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The Christian Life

The Christian life is a most peculiar thing. This is because its claims don’t match biblical reality. And with over 20,000 religions in the world, many of which are ‘Christian’ sects, this should not be surprising.

Here at BTM I often receive evidences of this disparity, ranging from mild disagreement to full-on hatred. It seems very few who call themselves ‘Christian’ understand what it means to be one.

Sometime after Christ died a pagan writer said of early Christians “See how they love each other”. He echoed others who said the same thing. And the observation is based on biblical commands to love each other. So, why is it such a problem today?

It is my view that to be Christians together is a high calling, a privilege given by God. Yet, in my own lifetime I have come across very few examples of this desired love, towards myself or towards others. This is one reason why one of my new books (still being written) describes what God’s word means by ‘love’. It is needful. After that I will write about what scripture says about ‘hate’. These are real ‘basics’.

Meanwhile, may I suggest a number of markers for what it means to be fellow believers together?

Apart from the necessary and obvious fact, that all genuine Christians are saved by God’s grace and mercy alone, we all have a duty (and hopefully a real love) to ACT like believers together!

For example, once we become believers we are all in the same boat – we are still sinners, though we are saved by grace and will not suffer the consequences of our sin. In simple terms, this means none of us is better than the other, and none of us is worse. We are all capable of the worst and most heinous sins imaginable, and so none of us should tut-tut about Jim’s sin or Jane’s wicked act as if we were blameless and so holy we never do anything wrong, even in our minds!

As a young Christian I did not live up to this maxim, but thought I was always right and everyone else sinned worse than I did!! Sadly, much of this attitude came from the Christians I joined with. It was an attitude that did not disappear until the Lord took me away from the established churches. Then, freed of their influence I read scripture as it was meant to be read, and this exposed my sinful character, though I was indeed saved… but my personal grace and mercy didn’t match that of the Lord Who saved me. So, I know how people think!

This recognition of my own sinfulness and bad attitude led me to see others in a light that hitherto escaped me, and I began to see others as more important than myself.

Now, if everyone thinks like that, no-one is better or worse, because we are all the same in God’s eyes. It is also what I teach married folks – treat your spouse as more important than yourself and you will have harmony and real love. This is because each spouse loses his or her pride and attitudes that harm, and go all-out to love the other truly, in God’s name.

There are many more examples of how to live as believers together. From another angle, there comes something most Christians loathe – being shown their faults and sins. None of us wants to be caught in sin, and it is humiliating. However, sin includes the tiniest wrong thought as well as the worst outward sin imaginable. To God every one of them is vile and enough to send us to hell, but for our salvation. Though saved, we must still endeavour to live as we ought.

 And this is one reason why scripture tells us to exhort and rebuke each other. Not as a sudden explosion of anger, but as a continual practice of love and concern. But – try it and most folks will jump down your throat or simply deny any sin on their part. I know this because I get this kind of reaction time and again. It is a fact that while my fellow members can go home and forget any such intrusion, I have no such luxury, because, as a teacher and pastor, my responsibility does not end when the study or teaching is finished for the day… I am held responsible 24x7. I pray for and about others, even when I am sometimes castigated for bringing a problem to light. Not just in our church but worldwide from readers.

Sometimes, the attitude of critics can be severe without warrant, and so my response will be strong. Mostly, though, I will try to reason with the critics, whether in our small church or outside it. If they allow me to speak. I am expected to play dumb, but they want to be vocal.

So, we must listen to each other as friends in the Lord. We must discuss problems and not just walk away, sometimes forever. If I rebuke or draw attention to one’s sin, it is not because I feel superior. Far from it! I do not like it when I have to do these things, but, my godly calling does not allow me to turn away. And, if I am guilty of a sin or other wrong I expect others to speak to me about it. Not in anger but with a sympathetic ear, and a heart of love for the brethren.

Christians are not free agents, but are servants of the Most High. We must all play our part as members of a royal, divine family. And if we are as close to each other as we ought to be, we will try our best to be loving and caring towards each other, and will take note when we are criticised or when our sin is brought to our attention. Sadly, this does not happen in most cases and trouble festers into boiling anger or shunning, without just cause.

Let us, then, live as to the Lord, and care for each other. Don’t be held back by pride when you are approached about a sin (sometimes perceived rather than actual – which is why it must be discussed and not ignored). Own up to any wrong and put it right. And when each of us does the same thing there will be no nasty surprises or harmful bursts of bad reaction. Also remember that simply allowing time to pass does not deal with the matter… make sure it is dealt with fast and properly so that it doesn’t haunt the mind. As 1 Peter 4:8 says:

“And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.”

This is a sign of our salvation. Without this love we are still dead in our sins, as 1 John 3:14 tells us starkly. And, loving each other is Christ’s command. Do YOU love??

BTM Publications

The Toronto Blessing series

We have now published the initial ‘Toronto Blessing Diary’ plus three Volumes of ‘Toronto Blessing – Charismatic Deception’. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are now available from Lulu.

We decided not to publish further Volumes, because the idea was to provide an historical record of what happened, and our initial responses to the fake ‘movement of God’. However, our Publications’ List has many other articles on the Charismatic error, including notes on the Alpha Course, the Anglican support system for charismaticism.

The next book will be Luther’s 95 Theses Explained. Though many Christians say the Theses were a ‘good thing’, almost none have actually read them! In reality the Theses are NOT what Christians think they are!!

Lest We Forget…

This phrase is usually used in war remembrance services. It was first found in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘Recessional’. He wrote the phrase to warn of the dangers of forgetting, which can repeat the same sins. And, maybe it’s a surprise to many, but his poem was a Christian one.

Perhaps another surprise is that this concept of being careful not to forget, is also found in Deuteronomy 4:7-9.

"For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for? And what nation is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day? Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy son's sons …."

Ordinary Germans, after the war, stayed silent about their part in WW2 and the horrors committed by Nazis. Though many did not become Nazis or take part in Nazi evils, they were still complicit, by staying silent. I can’t recount how many times I have been told to shut up – after all, it is my own fault that I lost jobs and was hounded by evil homosexuals!! Same kind of submission to evil! Same kind of reasoning that leads to acceptance of wickedness, even in the most mild-mannered citizens, just so as to escape being targeted. Just hide and stay quiet!

I was born the year after WW2 finished, but my mind and heart knows what happened. I began my life in the post-war era and, thank God, never experienced what victims of German Nazi ideology suffered. In 1933 the first concentration camp was opened, specifically to get rid of ‘enemies of the state’, mainly communists and thinkers. Stalin had a similar idea and killed even more than Hitler. Today, we are returning to it.

Hitler had a Minister for Church Affairs, who wanted to see ‘Positive Christianity’… something akin to our modern ‘Progressive Christianity”… which would mean disrupting and rewriting biblical truths. Genuine Christianity had to go and be remoulded into a weapon of the Nazi regime.

Given the vicious pressure put on Christians today, have I really missed the atrocities of Nazi wickedness? It is my view that whilst full Nazi totalitarianism has yet to emerge, it is still the aim, well-planned by socialists of both communistic and Nazi persuasion. It is fast coming to fruition; remember the EU is fascist while the UN is Marxist. Both are two sides of the same heathen socialist coin. In the 1970s I experienced constant ridicule for being a Christian… and I MEAN ridicule, not the imagined ridicule most believers think they get today. And many still try this oppressive tactic EVERY DAY. I can tell you that constant ridicule helped to make me what I am today. In those days I never backed down, and I still don’t today. I MUST speak out against public sin.  But, the cost has been high.

So – did I miss the Nazi persecutions of WW2? Yes, but, socialists still came after me, and have done so throughout most of my life. Homosexuality is socialism. Islam is socialism. Environmentalism is socialism. The Labour Party is socialism. Even the conservative Party is now socialistic!

When Hitler began to take thousands to concentration/death camps, some who were skilled workers but prisoners, spoke of demonic actions… like trains finally being routed to stop just yards from furnaces and gas chambers, to increase ‘efficiency’. Mothers and children were immediately gassed as they got off the trains. And when the guards ran out of gas they simply threw babies and small children straight into the furnaces to be burnt alive. SS guards and their helpers, prisoners (kapos) with a sadistic streak, thought it was great fun to shoot prisoners for nothing and even got them to dig their own graves. The cruelty was phenomenal and off the scale.

 Do you really think people around us today would not become as those people were? Then you are deluded. ANYONE could become demonically inspired but for the grace of God!! Surely I don’t include Christians? Oh yes I do… Christians who think little and do nothing would be prime targets for socialists, as they were in Germany. And they become moreso if they forget what Nazi evil is all about. I know this because my biggest enemies today happen to be those who claim to be Christians.

 This is why we MUST define what a Christian is, and reject all who do not comply with what God says. I don’t mean we must round them up or shoot them… I mean we must ‘mark them’ as scripture demands. We must be aware of who they are and must not allow them to be named amongst us. They, on the other hand, will easily denounce us to authorities and join in any physical rounding-up, to save their own skins.

Think not? Then read recent history and look at what is happening right now in the USA and Europe, Africa, etc. The UK is very close to being the same. Hiding from the enemy won’t help, because an enemy despises cowards and collaborators, relegating their own kind to arrest and harm. In the USA large numbers gather as mobs to attack decent folks. Violence comes easy to them. Universities are now mainly filled with hate and Nazi/Marxist ideology.

Book distributors ban books not liked by socialism, and this is just the same as burning them. Thoughts not consistent with socialism are banned and bring people before the courts. And those who defy the fascism of Islam are daily murdered throughout the world. NOW tell me we are not reviving the satanic Nazi regime!! Babies are being shredded in the womb by medical machines. In which way is this different to throwing babies into furnaces? Both feel the unbearable pain of being murdered!! And many pregnant women repeat this performance without conscience or remorse.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or why I maintain this stance, have the courage to watch documentaries and films made at the time, of Nazi atrocities. Then, maybe, you will begin to understand.

Friends, this short article is tough, but necessary. If we forget the recent past we will repeat it… and much that happened in Nazi Germany and in Stalinist Russia is being resurrected today. Many current socialist actions and ideas are replicas of those Nazi and Marxist actions and ideas. Yet, the world sits back and simply utters lame remarks, or turn their TV over to a useless game show. They are no longer horrified by what enemies do in front of their eyes. So, I challenge all who claim to be believers: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?

I don’t know why this had to be written at this time, when so many Christians fail time and again to stand up for the Lord and His truth. But, I was compelled to write it, such is the strength of feeling I have about the issues presented. Are you kept very busy ignoring the warnings and the living proofs? Do you prefer going abroad on holiday, to training your mind and heart to meet the challenges of growing apostasy and evil? Or, will a visit to the supermarket hide the fact of anti-God wickedness now being prepared against the people of God? Yes, that packet of fresh peas will do nicely!!

The Holocaust was just one example of what all of us are capable of when we allow satanic people to rule and make laws against others just because they refuse to think the same things. Behind it was a far greater and more horrific movement designed to crush freedom and truth. This same movement is at work around the world. And even Christians deliberately vote sinful people into office, later to wonder why they are being persecuted!

I don’t want to be reminded of WW2 horrors and what Nazi evil is all about. But, I have no choice! The thoughts arise regularly, though I was not around during WW2. This is because we MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER what happens when people forget God and allow evil leaders to rule. WW2 is a prime example of what evil looks like and how ordinary people can act like unruly violent mobs. But, the spirit behind WW2 and Nazis is again on the march. For me, the images and thoughts are very strong, about the past, present, and what I see happening in the near future. Compared, enjoying my holiday, or buying a packet of peas, is as nothing. We should not allow the past to badly colour our present, but we must NEVER forget what human beings are capable of under bad leadership and thought control.


Islamic Reality

I know that when I warn Islam is socialistic – fascist, few people listen. So, why do I keep saying it? As a testimony I hope will always stand firm in history, probably at the back of a dusty shelf. Or, at least until the same fascists burn my books and destroy anything of mine on the worldwide web. Indeed, it will happen to ANYONE who dares to question Islam.

As one with a relatively good knowledge of what Nazi Germany did, I can easily see Islam as a fascist entity. After WW2 Germans admitted Hitler gained his followers ‘drip by drip’ and not by instant violence against the people. The people were taught that acts of violence and murder were done by ‘extremists’ who had nothing to do with Hitler, his new age of ‘peace’, or with the Nazi Party. Sound familiar?

When I had a column with a Canadian publication I introduced a phrase, ‘joining the dots’ in an article exposing something being done in the USA. I listed a number of clues, showing that what appeared to be separate issues and people, were actually joined by their views and covert activities. After that, a number of other writers began a similar exercise and ‘joined the dots’… and suddenly what was once a mystery was revealed.

Islam is a secret hidden in plain sight! It has made its intentions VERY clear. But, it is being treated like an heathen god. Its constant statements, that it is a religion of peace, uncannily like Hitler’s Nazi claims, resounds around the world, at the same time that Muslims everywhere murder and mistreat those who are not Muslim, or not the right kind of Muslim! JOIN THE DOTS!

Islam uses the same fascist template as the Nazi Party. It follows the same propaganda format. It kills while, at the same time, telling everyone it is peaceful. It burns books digitally, through giant book distributors like Amazon, and in the media.

Before Poland was invaded, northern Poland had many German families. To have an excuse to take over Poland Hitler had these Germans to tell the world that Poland was being nasty to them; they were being persecuted though they were peaceful. Oh how they turned on tears for the cameras! It was all a huge sham, engineered by Nazi leaders as an excuse to invade. They needed an excuse, so invented Naziphobia! Britain was the first to sign an accord with Hitler, just as it is one of the first countries today to have an accord with Islam! We know what happened after the prime minster waved his accord in the air – we were enveloped in war!

Note, too, how Britain has always been the first to submit and implement EU ‘laws’, acting more like a snivelling schoolboy ratting on his mates! This shows an institutionalised ratting-society ready and willing to snuff out anyone who taints their own wellbeing with truth. And it starts at the top. Our society reflects who rules. It is almost a dictator in the West even while elected governments exist. (But, not for long). And, once again, Jews and genuine Christians are being eradicated, by law and then by engineered public disapproval, brought about by propaganda and silencing of good media. Nazi ideology and actions all over again; fascism reborn.

I KNOW many who read this very short reminder will probably sigh because the warning is being repeated. Oh, it is so tiresome! I still smart when I recall my 40 years warning against homosexual domination. Christians didn’t listen then, either. Will God help Islam-compliant ‘believers’ when Islam brings in its ‘brown shirts’? No. JOIN THE DOTS!

We no longer need clues – because the reality is so obvious. Just as most of Germany clapped and cheered when Hitler took over, so will Islamophiles do the same when Islam takes over. See how many ‘churches’ befriend and accept homosexuals! Same thing! Then, those ‘Christians’ will be rendered powerless and silent. Only then will they realise what they have done and not done. God forbid that all Christians* sink this low… but, many have. I urge you all to read about the rise of Nazis and WW2. Watch those older TV programmes about it. You will quickly be able to substitute ‘Islam’ for ‘Nazi’. Be warned my friends, even as critics warn against me for speaking like this! (*I use the term loosely, for when those who claim to follow the Lord act against Him and His people, we may reasonably doubt their calling. That they might act out of fear does not cancel the conscience).

Read Bede!

Do you read history? Especially of the Church? You should! One of my favourite books on this is ‘A History of the English Church and People’, by the English monk, Bede. I am reading it again in my spare time.

He lived in an era when what we now call the UK consisted of about half a dozen kingdoms. The people called the Scots lived in Ireland. Scotland was filled with Picts, and below them was the ocean-to-ocean Hadrian’s Wall built by the Romans. And south of this were several kingdoms. The English invaded, and Britons were a separate nation. Bede wrote the first history of all this.

What he shows is that Roman Catholicism was ignored by the existing Christians, who appear to have known Christ from almost the moment after Christ died and BEFORE Romanism existed. These are often referred to as the Celtic Church and charismatics love to emulate them because they think the Celts were ‘more authentic’! But, they were a hotch-potch of people that included genuine believers, but had some odd ideas, probably explained by their being isolated from the rest of the world. They developed their own hierarchy and system (mankind cannot resist meddling with what God gives us).

The main point is that the ‘English’ church or rather the churches allied to the several kingdoms, did not submit to Rome until the seventh century AD. This confounds the Romish claim that all churches were always Roman! The Celts could take the popes or leave them… until they all were persuaded to adopt the ‘real’ date of Easter set by Rome in the seventh century. In itself this was nonsense, because they were really talking about Christ’s death and resurrection, with ‘Easter’ being an entirely different story (if you want more details ask for our article on the subject) about paganism.

The Shroud

As I was getting my wife up one morning a programme about the shroud was on TV. I listened as I worked, but nothing new came up from previous similar programmes.

As I say in the paper I wrote about this subject, ultimately there is no way the famed shroud can be properly attributed to Jesus. It is impossible! It can be shown to be of the right age, the right cloth, even with things like seeds of the time embedded in it. It can have a figure imprinted into the cloth. But, there can be no proven direct link between it and Jesus. Nor can there ever be.

I agree that its sudden appearance in the middle ages, in a Roman Catholic environment, is highly suspicious. What better way to draw people into the superstitious RCC than this? Just like the claimed relics.

So, I remain untouched by the shroud, and urge Christians not to spend their time on it. It will only take you on a journey to nowhere. Far better to study doctrine!

And a Bit More…

While Bede did an excellent job of recording salvation and Romanism in the UK’s first centuries after Christ, when people’s names and places sound very foreign, he showed that Christians were untaught. He mentions topics of faith – all accurate and true (chapter 22 of his book). And yet he also mentions Romanistic errors and practices. It is my view that if Rome had not sent its missionaries to the English (and other nations in what we today call ‘Britain) the Celts would have got on just fine. BUT – they would also have come up with errors. It is what happens when a people are isolated and have to carry on as they think fit. Trouble is, what they saw as ‘fit’ was sometimes way off the mark! Rome’s insistence on the ‘correct’ date for Easter came at the time the Celts were off-guard, so they accepted the authority of the pope on the matter. As we know if we give an inch, heretics will take a mile… and that is what Rome did!

So, Bede beautifully describes God’s majesty and true doctrine in chapter 22, showing the ‘preaching of Cedd’ (a priest). But, also in this chapter we see how easily people can lose their claimed ‘salvation’ when they rely on a priest to tell them what the ‘faith’ is and merely give intellectual assent to it. The book contains a number of stories of ‘Christian’ kings who ‘converted’ their people, and for the same people to immediately go back to paganism when the king died! This is how Romanism works. It is also how ANY supposed ‘Christian’ denomination or cult works, including charismaticism, Alpha, and so on. You can ‘teach’ people what Christian faith means, but it is useless unless individuals are called by God to personal repentance and salvation. That is why the people swapped from pagan to Christian because the kings desired it and swiftly lost all pretence of salvation when the kings died.

Boris Johnson

Please be cautious! I received an email that literally gushed forth with praise for Boris, who was thought to be another Churchill. I recommend people hold their praise for him until we see what he says and does. He might be okay, but he might not. We have no idea how he will turn out yet, so hold back on praise. Some even think he is another Trump.

Trump is doing a great job and is definitely a very strong leader, But, he also supports things Christians cannot accept. We do not know yet if Boris will be the same.

If he pushes forward and we leave the EU on the date specified, WIHOUT a deal, then that is great – but it is only the first hurdle. We must pray he will return Britain back down a better and more moral road, but with evil men and women baying in his ears, he is likely not to meet Christian expectations. We cannot yet tell. All we can see at BTM is a clever man, intelligent, and not the ‘buffoon’ critics call him. Some use humour as a defence mechanism. Just wait and pray! And push for a more biblical outcome.


Today I watched a documentary on ‘the Vatican Archives’. Oh what a muddled and false picture of the true Church!!

The overall statement being made was that the Vatican and its servants, from popes downwards, ARE ‘the Church’… even the pope who turned the Vatican into a huge brothel! The worst fact is that many Christians today have an affinity to this fake church.

Let it be known and said publicly, by ALL who claim to belong to Christ, that the Roman Catholic ‘church’ is NOT the Church, nor is it even a part of it. It stands alone as a wicked imitation – and a very bad one at that.

I would remind believers that much of what we find in charismaticism is found in Romanism. Part of the programme showed a meeting led by an ‘official exorcist’ priest. In appearance it looked just like those huge meetings of charismatics where all kinds of ‘miracles’ come about. The halls were packed with a few thousand people milling about. What struck me the most was that the people said to be demon possessed LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THOSE WHO ARE ‘SLAIN’ IN CHARISMATIC MEETINGS!! The shaking, falling backwards, and so on – the same!

Do not hesitate to call Romanism a cult, or even occultic. Tell others it is NOT the Church or a part of it. It stands alone as a separate cult, a false church, one of the tares Christ will destroy in the last day. The biggest foe to Christians in this matter is when they become friendly with Catholics. We should be courteous, yes… but friendly? No. It is this same problem found in criticism of charismaticism and charismatics – minds and hearts are swayed towards lenience and acceptance because of friendships. Yes, it really is a ‘big deal’! This is why we should take heed of God’s word – 2 Chronicles 19:2b, a text that causes me not to provide charitable help to Islamic countries:

“… Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.”

Very plainly, we are warned NOT to give help of any kind to the enemies of God. To do so brings His wrath upon our own heads, including our destruction by jihadists.

Frankly, I fear this warning more than I fear the Christians who imply I am evil for bringing criticism against Islam and charismaticism. They have fallen for the big lie, and consider their ‘friendship’ with Muslims/charismatics to be of higher worth than the word of God. I shudder!

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