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What is Man?

“But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him?” (Hebrews 2:6)  

I often ask myself this question, not about mankind in general, but about myself. Who do I think I am? Frankly, I am nobody.

This is not said for some kind of pretend-humility, to look good before readers and those who listen to me. It is a genuine assessment of who I am. I never ask people to just follow me; I ask them to follow me only insomuch as I follow God and speak His words. It is what Paul told Christians about himself, and it is good enough for me!

In the text, someone asked what, or who, is man. He uses an interrogative pronoun, requiring the question to be answered. ‘Man’ in the text refers to one who can make mistakes or commit sin, because he is weak. He (or she – the term applies to both) has body and soul, which separates them from other beings (animals, etc).

   With such poor character credentials, why bother with man (him/her)? Why remind ourselves of ourselves? After all, man (that is, humankind in general) is made lower than the angels (v7), so our innate power is almost nil. But, The Son of God (here referred to as the son of man) was crowned with glory and honour; He was set above all things as their Creator (v7); everything ever made is in His control (v8).

Verse 9 might seem contradictory, but it is not. He was made “a little lower than the angels” not because He was inferior or less, but simply because He had to suffer death on behalf of human beings who sinned. He HAD to be as a man in order to suffer and die. Only then could he “taste death for every man”. (Note for Arminianists – ‘every man’ does not mean every man ever born, but is translated


here as ‘some of all types’, i.e. the elect in every nation. But, as Christ, He was triumphant and proved His Godhood.

            Do you exult in your own achievements? Do you think you are responsible for your own fate? Do you inwardly smile because you have wealth or power? If a pastor, Bible teacher or preacher, do you love to be fawned-over by the congregation? Do you love to be well thought of so as to preen your feathers? Do you think God rewards you for obeying Him, though it is your solemn duty to do so, even without reward? What DO you think of yourself?

            On many occasions I feel absolutely worthless. That’s a fact. I see myself as I am, not as some others see me. In myself I have no good thing, and it is a fact that is always in the background of my life. It is there because I have honestly assessed who and what I am, sometimes every single day. At times it brings me down.

            However, the amazing thing is, as a mere man I am without any virtue, but in Christ I am of His royal household, of infinite worth to the Lord Who saved me! I don’t pretend to understand it, given my sinful nature, but it is true. It isn’t anything to boast about in human terms, nor am I better than anyone else, saved or unsaved. I am saved not because of any good in me, or because I made an human choice to follow Jesus. No, I am saved ONLY because God chose me before He even created the world! There is no other reason I am accepted as just. I am just IN CHRIST, not in myself. Any gifts are His. Any achievements are His. Any good at all is demanded and is His. Of myself I am nothing, and I know it.

            The text tells us all this and asks why God should even bother with us. He bothers because He chose us; He elected us in eternity for no other reason than He did so. We did not choose Him… because we couldn’t. Though the Gospel might have been like nectar to our ears, it was of nil effect UNLESS we were already elect in eternity. Before we were born again we were touched by the gentle hand of the Holy Spirit, when He knew our time for salvation had come. Then, by whatever means, He touched us again with salvation itself, and we were saved. NOT because we chose Him – for God said no man seeks after Him. How could we when our spirits were dead in sin?

            Only when the Spirit makes our spirits alive (being completely dead from conception) can we even contemplate Christ and salvation. And when we finally repent it is not because we chose to do so – it was implanted in us to do so, that we could finally come to Christ. Call it our ‘choice’ if you wish, but it is choice demanded by God and given to us. A better way to put it is that when God moved us towards our salvation our mind and heart were complicit, drawn irresistibly to Him. Just as a magnet attracts iron, so our choice is made a part of the action of the Holy Spirit. We could not help it! We were drawn because our spirits were renewed and at last in full contact with our Creator. So, when some say they chose Christ, they are uttering a blasphemy, for they are teaching against God’s word which says we are not capable of choosing with our own mind and heart, because we were dead in our sins. So, who is man that God should bother with him/her? We are nothing. He chose us because He wanted to. There is no other reason.

BTM Publications

O/477   Shunning Should be done properly)

O/478   Two Types of Law in Leviticus

The book on Taboo-breaking is now finished. After proof-reading I will publish and let you know.  It should help to explain how even Christians can start with a ‘small’ sin and let it grow until it becomes a public shame. Few appear to understand how this happens.

The Torah and Christians

An interesting online conference took place in Jerusalem, at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. I didn’t take part but I am well aware of the subject matter. It is based on a question: “Is Torah for Israel or Everyone?”

In light of charismatic and other desire to be theologically fashionable, and to use Jewish words like shalom, the question is useful to discuss. The same Judaeophiles also adopt Jewish festivals and keep a variety of Jewish rites and customs, thinking they are somehow more holy by doing so!

The conference looked at the question from several perspectives, such as – if we follow a Jewish Messiah should we then follow the Torah? The question was turned around to ask ‘Does the Bible teach that gentile Christians should keep the law of Moses?’

The questions are valid, but the reasoning is not. One statement said, “Many Christians find great value in understanding the Jewish foundation of their faith, and rightly so. The deeper they study, the more aware they become of how much their faith has evolved from the Torah.”

As one involved in Christian critical thinking, I would not start or end my arguments using these terms. If we start a discussion from a wrong point, it will influence how we think thereafter. Our faith has NOT ‘evolved’ from the Torah. Jesus was initially sent to the Jews, but when they rejected Him the Gospel went to the Gentiles, generally through Paul. It is more correct to say that we follow the Messiah not because he was Jewish but because it was the Father’s will to give the Gospel to all men.

            And, we have no obligation to follow Mosaic law. We ARE to follow those parts of the law of Moses that pertain to all men in all of time. (See BTM article on Levitical laws). The question – should Christians avoid the law because Paul said that faith was separate from ‘works of the law’? is really a wrong question.

            The whole Bible has been given by God to all men. It began with the Hebrews and Jews, but continued with the Gentiles. Both Old Testament and the New are relevant and vital. We have not ‘evolved’ from Judaism… Christ cast aside Judaism, and its time ended. We are saved by faith, just as the Patriarchs were. The WHOLE Bible is now our guide book, each part relevant in its own way. The Law was only a schoolteacher showing us how to obey God, but it does not in itself give us salvation. Mere words cannot save us. Salvation is not just about believing what scripture says (because even the devil believes), but about God’s eternal choice of who would be saved and who would not.

            The book by Bunyan, ‘The Holy War’, beautifully describes this and I quote him because his writing skills are superlative! So, the questions are useful, but the conference starts with a wrong idea of why we should examine the Torah. All of scripture is of use. Those Christians who don’t bother with the Old Testament are very foolish and ignorant.

I’m Curious…

Just a few irrelevant things I am curious about! Can anyone provide answers??

1. WHY do super-heroes come down from the sky and land on one knee and one hand? (If I did that I’d probably break my leg!)

2. WHY does Claudia Winkleman have such a silly fringe? (That’s my opinion anyway. I really don’t understand).

3. WHY do some people, when taking tablets, fling their heads back? (When there is no way the tablets jump backwards!)

4. WHY do some young men have such ugly hairstyles, such as the ones that look like a basin-cut from the mid-war years? (They really are awful!)

5. WHY do people on the beach walk on pebbles without shoes on? (It makes me cringe and I can almost feel the discomfort)

6. WHY do parents and grandparents buy birthday presents for children under the age of three who have no real idea what they are for, or why? (I think it is more for the adults’ sake than for the kids)

7. WHY do adults wear masks that let in viruses, and stay distant at distances that make no difference? And WHY do they obey whatever government orders them to do, when Nazi and Marxist history is full of the same things?          Just a few questions in my mind. I have plenty more.

A Whale of a Topic

            As you know I usually watch TV whilst I drink my morning tea. This morning I watched a bit of a natural history programme on whales and their behaviour. As usual it was fascinating to see these enormous creatures going about their daily business. But, what fascinates me even more is the way scientists weave together a whole story about WHY whales (and dolphins etc) do what they do.

            Most animal studies suffer from the way scientists, perhaps unwittingly, give animals an human persona, complete with souls. This is apparent by giving whales, for instance, motives, and by identifying what whales do as actions of thinkers. It may well be that animals can ‘think’ in a very limited way, but I am convinced that they do not have much of a choice, but have to follow instinctual behaviour given to them by God. From my viewpoint animals do not ‘think’ as we do, but follow specific pathways designed into them by the Creator, that stop short of cognition.

            In the programme scientists spoke of ‘emotions’ in whales. For me this is just projection of our own wishes to cover what whales do. In scripture God calls animals ‘brute beasts’ who are unable to think as humans do. Instead they act along specific activity pathways without thought. The stories concocted by scientists are not very useful, because by saying whales and other animals can think as we do, have emotional responses, and make choices, they are really saying animals have souls.

            Souls are that part of humans which refer to the ‘heart’ (centre of action and thought), mind, desire, appetite, etc. these all require God-given design. But, to say animals have these very same qualities or attributes, is wishful thinking. Good for devising stories but of no use when reporting observable data. As I listened to this ‘story’, I found it fuzzy around the edges, words that elicit an ‘Aw’ in so many people, who then follow the narrative as if it were proven science. But, it isn’t. By making up these stories, the effect is to confuse animals with humans, which, in turn, lends itself to evolutionary theories.

            I don’t know if I am fortunate or unfortunate, but perhaps my line of reasoning is based on the fact that I am not what is called an ‘animal lover’. I LIKE animals (which don’t want to eat me). I enjoy watching them in their natural habitats. I am amazed by what they do. But, they don’t bowl me over with a flurry of Aw’s, making me want to cuddle them. I hate cruelty to animals, and I loathe hunters who kill animals just as trophies, or for gain (I think killing elephants for their tusks is abhorrent). On the other hand, I see only creatures with predesigned activity pathways.

            People who are dubbed ‘animal lovers’ tend to see animals in a different light and are more than willing to claim their household pets ‘love’ them, or act in a way similar to humans, so both owner and animals ‘share’ the same things because of cognition and human thought processes.

            As I watched the programme I found myself thinking “there is another possible explanation for this”. I think this way with ANY evolutionary science programme! Once alternatives can be given, there can be no scientific certainty or fixed theories!

            So, amazed though I am by what I see on TV, I am not convinced animals have human attributes, no matter how closely they mimic them. Most of these supposed ‘humanlike’ attributes are merely facts arranged in an order to persuade us animals are just like us. I don’t see that. The net effect is that I love the programme images but do not think of animals as having souls, human thinking, etc. Well, that’s what I see anyway… readers can come to their own conclusions.

            This led me to Hebrews 11, where we are told that “the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”. In other words, God spoke and things appeared in solid form; and He made all things from nothing.(ex nihilo). This is far more complex than the usual human explanation. In human terms we think of ‘nothing’ as ‘something missing’, perhaps leaving space where there was once something (see my paper on this for a detailed analysis). I might make, say, a table from ‘nothing’, but what I really mean is I find some wood, maybe from a wood shop, I use tools to fashion it, and finish with a table.

This is NOT what is meant by ‘nothing’ in the biblical account of creation! And I can’t even begin to explain what this ‘nothing’ was, in absolute terms. There is the human idea of ‘nothing’, but it doesn’t come even close to explaining the ‘nothing’ God created from… absolute nothing is VERY different to what we think it means. It is so ‘other’ that no man can adequately talk about it. My paper on the subject attempts to do so, but with human frailty and inability. So, if you THINK you can explain something that seems to be easy -‘nothing’ - think again. Physical scientists could never fathom it out, nor can I.

Covid Fantasy Continues

            I report on this debacle every day, so I won’t burden you with more. Suffice to say that it is VERY clear that the activities around Covid have nothing to do with a virus! It is all about power, totalitarianism, and a need to make us all comply with whatever government says. This is why EVERYBODY, including Christians who try to hide from truth, MUST fight back. We are being controlled by dictators, and it is all an experiment proving that we WILL submit to ANYTHING rulers want us to do. The details of all this can be found in everything I send out. I sincerely pray that Christians who receive my material do not just ignore it because it has gone on for so long!

            Too many Christians have fallen into the fake ‘vaccine’ trap. The fact that they glorify it and are so excited about getting the experimental injection, proves to me they are acting emotionally, under duress, and have no idea what they have actually done. They have certainly made things VERY hard for those of us who fight back and resist. Huge numbers who have had the ‘vaccine’ have died already, and even bigger numbers have suffered life-changing injuries.

More fearsome is that many experts say the worst effects will be seen later this year as the injections ‘bounce back’ against the body. I pray this does not happen, but if it does, those who were so joyous about the injections may come to call out to the Lord for help. It is fact that what Leftists have accused us of – believing in conspiracy theories – can be pointed directly back to them and government commands that we MUST obey or lose our freedoms. Friends, these are already well on the way to being lost anyway, because so many foolishly believe what rulers tell us, even though we KNOW what they say is harmful. Covid is NOT the end, but only the beginning of plans rulers have to subjugate us.

Fake Vaccines

            Surely governments won’t deliberately harm their own citizens. Only the old communist countries did that.

            My friends, I know many are fed up with hearing the warnings, but governments CAN and DO harm their own people. History is replete with example after example. And today’s Western governments are no better.

            Everything about the Covid experience is ‘off’. There is nothing medical about it. All we see is coercion, intimidation and frightfulness. It only took a month or two before governments began to impose draconian measures on whole nations, even though it became obvious that the facts did not match what the leaders were, and still are, saying.

            Since Christmas more and more warnings have come in ever increasing force from people who really do know what is happening. Now, it seems, the fake vaccines are not just unnecessary – they are vital for governments to achieve their goals. It is the ‘vaccines’ and NOT the virus that is important! Everything built up towards that goal of injecting foreign substances into as many as possible. Now we hear that whatever is in the injections (which DO NOT stop anyone being infected by Covid) is far more dangerous than any virus – once ‘vaccinated’ these substances leave the body through skin, mouth and nose, to actually infect others with something more deadly. We are seeing countless deaths NOT from Covid but from the fake ‘vaccines’! Yet, still people are clamouring to have one!! This is an end-times scenario, make no mistake. Everything about it is wrong. And Marxists everywhere are looking for a 90% depopulation. That says it all. BEWARE. The ‘vaccine’ is not the end of the virus, but the beginning of far worse woes, with no peace. We are all in danger.

“For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.”

Psalm 35:20.

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