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Greta Thunberg – Collateral Damage

The Green movement is fake environmentalism, because it has nothing to do with the environment. It is deception dressed as concern for the environment. Behind all the Greenery is a one world socialist agenda. It works by making people terrified of the future, and by saying only socialism will put things right!

Socialists can’t convince people with logical and scientific arguments. This is because there is nothing logical or scientific about them! They are empty vessels making as much noise as possible. It HAS to be a lot of noise, so as to drown out actual science and real logic. And now the same wicked people are becoming even more godless. Like Hamas and ISIS they are more than willing to push children into the front line, knowing they are being groomed by unscrupulous mega-billionaires and harmed as children. Even though thousands of scientists have now declared the whole Green movement to be working from false science. The science was proved false when Al Gore tried to scam the world ten years ago! But, who cares about the truth? Just keep marching onwards with red flag flying!

Just yesterday I laughed with others about the 16 year old girl from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, and her ludicrous speech before the UN. She was absolutely shot down in flames by climate realists, while pro-Greens thundered their foul-mouthed support.

But, I looked again, especially at her face. I don’t usually have sympathy for those who try to force others to do their bidding, But, her face shows far more than anger. What I see now is a child becoming a young woman, but without genuine support and counsel. Her face is one of real fear and anxiety. Yes, she has had, and maybe still has, several mental imbalance problems. But, I now see more – I see fear that the world she lives in will end in 10-12 years’ time. It is the same fear being rained upon children worldwide, and why many of them are now a psychological mess. And the ones who are bringing this fear are wily adults, who groom the kids for years with stories of extinction. Being kids, they are victims, collateral damage necessary to get an adult themed political movement into power!

The adults don’t care about the damage. Nor does Greta’s ‘minder’. Nor do her parents. Nor does Soros, who pays the minder, whose task it is to shadow Greta so closely she can’t breathe on her own. (Some leftist articles claim she is not paid to speak as she does. Maybe that is true – but her minder IS paid by Soros to keep the girl in shackles and to make sure she maintains a frantic socialist line. She is just a pawn.

The girl is frightened out of her mind, made afraid for no good reason, by Greens whose agenda has always been about socialist power. The science proves there is no ‘climate emergency’… just ordinary, everyday climate change that has gone on for millennia. Sadly, because she is only just emerging from childhood, Greta is unable to comprehend what is going on. She believes the hype rammed into her by Greens. Because she is so young she is unable to assess the facts intellectually. Most adults can’t do so – how can a girl so young form a proper view when science itself is blinding the blind even more for the sake of gaining funding for their fake work?

Greta is scared out of her mind. Jesus had some words to say about harming children (both new Christians and actual children), but socialists don’t care about that. They just want power, and youngsters like Greta are expendable in the process. Yes, she comes out as obnoxious, but fear does that to some.

Schools are allowing children to get swept up in this whirlwind of fakery. Young adults are saying they will not have children unless governments at last ‘do something’ about climate change. The fact that no man on earth can ‘do something’ about climate is irrelevant to them. So, Muslims are delighted – they can easily fill the world with Islam by making many babies to fill the void, no matter what climate does!

We now have a bizarre situation. The UN has Greta to lecture the world, because it is itself Marxist and Greta is good at getting a reaction. The fact that she will have a big mental collapse one day soon does not bother them, so long as she helps to foment anxiety.

And children are actually given permission to stay off school so they can ‘protest’. Against what exactly? They don’t really know! Nor do they have the intellectual capacity to deal with the Green agenda. All they know is that by ‘protesting’ they can get time off from school! Even if they DID have some idea, the environment is governed by complex science that even adult scientists struggle with! All this is beside the point, for no country can be ruled by the childish opinions of… children.

Greta, very emotionally, chided the world for not doing what she wants (aka what Soros and Socialists want). The statements she made about the eco-system and so on were all unscientific and so general as to be useless. BUT – it is adults who feed her this rubbish. They should be ashamed of themselves. I can see the terror on her face, and I hear her desperation behind the harsh words and insults. It is a terror that can only end in her mental collapse, probably quite soon. I’ve seen it before, and it isn’t pretty.

Yes, we must totally obliterate her rhetoric, but still remember her young age. She is where she is now by adult grooming. She is responding the only way a frightened youngster can, by clawing at others, yelling abuse, and raising her blood pressure.

And adults who presently kick out at what she says, should help to stop this peddling in childish desires perpetrated by socialist cheer-leaders who care nothing for the girl’s welfare, or the fear they put into children worldwide. It suits their ‘cause’ so they will encourage Greta to yell and scream insults. Scientists and people of intelligence MUST stand up and throw sand in the faces of the ADULTS who push Greta along their own selfish path, which is political and nothing to do with genuine environmentalism.

I just wish I had the time to do a second edition of my Green agenda book! Yet, almost nothing has changed since 2009. It still stands true and still shows the socialist roots that drive Greens into a frenzy. Meanwhile, I tell myself I am wrong to just laugh at Greta. She is a victim, groomed by wicked adults who don’t care what happens to her. She needs careful counsel. And the socialist adults must leave her alone. I now pity her. Strike at her minder and socialists.

WW2 Germans

            During WW2 German people could buy a drug called ‘Pervitin’ over the counter from pharmacies, because it stimulated them to work longer and better, or to ‘cope’. Before long Nazi military leaders thought the drug might help soldiers and issued them to those on the front line.

When on this drug soldiers could march four days and nights and still fight a battle at the end of it. But, the results of taking this drug became apparent – confusion, paranoia, dependency, etc. Many soldiers became addicts and wrote home for their parents or friends to send them more supplies, taking them as extra to the military supplies.

This is why modern historians are looking at this phenomenon. It is true that the British forces also tried out amphetamines. But, guess what Pervitin was? Today it is called ‘crystal meth’, a drug now ravaging societies in the West and destroying lives. Another side effect of taking this drug is to flatten emotions and conscience.

Those studying the drug’s use in Germany strongly suggest that it might explain the horrific brutality of Nazis when fighting, and the awful satanic evils committed in concentration camps. And the same drug is on the streets in the UK and other western countries. Could this also explain the increase in violent crimes in the West? (SIN is the actual cause, but it uses many means).

Did You Know…

Many linguists think Hebrew is one of the original languages from which all other languages eventually came, including English (which itself was not ‘home-grown’ but entered Britain from the Continent).

            Hebrew gave way to Aramaic and then Greek, followed by Latin. Moses appears to have written Genesis with a touch of Aramaic, but Aramaic really took off amongst Jews about 400 years before Christ. This was why the Septuagint was written, by Jewish scholars who feared the Hebrew original manuscripts, would otherwise disappear. They copied the Hebrew to Greek, which was taking over the Middle East, so as to preserve their books.

            By the time of Christ, Greek was the lingua franca of the known world, and this was replaced by Latin with the increase of Roman (and then Catholic) control.

            Almost all the languages found in the ancient Middle East (and Malta) were semitic, including Arabic, with Phoenician-Hebrew being the basic structure. Hebrew continued to be used by the Jews until Greek took over, but all Mid-East languages were basically rooted in Hebrew, which continued to be used at the time of Christ, at least in scholarly settings. It is likely, then, that Christ could speak all three main languages – Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek… the latter being the language in which the New Testament was written.

            Of course, the original language used immediately after the Flood was splintered so people had to move about. Those who spoke similar languages had to gather in large groups so they could work out what on earth they were saying! But – what WAS the original language of Adam and those up to the Flood? No-one knows. Nor do we know the language of Noah and his immediate descendants.

Trans Rules, OK!

            I recently warned of a popular TV soap, ‘Neighbours’, that is now a continuous propaganda training programme for homosexuality. A huge amount of air time is given to a storyline about male and female homosexuality. Predictably, EVERY character in the soap is not just okay with homosexuals but promote their lives as good and sound. When anyone complained about their lives they were shut down immediately and always turn around to accept the homosexuals.

            Now, the main storyline is sickeningly promotional about a supposedly ‘trans’ ‘girl’ who attends the local high school. The ‘girl’ is called by female pronouns.  A very small number of parents object to the ‘girl’ using the female toilets and so there is to be a show-down between them and the head teacher. I predict (because it is how it was dealt with when homosexual characters were introduced), that any opposition to the ‘trans’ will be short, and will turn around to acceptance. Indeed, in ‘Neighbours’ everything is done to make homosexuality (of which ‘trans’ is a sub-set) not just accepted but promoted. And THIS is being taken in by young TV viewers.

So, let’s get it straight (pun intended):

1. ‘Trans’ is nothing but one of the many ‘alphabet soup’ groups within homosexuality (which loves to use up every letter… LGBTXYZ). Trans is a hidden form of homosexuality.

2. Trans is a delusion, very harmful to the ‘trans’ person and to those they come into contact with.

3. Trans should NOT be handed over to drugs and operations, but to psychiatry… it is a gross mental aberration, not a sickness or something to be acted upon. Delusion rules!

4. If a child pretends (that is all it does) to be the opposite sex I blame the parents for continuing it. They should do ALL in their power to dissuade their child, even if it means getting rid of its pretence by psychological conditioning.

5. A child who pretends to be trans will be tipped over the edge by those who ‘accept’ its fantasy… which quickly becomes a psychiatric imbalance if not dealt with… and it then changes into a fixed delusion. The acceptance and promotion by adults serves to harden the child’s fantasy, when it should be broken down and got rid of.

6. By being forced to use absurd pronouns all of society is guilty of ruining the child’s life.

7. Adults who become ‘trans’ are liars. They KNOW they are making things up and should be slapped down by a hard dose of reality – scorn, laughter, rejection. Not very Christian? Then read what God says about these repulsive changes to His created order. There are only two sexes and thus two genders… natural male and natural female. There are no other genders or sexes!!

NOT COURAGE – just Arrogance!

            I am always repulsed by homosexuality, no matter how big the name behind it. Wales Online recently wrote that former Wales rugby star, Gareth Thomas, “has shown immense courage” by making his HIV public. No, it isn’t “immense courage”, it is the usual arrogance of homosexuals who think they own the world and everyone must follow their lead. It is shameful and proof he is involved in unnatural sex practices. Now he must pay the price. Don’t praise him!

            Thomas ‘came out’ not so long ago and now he expects adulation for revealing his disease! Why? It comes through perverse sexual activities, and to make his shame public is typical of today’s homosexuals.

            He admits that he tried to hide his shame for many years before ‘coming out’. AND RIGHTLY SO! The writer of the article says “there is still some stigma attached to HIV”. Again – RIGHTLY SO when it is contracted through abominable sexuality!! It is a further shame that sympathy is shown for the star’s immoral behaviour, one that will now require public taxes to pay for by way of treatments. The fact that HIV can now be managed and is not that easy to catch is irrelevant… the behaviour behind it is foul.

            “It takes a lot of guts to reveal an innermost secret… (he was) extraordinarily brave and helpful.” REALLY? No, those who enter the murky world of homosexuality usually grow in their desire to have their sin known. Eventually, they ‘come out’, and after that initial blurting which is really a crossing of the line, a line drawn by God as a taboo, their public statements become stronger and more open. But, none of it is ‘brave’. It is shameful.

            According to the writer, those who reacted positively to Thomas’ news are “good people”. No, they are completely ignorant. The homosexual lifestyle is to be condemned, not celebrated! Homosexuality is the leading cause of AIDS deaths in the world. And it was homosexuality that brought the disease into the world in the first place. It comes about by men (and women) doing despicable things with their bodies, many acts of which can only be called ‘filthy’ and certainly very dangerous. AIDS and HIV are the most profound pandemics on earth and homosexuals have yet to face the guilt and condemnation they deserve. They are not brave. They are repulsive. Only the ignorant say otherwise.

            Sadly, Thomas is being made to feel he is a hero. He is not. For all I know he was groomed as a youngster. But, it is also equally likely he started to fantasise about illicit and perverted sex. Then he entered its awful world. Now he is paying the price with a foul disease.

            Remember, there is NO SUCH PERSON AS AN ‘HOMOSEXUAL’. There are people who act homosexually, but that is not the same as having an inevitable sexual persona called ‘homosexual’. It is not inevitable, it is a personal choice to do something foul, against nature and against godly morality. Millions of young people have been put at serious risk because of others who act homosexually. Millions are groomed by older men and women who live the terrible lifestyle. They do it to get “fresh meat” (actually admitted by homosexuals) untainted by disease. Then, they get the disease (HIV is only one of many diseases they can get by acting so abominably), so more youngsters are recruited in schools mainly.

            So, forget adulation of homosexual people. Forget sympathy – they get what they have chosen to get. There is nothing brave about it. It is just straightforward shame. Don’t confuse what I say with hatred. I have no hate for these people, but I AM very angry, because of the way they have successfully duped the public with very shrewd propaganda. (And for those readers, and maybe critics, who don’t know… I have extensive knowledge of homosexuality and AIDS, and know how we have arrived at the current status of homosexuality – by lies and deception).

It has nothing commendable about it, and its presence is destructive. It has no social science or medical science behind it, only lies and deceit. Even so, what you and I think about it counts for nothing unless what we judge against it is rock-solid… which it is. And, above all that, the major stamp of disapproval and condemnation comes not from human beings but from God Himself. The Lord condemns homosexuality to hell – literally. Modern humans might hate that, but with nothing but corruption and death as its only characteristic, what God says is doubly important! What Thomas and his fans say is of no value at all, for it is all based on sheer ignorance of what homosexuality really is, what its aims are, and its already destructive power in society.

Canonicity of the Bible

            Many unbelievers and atheists have continuously claimed that the Bible we have today was somehow invented by a wide variety of people, who chose what to include in its pages on a whim. How untrue!

What we call the Old Testament was already well accepted as authentic by the time of Christ. Then, when the New Testament came about, the same criteria were used – did the writer (of a book) write from God, and, does the book contain what is godly? Do they bear holy signs?

Very early on, the 27 books we now refer to as the New Testament were accepted widely and consistently as the canon of scripture, as authentic and powerful as the Old Testament. Several synods declared the 27 books to be the canon of scripture, and that NO OTHER books were included. All of this was ‘done and dusted’ well before 400 AD, if not in the second century AD!!

Other books were rejected by all the churches (not just bishops or denominations) and thus by all Christians, because they did not bear the image of the Lord. This is why the Apocrypha was left out. Its books were fine for other uses such as social practices or sayings, history, and so on. But, their contents and spirit did not agree with that of the 27 books, so were inferior. This acceptance of what should go into the New Testament was known to the churches from the earliest days. Nothing was decided by faceless or unknown bishops. The whole church at the time agreed on what was holy and given by God.

On my shelf I have books on the Greek grammar of the Bible, by Bible scholar John Wenham. He said: “This was not a collection of books blown together by chance; nor was it a collection that ‘forced itself’ upon the church. In the gentlest way it quietly and unhurriedly established itself in the church’s life. We… have evidence of weight and authority, more than sufficient to justify us in humbly taking up the books that God has put into our hands, and receiving their teaching as His truth.”

What we know as the New Testament came together sedately, slowly, and confidently. The 27 books that make it up were decided upon over a long period, not by Roman bishops, but by all the churches and Christians of the time. They recognised what was of the Holy Spirit and what was not.

More on Climate Nonsense

          At the same time that young Greta Thunberg addressed the UN, 31 thousand scientists signed a petition stating that what she was advocating was based on fake science. Fred Singer of the Science and Environment Policy Project, said this:

“I would like to see the public look upon global warming as just another scientific controversy and oppose any public policies until the major issues are settled, such as the cause… If mostly natural, as NIPCC concludes, then the public policies currently discussed are pointless, hugely -  expensive, and wasteful of resources that could better be applied to real societal problems.”

The climate declaration submitted to the U.N. secretary-general reinforced the growing voices within the scientific community that current models that create the type of fear and dread showcased by youngsters such as Thunberg have no basis in facts.

“There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts, and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent,”  “There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050.”

(Quoted from

It is almost amusing to note that while the UN and Greens are yelling at Brazil for not controlling jungle fires when trees are vital to remove CO2 from the air, the very same Greens are cutting down huge numbers of trees to make way for almost-useless solar farms! As science says – there IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY!

“Another little-known ‘inconvenient truth’ these scientists boldly point out is that the current extremists’ policy to save the world is damaging our global eco-systems. CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly. For instance, wind turbines kill birds and bats, and palm-oil plantations destroy the biodiversity of the rainforests.” The same source says:

“Many countries, including the U.S., are engaged in devastating acts of deforestation to create solar fields. During former President George W. Bush’s administration, homeowners were encouraged to take advantage of tax incentives to install panels and go green. Those middle-of-the-road policies were basically put on steroids during the Obama years. Today, vast forests are being leveled and replaced with solar panels. And, too many farmers have given up on tilling the soil in favor of cash for land use. Extremists policies are creating the exact illness they claimed to cure.

Therefore, it is cruel as well as imprudent to advocate the squandering of trillions on the basis of results from such immature models, the declaration reportedly states. ‘We urge you to follow a climate policy based on sound science, realistic economics, and genuine concern for those harmed by costly but unnecessary attempts at mitigation’.” (Quotes are from the European Climate Declaration).

There is sufficient information here for ALL Christians, regardless of scientific understanding, to challenge Greens. It is a fact that even the Greens who push their agenda know next to nothing of the science… because their aim is really political! Sadly, many Greens are also Christians… so it shows they, too, have been seduced by socialism and false reports. And in being so blinded they are helping the one world order of socialistic paganism to become a reality, though it is anti-God and anti-freedom.

Destroying Lives with Jokes!

            The academic who started the whole ‘trans’ stupidity admits that he invented it all for sun! Christopher Dummitt (good surname) used to be a ‘gender historian’. He said they made their ‘theory’ popular by simply ignoring the very real differences between men and women. That is, the ACTUAL differences, known since the world began and on which all of society is based. It excited homosexual groups, who then used this deception to push their claims on governments. The answer was simply to ignore facts to ‘prove’ they were right!

            He said, “Everyone was (and is) making it up. That’s how the gender-studies field works”. This is what we have said from the beginning! They KNOW it is all lies, but they are too interested in getting funding to stop the lie in its tracks. ‘Over the past 30 years, whole university departments have been taken over by subjects like “gender history” and “gender studies”, which perpetuate the fiction that sex is not a “biological reality”.’

            Dr Dummitt says that “critics of the social constructionists are right to raise their eyebrows at the so-called proof presented by alleged experts”. (">

Mary – Not There, Not Heard

            How people come to believe this or that can sometimes be rather silly. A woman writing in Anglican News, was at a ‘monastic community’ retreat at Lambeth Palace, told readers how she was missing her mother, but was surrounded by her “Roman Catholic brothers and sisters”. The retreat was a silent one… as useful as eating fresh air, and a longstanding dupe used by Quakers. In lost people silence pushes them over the edge because they can’t cope with it.

            The woman was crying to herself and wanted Mom. She started to pray (how someone with such a muddled mind can pray truly is in question). She prayed “I want my Mom” and this led her suddenly to consider a substitute – Mary! The woman said she “told her everything” and “asked Jesus to share his mother with her”. When she was finished, she “was at peace” She said Mary could not be seen or heard, because she was humble (??). Now, the woman is a new devotee of Mary.

            I recognise what she went through from my psychiatric days!! Silence can drive people to a breakdown. In her case, she was full of undealt-with anxiety and was surrounded by Roman Catholics. I doubt she is saved, so her idea of prayer would not be biblical. Her own mother was not there so the woman transferred her anxiety on to her image of Mary. She did not hear anything nor did she see Mary, but was sure she was speaking to her. A bit like talking through a closed door to an empty room!

            Her whole experience was nothing but a neurotic incident and though I wrote comments in the relevant place, they were not published! Mary is NOT our intercessor; she is not alive; she cannot be ‘shared’; we do not pray to Jesus but to the Father; she was not there with this woman. (For a full account of Mary see my book, ‘The REAL Mary’). Though this story relates what an unsaved woman claims, it is a fact that many saved people come to wrong conclusions by being ignorant. It is vital for EVERYONE to know their Bible.

Royal Hypocrisy

Prince Harry and his wife jetted to Africa to lecture Africans about climate change. They know absolutely nothing about the science and so they make plenty of CO2 to tell others not to emit CO2!! Before this they flew to Rome to attend the marriage of one of their friends, an oil tycoon whose products apparently pollute the earth. They have used jets four times recently – four times there and four times back! Yet, they have the gall to preach to others that climate collapse is imminent – a catastrophe.

            Very obviously, like all climate alarmists, they insist everyone else obeys the Green mantra, but don’t observe it themselves. At least Greta is going places by sailing ship! But, Mrs Prince Harry jetted to the USA to watch a tennis match. How superficial the couple are. Advice? Shut up!

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