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Want a New Beginning?

What is ‘church’? The usual view is that of a building in your town or village, where Christians meet. Those a little more advanced in their thinking will realise that only the saved form the ‘Church’. Even so, ‘church’ is very much misrepresented even by those who are Christians! So, why not begin this new year by examining the very basis of your faith, your beliefs and, what ‘church’ really is?

Few Christians want to do this, because they feel comfortable as they are, even if what they say and do might not be valid. Rather than turn their world upside down they maintain the ‘same old same old’. There is a kind of familiarity with entering your church building, sitting in the pews, singing the hymns, and listening to the end result of the pastor’s weekly study.

Then, you might have a cup of tea and a bun at the end, shake hands on the way out... and that’s your duty finished with for another week. You might even attend the weekly prayer study.

The last thing you want to do is question everything! Most folks are too weak-kneed for that. They don’t want to feel uncomfortable and certainly do not wish to be challenged enough to change things.

So, imagine you were in Corinth doing the ‘same old same old’. One day, the pastor stands red-faced to announce he had just received a letter from the great apostle Paul, whose words to the Christians at Corinth were less than flattering and definitely accusative!

Your church is so off the mark that Paul sends you another letter, demanding you change. He says he threatens to visit you with a rod of reprimand unless you change. Do you just ignore what he says and carry on? Does it dawn on you that Paul’s stern words will warn Christians for two thousand years?

Do you really think that your modern church membership is valid? Or, your structured, weekly prayer meetings? Or, your neat but unproved doctrinal stance on many issues? Or, the behaviour of the members? Or, the shallowness of your spiritual activities and beliefs? There is far more – but you get the idea.


I can almost guarantee that much of the life of a modern church is wrong, or invalid, or floundering spiritually. I can imagine what Paul would say to these churches if he were with us today! It wouldn’t be nice!


We produce enough to challenge any church. What we say is based solidly on scripture, though some may argue against it. This doesn’t bother us one iota. What bothers us is that so few WANT to change in line with God’s word. We can always argue the fine print, but we will never argue over doctrine.

We, then, will carry on saying and doing what we honestly believe God demands of us. If it offends, well, we can do nothing about that. Start to think, friends. Do not simply accept everything you are told by your pastor, visiting preachers or your favourite magazine. CHECK EVERYTHING AGAINST GOD’S WORD. You will probably be very surprised by the answers you get.

But, knowing the truth is not the same as putting it into practice. Without the latter, we are just clanging cymbals, all noise and no substance, unworthy of our calling, and mere shadows of what we ought to be. This is inglorious and without honour. Pray right now that you will be shown the truth, no matter what it costs.

We don’t want you to change simply to follow us. We do not want followers of ANY man; we want to see you follow the Lord and His word. Nothing else is worthy. And when you begin to walk this new path, your life will become what it ought to be, full of expectation, vigour, truth, and experience. Will you do this? Or, will you remain as you are?

The BBC Praised?

Faith organisations have welcomed a report that says the BBC should increase its coverage of religious issues, amid concerns that some of the report’s findings are “bizarre” in an increasingly secular society.

The BBC’s religion and ethics review, released on Wednesday, recommended increasing coverage of non-Christian faiths, introducing faith-related story lines into popular drama, incorporating greater religious understanding into news reporting, and creating a global team of reporters with religious expertise, under its first religion editor.

It also committed the BBC to continue with Thought for the Day, the three-minute slot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in which religious figures reflect on current events.” (Source: The Guardian, 20th December 2017).

‘Faith organisations’ praising the BBC for MORE multi-faith programming?? In other words, praise comes from non-Christians. As for retaining ‘Thought for the Day’... they may as well throw it out, because it says nothing of the Gospel. The Anglicans, of course, were very enthusiastic. After all, they are busy tearing-down their own denomination.

Their suggestion, that knowing more about other faiths brings peace to the world is as ridiculous as it sounds. We know more about Islam today than we ever did – but peace will never come under Islam, because its main aim is conquest, subjugation, death!

Jews and Islamists joined in with praise, but humanists complained that non-religious speakers were not yet pencilled-in for ‘Thought of the Day’. So, we can expect plenty of lobbying from God-haters of every kind. Genuine Christians can expect not to be included in programs, of course.

The BBC Report puts forward recommendations no Christian can support:

  • To reflect an increasingly pluralistic UK society.
  • To extend coverage of non-Christian religious calendars and festivals to mainstream programmes.
  • To create a global team of reporters with specific religious expertise under a new post of religion editor.
  • To give more space in news coverage to explain how religious and non-religious world views shape events.
  • To make 2019 a “Year of Beliefs”, aimed particularly at audiences under the age of 45.
  • To explore issues through a lens of different beliefs and cultures in news, popular drama, music and comedy.

We can be assured that the ‘religious calendar’ will NOT include real Christian events; the reporters will NOT include real Christians; interpretation of world events in the eyes of the various reporters will not give a biblical interpretation; and we can expect any depiction of biblical Christianity to be made funny, twisted and misrepresented. Watch and listen – because my brief summary of the future WILL come about. More than 150 “faith leaders and experts” were consulted for the Report. I can further say that no genuine believer was included. And even if he or she was consulted, biblical comments were erased or simply discounted.

Friends, do NOT expect the BBC, or any other government funded department to come to the side of true Christians. Rather, expect them to freeze us out, as they do anyway. Any help will only come from the Lord, for HIS service and HIS truth.

A Party in Labour!

I have said it before – I do not understand how ANY Christian can vote for the Labour Party. For many years I have described it as the ‘blunt end of Marxism’. Jeremy Corbyn proves this as he tries to drive the people towards a communist future, a future that became the death-knell for Russia and China. In other words, there is no future under communist rule.

When we took the Brexit vote I warned people not to be triumphant, because those who were defeated in the referendum would not like it and would fight back! Yes, the country voted to leave the EU. But, Marxists and Europhiles want to ignore the vote and remain in the fascist EU. Why? Because they are themselves fascist/Marxist, or because they are appallingly ignorant of what the EU stands for and what it wants.

So, Labour is agitating to delay Brexit by any means. It is joined by other self-interested people who can become fat-cats within the EU... fat on our taxes!

People need not be Christians to understand the totalitarianism of the EU and the way it wants to rule the whole northern hemisphere. It is Nazi Germany without the name! We must maintain momentum and reject any talk of delay or of giving in to a single market, which would involve us in STILL paying billions to the EU. We must get out quickly, whether or not we have ‘deals’.

Poor Choice

Archbishop Welby spent most of 2017 “trying to keep the Anglican communion together”. Bad choice! He SHOULD have spent his time proving beyond doubt that Anglicanism was believing and teaching God’s word.

Now, he has appointed the first female bishop. This is another ‘home goal’, for scripture denies the pastorate to women, along with women teaching men. The new female bishop, then, is in an office that is unbiblical in an unbiblical denomination! Anglicanism is in a crisis of unity – Welby’s attempts to unify the various fractured parts seems doomed; a superficial cover of thin whitewash won’t hack it! This has been made plain by Luther-like protests pinned to cathedral doors, charging the denomination with having a corrupt stance on same-sex marriage.

One critic, Stephen Rae, vicar (another false office) of St James, believes there will soon be a massive split in the Church of England. It can’t come quickly enough! Some rebels have offered an alternative ordination, made by the Anglican Mission in England, inaugurated in Nairobi in 2013. None of this helps Anglicanism which is, as we have often said, just a watered-down Roman Catholicism, and returning to papal rule. Anglicanism is dead in the water, but it won’t rot-away quietly!

Any Regrets?

We left the ‘church system’ because it was corrupt and spoiled our faith with nonsense, false teachings and loveless attitudes. That was in 1987, though we made moves to do so in 1985. I cannot speak for anyone else, but have I any regrets?

My regret is on behalf of all those folks who prefer bad tradition to truth. I left the ‘system’ for very good reasons, ones that could not be overcome by remaining in such a false environment, especially when those who mistreated us became hateful.

It is a truth that from the time we left (almost thirty of us, including children) this system our spiritual lives began to soar! I am not talking about being like charismatics whose eyes glaze over as a substitute for genuine spiritual encounters. I am talking about the unending, slow process of studying God’s word and applying it to our lives. We ditched what we knew to be fake and looked instead at what GOD said. The results were incredible, delightful, and powerful.

Because of this we have had almost no contact with those still in the ‘system’, not by our choice, but because they prefer it that way. Do I miss them? Not really. Why should I miss people who keep us at arm’s length or hate us? I sincerely wish they would peep into our world of truth (because it is purely from scripture), so they could ditch their pseudo-beliefs and clone-like existence. (Yes, I am using the right words!). Some try to make out we are some kind of cult – but how can we be when we teach God’s word as it is written, and do not seek to gain members?

I am thinking of this situation because I am now in my early 70s, with more behind me than is in front of me! I am not one for looking back and being nostalgic. Nevertheless, I do wonder at times if my life has taken a proper direction. Then, I see and hear what my fellow believers are doing and saying, and I KNOW my path has been given to me by the Lord. Oh how glad I am that God caused me to (reluctantly) leave the system!! No doubt my time on earth will not be that much longer, but I will stay on the path I have been given. I ask readers to consider their own path – is it from God. Really? Many of my peers are still caught in their traditional trap, doing and saying the same old things, with no thought as to whether or not their spiritual lives are real, or of God. This makes me very sad, but all I can do is carry on and hope at least a few of them will learn the truth.

Genesis – Literal History

I find it very strange that the brethren allow scientists to walk all over them! Instead of checking out their claims, they just accept whatever is claimed. Many modern problems are thus covered-up by science and medicine.

The biggest of all is evolution. It has no proofs and cannot validate its own existence. It is probably one of the most unscientific pieces of intellectual junk there can be! Yet, scientists are PAID to promote their ridiculous hypothesis.

It is probable that few Christians understand even the concept of ‘hypothesis’ and ‘theory’. A theory has had years of research, checking and double-checking with falsification, and everything appears to point in just one direction, until, after a longer period, it becomes a scientific law (though not fixed). But, an hypothesis is not a fully-fledged scientific theory. It is at a rudimentary level, proves nothing, but hopes to become a worthy addition to science after more checking and modification.

However, the ‘theory’ of evolution is NOT a full theory at all, and it is certainly not proved to be valid! There are times when a scientist or other academic has a sudden ‘brainwave’, and jots it down roughly on the back of a table napkin or bit of old cardboard. He then continues later, developing his initial ideas into an hypothesis. This is then worked on until many evidences are garnered in support of his new idea.

Unfortunately for science, evolution has not yet passed the table napkin state (and never will)! When scientists try to advance this elementary idea, they cannot. At every turn the idea itself is thwarted by an inability to find ANY proof that evolution is even a good basic idea, let alone an hypothesis!! In no way, then, is it a ‘theory’, except in the prejudiced minds of atheists.

Evolution is only prominent because atheistic scientists and philosophers WANT it to be true. Even when they know it isn’t true, they hide the fact and just change the rules so their vain nonsense retains its government funding and top rating!! It is how evolution stories abound and are given many slots on TV and radio. No proof whatever, but plenty of prejudice and lies and media collusion.

To make matters worse there are Christians (?) who adopt what they think is a middle-way – Theistic Evolution. They do it to appear intellectually with-it. They fear the scorn of science, so pretend they can adopt evolution as if that is how God made things!

But, nothing concerning evolution has ever been proved! At the same time, archaeologists continually find artefacts and ruins that lend credence to biblical texts. Also, the language of Genesis is factual, making it the earliest history of the world we have – just about six thousand years old! And, it beats anything claimed by evolution, hands-down!

This is why I wrote my introduction to Genesis chapters one and two. I show that every word in those chapters, in the Hebrew, is literal and not figurative. This tells us the Genesis account of Creation is not a ‘story’ – it is history. Furthermore, its account is accurate. What it says about how everything came into being is 100% literal and true.

Compare evolution! NOTHING has been proved to be true. There are NO proofs whatever, not even the tiniest bit of bone. All those films made by scientists showing dinosaurs etc., are NOT REAL. They are just artist’ guesses. Dinosaurs were certainly real, but they didn’t die out by a cosmic strike! They were made within a few hours of the making of Adam. Men walked with dinosaurs.

Don’t become stupid! Don’t believe the absurdities put forth by atheistic scientists. Science can advance very well indeed, without any reference to evolution!! It is not just invalid, it is of no use whatever in explaining anything at all. Remember this – until science can produce an actual mechanism of change, it is boxing shadows. They have yet to prove such a mechanism exists... and I KNOW they will never find it.

To maintain their power, evolutionists ban any other explanations in schools and universities. This does not prove evolution exists – all it proves is the weakness of their assumptions. They are so afraid, they ban anything that challenges what they say. In other words, what they have to say is so weak and incoherent, they have to use law to ban the truth. Don’t be fodder for them!  

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