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The ‘Unforgivable Sin’

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Many have been driven to distraction by unfounded ideas on what is the ‘unforgiveable sin’. Like those people who buy a medical dictionary and find they are supposedly suffering from a serious or exotic disease, so a number of Christians fear they are not saved at all, because they ‘might have’ committed the ‘unforgiveable sin’!

So, what is this sin? We are told by God that those who repent and are saved will never lose their salvation. Of course, those who repent must be saved to begin with. Firstly by the initial act of repentance unto salvation and then, after that, by repenting of all and any known sins they commit. (This is a VERY short resume).

Once we begin to worry over possible sins we do not know about, or do not recognise as having occurred, we end up like Job’s ‘comforters’ who build their entire accusations on guesswork and false observations. Only the devil is interested in making you doubt your salvation! If, like Job, you honestly and truthfully can say you have done nothing wrong to warrant such deep and troubling doubts, then go with that!

It is possible that we can commit a sin we do not realise is a sin, and God will indeed prompt us to examine ourselves until we do realise it. But, such a sin is NOT the ‘unforgivable sin’!!

What, then, cannot be forgiven or pardoned? What is the answer? The solution is in scripture itself… the authentic genuine source of everything we believe and do.

In Genesis 3:9 God called out to Adam and Eve after they condemned the whole world, and from that time we suffered sin and its punishment. The dire situation is expressed in Hebrew as  Vayikra Adonai Elohim el ha-Adam vayomer lo ayeka (וַיִּקְרָא יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים אֶל-הָאָדָם וַיֹּאמֶר לוֹ אַיֶּכָּה).

Basically, this is “Where are you?” God knew exactly where they were, in hiding. So, the question implies something else… the query seems to be more about their relationship to God than with their physical location. Their singular sin was sufficient to bring the horrors of evil upon us all, yet God asked where they were in relation to Him… far away. Of course, I am surmising here, but it is reasonable.

And after that question came the punishments. BUT – they did not lead to God throwing the pair into hell. What they did was to commit sin for the first time. If God had cast them immediately into hell then no-one else would have been born! Instead, they had to bear God’s anger.

So, if this is true of our first parents, whose sin led to loss of God’s presence, what particular sin DOES constitute casting us away into hell? The Book of Job contains many linked bits of information but the New Testament explains it all better.

“Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.”

(Matthew 12:31)

“And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” (Matthew 12:32)

These are the words of Jesus Christ so you can forget all human inventions and theories! No person who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will ever be forgiven. Full stop. This clear command was abused and misused when I began to speak against the Toronto Blessing and later charismatic teachings. I refused to accept that the vile activities I saw and heard were of God, let alone actions of the Holy Spirit.

Though the many accusations (that I was denying the Holy Spirit) scared me at first, I KNEW in my heart and mind that what I was witnessing was of the devil or psychology and NOT of God. Therefore, I was not blaspheming the Holy Spirit by rejecting the claims made by charismatics. And, as the evil movement exploded around the world, my stance proved to be true. Believe me, it was sometimes terrifying to think I might be unforgiven for things I said and argued. Yet, I was vindicated over a very short period of time, and as I stuck firmly to what I believed was God’s leading in the matter.

The way I was accused causes me to understand the terror many feel – that perhaps they are committing the ‘unforgivable sin’. I have shown you what that sin is. In my own situation I was NOT speaking against the work of the Holy Spirit, but against the works of evil by human beings who CLAIMED they were operating under the Holy Spirit.

I hope this very short article alleviates doubts in the minds of those readers made to feel guilty for opposing godless actions, and that you now know what the ‘unforgivable sin’ really is. Remember – we are ALL capable of doing the worst of sins. And yet the Lord holds out His merciful arm to pull us out of the mire (Psalm 136:12). Never think you are too holy to fall, or too pure to resist sin. Those who think this way are targeted by Satan because of such pride!

The Falkirk Wheel

Out of necessity, my careers have been varied. Unlike those from a more privileged background I had no choice but to follow an unsatisfactory list of jobs and educational opportunities. For most of the time I did whatever was available rather than what I wanted to do. Thus, it was that I became a Student Engineer in a big factory… it was expected of my social class that I would be ‘blue collar’ and would never rise to any higher status. As I explained a while ago I left after a year because what was offered to me did not comply with my contract.

But, I have always loved ‘big engineering’, preferring big machines and processes to modern electronic devices. And that is why I love the massive project called ‘the Falkirk Wheel’. lt is truly magnificent. Look it up on the internet.

It moves canal boats from a very high level down to a lower level in just five minutes, using a design that is brilliant and an example of God-given intelligence and design.

What am I saying? Why mention it in this newsletter? Let me give an illustration… in our first visit to Malta, my wife and I stayed at a large hotel called the Bugibba Holiday Resort (probably changed name by now). We had a room overlooking the pool and it was the sunny side, with a balcony. The weather was very hot.

One day a couple moved into the room next door and Diane and I were astonished as we sat in our lightweight cotton clothing – the couple both wore heavy black outerwear; woollen suits. They banged a large Bible on the balcony table and sat solemnly in the blazing sun wearing their outer coats. There was no greeting. They just sat like tombstones, sweltering into sweaty puddles, saying nothing. Is that a godly way to live or witness?

On another visit, we stayed in a different hotel and as we had breakfast one day (I have reported this previously) we noted an elderly gentleman (probably the age I am now!) sitting on his own, reading a book and having a light coffee and toast. Without invitation a man suddenly loomed over him demanding to know if he knew Jesus Christ! The interloper leaned on the table opposite the man and aggressively demanded answers to his questions. The elderly man was polite and did not engage with the speaker, who eventually left him alone.

In both cases I saw sad examples of poor witnesses. It has taken me many decades to be as I am today, without apology or humanly devised activities. God gives the impetus to witness, and witnessing is not 24x7, nor is it meant to be oppressive or abusive or manipulative. Nor does it include doing things just because they are what everyone else thinks should be done.

The Falkirk Wheel came about by observing physics and simply looking at what needed to be done. Using God-given intelligence, engineers came up with an unique and remarkable design, though many said it could not be done. Yet, there it now is, a fantastic example of what mankind can do with God’s talents or gifts.

As I have said before, after ten years of doing what everyone else expected me to do as a Christian, including preaching (or singing with my mother, using guitar and piano) in many churches up to twice a week, I suddenly stopped. What prompted me was the deadness of following my mentors and trying to emulate how they preached and acted… when I attempted to copy them I failed miserably. Scripture itself showed me a better way and I took it, freeing my spirit.

Others were amazed and concerned and thought I had suddenly backslidden! In reality, I was liberated and given new life by my amazing Lord. From that time on my life was transformed and given new life. Then, instead of preaching to half-asleep uninterested congregations, I stopped. Or, rather, I was no longer invited to speak!

After those first ten years of what seemed to me to be fruitless copy-cat efforts, where I tried my best to be just like my contemporaries, I began to say and do what GOD wanted. I had my ‘Falkirk Wheel’ moment, and out of this came the ministry I now have… which at times can be very controversial. Not deliberately, but just because I am given something to do by the Lord and then I do it, regardless of trying to please or follow other men’s actions and ‘methods’. Whilst many now recognise my work, I do not function according to an human plan, but do what I am told by the Holy Spirit. And it is solidly built upon God’s word and interpretations provided by the languages of scripture.

No longer, as in former days, do I put in ideas and theories used by others. It is either of God or nothing. This way of working is hardly understood by most, so accusations fly continually, that I am imposing my own ideas on the ministry. If only people knew!

On 6th July I buried my much-loved wife, Diane. The majority of Christians, like the dour black-suited couple on holiday, succumb to what everyone else expects. But, I did not want that. The service was taken by James Waddell (who I thank profusely for taking the burden from my shoulders and completing the task well) and we did not have the usual sullen atmosphere. Instead we had a slowly changed slide-show of Diane, photos from our life. We began with what many would tut-tut at – Frank Sinatra singing ‘Strangers in the Night’. Where was the usual hymn!! The song played during the evening that we met each other, in a company function I was told to attend! The words described how both of us were at that time – lonely. So, it was ‘our’ song, one that always brought a smile to us both… and a secret tear to my eye on the 6th.

In between, there were two hymns, one sung by a famed Welsh choir (How Great Thou Art) and one by my niece, Charlotte, Amazing Grace. The eulogy was, at my request, not the usual list of things done in Diane’s life, but a statement of honour, showing that her life was handed over to God throughout our marriage. The final music was Diane’s favourite from when she was just 15 – Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’… an unusual piece for a girl brought up in the ‘swinging 60s’! Yes, she had many favourite hymns, but this was HER day, not mine or anyone else’s! And the music was borne of God’s gift of music to mankind, a tribute to Diane and not a dry manifestation of what everyone expects.

The overall service and the final graveyard scene were thus unique, and had an effect on those who attended, as James made sure it was a Christian event. I kept my tears in check. As believers we must never be silenced or cowed down by what our peers expect. I left that kind of pseudo-spiritual treadmill decades ago, while others sit comfortably in their pews, being told what to believe and do by well-meaning pastors and preachers.

(There is even a story linked to this. Several decades ago, our family once attended a particular church led by someone we had known all our lives. But, he tended to be dictatorial. Anyway, Diane and I booked seats in the front row of a concert in town. It featured the world-famous Stephane Grappelli, an amazing violinist. For us, good music can be hymns, old compositions, folk or other. Good music is given by God!

We were chatting to another couple in the church, who became excited by what they saw as our boldness! It turned out that the pastor would not like it, so they asked if they could come with us that night, and secretly booked seats!! The pastor expected everyone to only like hymns (even though few understand or remember the words).  Diane and I thought it was all a farce – the pastor at that time was running around with his son, acting as a groupie, transporting drums and guitars to various venues so his son could play rock music several times a week!! That is how confused and even hypocritical many Christians (incl pastors) can be. Unfortunately, traditional views do not lead to authentic Falkirk Wheel moments, yet the majority of Christians stick like barnacles to traditional churches… lots of activity but not of God!

It is now possible that God will give me more ‘Falkirk Wheel’ moments. Maybe not – my ministry is in His hands. Whatever happens, I will stay true to what God wants. It is what my dear wife always knew and encouraged me to do. For her, my ministry was very important, which is why she sacrificed many years of her own life and desires to that cause. So I will continue as a mark of respect and honour to her and in obedience to the Lord. I am not sure how far that will go, with a dramatically reduced income, but we shall see.

Friends, it is very easy to think the Christian life consists of putting on our best clothes once a week, maybe attending the confusing ‘prayer meeting’ (for unknown purposes – read my article on this) mid-week, and remaining motionless in a pew while one man tells us things from scripture… which is forgotten that very same evening! But, this is not what God has given us. We should not be stuck in tradition, no matter how well-worn and comforting it might seem to be. Our relationship to the Lord must be dynamic! Our personal Falkirk Wheel moments should come regularly as we open ourselves to what God wants of us and NOT what our peers demand. Most traditions are of this past uselessness. Some might be okay, but most deny us spiritual life, freedom and authenticity.

P.S. A few weeks ago I mused on how my income will change. Now I know – the DWP has just given me a gigantic £4 a week more state pension and all other state benefits are suspended until a final sweep of my circumstances is made. The car must be returned to Motability by next week and I have to sell the Wheelchair Adapted Van as well. Now begins a life on fixed income again! Last time was in 1996… so a lot to learn.  The situation drives home my own advice to our members – hold money and goods lightly, for they can be given or removed by God at any time. In reality, nothing really belongs to us – it is entrusted to us by God.

BTM Publications

A-916 Paradise & Heaven. I believe scripture tells us the two places are not the same, but yet are both under God’s rule. Just 4 pages based on what Jesus said and joyous. I have incorporated it (with additional material) in my new book on Christ’s Resurrection. The book is presently being formatted and should be available in the next few weeks.

Track and Trace Communism

Many eagerly use their ‘phone apps to tell government where they have gone – shops, cafes, and so on. If I am forced to fill out a form, a sheet of paper etc., for track and trace, I always give an old defunct telephone number and a fake address. I want government Covid garbage kept out of my life.

Already the app is causing immense damage to our economy and freedom, and will get worse, as shops are suffering shortages and inability to find people to work… and when they work government uses its app to tell people to isolate. DON’T TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN!! The government is applying extreme pressure on the people, using wicked means, heartless and nasty.

We live at a time of manufactured crisis, held hostage by a deliberately vaunted minor virus. Whole local councils and national government bodies have been off work for  over a year, paid wages for doing nothing. It took my son from January to a week ago to obtain a simple resident’s parking permit, because almost everyone in our council is working from home. Far worse will come our way if we keep on obeying government track and trace, and its variety of communistic abuses of power.

Many Christians wrongly think it is our biblical duty to obey those who rule, even when they are wicked. Thus, they limit their freedoms and lives to satisfy lies and deceit. It WILL get much worse – Christians must learn the truth and not just give in. Start to oppose by refusing to use track and trace apps and other means of control. It has become apparent that the apps are putting out false information, too, and messing up its alleged reason to exist, due to multiple technical errors and gliches.

At the risk of being repetitive – the virus is just a weak flu; the variant is even weaker, but government is blasting out its spread as if it was the Black Death! The  variant is NOT worse, nor does it kill most who get it. It still stands that almost 100% of people who get the virus feel uncomfortable but do not die. But, government is lying again to make everyone afraid and obedient. All you need to do is avoid people who are coughing and sneezing. THAT IS ALL THAT WAS EVER NEEDED FROM THE START! And, a recent publication that reviewed 47 scientific studies on masks show that masks are useless and do NOT prevent spread of viruses. I urge you all to buy a cheap ‘exempt’ badge and hang it around your neck. And if you have lung or heart problems, asthma, etc., you certainly must not wear a mask.

For those of us who followed the virus lies from last year, we know that it is all to do with a one world government. Now the virus dark comedy is losing its grip, governments are openly using abusive powers and deliberate lies. Part of it is to get rid of ordinary cars, to build useless wind farms, get people to eat vegetables and not meat, and push the Green agenda that will cost trillions, thus taking money from tax payers and lowering living standards. Sadly, Christians appear to be ignorant of all this. By obeying government blindly they make everything far worse for the rest of us and increase the establishment of communism in the West.

Critical Race Theory

This trashy theory is worthless and untrue. Basically, it is vomited from the mouths of Marxists who say everything wrong in the world is because of ‘white supremacy’. Of course, they pretend not to notice the elephant in the room – growing Islamic violence and intimidation, and the wickedness of BLM… all of whom are coloured people!

Recently, these evil people have claimed that ‘evolution denial is a form of white supremacy’!! Truth doesn’t matter anymore, so the Scientific American magazine actually said that about denying the validity of evolution!! Why? Because the Bible teaches that all races are one, and that we all come from the same stock. This is hated, because the success of BLM and other evil people requires division and hatred of others.

Covid Passports to Go Anywhere?

Very often governments let things slip out into the public domain, pretending it has been ‘leaked’. This enables them to introduce a concept they want to foist onto the people. If the outcry is too big they just don’t do whatever they had planned.

Covid has been used as an excuse to run riot over our freedoms. No – there would be no Covid passports! Oh yes there will be!! They are already being printed to allow people to enter events and buildings containing large numbers. Air flights already have them. And whilst government says we won’t need them to enter a church… don’t be surprised if they are demanded anyway! And some churches are already acting-out Nazi-style controls over congregations.

Perhaps readers haven’t noticed how government has handed over authoritarian abuse to companies, businesses and locals? So, supermarkets are retaining masks and distancing, even though neither helps to stop a virus. This is straight from the communist handbook! Just get everyone in the country to hyped-up they will willingly act like Nazi stormtroopers against their own kind. If it means getting back freedoms, they will do it! But, by doing the job of social police, people are making things far worse and WILL lose freedoms.

It might sound silly, but I refuse to ask for a Tesco card. Yes, it would make shopping cheaper… but, as the card is used by Tesco to trace who we are and what we buy, I refuse it. Too many groups have my details already. I would rather shop elsewhere. And, as for Covid passports, I would rather limit where I go than submit to Covid thuggery. Sadly, many Christians think otherwise, and have no idea they are playing into the hands of an enemy.

Voting Machines

I haven’t reported for a long while on the blatantly obvious fraudulent election of Joe Biden to the USA presidency. This is because much work is being done by investigators behind the scenes, checking the machines and the figures. It is emerging that there WAS widespread fraud.

Machines were fully linked to Democrat fraudsters who altered input by genuine voters; ballot papers were repeated hundreds of times over – Dem supporters simply put Biden’s name in instead of Trump’s. And the electronics in the voting machines were altered so as to negate Trump votes and give them to Biden. There is a great deal more to this story, and some think that Biden will be forced back out of office when the final figures come in. We will see… the USA has become used to fraud by now! And if Biden is deposed watch out for widespread violence.

Trans Trash!

The Church of England boasts that it is a ‘broad church’. Another way to put it is that it is wicked and has strayed from the narrow path of God. Loving to be controversial by acting against God and His word, it ordained the first Anglican transgender priest.

The priest went on TV and wickedly told a TV presenter that God is NOT ‘the Father’ or an ‘He’, but is… non-binary. in today’s language that means God is queer!

Using illogical theology he/she claims God is neither he nor she, and says “this is helpful” (to transgenders and other exotic brands of homosexual). From this very bad interpretation of Who God is (male!!) the priest goes on to say that he’he wants the church to be a “welcoming place for people in the LGBTQ+ community”.

Scripture, God’s word, says otherwise. It is one thing to have a secret sin (such as homosexuality) but it is quite another to openly declare oneself homosexual. The first can be prayed for and helped, but the latter has no place in any local church. Also, of course, there can be no female pastors in churches, as scripture speaks only of males. Also, there can be no priests… the Anglican version is just a revamped Romanist model, and Christ removed the liturgical priesthood!

diane joy napier malta 2010

Forgive my indulgence… Diane in Malta, 2010

What a Shock!

When I nursed in a mental hospital I regularly took part in administering shock therapy (ECT – electro-convulsive therapy) and was happy to do so. Those with severe depression were instantly relieved as the brain re-scrambled itself. I have maintained my stance ever since. Today, ECT is enthusiastically endorsed by the Lancet Psychiatry. It causes a mild ‘fog’ for a short while and then the patient comes back to normality. Simple observation of patients who have had the treatment proves how effective ECT can be.

However, I was always glad when ECT was used to quieten violent males who were otherwise uncontrollable. Given once a month, such patients were subdued and hardly ever became violent. And that was enough for me to welcome ECT for them! it might sound bad, but anyone who worked with such people can testify to its use to protect staff.

The procedure as I knew it in the 1970s, was done under anaesthesia, with added muscle relaxants. And half a dozen nurses helped to keep the patient from convulsing too much, so it was not a scene from Frankenstein!

Why Art?

As you know I brought my easel down from the shed, and into my study. The intention was, and still is, to recommence art work. Sadly, my wife’s decline prevented this, so I now have to reconsider when to start.

What I find fascinating is that some Christians decry art. But, why? Yes, some modern art is nothing but rubbish. That’s true. But, much of it is amazingly good. And this has been true for many centuries if not millennia. Those who think nothing of art or think it is a waste of time should remember that God Himself elected artists to make the tabernacle and then the Temple beautiful – they worked alongside the artisans. Ancient people felt compelled to draw and paint and sculpt. The majority of art works have been genuine attempts to express what the artists felt about nature and how they thought of it.

In most cases art has been, and is, an intellectual pursuit. And as I have said before, when I was doing my artwork I was often lost in the activity. Indeed, when I was courting Diane I regularly ‘got lost’ in my painting and had to rush out of the house covered in paint to meet her! Her mother rightly used to tell her off for letting me get away with it!! I wasn’t her mother’s favourite person… but what boyfriend ever is?

I diverted into design, too, so art was the basis for earning some money from printers. I later used it to design furniture and kitchens (not like today where salesmen use ready-made computerised designs). In those days I travelled a lot to people’s homes to do on-the-spot designs, with colour and interior advice. After that I had a studio in the centre of town. It was one of my best periods for enjoying life and art at the same time.

Now, I hope to restart art, and I know Diane would have encouraged me all the way, such was her selflessness. And that is why I must get going again! As for others – art is a lovely way to express inner emotions and be rid of anxiety. It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ you are; what matters is intention and enjoyment of letting art express your inner self. That is why I enjoy seeing amateur artists ‘do their thing’. It is another way God helps us to live! So, go on – try it. It is very soothing!

Latest on BTM

My computer is coming to its end and is only just functioning, limiting what I can do.  For this reason I am sending this Beacon out now instead of next week. Also, the BTM website must be renewed before end of year as the software will become defunct then. So, there may be delays and technical problems.

We have been discussing possible new avenues for BTM, recognising that we are NOT in it for the money (definitely not!) and that any changes must be according to God’s plan. We also discussed what will happen when it is my turn to leave this earth. I suggested the work should be in two parts, because though I will not be around, the work itself needs to continue. So, all my material will be put into a legacy section; the past works and books can still be made available (well over 2,500 items). The work will then be continued by James, aided possibly by his daughter, Charlotte (who is studying for her law degree right now). That’s it!!