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Does the Bible Trump All Evidence?

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The question has been taken from a Creation-Science article, but it is badly formulated. The question SHOULD read “Does the Bible always trump human ideas?” Science is part of total earthly knowledge, and genuine science NEVER contradicts scripture. But, when scientists persist in making atheistic hypotheses, it proves that the scientists are speaking out of ignorance, making their subject area say what it cannot say. That is, they are guessing that their unbelief provides them with true facts or a reason to follow false trails.

In the main, science based on genuine research methods gives us very good observations and reports evidences accurately. Sadly, some scientists ‘fiddle the books’ by presenting an atheistic viewpoint rather than a proper scientific finding. They BEGIN with the assumptions of atheism being correct (usually embracing evolution on the way) and do not allow anything to contradict their findings. Thus, they are strangers to the concept of genuine falsification of their hypotheses. In particular anything that tends towards implying the existence of God or a scriptural truth is ‘doctored’ so that the implications are edited-out.

REAL science makes unadulterated observations (of evidences). The observations are, very often, correct. The problems arise when the observations are subjected to the stringent rules of scientific process (as I concluded in my MA dissertation) and fail because of bad interpretation. The atheist, by not allowing anything contrary to atheism and evolution, will deliberately misread and misinterpret solid observations, so that only atheistic conclusions are reached. By doing this they corrupt true science and its genuine process, by making evidences fit their unproven philosophies. The Bible, on the other hand, does NOT ‘trump all evidence’... only the bad interpretations of the evidence! This is because evidence is observably evidence. What matters is how the evidence is interpreted.

Now, everything touching even remotely on scientific knowledge in scripture is ALWAYS correct, even if the presentation of texts might appear primitive to modern men. I would again insist on my claim that true religion is ALWAYS sound/good science, and sound/good science NEVER contradicts scripture, but ALWAYS agrees with it. You might think that this is just an ignorant statement, but it is not. Nothing in genuine science – and I mean NOTHING – contradicts scripture. That is a searchable fact! It MUST agree with scripture, because it is God’s word, and God’s word ALWAYS trumps anything said by man. Another plain fact!

Let me put it this way... I am highly educated (a straightforward fact). I have studied all my life, and still do. At the time of writing I am completing a course in forensic linguistics, which requires a strict scientific approach to use of language and evidence in forensics. I am not persuaded by silly or uncheckable claims. I am not a pushover for uneducated Christians whose desires are greater than their biblical knowledge, nor for unscrupulous scientists who try to dupe the public with specialist language. Over many decades I have checked scripture, and, as part of my ministry and pastorate, I am constantly looking at evidences presented by believer and unbeliever alike. In my honest view, what I am saying in this short article is correct. Over many years I have read and heard false science claims that have tried to use fake science to denigrate Christians. And each one has been, or can be, discarded as false. Fact.

When one is honed in mind to read between the scientific lines, and to notice falsity when it arises, it becomes a very quick job to point to errors in logic and science. And, to the annoyance of those unbelieving scientists whose fields are very narrow and highly specialised, one does not need to be a scientist at all to point out their errors of logic or presentation! Once you know the scientific process, you can challenge ANY scientist... even arrogant ones like Richard Dawkins, whose arguments against Christians are usually very weak and ignorant! Most of his arguments thus far can be debunked, because he himself relies on a false scientific process and MANY assumptions that have no place in true science.

In other words, NOTHING he says has ever, to date, proved that a Christian scientist is wrong for rejecting evolution. This is because he tends to make blatantly unchecked opinions into supposed laws. One blatantly popularist statement he made was to a woman who challenged him to show her evidence for evolution. His answer was both childish and amazingly stupid – he said, ‘Go to any museum and see it’! What? Like the evolution of the horse, made up arbitrarily by a low-ranking museum worker, so that it fits the evolution idea? Specimens and exhibit posters in a museum prove absolutely nothing! It is like pointing the woman to a Superman comic and saying “See! There’s the proof that super-heroes are real!”

As always, we take scripture to be the truth in ALL fields. And we designate ALL scientists who reject this fact to be ‘fools’ or, as the meaning tells us – stupid. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works...” (Psalm 14:1). Such people have nothing of value to tell us, whether they are popularist TV presenters like David Attenborough, or high-ranking world-known research scientists. All are fools if they reject God, and corrupt science.

Those who believe God and His word show wisdom and knowledge, for they truly understand science. (Daniel 1:4). Yes – the bible ALWAYS trumps human ideas! But, what of men like Dawkins? God rules, not Dawkins!

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