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Should Christians Be Silent?

When I was attacked from all sides in 1985 for publishing research that blamed homosexuals for AIDS, many fellow Christians (?) blamed me for being attacked. Yet, all I had done was to publish a genuine piece of research, with the encouragement of my head of department (health).

I researched AIDS because I KNEW the official information was blatantly wrong and dangerous for ALL people. That was why I warned that if nothing was done and truth told, many millions would die. That was when only 12 homosexuals had died. I was absolutely right in my prediction... but ignorant Christians thought that all the aggression towards me, and my loss of job for telling the truth, was ‘my fault’. I was told to just shut up!

Same blame was aimed at my ministry for researching and publishing opposition to the Toronto Blessing and charismaticism, when even ‘pastors’ who were deceived threatened some of their dissenting congregations with violence. The penalty for myself was blacklisting, and this continues in my home city over 20 years after our opposition. It was, of course, ‘our fault’.

When we opposed the Toronto Blessing evangelicals who should have been allies were not – they spoke against us.

The same thing happened in 2005 when I criticised a lying article by a health professor, who said homosexuality was healthy, normal and acceptable. I warned readers in the journal in which he had published his obvious piece of propaganda, and offered rock-solid world health figures and facts to show how much the man was in error.
Instead of wanting to know more, professionals in health attacked me for three weeks in the journal (published weekly) and I lost my senior job. Again, for telling the truth. I did not expect much support from my fellow Christians – and I didn’t get it! Instead, it was ‘my fault’ that I lost my job; I should have ‘remained silent’. And the same attitude has been shown towards our opposition to Islam. It is ‘our fault’ if we are attacked! In other words, wait until terrorists kill you, and then let your family protest (if they can).

Should Christians stay silent when there are serious and growing dangers to their lives and spiritual freedom? We have been told that our work on Islam makes us ‘self-harming’! That is, it will be our own fault if killers come after us! Not the fault of murderers. It is completely our fault for being ‘self-harming’.

Exactly the same accusation can be made against Paul, the Apostles, countless other disciples who died at the hands of God-haters, and even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. How dare He speak out against the Jewry of His day? It was His own fault He was put to death... after all, He refused to stay in the shadows, so He was ‘self-harming’ - it served Him right!

When God calls a man to a ministry, He must comply, even if it brings him harm or threats. Those Christians who prefer silence will never enter the fray as an outright soldier of the Lord. In that way they could never be told they are ‘self-harming’! Or true believers.

Have YOU Got an Oil Patch?

I heard another great description today by an American talking about an expert in restoring and building ancient motorbikes. Of the expert the narrator said “He can build a motorcycle from an oil patch!” I loved it!

He meant that the man, in his thirties, was so knowledgeable and skilled, he could take a pile of old motorbike bits and turn them into a bike that looked and worked like a brand new one.

Like other Christians I have devoted my time to the study and exposition of God’s word from the time I was saved in the 1960s. Even when I worked for my wage I spent every spare moment doing this. So, it is not surprising that I can ‘argue my corner’ biblically and theologically.

But, my friends, all those years of study mean nothing if I do not have even the oil patch on the floor! What matters is NOT knowledge gained by study but a spirit taught by the Holy Spirit. It is THIS that makes a person ‘expert’ in the things of God.

That motorbike builder was immersed in his task, His understanding of his subject was instinctive and so honed, he could ‘see’ a rebuilt bike even when it was just a pile of junk steel on the floor. He could begin at any end of the process and come away with a rebuilt prize, because his very being was centred on the task.

Of course, this includes knowledge and practice, but the real essence is having a heart centred on what he loved to do. As I used to say to those interested in art, a real artist isn’t the one whose technical expertise is obvious... the REAL artist is the one who MUST produce art; it bubbles up from within as a God-given talent.

I had a similar note of advice for nurses... the nurse who continually sympathises with her patients is of no real use. What is needed is a person with training who can look past the diagnosis and get things done. Becoming emotionally involved is just damaging, because it hinders the work!

In the things of God, it is the heart that God looks at, not how much academic success or knowledge a person has. If the heart is right and the sincere aim is to do whatever God wants, then that person is a true and useable godly person, and God will direct him or her to reach others with the Gospel and Bible teaching. That person will be effective and true, whereas the one who has head knowledge will only pass on ‘dry bones’.

So, can YOU begin with an oil patch? Or, do you rely on knowledge and training? The end results of both may LOOK the same, but they are far apart. (You might have to read all this again, to get the gist).

Trust in Man?

It is a fact that many people think they know my character from my writing. And, as I once said years ago, I used to be visited by pastors who tried ever so slyly to see what I had in my library... the idea was to assess me according to the book titles. Oh dear! Rather fruitless, and the results were usually very wrong. And the number of those who think they can guess my inner thoughts by what I write or say is big!! Everyone’s an expert!
The fact is, if something is my ‘inner thought’ I will say so. When I write, I am very specific and frame what I say very carefully (even if enemies don’t like it). I don’t hide secret thoughts from people, but speak openly.

So, when I write on serious subjects such as homosexuality and Islam, those who don’t like me anyway, or whose humanistic values prevent them from seeing God’s truth, claim that I ‘must hate’ people in those two groups... even though I have never once said such a thing!

My maxim is very simple and honest. That is, I trust everybody – until I can’t! It used to be my foundation when I worked in the secular field and proved to be workable and useful when I was the man in charge (which I was, for most of my working life). In other words, I didn’t use my faith in Christ like a battering ram. So long as a person worked as he or she should, I treated them like everyone else. I trusted them... until they proved they could NOT be trusted. Even when I knew for a fact that some workers were against me, I never let this make me treat them differently. If I did not do this, my life would have been one long string of misery and paranoia!

I applied the same maxim to homosexuals and Muslims, and, sadly, I have found, throughout my career and also in my Christian life, that I could NOT trust homosexuals or Muslims. Before the end of the 1970s I could have a margin of human trust in both. But, since they have become aggressive, I no longer trust. And it is becoming almost impossible to trust those who sympathise with either group.

What does this mean? I do not shoot people in the head because I don’t trust them!! I simply keep aloof, unless they wish to greet me. If trust (based on how they act and speak) continues to be breached, then I take steps backward, until I am fully aloof. And if what they say and do becomes intolerable, I will remove my presence altogether. That’s it. Those who fondly think of me as some kind of Hitler have got it very wrong. Indeed, those who hate me (in those two groups) do so without warrant, for my only ‘crime’ is to write about the awful things they do, especially if what they do is aimed at Christians and God; and I speak of what God says about them. I don’t take it any further, nor do I thereby ‘hate’ them. Yes, I hate what they think, say and do, but I don’t then antagonise them deliberately. I can even have light friendships with them.

As I recently said in an article, I only speak truth and the facts. I don’t resort to emotionalism or hatred of people. But, it is my practice of speaking truth about them that they hate. They hate both what I write and my person, thus hating when I do not. Do you get my point? Overall, I trust human beings until they cannot be trusted. It is only the Lord Who I trust without reservation.

Turning Black into White...

TV and radio are now routinely featuring homosexuals in programmes, series and advertisements, even though the number of homosexuals at any one time is less than one in 100. Look at any series about British people going to buy homes abroad, or about British people starting businesses in the Mediterranean. Look at long-running series aimed at younger people, such as the Australian ‘Neighbours’, and almost whole episodes are given over to homosexuals. There are radio and TV shows whose presenters are homosexuals. The British Parliament is awash with homosexuals, far more in terms of percentages than in everyday life. And many leaders of colleges are homosexuals. Add to this the way homosexuals are vaunted in life, and we are seeing the way black is made to be white!

The aim of both homosexualisation and Islamisation is to make both appear to be normal, an ordinary part of life. By increasing acceptance and promotion of them, the West is being shown an iron fist – follow us, or suffer the consequences. But, the consequence of following is the death of millions by foul diseases, the subjection of millions by sharia, and the death of freedom itself. These are just a few consequences of letting the world brow-beat the Gospel and God’s word.

The homosexualisation of the world is well under way and anyone who objects is swiftly dealt with. This will not only twist hearts towards perversion, it will also increase deaths by AIDS and other sexual fatal diseases by an enormous number, thus also increasing the vast costs of treating these diseases. And alongside all that, almost itself perversely, is the cultivation of Islam in countries of the West that are alien to this Middle Eastern barbarism. It is perverse because two supposedly clashing ideologies are being fostered together! But, it isn’t too odd, for both movements are fascist and totalitarian. And one, though hypocritically, will try to eradicate the other. Scary days, but all consistent with the end times.

Remember What They Were...

We have written a series on the KJAV (ask for a list of articles), including some on the evil work of Westcott and Hort. It is worth remembering they were acting on behalf of Romanism (directly or indirectly we do not yet know). In 1882 they introduced their supposed ‘revision’ of the KJAV’s New Testament. This was a deception for it was really a translation of the Roman Catholic Vaticanus and Siniaticus texts! Since then, almost all new ‘translations’ (really, they are nothing of the sort – but are paraphrases) have followed the path shown to them by Westcott and Hort, producing confusion and extending the grasp of Rome by placing doubts about the KJAV into the minds of Christians and unbelievers alike.Don’t lose your focus! Rome is STILL trying to break apart the ground on which Protestantism builds its trust... the KJAV, the best version of God’s word we know of.

Invariably, all Arminians are susceptible to W&Hs great lie, even though Rome began its opposition to true believers by murdering them in their thousands. This activity still continues in some ardent Romanist countries, such as Mexico. No need to look towards murderous Islam when Rome is about! Both want our blood equally, hence the secret liaisons between popes and Islamic leaders for many decades. Even so, Rome hopes that deceptive Bible ‘translations’ will soften the majority. Charismatics greatly assist in this by adopting these fake bibles. The road to follow Christ is very narrow – fall over the edge and you are in trouble!

First Muslims, Now Hindus!

It’s an interesting phenomenon: The homosexuals began totalitarian bullying of the whole of society. Muslims, seeing that it worked, copy the same tactics, combining a whining lie that they are ‘victims’, when, just like homosexuals, they are not. Instead, they terrorise the world.

Now, the Hindu BJP Party in India is copying the tactics of Muslims!! The Party has won a major victory and now has control over the most populated area of India. This is news and a forewarning, for the Party has promised to murder all Christians in India. So much for the ‘peace’ claims of Hindus!! (See our articles on Hinduism).
This isn’t idle criticism. One Christian pastor, Ritesh Joshua, was taking a break and saw over 100 saffron-dressed Hindus coming, carrying big sticks and shouting “You are converting people. We will not allow (it).” They pushed people around and overthrew furniture. They began to interrogate Indian Christians... something many people around the world are used to, but coming from Muslims! The police arrived, but only just in time, stopping the sticks being used as weapons.

Like Islam, many in Hinduism are supremacists, like the leader of the BJP Party. Now, he rules over what is the equivalent of the sixth largest nation on earth. One fifth of its 200 million people are Muslims. Everyone there is ‘stunned’ that such a fringe party now controls a huge area... and will probably spread its extremist policies to all India. (This is how charismaticism took over the churches when it was still on the fringes, and it is how Islam is doing the very same thing).

Also like Muslims, young men in this movement sexually harass young women throughout India. Muslims, too, will be eyed as this violent party entrenches itself in Indian politics. One Indian journalist sees these young men as a ”private army” (remember that other infamous party ruled by Hitler?).

The new leader says “Get ready for a final battle”. Members have already attacked Muslim shops and buildings. Some blame the rise of this new threat on the caste system which sows division in Indian society. The blame is put on earlier Muslims and on the British (hence the promised purge of Christians, who they equate with British rule).

(Source for the above: The Guardian, reported several times since 2013).

Just as Muslim activists want to attack and punish all ‘moderate’ Muslims, so this violent breed of Hindus want to hang people who eat beef, and fellow Hindus who believe in secular ideologies. No, this isn’t random – the ‘policy’ was formed by a conclave of 130 Hindu organisations. Thus, Hindus across India are already terrorising Christians, so they can institute the ‘Hindutva Rashtra’, or ‘perfect Hindu state’. Exactly the same desire found amongst Muslims! It is intended to make India wholly Hindu within ten years. Christians and Muslims will be told to bow before an Hindu god, and if they refuse, they will be decapitated. Hm... sounds familiar?

Another tactic borrowed from Islam – these violent Hindus are paying fake researchers to say Hinduism is one unified religion of Indian origin. But, it isn’t! It is a conglomeration of thousands of tiny groups, most with differing beliefs and rites... and all Hindu beliefs are external to India. These violent threats to peace are similar beliefs to those held by Hitler. No surprise there!

Hinduism, then, is doing what it must, because its roots are satanic, and today Satan is set on destroying anything of God, plus non-compliant people who do not want to be Hindus. Hence the fast-growing evils worldwide and the distinct hatred shown for Christians. Indian Christians - beware!

(Source: Additional information sent in by an Indian reader living in India).

Why Do Christians Celebrate Easter??

Those on our mailing list will have received my article explaining that where our KJAV refers to Easter (only once), it is a correct statement... it was a reference to the pagan festival by that name.

So – WHY do Christians celebrate it? Christians are free, according to the New Testament, to celebrate any day or season they personally believe to be special, but NOT free to celebrate a pagan festival, or to celebrate anything just because it is expected of them!

Christians, then, can celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, but they should never link it to paganism. If they renamed this season (originally used in a pseudo-Christian setting by Rome so as to welcome pagans into the Romish fold), then perhaps it could be acceptable. That is the objection in a nutshell!

Sadly, ‘Easter’ appears to be a mistaken way of translating the Hebrew Pesach into English, even though the Passover had nothing to do with the pagan Easter, named after a pagan goddess. Indeed, modern Christians have a peculiar penchant for things that cannot be found in scripture, but few ever want to discover the truth for themselves, and so modern Christianity is a very mixed-up and often unbiblical collection of nonsense. That is why everyone MUST get back to scripture, leaving the guesses and sinful associations to the unsaved.

Only those called by God will do what they do, even when strongly opposed. It is because they MUST do what they do. Ever known this?? WHY NOT??

Few modern believers act out their claimed faith, such is their love of job, security and money. Is this you??