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New Bible Versions are Satanic - An Introduction

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I know that this series of articles will cause some to leave our reading lists. I know that many avid followers of new versions will send me abuse. And I also know, with sadness, that some Christians will ignore the warnings in the articles, even though the evidence against new versions is irrefutable. Nevertheless, I will present the arguments. There will be no softening of tone, nor an easing of words to make readers feel better. Rather, the tone is tough, because the word of God is not to be trifled with, nor reduced to popularism by misled theologians and pastors who blindly swallow the poison from Satan’s chalice.

With strength of conviction I will tell you why the new versions are satanic to their core. I will expect you to throw away your new versions after reading the facts. I expect you to do this not because I say so, but because God’s word is the key, not our emotions or earthly ties to lies. One of the marks of a genuine believer is his devotion to God’s word; he will cast aside all that is futile and sinful in favour of retaining and building an holy life and thought processes.

I do it, then, for your sake, for the sake of your spiritual health. But, this comes a very poor second to the need to maintain and teach the truth of God. The emotions and thoughts of the reader do not concern me. What concerns me is that I tell the truth, and bring people back to His word, as it is best proclaimed by the best Bible version that God has brought into being – the 1611 King James Authorised Version.

I am not a member of any ‘KJV Only’ group; I simply wish to argue that God has preserved a true Bible, and has brought the evil of new versions to light. Some of the ‘KJAV Only’ movement will tell ‘white lies’ and mix or amend quotes to make sure that the KJAV is upheld. But, this is not the way to go – it is rather like police officers inventing charges against someone they know to be criminal but cannot quite find the evidence necessary to convict them! The aim is to convict someone they know to be criminal – but the method is false and itself criminal. Let true evidence support the KJAV, not well-intentioned misinformation!

I will show that the arch-enemies of the Lord and the Gospel, Westcott and Hort (and others of similar ilk), have done great damage to individuals, denominations and training schools. You might think that all theologians are aware of the things I speak of. They are not! Just like unbelieving physical scientists, they do not arrive at their conclusions because they have researched for themselves. Rather, they follow the methods and ‘new’ Greek of Westcott and Hort (hereafter referred to as W&H), blindly and without question.

The same kind of professional blindness has dogged the medical field, where doctors follow implicitly the advice and information put out about homosexuality by governments and homosexual groups. I saw and followed this awful travesty of truth from the 1980s and know this has happened. Doctors only quote from official and homosexual sources, and almost none of them bother to critically analyse what they are told, so the same deceptions are inadvertently repeated by them all. Most theologians are no different; they just repeat the errors of well-known ‘experts’!

Individual Christians who have no idea about theology will follow what they are told and what they read from these theologians, who are themselves misled. Such Christians are not ‘bad’, but they should listen when warnings are issued by the watchmen of the Church. If someone who is genuinely ignorant is given the facts, and does not listen or bother to check things out, then they are culpable. I know just how hard it is to stand against the tide of popularism, but it has to be done.

I will show how the ‘new’ Greek of W&H et al is a delusion, unworthy of ‘Christian’ following, and why this is so. Sadly, I know that though the bell tolls for the New Versions, many will ignore the sound and retain their cursed new versions. This is because either the truth is not in them, or, Satan has blinded them with a strong delusion, or they are following trends because they are misled by others. I sincerely trust that the latter reason applies to most of our Christian readers.

The Knock on the Door

You are cooking dinner, or doing something in the home, and you hear a knock at the door. Wiping your hands in a cloth, you open the door and your heart sinks... two people with briefcases smile at you and start their chat. The chat is always led wholly by them, and they hand you leaflets and small booklets. Yes, they are Jehovah’s Witnesses! (Mormons also come in twos, but wear either dark suits, with white shirts and ties, or short-sleeved white shirts and no jackets).

Those who are foolish think they can outwit JWs and attempt feeble fight-backs. But, to no avail. This is because the JWs always lead and control the discussion and have answers ready for all possible objections. The JW’s keep smiling and show you from scripture where you are wrong. And – be honest – you cannot answer their claims! (Frankly, I no longer enjoin them in conversation but simply close the door with a simple “I never debate with cults”. I even have a brief note stuck to the glass of my front door, saying that I do not want uninvited callers, Shocked?).

When at first I used to discuss their claims, I was wryly amused whenever I stopped them in mid-flight, because they always returned to the start of their diatribe and began all over again, no matter how many interruptions I made! This was a proof that they had learned their responses parrot fashion. They could certainly not respond when I threw in objections from my own perspective.

One of the major arguments the JWs will show you from scripture is John 1:1. They will, with unwavering finger, point to the ‘true’ verse that proclaims that the ‘Word’ was just ‘a god’ (“In [the] beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god”. They will tell you that the actual Greek in their Bible is accurate and must be translated as “a god” and not as the “Word was God”.

But wait – they are using their JW New World version! And look closer at the ‘translation’ they say is true to the Greek... it is a lie! I remember JWs walking away in anger, cursing me openly, when I pointed out their error on this. So much for their initial loving approach! What caused them to become so angry? (I suspect that when one is suddenly faced with truth about a cherished belief, the anger is really fear of being challenged; I have seen this reaction before).

Something simple caused the anger. Koine Greek, the language original New Testament Bible sources were written in (with a smattering of Aramaic), and from which all genuine Bible translation comes, DOES NOT HAVE THE INDEFINITE ARTICLE. That is, koine Greek does not have the tiny word ‘a’ in its grammar! So, for a JW to tell me that his New World bible version is true to the Greek on the matter, is impossible, and a direct lie. Therefore, there is no way that the text, “the Word was God”, can ever be translated accurately as “the word was a god”! The ‘a’ does not exist in koine Greek!

Furthermore, in koine Greek, the definite article need not be used in a text if the subject implies it. Thus, we can, with accuracy and real reason, say that the text CAN be written and accepted as “the Word was (THE) God”. The text does not contain the definite article, but its grammar includes it anyway; it is implied. Thus, even without the word ‘The’ in the verse, the text includes its force and definite meaning. That is, the Word (the Son) IS God.

So, where did the JW get his error from? His New World ‘bible’ gets it from the ‘new’ Greek of W&H! Every new version since W&H has based its wording on the false claims made by these two unbelievers, who hated the KJAV. You might think that W&H based their work on well-known Greek and methodology. You would be very much mistaken, for their claims were based not on the authentic Greek known over almost two millennia, but on personal guesswork they KNEW would not be accepted by genuine scholars! I will tell you more of this in later articles.

Never argue or debate with cult members (or those who adamantly insist on using new versions, because they can get quite nasty; they also refuse to listen). Apart from wasting your time, you will be entering into error yourself. Instead, stop their speech with your hand, and simply tell them they are members of a cult, condemned to hell by Almighty God, and are using false Greek texts. Tell them to read the KJAV to see what God really says about salvation and Jesus Christ. Do not enter into further talk, but politely close the door. (As for readers of new versions, your response to them depends on whether or not they are saved. Be as gentle as you can, but have proof of your oppositional statements to hand, and be resolute).

Does this sound harsh? It is not. It is stark reality and required by the Lord God... do you really think God condones people using wrong versions of His stated word? We are to declare His truth, and not fool about with messy arguments based on the falsity of cult ‘bibles’ prompted by God-haters, W&H. By engaging in their form of debate, you lend credibility to their claims. That is why you MUST simply tell them, without asking questions or inviting questions, what God really says, briefly and with punch. Do not let them control the discussion. If God has elected them to salvation, they will eventually come to their senses.

God First

Jesus Christ did not let cults or false prophets lead His conversations! He listened to their fake claims and questions and immediately turned the conversation back on themselves, from His own angle and truth. He never allowed them to take control of His or their speech. And He certainly did not let them get away with quoting rubbish or fake theology, or misusing scripture.

Satan’s Spawn

This is my view of new versions: they are not just fake, but they are grossly evil. They are the product of Satan and can rightly be called ‘Satan’s spawn’. New Versions turn truth on its head by reversing the facts of God given over almost two thousand years and accepted by Christians and theologians for all that time. They do so NOT with a better source of information, but with sources that are feeble and corrupt. And anything not of God is satanic in origin.

Now, WHY should I give credence to new versions if they are from Satan? I refuse to do so! I will call new versions what they really are – Satan’s spawn. I will demand, with the authority of the Lord, that Christians get rid of them and turn back to the only true Bible we have today – the 1611 KJAV.

I do not care if this offends a reader’s emotions and thoughts. I do not care if the reader is an archbishop, a pastor, a theologian, or an individual Christian who is just ignorant. I do not care, because what matters to me is God, not man. God comes first, not the infidelity of men, a wrongness that leads them to accept the profanity and blasphemy of people like W&H, and the many versions of the Bible founded on their evil translations.

The new versions are tares, not genuine wheat. They might look the same, but they are not the same, and will be finally cut-down by the Lord Himself. Until then, people like myself will continue to bring others to the truth, or at least to present it to them. If, by any means, I can destroy the influence of the satanic new versions on the lives of the brethren, then I will! This is because I love the brethren – but I do not love Satan.

We are seeing the majority of Christians diminished today; they have no spiritual power within, because they have allowed false bibles to rule their hearts and minds. I say this with sympathy, for it is very easy to accept advice from those considered to be more knowledgeable. And do not ‘ordinary’ Christians believe their pastors have more knowledge than they do? So, if they say members ought to have NIV’s (or any other fake bible) they will buy them! These Christians are misled. But, if they refuse to listen to true counsel, then they become stiff-necked and must be held accountable.

God’s Word is Pure

King Saul followed a lie and eventually was led to commit suicide by his own folly. This was the direct judgment of God on his soul. He was offered truth by Samuel (1 Samuel 9:27), but rejected it.

“Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.” (Proverbs 30:5).

It is now traditional to accept the new versions, but note what Mark 7:13 tells us about reliance on what other men tell us:

making the word of God of none effect through your tradition...

We are spiritually fed by “every word of God”, so we must be very sure that what we are ingesting is pure. Impure food will damage our souls and curse God. And how can we grow in truth and be blessed (Luke 11:28) if we do not keep the actual word of God, but eat the poison and fakery imposed by people like W&H?

Instead, we must speak the word of God – untainted by W&H – with boldness (Acts 4:31). The new versions reduce the word of God to uncertain sounds, and each new version adds to this uncertainty, so that Christians are fed even more poison and are left ineffectual, spiritually weak and sick. To be fair to them, they only see a multitude of versions before them, which confuse and disintegrate what God says. I can assure you that their pastors and teachers will be judged for this.

Revelation 22:18

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and [from] the things which are written in this book.”

In arguments about versions, new version adherents scoff when this verse is quoted, for they believe it only applies to the book of Revelation. In terms of strict exegesis, these words DO apply to men who alter the words of The Revelation. However, its principle also applies to all words of all of scripture: logically, it HAS to apply. They are God’s words to man, and He does not expect or allow us to change what He says. It is blasphemous to replace what God says with our own ideas.

And, it is blasphemous for Christians to accept the words of W&H, which steadily erode everything relating to God as God, Christ as Saviour, and God’s words as the ONLY truth made known to mankind. We either accept ALL of scripture to be from God, or some of it, or none of it. Which is it to be with you?

If you wish to reject what I say in the coming articles, then that is your choice – but you will be judged by God for doing so. I will not argue over the contents of the articles, because they are rooted solidly in what God says, and in proof.

The response, then, is up to you. But, be very careful that you choose the true champion of God’s word. Is YOUR champion W&H, or is it God Himself, Who gave us His word? And, do not bother to send me abuse – I am very used to receiving abuse for telling-forth God’s truth, so it will not be a problem to me! But, it will be a problem for all who prefer falsity to truth. Indeed, it will be a stumbling block.


Obviously, all our articles are founded on the 1611 KJAV.

This series is no exception.

The articles will not be presented in any particular order. Rather, I will issue them as I see fit, in readily-understood format, usually looking at singular problems and claims. In this way you can build-up a dossier of useful material, rather than a ‘heavy’ block of complex information.

All information I send out will already be checked for facts, truth and scriptural accuracy, but, if, by mistake, this is not so, please send me your objections so that I can assess your claims.

The arguments over the KJAV and new versions can be highly complex and formidable, and not so easy as some think. Even so, we will try to pare the arguments to get to the basics. It is then up to the reader to accept or reject.

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