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What is Your Life?

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Your life, and mine, is but a vapour which will soon pass away.

We have today, but we may not have tomorrow. The flowers on the earth bloom in all their beauty, then they soon fade and pass away.

We are given a short span of life, for some it will be few, but for others, it will be many, yet still only 70 or 80 years, but it is what happens during that time, which will make all the difference.

God is merciful and He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. The Father has given a certain number of people to His Son, for whom Christ died for and bore their sins. That means that they during their lifetime will receive an effectual call to follow Christ, and to love, serve and obey Him. These are the true Christians on the earth, from whatever country they maybe called, and in whatsoever circumstances God may sovereignly choose.

It is the greatest miracle of all, to be brought from darkness to His marvellous light, and from serving the devil and his works, to the works of righteousness in Christ. Yes, until this time comes, you and I are serving the devil. You will say, oh! That is not possible! But in our ignorance, that is what we are doing, in serving self and Satan. Our greatest enemy in this life is Self, and in serving self and all that it entails, we are serving the god of this world, who is Satan.

We can make money our god, or our entertainments, or sport, or any idol we make instead of the true and living God. We serve only Self, the greatest idol of all. It is not until God brings us to Himself, that we see our sins clearly and are given the gift of repentance, and come before Him in acknowledging all our sins, for the way we have lived hitherto, and we receive His forgiveness.

God can call us as a young person, which is wonderful, for then we have maybe more years of being used of God, and serve Him with all our hearts for longer, or we can be called in middle-age, and regret the years that have been wasted, or even old-age, which is indeed a great miracle, especially if we are close to our death. Yes, God is no respecter of persons and time is nothing to him. He is in eternity and we live in time, but then our time will come, when we have no more time. Then we are ushered into God’s holy presence to give account of everything we have done, and said, in this life. We are then Judged by Him. “It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the Judgment.” Hebrews 9:27

God has determined that a certain number of people from every nation, kindred, tribe and tongue will come to Him. The Lord Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for their sins, and suffered the most horrendous death on the cross for them. What wonderful love is this? What greater love can anyone have, but that Christ laid down His life for His friends, His people, His sheep. Christ is the Good Shepherd and He has given His life for His sheep who follow Him wheresoever He goes.

You may ridicule and pour scorn on the Christians you know, for it all seems foolishness to you that they witness for Christ. You will not realize it at the time, but it is the greatest love that they want to share the truth with you.

It is the Word of God which is the precious seed which brings a needy soul to Christ. It was the Word which I read back in 1975 which became living and light to me, and changed my life, from being a sinner to a saint. Yes, we are always sinners, but once the light of Christ, in His power, comes into a life, then the sin is subdued, and the life of Christ is powerfully known and felt.

Take time then, to get a King James Bible and ask God to reveal Himself to you, but you need to be a humbled, repentant sinner, for God hates pride. May His Word speak to you, as it did to me, all those years ago. No-one is beyond His reach or His grasp. His grace is sufficient for you. Time is short, so do not waste it.

This tract is sent with Love, that the God of all grace, may reach your heart, and be truly saved, and you will then live in eternity with Christ. THIS IS A CHRISTIAN TRACT.

© March 2014 Rose Fenton

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