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Disguised Haters of God!

Theologised evolution ideas are growing in churches and amongst deluded Bible teachers. We must be firm – such teachers are false, as are the churches that listen to them! They are not lovers of God but haters, spreading evil faster than any virus.  They must repent.

The basics of their arguments are that Adam and Eve were real enough, but were just ordinary people who began to learn how to be good. Before them there were thousands of years of people whose lives were bad, because of evolutionary habits. Those who teach and accept this garbage have to display their ignorance and faithless hearts. In other words, as scripture tells us, we must treat them as unbelievers.

Their teachers tell us that there was no original sin and that everything we see is based on evolution… and because it is evolution, we ‘cannot help’ how we develop. Exactly the same argument used by homosexuals, who claim to be ’born this way’.

Because it is all down to evolution, which renders us mere pawns in life, we have no message of sin, repentance or salvation! Everything is affected by evolutionary hypotheses, including thousands who call themselves ‘believers’. No, they are not! They think, speak and act like unbelievers, and that is how we must approach them.

Until they show signs of repentance and a turning away from their evil thoughts about scripture, we must call them unbelievers and NOT our brethren. Everyone can learn bad habits and doctrine. In itself this is not the issue. The issue is – when challenged and shown truth from scripture, they MUST repent and change! If they do not, they require us to name them ‘unbelievers’ and they are no longer welcome. Not because they are unbelievers, but because they twist and deny God’s word. This makes them the enemies of Truth, and anti-God. Thus, we have no links to them at all. We must not follow them or give leeway – THEY must change and listen. If they do not, they deserve the many curses God warned the new Israelite nation about. If they did not comply with His EVERY law they would be destroyed. God said that, not me!!

The same warnings must be given to all who claim to be Christians and yet reject God’s word as it is written. In my own ministry I accept God’s word implicitly, whatever it says. As I have shown in several books – Genesis is a book of real history not fantasy. Misread or misinterpret Genesis and you are on the road to disaster, and you will be held responsible by God for misinforming others, leading them astray.

Perhaps you might think I am being harsh, but I take my lead not from others but from God’s word. As we find in Deuteronomy, God warned Israel that if they did not obey EVERY part of His law, He would visit them with awful consequences. So, why do Christians think it is okay to follow evolutionary ideas and lying teachers?

In my work I examine not just whole writings but also their details. Even down to single words at times. This is because one change in just one word can completely alter the meaning of scripture. I have been doing this every day of my life for fifty years or so, and so can usually spot a wrong statement at five miles distance!! Same goes for ANY mature believer who truly follows the Lord.

So, don’t feel pressured into accepting the lies of evolution even if the teacher appears to be Christian. It is not our task to cuddle enemies of God!! No, we must identify them and mark them, warning everyone against what they say and do. It doesn’t matter if you are a theologian, or a road sweeper – if you see a sinful rejection of scripture, take it to task.

One of the grave distortions of God’s word is to say that if everything we see is caused by evolution, then no-one is responsible for what they do and sin does not exist. That means Jesus came for nothing, repentance is out of place, and there is nothing to be saved from.

Therefore, put on your spiritual boxing gloves and bash the lying words out of sight!!

Be Critical!

Christians should not simply accept everything told to them by Christian teachers, whether it is me or John Calvin. Be critical. No, I don’t mean rude or argumentative. Just examine what you are told. Otherwise you will accrue many useless theologies.

I have been reading a book containing essays by speakers at a Reformation conference and I must say I was disappointed on many pages, because of the speakers’ reliance on traditions. Anyway, it reminded me of a claim by Calvin that doesn’t hold water.

He said that infant baptism was a “necessity”. His reason was that there is unity of the two Testaments, and in the Old Testament we find infants were circumcised. Perhaps Calvin didn’t think too much on that one! The New Testament does NOT specify baptism of infants. Definitely not!

Infants in the Old Testament were circumcised if they were Israelite, but, the action had nothing to do with being saved by Almighty God. The baby boys were circumcised to show that they belonged to the nation chosen by God. In no way did this take them to Heaven or mean they were approved by God as adults.

This is why it is said that not all who were born Israelite were of Israel. Only those with faith (Abraham, Moses etc are mentioned as examples of men who had faith that saved them). Babies sprinkled with water are not baptised in the New Testament sense. Unsaved people who are fully immersed are not made into believers by the act.

Calvin taught many crucial and true things, but infant baptism isn’t one of them.

COVID-19… a Leftist Dream

China is literally laughing at the West by withholding supplies to deal with the new virus. It says that unless the USA capitulates to its insane demands it will release more of the virus as an attack. Which makes us wonder if the theory is correct – that China deliberately spread it to the USA to spite Trump for being strict. Socialist leaders have done this many times before, using their own countrymen as fodder, killing many. Islam does the same thing. Both are, of course, the same ideologically, so there is no difference.

In the USA, the Democrats are excited by the virus, saying that if it kills more, they will drive Trump out of office on the pretext of taking control and eliminating the virus (which is not possible). Thus, they play dangerous word games just to get rid of Trump.

The virus is now one of a stock of similar viruses, and it won’t go away. If anyone thinks the Dems will deal with it, they are mistaken. They are just Marxists in American clothing. They hate voters but they want their money and obedience.

Some Dems are even saying they should send in the virus to Trump election meetings to kill Trump voters!! This is how much they care about decency and humanity…Stalin-buddies and godless.

Elephantine Tusks

Scientists note that elephants’ tusks are getting shorter, in Africa and in Asia. And blinkered researchers claim this is big proof that evolution is at work, and even in our lifetime we might see elephants with no tusks at all. But, this is very poor science.

Other scientists are far more factual. Poaching of elephant ivory continues to kill these magnificent beasts, and the tusks are hacked away from heads, leaving elephants reduced in numbers. Poachers look not just for elephants but for animals with the longest tusks, because they bring big bucks.

So, only elephants with the biggest tusks are slaughtered, leaving elephants with shorter tusks to continue the species. Thus, future elephants will all have smaller tusks because tusks from elephants carrying the gene for bigger tusks are being killed off.

What evolutionists are doing is to carefully select reasons for things happening in the animal world, but ignore other facts that have a more plausible explanation. This is intellectual fraud used to maintain a useless and lamentable hypothesis (evolution).

Of course, not only do unbelieving scientists do this. It happens in every sphere of life, including Christian teaching. I gave just one example of this above (Calvin and infants). Even ordinary Christians select what they wish to believe, rather than simply say “I believe what God says, so I will obey His every word”!

Which leads me on to a question…

Where Does the Money Go???

Closely connected to the elephant claims… what does the huge WWF organisation DO with all its money, sent in by well-meaning but unthinking supporters?

The question makes me ask another… WHY does the WWF seem mainly to deal in rare species (such as the snow leopard)? It is a fact that the snow leopard is hardly ever seen, even by locals, let alone captured. One wildlife expert photographer spent a full year in snowy mountains trying to locate and photograph just one of the cats, with almost no success, and THAT was with help from local hunters. So, the NEXT question is – WHAT does the WWF DO to ensure the freedom of the snow leopard, seeing as it does even better being left alone? WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO???

One of the latest money-bag enterprises is to do with Emperor Penguins. In an emotive ad on TV the voice-over speaks of how hard it is for baby penguins to live to adulthood. In all WWF ads there is often the unspoken accusation against climate change realism. WHAT does the WWF DO to make sure these penguins continue to breed and live? MILLIONS of these penguins continue to live as they always have done, and thousands of babies continue to die, as they always have done. NOTHING to do with climate. It is just how animal life is. Perhaps the WWF will go to their breeding grounds and put a lamb’s wool coat on each one?

So WHAT will the WWF DO to ensure longetivity of these penguins, when, at breeding season, MILLIONS of them gather in known spots on earth and do their own thing, as they always have? Gather up all the chicks to keep them warm and feed them, then release then back into the wild to die because they’ve not endured the harsh reality of arctic-type life? They would need MASSIVE sheds to keep them in. WHERE ARE THEY??

The WWF still asks for money from around the world and gullible people give it to them. But, how many ask the questions I have just asked? WHERE IS THEIR MONEY GOING? And what on earth can the WWF do to make good its claims? It is impossible for the WWF to actually carry out its supposed desires, with animals so rare as to be hidden from view most of the time.

Don’t blame climate change. Animals throughout the centuries have had to put up with climate change, too. It is a fact of life, but the WWF is trying to make out it is only happening now, so they must interfere in natural laws and outcomes. We can SEE and quantify what happens to money paid into, say, a donkey sanctuary. But, there can’t be genuine checks on how on earth the WWF can ‘help’ rare and usually unseen animals around the world. A great money-spinner – but no real proofs the money is being used for it. Forget photos – they are easy to manipulate and use.

More on COVID-19

My doctor’s surgery is now closed! A notice tells us that only emergencies will be dealt with. Yet, if you read my almost daily emailed messages to those on our mailing lists, the response to the new virus is way over the top!

I no longer sign for a variety of packages or letters delivered by human beings. Instead, letters keep coming and packages are not signed for, because delivery men are told it could spread the virus. For goodness sake, where do companies get their information from?

COVID-19 is a weak virus, easily destroyed. Forget all the hype – the virus could easily be on supermarket goods, or even on the money you pay for them with… AND the money given to you in change. It could be on the card machines you might usually use. It can be on food itself, so ordering food from supermarkets at this time may well spread it to you, even though you ‘self-isolate’!! It can be on paper or plastic bags, or on the hands of delivery people, even if they wear gloves and especially if the gloves are not discarded after each and every delivery!!

86% of people with the virus show no symptoms and so no-one knows who infected people are. Only a very small minority will suffer and be hospitalised, and an even smaller number will die – IF they already have two factors against them – older age AND/OR a serious precondition (such as heart or lung problems, asthma, diabetes, and so on). Most people will get what they think is a mild cold, and then get better on their own.

For more info on all this see my previous emailed reports. And, as I keep saying – DON’T PANIC!! Do you panic over flu? Well, don’t panic over this very much dramatized virus. Marxists and other globalists WANT you to panic, so they can offer a ‘solution’ involving taking all your money and removing your freedoms. As Christians continue to trust the Lord, not mankind.

Did You Know…

That the game of Monopoly was devised to teach the principles of socialism, and giving community money to everyone, to redistribute income? The current form of the game is totally capitalist, but the first game was about making people communist!

Then what about Snakes and Ladders? It can be traced back to a time before Christ, and its basic idea was to teach Hinduism! At first the number of snakes was much more than the number of ladders. The snakes were penalties for not living a virtuous life (according to Hinduism), and the fewer ladders were ways to reach perfection. Much later the game was revisited to include Christian teaching, and so the number of snakes equalled the number of ladders (to reach Heaven).

Remember the Fear??

Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962? I was only 16 then, and my school taught a module called ‘Current Affairs’. I left school that same year so remember the build-up in the news. Though not that interested in news outside of school the fear in people was uppermost in my mind. That was the last time I felt fear in the whole population. It hung in the air like acrid smoke and couldn’t be shaken. I even carved a ‘ban the bomb’ sign into the asphalt surface of the pavement near my home. Yet, all I knew about it was something to do with nuclear weapons.

By far the most vivid memory was of that all-powerful fear as everyone truly thought we would be vaporised by a massive nuclear attack from Russia. Of course, Russia turned itself away from Cuba and the crisis seemed to melt away into the cold war.

And about the same time I saw one or two race riots on cinema newsreels, and the impact of hatred against black people. But, the race problem did not stick much in my mind, because I simply could not understand racial hatred! I still don’t understand prejudice against colour or race.

Why remember all this? Because the early 1960s events were really the last time I felt palpable fear in an entire population. And, just as I do not understand hatred against people because of their race or colour, so I really don’t understand the current fear in whole nations because of the coronavirus that is turning countries into ghosts of their former selves. In 1962 the fear of sudden death because of Russian hostility was based on a real nightmare… but, the Russian ships simply turned away and went back home.

 Very often what we fear the most disappears like a bad dream. And when Christians allow fear to block the sun, they only see dark shadows. Don’t you older folks think it very odd that this all-embracing fear is literally ruling our lives, when the last time such fear struck was in 1962? Yes, the world has had its bad moments, but they were not enough to cast a blackness over all the people.

The virus has taken away security and happiness. An almost wartime cloud hangs over the world. Where did it come from? We have had plagues for centuries. We have had at least three major viruses in the world since about 2003! So WHY is the present virus taking such precedence?

It is true that it spreads very easily, but, even so, to date, its effects are far less than, say, seasonal flu or even major new flu outbreaks. But, none of these have produced a panic amongst whole nations, and fear enough to drive people into isolation, by threat of police and other sanctions. The facts and figures just don’t warrant such reactions, yet panic grows. Governments are being literally pushed to do what the people want, even though the science and medicine do not show heavy destruction. Everybody is susceptible to the common cold – but there is no panic because of it. Yes, you might object, but the cold does not kill. Oh yes it does, if you are very old or have a variety of preconditions! So, where is panic when colds take hold?

In Deuteronomy, God warned the Hebrews, just before they entered Canaan and became the state of Israel, of the awful penalties God would rain on them if they forgot His laws. And those penalties came if just one law was ignored. His blessings came ONLY if they obeyed with a good heart. Is this why we now have a new threat? Is it a sign of the last days and God has penalised us for disobedience? Is it why whole countries now live in fear, even though the actual facts show less horror than even the flu?

God promises His people blessings if they obey, but penalties if they do not. And He even adds another warning – that such penalties could last a very long time, even to future generations. There is a converse relationship – the less we obey and the more we sin without shame, the more God steps backwards and removes His active presence, allowing us to receive the reward for sin. Can you see it in our present condition?

New Ministry Within BTM

As if to break through the gloom of COVID-19, it looks like BTM will soon have a brand new arm added to its ministry, called ‘Christian Doctrine Kids’. It hopes to provide materials just for children, suitable to be used by Sunday school teachers and parents, also using YouTube and podcasts. We will give more details at a later date. Take care!!