOW the danger I am in – do YOU know YOU are in danger? I doubt it. I have borne the brunt of some who were my ‘friends’. Have you?

I know from the past that the above comment will be taken to mean I am some kind of wayward Christian... but that is how my ‘church’ enemies see me anyway, so I am not bothered. Even so, I loathe having to talk this way. All I want is to study quietly and write on doctrine. But, my personal disquiet comes to nought, because I am prodded out of my quiet by God, and am compelled to speak.

I cannot hide my head in the sand. Indeed, ever since I was saved I have been unable to walk the false walk of those around me. If I did, I would feel shame. This is why, ultimately, I don’t care what my fellows think about me. I must do what God requires of me. Nothing else matters. What about YOU?

It seems people like us must continually repeat warnings. In this case, about the real reason to cast out Islam from our lands in the West – because it is godless, blasphemous against the Lord, is backward leading people into the darkness of deceit, sharia and evil, and fascist in its bid to silence Christians and true scripture.

REAL Science Please Stand Up!

The waffle behind evolution and its teaching is enough to sink a battleship. And it is filled with fear! This is why evolutionists go ape over anything about Creation. It is NOT because they honestly believe in what they claim – it is because they are petrified the Creation account is true. Because of their devout hatred for God they are willing to make themselves look truly stupid as scientists, making really absurd comments and even more absurd unscientific claims.

(Homosexuals are the same – they are so afraid of God’s existence they reduce science to their plaything, and make ridiculous claims that make no sense whatever).

Scientists, then, KNOW they are wrong and KNOW God exists. That is why they try to silence Creation science... because it is TRUE science. They KNOW it is true. One day they will come crashing down to earth, just before the very end. Then, it will be too late for them and they will ‘evolve’ to hell.

Foundations Before Roof!

In Art School I was taught classical drawing (things looking like they do in real life), oil painting and water-colouring, plus ‘free-style’ work; illustrating, stone sculpting, elementary stain glass work, glass sculpting, lithography (using limestone and metal plates), lino-printing, wood-block printing... a lot of techniques that are basic to art, and proved very useful in my later job as an artist with my own studio, and when preparing works for art exhibitions, and even in an art job in England, where I designed and made objects in glass fibre... plus a twenty-foot tall metal sculpture.

I added to this later by training in draughtsmanship and architectural drawing, both giving me employment for a while in interior design and furniture design. Without this wide training I could not have earned anything at all. It helped me to build up expertise. Same goes for my training in nursing, and in other fields.

The point? Christians cannot jump straight into theology. Into studying scripture, yes. But, it is a fallacy to think they can throw themselves into any form of theology without first knowing how to think biblically, how to recognise fake ideas from genuine, how to argue against heresy, and so on. Before biblical theology comes a solid grounding in scripture: reading, meditating, interpreting correctly. Not only is this the foundation for life; it should also shape our theology.

What I am saying is that all real Christians have a duty and a love to study scripture, but relatively few are called to study theology. Yet, even fresh Christians think they know it all. We have to understand our foundation before we can build the walls and, finally, put a roof on it! If the foundation is wrong, our building will fall down or present with massive problems.

Me oh My!

There was a time (up to at least fifty years ago) that students went to universities to learn and to think. But, modern students go to universities to hide in cupboards, with their ears covered and eyes tightly closed. Sadly, their minds are locked away in an academically arid valley full of dry old bones.

It seems British students are now copying the antics of their USA brethren. University College of London students recently hired security guards because knowledgeable speakers were to give addresses. The students were so afraid some speakers might ‘offend’ them with comments they did not like! So, in an hysterical tail-spin, they had special ‘safe places’ (Yuk!!) the poor, scared, terrified students could run to if a speaker said anything controversial. No, I’m not kidding. This childishness must stop!

Today’s students find debate and critical words so frightening, they will shut down any speaker who has his own ideas. Non-PC thought is banned, so these students can listen only to their own minds clunking about like rusty nuts and bolts in their empty heads, repeating only what they wish to hear. PC is supreme, even though it corrupts thinking and perverts reality. Nothing new or useful will ever come out of such constraints!

And those weaned on this kind of incestuous rubbish will be running our country or institutions soon! It’s a very scary thought. Perhaps I am as ‘rebellious’ (?) as many of my peers say I am, but I have never accepted the arguments of others just because they say so. Throughout all my life I have questioned everything – even my own words!

Don’t Blame Islam!!

Not counting the daily violence perpetrated by ‘Palestinians’ (Muslims) against Israel every single day, the latest Western example  is the running down of pedestrians in New York. And the propagandists are working overtime to claim the terrorist act had ‘nothing to do with Islam’!! Even though the terrorist is Islamic, and screamed out the usual slogan (Allah is greater) and boasted about killing people and being part of ISIS. Nope! Nothing to do with Islam!! A second strand is the complaint by Muslims that the killing will have a backlash against Muslims. Surely Americans have now had enough of this blatant ideological propaganda on behalf of a murderous regime? Surely, they don’t believe what is said as an excuse to protect Islam?

That many Muslims presently are quiet and some may even despise terrorism does not alter the fact, that Islam is foul, medieval, and not for the West. As Islam gains in numbers, so the West deliberately sinks itself into oblivion, constantly bleating that Islam is not about violence. Tell that to the ordinary people who live in Islamic countries!!

We are being sold down the river by authorities who are ignorant, as fascist as Islam, and eager to live under sharia. They refuse to see what is happening.

Judge for Yourselves

Once again a ‘critic’ says I may not judge unbelievers, nor may I demand they obey God. Friends, these are Satan’s charges, not those of believers!

We are COMMANDED to judge by God. The warning is not to judge if we are ourselves guilty of the same sins. There are other conditions but that is the major one. It applies to Christians judging other Christians. We are to sort things out before the world comes along to tear us apart.

But, what about unbelievers? Firstly, EVERYONE must obey God, not just believers. This is plainly taught throughout scripture. What about judging them? Well, we judge them automatically unless we are brain-dead! We watch and listen and know what they do. Then, we come to conclusions. That is, we judge them! If we piously say we do not, then what do you make of Christ’s comment: “Ye hypocrites... who even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?” (Luke 12:56,57). The wicked servant was judged (Luke 19:22). And the wicked are already judged (John 12:48). Paul judged unbelievers (Acts). My critics evidently go against scripture by judging me wrongly (Romans 14:10).

Here, the critic will splutter an objection – what about 1 Corinthians 5:12,13! What about it? It is about the sin of fornication. We must not keep company with fornicators, though we must, sadly, live amongst them and others who live badly. Paul’s words were to keep us from socialising with such people. The text does NOT tell us we cannot judge them, only that our time is better spent judging fellow believers (i.e. condemn them). Paul is saying his time cannot extend to dealing with sinners who live badly. Let God judge them Himself. Even so, when WE judge them we do so by casting them from fellowship. Got it?

© October 2017

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