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Every Christian ministry has produced a long detailed report on the film '50 Shades of Grey'

So, here's my two penny worth...

It is just sin. And Christians have no business watching it, or reading the book.

To do so would be to tarnish a claim to faith, with the desire to watch pornography.

I don't need to see the film or read the book – there are plenty of summaries around.

It is just one of several thousand similar films produced every year by pornographers.

It is simple – don't go to the cinema to watch it. Don't watch a video in secret.

Don't read the book. Just ignore it and live as you should. If you don't your claim to be a Christian will be compromised and your faith will be damaged, as your mind fills with illicit desires. We observe this in young people found in most churches, who think nothing of living together, or of homosexual filth, or of watching films like this, to the shame of, and in, their elders and mature believers. For me, this is proof not of youngsters gone astray, but of the way many churches accept at face value that they are actual Christians, when they are not.

This kind of film is a good example of what happens when atheism grabs a society by the throat. And those Christians who fall for its momentary thrill prove their claim to follow God to be in jeopardy.

In an unpublished book on Christians and mental illness, written after several years research, I wrote that sex is the easiest of desires to act out, even on one's own. This is why it is top of the list of sinful activities and why it is the most likely to end up as pornography.

We see this today particularly in the wicked sub-world of homosexuality and its many shades of black, and the way homosexuals have saturated society with illicit sex. All to the detriment of any society foolish enough to cave in to its false gloss.

Now, with the bubbling up of frantically illogical atheists, the situation has got worse (because atheism is the rock-bottom of society). Atheists do it because they are petrified of the God they want to erase. They think that shouting abuse or intimidating others will silence God! That is, the God they say does not exist... they go to a lot of trouble to fight this non-existent God!

That's about it – the film is just another sorry example of sexual and other sins. It has nothing good to offer to people who think, are moral, and especially if they are Christians.

The film is not worth a detailed argument. Sin is sin.