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'Prove Your Conversion: Read Your Bible', by J.C. Ryle

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Show me a person who despises Bible reading, or thinks little of Bible preaching, and I hold it to be a certain fact that they are not yet born again. They may be zealous about forms and ceremonies. They may be diligent in attending church and the taking of the Lord's Supper. But if these things are more precious to them than the Bible, I cannot believe that they are converted. Tell me what the Bible is to a person and I will generally tell you what they are. This is the pulse to try—this is the barometer to look at—if we would know the state of the heart. I have no notion of the Spirit dwelling in a person and not giving clear evidence of His presence. And I believe it to be clear evidence of the Spirit's presence when the Word is really precious to a person's soul.  (J.C. Ryle)


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