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Hope. Do YOU Have It?

Have you heard of a play by Samuel Beckett, ‘Waiting for Godot’? It begins with just two characters, standing by a leafless tree (symbolic of their state), waiting for another man named Godot. Other characters arrive, but there is an overwhelming theme – nothing happens, nothing is certain, and there is nothing of value to do. To cap it all, Godot never arrives. All there is, is a round of useless discussions.

Does this not describe the modern Christian in most churches? Charismatics try to ‘whoop it up’ to keep members, with fake ‘miracles’, ungodly tongues, and hyped music. Others play on the tendency of most people to want to be led, no matter what the results are. There are others who like to be regimented, because it gives a false comfort to fill their spiritual void. And most Christians just want an easy life, free of challenge to their souls. So, nothing real happens, Christians outwardly say ‘Hallelujah’ but inwardly have no certainty, and they do relatively nothing – at least nothing of value. And the one they wait for never comes... because their faith is like limp wet lettuce, and what they wait for they do not really believe in anyway!

Psalm 31:24 calls us to hope: “Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.” Because “... in thee, O LORD, do I hope: thou wilt hear, O Lord my God.” (Psalm 38:15). This is not the useless chatter of aimless men waiting for Godot. It is a central theme of scripture. In what do YOU hope?

“That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:” (Eph.2:12).

Unbelievers have “no hope” because they do not know God. He is either a myth or a nuisance stopping them from enjoying their sin, rejecting conscience. In such a life there is no expectation of anything greater than self. people just want sin. But, they don’t want its consequences... which they will reap anyway. And as they have no salvation, their desires end at death, which, they wrongly suppose, means sleeping eternally. God says otherwise.

How different for the man and woman who is saved! “Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace,” (2 Thess 2:16).

This is the hope that the unsaved cannot ever have. They cannot even imagine it, because all they want is their sin. Christians can take heed of this hope from God, given as a free gift. We can be safe in the knowledge that God sees and hears us, and looks after us. This will continue into our entry to Heaven, after which the hope will be realised. This is because it is a “good” hope, pleasant, joyful, happy, good in itself.

Only the Christian can know this “good hope”, because God looks after His own. The majority do not belong to Him, so know nothing of the benefits He bestows on His children.

WHERE, then, is YOUR hope? Why don’t you show it in your face and in your mind and actions? WHY do you replace hope with a sense of loss and fear? Those who show courage in the face of adversity WILL be strengthened because of true hope (Psalm 31:24). And such a man will wait patiently in all circumstances for God to act on his behalf (Lam 3:25).

“For in thee, O LORD, do I hope: thou wilt hear, O Lord my God.” (Psalm 38:15)

UFOs... Again!

Over many years I have studied the logical aspects theology and Bible study. This is because God is a God of order, and whatever He says in His word MUST be logical! Simple as that.

Looking at things logically is not just about theology – it is behind every area of research in all sciences and even simple reading. Without the ability (or willingness) to look logically at what we see, hear and think, everything would be in turmoil. That’s why everything we see in the world today IS in turmoil!! Logic has been kicked out.

Over the past month or so, more UFO hysteria has been put on TV. One woman said she never believed in UFOs before, but now she’s a believer. What she was referring to was ‘aliens’; all programmes and books link UFOs with ‘aliens’, with no logical reason. Others are filmed watching a UFO in the sky with growing excitement. They were convinced it was an UFO... that is, in their view, an ‘alien’ craft from outer space.

For goodness sake!! It is as if logic has been cut out of their brains. They have fallen not for truth but for interpretations of the truth!Please allow me to say it again (because many Christians, too, are convinced by the ‘little green men’ fantasy)...

UFOs exist. No doubt about it. BUT,  gullible people think ‘UFO’ is the same as ‘aliens from outer space’. Logic is completely missing. Put it this way: If I show you a paper bag and say it is a paper bag, it would be an accurate and true statement. BUT, if I then go on to say the bag is filled with gold, but it can’t be picked out of the bag... and the gold oddly disappears when you peer into the bag... how long will you believe my story? Never, I hope! In many ways UFO ideas are like the king’s new clothes! People follow the ‘theories’ like sheep, so truth no longer operates.

An UFO is an ‘unidentified flying object’. That’s all it means. Anything we can’t identify in the sky - is an UFO!! Fact! A fluttering leaf in a storm, a newspaper page floating past our window, an eerie light in the sky... anything can be an UFO simply because we cannot identify what it is. We should also mention the new drone machines available to the public... which could easily have an invented ‘UFO’ hanging underneath! (Maybe why many sightings are at night).

Thus, an UFO is simply something in the sky that appears to fly, and we don’t yet know what it is. There is no logical reason to assume it is an alien craft, or that it ‘must be’ from another world.

If, say, such a craft was grounded, and actual aliens walked out of it, then we might be able to justify saying that the UFO was alien. But, NO SUCH THING has ever come to light. No ‘aliens’ have been captured. The ONLY reason folks think there are aliens, is that others have formulated hypotheses about possible aliens, but THEY, too, fail ‘Logic 101’.

I have watched UFO programmes to keep myself informed about this silly belief, and NONE of them fulfils the strict criteria needed to call the ideas an hypothesis. Why watch? I simply wish to see how arguments are formed and propagated. They all fail to logically come to conclusions.

Get it straight – UFOs exist. But, aliens do not. Aliens are the guesses arising from evolution hypothesis, which says there ‘MUST’ be inhabited other worlds, and the inhabitants ‘MUST’ be more intelligent than us. Hm, a non-sequitur. Then why are they fooling about whizzing around a sky that is alien to them and never showing their hand? It does not make sense, not even as a ropey hypothesis!

No-one has proved aliens exist. So, it is illogical to assume that UFOs are their ‘space-craft’. The best we can do is to say “There are things in our skies that move, and are unknown to us.” That’s it. The supposed existence of alien beings is a totally separate, very poor, hypothesis, with not a jot of evidence for their reality. Unless you think Star Trek is real.

Mainly, UFOs are just things we can’t define. However, there are scientists (such as meteorologists) who can tell us plenty about clouds, wind, and other natural forces that can give untrained people a shock or sense of wonder.  Most UFOs can easily be explained by these level-headed men and women.

Very few ‘sightings’ are truly mysterious, and a very small number can be attributed to demon activity, if only to convince untrained onlookers who have no sense of logic to accept the existence of ‘aliens’, when God tells us the earth is unique, and Man is the pinnacle of His creation. Don’t you think it is rather odd that such a Lord does not mention making other inhabited places in outer space complete with the equivalent of human beings? Don’t you think visits by such beings would be prophesied? Don’t you wonder why Jesus Christ is completely silent about them?

No, my friends – try logic. Try applying scriptural truth to everyday life. And don’t let evolution get away with planting the idea of ‘others out there’ who come to spy on us for no apparent reason!

Arrest Them All!!

The ineptitude of government is so well known it seems everyone just lets them get away with it! This is never so obvious as in the case of illegal immigrants (which is virtually all of them). Now, banks are being asked to freeze the accounts of illegals.

So many questions!!! Like “Surely the banks should practice due diligence by checking the background of ANY account application?” Banks have been sent the names of illegals... so this means the government already knows they are illegal. “So, why weren’t the illegals arrested on the spot and deported?” We know, too, that a large number of illegals are jihadists. That makes their arrest and deportation even more urgent. So – “WHY?” arises time and again!!

Too many jihadists have murdered even whilst being surveilled – so get rid of them immediately. Forget collecting intelligence... compared to lives it means nothing and is sickening.

And before readers complain that we should be more compassionate... would they have compassion for a burglar who rifles their home, destroying and trashing every room before making off with valuables? Would they just smile when a drunk/drugged driver recklessly smashes into their car, perhaps killing a family member, including babies? These, too, are acting illegally. So, why offer compassion to those who enter this country illegally and then live criminally?

There are legal ways to seek asylum and to enter legally. But, these are not taken up. Thus, the very first act of the person is to be illegal. From that moment they spend their time evading police. They tell lie upon lie, and they indulge in crime and deception in order to live. It is highly probable they lived like this in their own countries, hence their rejection of normal avenues of entry. And many take part in selling drugs, being violent, etc. So, WHY offer compassion?

The catch-all excuse of “They only want a better life” is a non-goer! In the UK, or any country, those who are illegal ALSO want a ‘better life’, but at everyone else’s expense. Those who enter a country just to get a ‘better life’ end up costing that country millions a year, not just in cash benefits but in other provisions – housing, health care, schooling, higher education... but, they don’t work to earn them. And hate us as well!!

It is also a valid complaint that these people are given everything they want, while nationals are refused any provision at all.

I have already mentioned before that migrants who are unemployed (most of them, and mainly Islamic) are never checked out and never asked if they have been looking for work.

Yet, citizens in the same position are oppressed by rules and regulations to this effect, and any perceived (often not even actual) idea they have not complied means their unemployment benefits are stopped.

So, don’t just freeze accounts – arrest and deport migrant illegals! And take their account money, to be put into the country’s coffers. Of course, stupidity demands that this information is published in a newspaper (in this case the Daily Telegraph, 12th Jan)!! Thus, illegals can quickly make other arrangements, if they have not already been tipped off enough to withdraw their cash!!

As you can guess, I have no time at all for illegal migrants, no matter WHY they enter the country illegally. Illegal is illegal. As I have also pointed out (with much proof) in the past, almost NO migrant is genuine, so they should be turned back even before they come to the country.

Let them claim asylum from outside the borders! If they have papers. But, almost none have their papers, because they throw them away, itself an illegal act according to international law.

By throwing away their papers they prove two things: they intend acting illegally in their host country and, they can be proven NOT to come from countries that threaten actual bodily danger! (Do YOU know what this actually means in legal language? If not, read my articles on the subject).

But, for the Christian, there can be no room for compassion for illegals, almost all of whom are Muslim. This is because with every new Muslim our freedoms and lives are less assured and placed in even more danger. Governments everywhere are already oppressing Christians, and they are particularly keen to please and placate Muslims, who are so easily riled by anything Western and anything Jewish or Christian. The need to view what’s happening through clear glasses is vital and urgent. Don’t be fooled by emotional appeals and images of small children with big eyes!! It matters because YOUR lives are at stake in so many ways. And, the more Muslims we have in the West the closer comes the end of any form of Christian life, decency and civilisation.

Another thing authorities can’t seem to get right... employing Muslims. I have said in the past that left to my own devices I would not hire either homosexuals or Muslims. This is because, in my work experience, both tend to be trouble. I particularly said I would never trust an homosexual or Muslim police officer. You might say I was being hateful, but, to me, it is common sense.

Both types of person as officers can do good jobs. No question of it. BUT, this is only partially true. it is when imams/activists guide them towards Islam/homosexual supremacy, that their true colours come through. As such, influence can be deadly and silent, it is far better not to employ them at all.

I point to the huge problems being experienced in the Berlin-Spandau police academy, where habitual and criminal misconduct is rife amongst its Muslim recruits. WHAT DID THEY EXPECT!!! One Arab cadet copied confidential information at a Berlin precinct on Lebanese criminal activities in Berlin. She then sent it off to someone unknown (the Lebanese gang seems the most obvious recipient).

Her kind of conduct is becoming typical. When the police themselves become criminal you are in deep trouble! The answer is very simple – NEVER employ Muslim police. Yes, it is discriminatory. But, only because proof is against them!

A German paramedic who taught at the cadet school complained: "Today I held a class at the police academy. I've never experienced anything like it. The classroom looked like a pigsty. Half of the class [are] Arabs and Turks, rude as h*ll. Dumb. Could not express themselves.

I was about to expel two or three of them because they disturbed the class or were actually sleeping. German colleagues related that some of them had threatened to beat them. ... [Some students] speak virtually no German.

I am shocked, and afraid of them. The teachers ... believe that when they expel them, they will destroy the cars on the street. ... These are not our colleagues, this is the enemy among us. I have never before felt such hatred expressed in the classrooms. ... They throw punches during class -- you cannot imagine that."

The police chief KNEW about these problems long ago, but the academy STILL takes on Muslim migrants. As the percentage who are Muslim rises (now at 30%) we can easily see what is happening and what will happen in the future! The higher ranks KNOW these idle Muslims do not have the skills, language nor attitudes to be police officers – but they still train them. The command to do so comes from the top, thanks to Merkel.

We can see that in a very short time, as more Muslims join the force and white officers retire, Berlin and elsewhere will come to be controlled by Islam, and the Muslim officers will wreak havoc.

I could see this kind of thing when I was working 20 years ago, in the UK!! What’s going on in Berlin is just one proof I was right. Germany will become a rehash of its former Nazi self, because Islam is itself fascist. And, as Germany leads the EU, you can guess how this lawlessness and foul behaviour will affect all countries in the EU! (Source: Gatestone Institute, 12th Jan).

Great Attitude!

An American mountain man was asked what he did for a living. His reply was great: “I live for a living”!

He lived on his own in the wilderness and heavy snow for half the year. He hunted his food and had to evade huge brown bears every day. If he fell and broke his leg, well, that would be his end. But, he loved his life and lived it to the full, doing whatever he could to stay alive and not just to survive.

Do YOU live for a living? Do you live every day as if it were your last? Do you do whatever is necessary to be holy and pure, so as to be fighting fit for the Lord Who saved you? Or, are you like the majority – simply surviving and not fighting spiritually? Stand tall and be what you are called to be. Take the bear by the paw and show effort!!

Dawkins Said Something Sensible!

Richard Dawkins, thinking he was being ultra-clever, actually said something sensible we can agree with, because it is based on truth!

“If God wanted to create life and create humans, it would be slightly odd that he should choose the extraordinarily roundabout way of waiting ten billion years before life got started, and then waiting for another four billion years until you got human beings capable of worshipping and sinning...”

(Van Biema. God versus Science, 5th Nov, 2006).

Of course, he was trying to say if God existed He wouldn’t mess about with billions of years to get Man up and running as a viable creature. In his mind he ‘proved’ by his words that evolution is true. So, even he gave glory to God in a back-handed way and refuted evolution!!

Tesco – the Ailing God-Hater

Tesco is again in financial trouble, this time because one of its major wholesalers collapsed (Business, Daily Telegraph, 12th Jan). As far as I am concerned Tesco can itself collapse – it deserves to go under for its continued defiance of God and its hatred for Christians.

Palmer and Harvey failed to provide everything the stores needed, so, of course, Tesco blamed the wholesaler for its miserable Christmas sales performance.

Christians should now double-up on their prayers to the Lord to teach this superstore giant a very good lesson. It laughed and scorned Christian objections to its pro-homosexual stance used to ridicule believers and faith. I honestly believe we should seek God’s curse on the higher management, so that others will perhaps learn not to be godless in the future.

I also believe Christians should contact Tesco and point out that its problems may not be financial at all, but to do with God’s anger. Call on them to stop their pro-homosexuality and, instead, concentrate on just giving a good retail service, with no sexually-corrupt strings attached!

A Major Error

Even the best of Christian teachers can make mistakes. Small ones can be dealt with quietly and without fuss. But, if the teacher is known and makes his error public, it is the duty of others to refute what is said, so as to stop the spread of the error. And because the error was spread abroad, any criticism must also be public. I expect others to do the same concerning anything I say, if I make a very public serious error. This is NOT about a person, but about God and His word.

This is the background – a person wrote an article about Tim Farron and his cowardice in the face of vicious attacks when he was running for the last election. I do not give the writer’s name, because thus far his material has been acceptable and sound. My hope is that he takes note and amends his statements – not because I say so, but because what he said is not in accord with scripture and undermines the work of others in this field, in this one point.

Unfortunately, the writer made a comment about homosexuality that is grossly erroneous and against scripture. I have already communicated with the writer, but no matter what the response, I have a duty to be critical of the comments he made (which applies to others who say similar things). Left unaltered the comments will have homosexuals clapping their hands in glee. The writer said:

“We want to be very clear that ‘being homosexual’; is not a sin. It may be pathological and keep someone from full communion with the Almighty, but ‘being’ that way inclined is not a sin. It is doing homosexual acts which is sinful.”  And...

“In response to those homosexuals who snarl, ‘So I’m an abomination, am I?’ we need to say having same-sex desires itself is not an ‘abomination’. Nor is any individual homosexual an abomination. That is, not until their doing becomes their being. There comes a point where your day-to-day sinful activity defines you.

And we have to say that promoting such activity to school children is an abominable thing to do as well. Moreover, I strongly believe that such depravity provides an open invitation to the demonic.”

Some of these comments are VERY wrong! God condemns homosexuals outright. He condemns them as people and what they do. God does not separate the sinner from the sin, or thought from the act! Indeed, it is the thought that LEADS to the act!!

Thus, God says both the thinking and the acts are an abomination. Anyone who has had close encounters with many homosexuals know how vile their thinking is.

Romans 1 reflects this, speaking of a general and pervading evil coming from them, encouraged by their warped minds and thoughts. I have been opposing and fighting this wickedness for almost five decades and know just how evil ardent homosexuals are, not just from detached research but from many years front-line, face-to-face experiences.

Their minds are cesspits of depravity and their thoughts are continually about perverse sex and anarchy (necessary for them to indulge in their vile sins). Also, they deliberately curse God and harm His children, Christians. Some homosexuals are quieter and raise no fuss, but their minds are still evil according to scripture.

Where do you think homosexual activities come from? They don’t suddenly appear! No, they follow a long gestation period of illicit lust in the mind and thoughts to experience what is lusted after! The writer I speak of says that only the acts are sinful. Jesus tells us that the thought of murder is as potent and wicked as physical murder. The same is said about adultery. In other words, He does not separate the sinful thought and the sinful act. Both are the same in terms of guilt. Indeed, I find the comments illogical anyway, even apart from their biblical context.

As for homosexuality becoming sin when “their doing becomes their being”, well, those who really know about homosexuality fully recognise what it is, and offer no excuse for those whose entry into this vile sin was brought about by grooming, etc. It IS their ‘being’ that leads to their ‘doing’!!

I first came across homosexuals when I treated them in the seventies in a psychiatric hospital. (In those days, they KNEW they were doing wrong and sought behavioural therapy to desensitise them). After that, I had in-depth discussions and therapy sessions, followed by research worldwide. I also had to work with many of them. Then, I was the first Christian researcher to examine the presentation of AIDS in the early 1980s.

The more I knew the worse became the thing I was examining. And there is a defining time, the mid 1970s, when the entire wickedness turned around from homosexuals admitting their guilt, to their proud assertion that they were doing what was natural.

We hope the writer no longer misleads both himself and others by his comments, for they are serious errors. Readers must be advised of his error so as to avoid the same thoughts.

I ask: If I steal a car, do I steal it without thought? If I murder deliberately, is this not founded on previous planning and thinking? Is it not why the law differentiates first degree murder from unplanned manslaughter? When you write articles do you not think carefully about the content and aim, or do you just blurt them out suddenly, without thinking?

I have listed homosexuality and Islam as the two most potent and harmful sins in the world at this time, because both evils ‘think then do’. It is followed in error by an almost quiet fake environmentalism, and charismaticism. All are godless.

Getting this right is of extreme importance, in light of the viciousness homosexuals use against God’s people, and what their aims are. I sincerely hope the adverse comments are rectified, for the consequences can otherwise be very bad indeed. The comments I recognise as typical of charismatics/Arminians, Anglicans and Roman Catholics in particular, who mimic leftist, godless deceptions. See my recent article on this error (A-854). These pious people get their information not from scripture or real facts, but from Stonewall et al.

In another email to my co-founder, the man said homosexuality was pathological. This makes his error even worse, for he denies the reality of sin, the nature of man, and the commands of God. (See my article on this, ‘Is Homosexuality Pathological?’).

Let readers and those who teach be given a warning – if you teach sin is pathological (a created state, or brought on by physical or mental means and cannot be helped), you are, to put it bluntly, a liar, teaching deception pushed out by Stonewall, and upholding the falsity of ‘orientation’ being different from actual sodomy!

Prisons – a Need for Change

More reports (government is very good at that) on the need to ‘reform’ prisons! What will happen? Probably nothing. The West is far removed from what the concept of prison should mean.

For example, prison should always be the last resort, used for the very worst of criminals. Most who are presently in prison should not be there and more ideas should be mooted to penalise criminals in the community, including ‘name and shame’ and very tough regimes. This would reduce, if not close, prisons. More criminals should face a year or two of unpaid work in the community, saving our tax money and if they have damaged or stolen from citizens - take everything they have to help repay.

Muslim prisoners should NEVER be allowed to mix with other Muslims (or anyone else) and generally each prisoner should have his or her own cell. This can then help prevent the bullying and passing on of illicit plans. This, of course, would also require very strict prison officer training and daily routine, to stop drug input. Searching should also be routine. Muslims should not be given Korans.

Prisoners should then, logically, not mix in an exercise yard, possibly with the introduction of ‘ratways’ – sufficient space to walk but not gather or communicate. Prison must be a place of punishment not rehabilitation (except for those who apply for it), so there should be no TV, radio, games, etc., and definitely no gym, where (as one police officer on a TV programme said) prisoners gain in muscle and toughness, ready to use it outside in freedom.

The death penalty for first-degree murder must be brought back – because God commands it. There should be no shortening of incarceration time... life should mean life, and ten years mean ten years. If labour is undertaken – it must be for no wages.

Food should be nutritious, but not like outside, with more food choice than most of us can manage at home! Obviously, the aim should be to discourage looking at prison as a ‘holiday’. There’s a lot more we could say, but not in such a short note.

Do You Work Hard to Fail?

One thing I gathered when working with neurotics, and many psychotics, was that they WANTED to suffer. Indeed, they worked very hard to suffer. I have noted this peculiar tendency since the 1970s. I have also noted this tendency in many who might not be officially called ‘neurotic’...

These folks will work hard for a short while to get to their goal. But, then, suddenly, they fail to get there and no-one can figure out why. Perhaps you will recognise this syndrome (because that is what it is) in students who appear to work very hard to pass their course or degree. Then, literally a month or two, or even less, before they are due to take their exams, they walk out, with any number of excuses.

Some even use the excuse that ‘God’ called them to do something else! In reality, they worked hard to fail. They give up just before they had to prove themselves. For them, to fail would be shaming. It’s a bit twisted but that’s what happens.

So, rather than officially fail, the barriers go up and they plead some ‘honourable’ course of action before failing. They don’t get to the end because they fear failing. But, all they do is fail anyway, leaving everyone intrigued and mystified. Onlookers will usually not understand, so they accept the excuses for failure.

What all this does is to reinforce a life-pattern of failure. It is a self-imposed system of fear, no different from any other neurosis or psychosis, but it is usually unrecognised by those around them.

Some people are serial failures. They go so far and then give up, because they feel inadequate or highly anxious. Rather than fail ‘officially’ they give up – so they fail anyway. And when this is the pattern, sticking at something will not be an option, because failure is already the desired end result.They think it lets them off the hook in people’s eyes, and onlookers will accept the excuses, because they know no better. And so this, too, reinforces the reasons to fail. The more they fail the shorter becomes any time in between jobs, education, and so on, and failure becomes life itself. A very sad fruitless end.

I have witnessed it too many times. The only answer is to reverse the tendency, but the longer failing continues the harder it gets, and with every new failure comes a different excuse. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as working hard to win is put out of the question.

Behind it all is an earlier fear of being found out, of doing what is necessary and REALLY failing. And behind this is usually some incident that caused them to feel bad about themselves. Their habit of failing, then, is really a self-punishment. They don’t tell anyone about this, so the original reasons are hidden with time. There may even be a reliance on psychosomatic illnesses, which, given the right fostering, can become real ailments. Even so, the REAL answer is to reverse the attitude that WANTS to fail.

Even in Christian lives this can rule a person to distraction. He or she will not speak about it because to do so might bring a genuine answer! I know of some who have refused to speak with me about this or that problem because they feared the direct and unswerving nature of my responses.

Why? Because they would need to rectify their failure and prove themselves before God. They never realise that their attitude of failing ruins their lives and dishonours the Lord. The longer they continue their failing, the deeper they get into a spiritual mess, with increasing blindness.

Furthermore, they will erect many defences to stop questions being asked. They will even convince themselves that their ailments and problems are real. Well, they would, because they refuse to deal with them! Perhaps you are now muttering that you know people like this. This might be true – but be careful you haven’t got a fir tree stuck in your own eye! The majority of Christians refuse to listen to genuine counsel or to real biblical truth. They prefer their failing beliefs to hard-core Bible doctrine.

This, friends, is just as bad as the man or woman who deliberately fails at the point of proving themselves. The local churches, then, are filled with folks who WANT to win spiritually, but whose refusal to listen or to change will drag them along a path of spiritual failure.

This is an important matter, but, reader, do you care? It is about YOU and your beliefs, which affect how you see the Lord and how you present your Christian status to others. If you are not truly following the Lord your failure is a rip-roaring success!

Read my article on this very common problem and don’t listen to friends, relatives or liberal thinkers, who will probably offer strength-depleting sympathy. Sympathy is the VERY LAST thing you need! FACE your anxieties and failures and STOP hiding from them. WORK through them! Everybody does it at some time in their lives, but it is a fruitless activity. You CAN get over it, with hard work and honest appraisal of your own mind and heart. Why beat yourself up??

Belief and Doubt Combined

Somebody sent me an amazing photo of a bird caught in amber. Remarkably, it was in flight when it was caught! Another photo showed fish and other marine fossils almost at the top of Mount Everest. Another photo I saw years ago shows dinosaur and human footprints side by side! Then there is the photo of a carving of a dinosaur on a building in India, carved at a time when only a first-hand witness could make the likeness. After all, dinosaurs did not fully die out until a few hundred years ago!

Though these are actual proofs for Creation, man living with dinosaurs, and the impossibility of evolution – WHY do so many Christians get nervous? Why do they go along with the stuff put out by evolutionists and the soft voice of David Attenborough??

Instead, BATTER these stupid evolutionist ideas until they are crushed! You don’t have to be in the physical sciences to tear evolution to shreds! Just show how illogical and unscientific evolutionists are.

If you need help go to top creationist sites, where they have hundreds of articles giving accurate science as arguments against evolution nonsense. Another thing to do is learn what constitutes the actual scientific process. This is the process and methodology that is ALWAYS the foundation of ALL genuine science.

Once you get these principles under your belt, you will be able to spot evolution fraud a million miles away and, like me, you can shout at the TV whenever Attenborough comes out with his evolutionary drivel! A strong Christian is no match for evolutionists. So, stop being afraid. Stop accepting the drivel put out by fake believers who say they are Theistic Evolutionists. YOU are on the high ground, not them!

“Let all the earth fear the LORD: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.”(Psalm 33:8) 

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