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Freedom in Christ

There are many weird ideas floating around about our freedom in Christ. Though you won’t find the phrase in the KJAV, it is, nevertheless, a firmly fixed doctrinal truth.

For example, Romans 8:2, which tells us that this freedom is a “law” that makes us “free from the law of sin and death”.

Galatians 5:1 says we have liberty because Christ has “made us free”; to show we are free we must not become “entangled... with the yoke of bondage (to sin)”.

When we search scripture we will find that the key to this freedom is, firstly, to be saved. A man who is unsaved cannot have freedom, for he is in chains held by Satan. So, those libertarians and hedonists who claim to be totally free from all morality and sinless things, so they can pursue whatever they wish, are fooling themselves. They can only ‘choose’ their wicked whims because they are slaves to sin! That is, no man who is unsaved can choose either good or evil – he can ONLY do evil. In other words, he HAS NO CHOICE!

Yet, he will shout out his ‘freedom’ from the rooftops. This is what homosexuals do right now. They do not understand that what they call their ‘freedom’ is an illusion... in reality, their sin drags them down into a pit of darkness from which very few ever return. This pit provides them with opportunities to fulfil their desires, which, as a reward, gives them foul diseases, crippled minds and bodies, and a deadening of their souls. Their choice quickly becomes a slave-master, whose aim is to defy God, and to kill their tormented prisoner... themselves.

Yes, homosexuals are tormented and miserable. To cover-up this, they yell out loudly about how wonderful their perverse lives are. But, in the dead of night their souls are like cesspits of both desire and emotional pain, as they fear their end and yet scream out how happy they are. Thus, they are all mentally unbalanced.

Therefore, the freedom they speak of is as nothing. There is no comparison to the freedom we have in Christ, a freedom most Christians readily trade-in for enslavement to the very same Master of death, Satan!

They follow the herd; they bleat the same catch-phrases found in so many churches; they dare not question their pastors and peers; they follow teachers like teenagers who follow pop-stars; they do not think for themselves, and so know very little of genuine biblical truth! Their lives are miserable, too, for they have no dynamic reality in their daily walk... which is not with God.

I know all about it, for I did the same mindless things for ten years before coming to know Christ’s freedom, given to me as a gift at the moment of my salvation, but kept hidden by my fellow Christians, who didn’t know freedom either! Once I found that freedom my life soared upwards like an eagle!

Some think they find it in charismatic promises. This is a very bad mistake to make. I knew one vicar who was desperate... he came hundreds of miles to be counselled. After being taught the ecumenical rubbish of Anglicanism at Durham, he came out of training as a fully-fledged Bible-ignoramus. When he came to see me he had taken on the then new cloak of charismaticism, along with fake tongues and fake ‘wonders’. Though he was by then a cathedral Dean, he was lost completely and contemplating suicide.

I could only relate to him my freedom in Christ, and his error of thinking. After that he went home and delved deeper into Anglican heresy... then I heard nothing.

Friends, YOU have freedom in Christ if you are saved! No need to search for it – you already have it IF you are true to the Lord, strive not to sin and are faithful. Use it!!

C’mon Christians – Stop Your Ignorance!!

Someone close to me suddenly exclaimed that “Donald Trump is a very, VERY, evil man”! I couldn’t believe it. But, she is not alone. Huge numbers of Christians say similar things... and I know only too well where they get their information – the BBC for a start, plus leftist newspapers, and an immense number of wicked sources that all want to get rid of people who are not like them – vicious, atheistic and agreeing with their godless and foul mentality. They say nothing at all about the ultra-wicked Obama whose lawlessness, sexually perverse ideas and pro-Islamic domination, all but ruined not just America but set the foundation for an unstable and weak West, that affected the whole world.

Trump’s activities are no different from those of MANY top business men and politicians, so why pick on Trump? Also, men and women can change – so give the fellah a break! And, of even more importance, I knew SIX known pastors who committed sexual sins and adultery in just ONE YEAR. So, before you come down hard on Trump, without knowing the facts, think about these things and look upon his tenure as President as a gift from God. In which way? Against all human odds he beat Clinton, whose election would have spelt disaster. She would have continued Obama’s ruinous false presidency, and the USA would by now be a Marxist stronghold... the same Marxists are now trying to get rid of Trump, because he stands in the way of a one world government. THAT is the real news... but do you know it?

If you don’t know what you are talking about, friends, please stay silent, rather than utter propaganda infused into society by those whose own godlessness is taking over the media and institutions. By repeating the foul lies about Trump, one is aiding the godless in their evil desires, and those who suffer first are Christians! If you cannot stay silent, at least listen to those of us who know that bit more on such vital issues, and who have suffered first-hand the persecution we warn about.

As we have said before, Christians tend to hide behind the walls of their local church, content that they have not been attacked or sullied. So long as someone else is attacked they do nothing, say nothing, and do not want to hear the truth. I come across this every day, and know these cowardly folks spell immense danger for the rest of us. They indulge in a deliberate ignorance. Yet, of all people, Christians should be the very epitome of truth and a desire to be honest. Sadly, they are not. Trump is in office to help us gather strength for the coming deluge of wickedness when Satan has full power. It is coming. Trump, imperfect or not, is being used by God to steady and strengthen us. Stop whining, stop repeating media lies about him, and thank God for the respite!!

Why Do I Believe the Bible?

Atheists and other God-haters continually position Christians as uneducated and stupid. Thus, they silence most believers and stop all and any genuine discussion.

It is a simple fact that thousands of scientists are Christians! And many more thousands of Christians have higher degrees in other fields.

Those who come to scripture with predetermined prejudices, which come from years of school and college/work atmospheres of unbelief, ridicule from peers, and a refusal to even look at the facts, will buckle to the prevalent opinion, even when they come to Christ in salvation!

Why do I believe the Bible? Because it makes sense to me. I left school with the usual leaving certificates of the time. I had to struggle for many years to earn my education certificates, then other qualifications and degrees right up to my doctorate. But, none of these led me to Christ. Nor did they educate me in the knowledge of scripture.

Before I was saved, I rambled through the thorny grounds of multi-faith ideas. Once I was saved God zoned-in my mind to the things of God. At first this was undisciplined, because no-one in my church bothered to guide me, even though they immediately urged me to preach!! So, my first ten years were a mess!

However, something else led me along a path of study and belief... it was my formerly rebellious spirit, captured and redirected by God into a free-in-Christ spirit. From the start I never walked the path of my fellow young believers. I demanded (but never got) a reliance and settlement on God Himself and His word. So, while I headed off in the direction of God, others haphazardly ‘believed’ and followed the world.

Yes, I made mistakes, but the general direction was always towards God. The same applies today. In the recent past I have urged Christians to be individuals and not to blindly follow trends or even fellow believers, if the path was moving them away from the Lord. It was this individualism (in Christ) that kept me away from the easy-believism that most Christians appear to prefer.

I saw that ‘Christianity’ is just one relationship – between the Christian and God. It isn’t what everyone is doing, saying and thinking. In time I also saw that God’s word is THE central tenet of my faith. This faith began with my personal relationship granted to me by salvation. This then caused me to delve deeply into scripture to discover what God wanted me to know and do. This was accompanied by a very real ‘fear of the Lord’, which continually guided me to God.

This resulted in knowing God’s word and His doctrine, which then led me along the true path of Jesus Christ, always basing everything on His word. Or, more precisely, everything I did arose from the beliefs set in motion by God’s word. This ensured a dynamic and growing belief system; one that is with me even now.

This is not blind faith – it is genuine faith rooted in God’s word, which I see as true, the only guide worth following. I believe it because it has proved itself time and again to contain, and be, the REAL ‘facts of life’. The nonsense pushed at us by the world is flatly rejected, because I find it unintellectual and often stupid. The ridiculous fairy-tale of evolution is an example of this stupidity. It doesn’t make any sense, nor does it come out of genuine research or valid beliefs.

For similar reasons I cast out the German schools of higher and lower criticism. They reek of musty atheism and lack of evidences, let alone proofs! The reasons they give for their conclusions are so infantile I cannot be bothered anymore to even read them! The Bible, as it stands, is a beautiful, logical, and intellectually satisfying book. So, why should I pretend to make allowances for unbelieving nonsense? And why should I give fellow Christians credibility when they reflect unbiblical or unbelieving ideas? I simply can’t be bothered. They are like wold-led sheep.

This is why Christians today are being mown-down by the spiritual Al Capones of this world. They do not have individual minds, so cannot stand on their own two feet before God. They gain comfort from being enclosed in a church building by those who think the same way, but they think that way because they are clones of current hypotheses, and not because they truly believe or truly have faith.

And so the distance between us grows greater. Not because I want it that way, but because they do not want to know the truth and veer away rather than discuss what God really says in His word. They THINK they do, but they do not. It is obvious in how they think and by what they say and do!

Friends, as Christians, you MUST stand FIRST as individuals. The true Church consists of people who stand alone before God as individuals... only then can we stand together as the Church. Do you understand this? When you stand this way you will be taught by the Lord in the things He wishes you to know. When you persist in your populist approach, gained from huddling together without bothering to critically analyse what you call belief or faith, you are in a false environment. Your ‘faith’ will not stand a chance when you are persecuted!

It is how hundreds of thousands fell instantly when the Toronto Blessing tested the claimed ‘faith’ of Christians who did not understand their ‘freedom in Christ’. They were battered by a Satanic wave so vast, it ruined many Christian lives, and continues to do so.

Be an individual before the Lord and He will teach you, just as Christ taught Paul. Only then can you stand together with like-minded believers. Until you step out of your comfort zone you remain vulnerable to deception and ungodly ideas.

More on Trump

I have heard some very nasty words spoken BY CHRISTIANS about Trump!! It is obvious they have been listening to mainstream media, which is corrupt, but it is interesting that when talking about Trump, Christians use the same invective and bile! And this worries me.

The latest deception comes from UK government, an archbishop and opposition parties. Even the EU joined in the anti-Trump chorus. Yet, when you look into this furore, it is not about Trump speaking the truth, or about actual facts, it is about a mistaken use of videos put out by Britain First.

It doesn’t stop there! As I have said elsewhere, Britain First exists because the UK government is doing absolutely nothing to stop the influx of Muslims, or to put right the violence they show towards us. Government often uses lies and deception to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. The police are forced to give Muslims an easy time, but told to charge Christians with ‘hate crime’ simply for making known the evils of Islam. Muslims can get away with almost anything. They control ‘no-go’ areas in cities, are violent, and openly defy the law. They gather in numbers yelling death-threats and hate for the West and the UK. But, are they arrested and dealt with? No. Fearing the title ‘Islamophobe’ everyone refuses to come down hard on these wicked people of Islam. So, I am not surprised when a group such as Britain First arises to combat the bizarre situation of a country encouraging jihad and death. Frankly, I have looked at the topics this far-right group wants to deal with – and I agree with just about every one of them! Not the way they go about things, but with what they consider to be deadly to a free Britain. So, Christians, stop your silly condemnation of Trump!

Do readers actually KNOW anything about Trump (apart from what you are told by leftists like the BBC and socialistic media)? I don’t think so, given the evils they repeat, after being taught lies by the media.

Trump has NOT spoken against Britain (as Labour and media insist)! No, Trump used the videos to warn us of Islamic violence that will get worse. Though the videos were suspect, what they portrayed is only too real throughout the world and in Europe. I would not have sent out the videos, but would have found others that say the same things, but from a more respectable source. So, Trump is guilty of what? Of telling the truth about Islam!

Leftists and so-called ‘leaders’ who refuse to protect us, say Trump is not wanted in Britain, as if all of Britain agrees with the government. No, we do not agree! We want them to protect citizens and to stop the influx and power of Islamists. We want a realistic response to jihad and to those who return from jihad expecting to just fit right back in. Trump has highlighted all this, and he is right.

It is not Trump who divides us, but Muslims. They cause us to live in fear of the next attack. They have our ‘leaders’ hiding like cowards, instead of stopping ALL Islamic immigration. Government is telling illegal Muslims that it is okay to be illegal – they can still get state benefits and cash!! Ordinary citizens cannot get these things, but violent jihadists can. In reality, the last few years’ worth of Muslims should be deported and Muslim agitators should have their citizenship removed, even if they were born here. And Muslims should not be given a vote. In this way they can have no say in future government.

So, Christians must stop messing about and joining hands with leftists and Islam. They must learn the truth about Trump and not rely on the foul-mouthed media who hate him. They must ask themselves WHY they thought Obama was okay, when he began a death-slide of the USA into oblivion. He is a wicked man whose evils should be paraded before the world as an example of Satan’s work. Yet, no-one spoke out against Obama. Instead, they like to massacre Trump for trying to get the USA and the world back onto their feet. I can assure such Christians that if anyone gets rid of Trump, they will then get Clinton in power... and THEN watch out for Satan to run over us with a steamroller, without mercy, and bringing in the most evil rule known to man.

What concerns me about Christians today is their lack of application. They sit passively in their churches and accept whatever is said to them, uncritically. They are happy to remain silent, no matter what evils are thrown at them, and they believe the media, though they are corrupt. Christians should be DIFFERENT. Instead, today, they go along with whatever secular leaders and heretics tell them. Why? Because it is easier than being warriors of the Lord and “fighting the good fight”. Rather, they prefer shame.

As I have said elsewhere, I feel a deep righteous anger, so I dread to think what God is thinking right now, of ineffectual, compliant Christians who taint their salvation with their uncritical lives. I am no different, but I fear the Lord and at least try to live in holiness.

Last of All...

Things are changing rapidly, and many Christians are being caught up in it. I am talking about a darkness that infiltrates the souls of men. It began with the foul stench of homosexuality, was quickly followed by the false theologies of Satan in the charismatic movement, and then the ‘earth goddess’ ideas in fake environmentalism, with Islam rapidly spreading its wicked death-wish.

I have noticed how men with intellectual prowess are displaying an absurd and preposterous anti-intellectualism, rejecting even actual facts and truth, and putting stupidity in their place, commonly called ‘PC’.

Christians, who should have the ability to use critical analysis of ANY situation, are just stagnant behind their church doors. They are critical of nothing, and when they do speak out they tend to be vicious and hateful.

False theology is masquerading as God’s word, even when their evils are pointed out. And all this is getting worse. The reason is simple – it is Satan’s time of freedom. And I can assure readers that today is as nothing compared to what is to come. BE READY.

© November 2017

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