What is Love?

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How can one define ‘Love’? In human terms, it is an emotion for someone dear, for a family member, a dear friend, or even a beautiful pet. It is a love between husband and wife, which is precious. But, the greatest Love of all is the love Almighty God, the Father, has for His people. God is Love. His love is Divine, far surpassing any human love. He gave His only precious Son over to die with such suffering, in the place of His chosen people, on the Cross of Calvary. The Lord Jesus Christ died a substitutionary death for those He came to save. He who was sinless paid the price for their souls.

You see, we are all sinners before God, and sin must be punished. We all inherited sin from our father, Adam, in the Garden of Eden, when He disobeyed God by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You might say, “Well, I am not a sinner!” but everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God. We have all inherited Adam’s sin, whether we are aware of it or not.

“If we say we have no sin, then we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”

(1 John 1:8)

God cannot look upon sin, but, as Sovereign, He ordained a plan to save some from the human race, to be His Church, a chosen Bride for His Son. These are from every nation, people, tribe and tongue. Not all will be saved, because they love their sin, and do evil in the sight of God.

So what is Love? The greatest love of all is that Christ gave His life as a ransom for many. He paid the price for them. He is the pearl of Great Price. Often we have heard, in the last war, of a man giving his life for his friend, and this was a most heroic act. But, the Lord Jesus Christ is God, and He gave His life as a ransom and bore all the sins of His people, by suffering, bleeding and dying. He loved so much that He obeyed the Father’s will to save His lost sheep, as he is the Shepherd of His people. God, the Father, then raised Him from the dead.

Most of us know Psalm 23 by heart, and, certainly, if we are the older population, from our school-days. It was His precious blood that washed His people’s sins away, never to be remembered anymore. What a miracle of divine grace! We are saved only by His mercy and grace alone, for we are unable to do anything which could gain our salvation, whatever man might tell us.

Only God has the power to bring a sinner to Christ. God IS Sovereign and His choice is His mercy. This is His great love to us who are sinners... we deserve everlasting punishment, but God has brought His people out of darkness and into His marvellous light, covering us with His robes of Righteousness. Therefore, God the Father looks at us and sees only His beloved Son, not our filthy rags of sin.

So, can you now tell what is the greatest love of all? The greatest Love is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity), saving a people out of the whole fallen human race! All three are equally God, and all are involved in our redemption.

The greatest love that any human being can give, is telling another human being the truth about God, witnessing to him as a testimony of His saving grace, even though it may not be believed, or even wanted. That is LOVE.

It is a prayer that this tract may reach someone whom God has ordained to eternal life, for His glory and praise.

© June 2012 Rose Fenton

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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