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It is widely reported that the BBC are considering whether to broadcast the Muslim Call to prayer and to reduce its Christian 'bias' in programming. (Telegraph, May 2016)

How can the BBC even justify calling Islam a religion when its core scriptures are completely intolerant of infidels or kafirs (Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims) and its teachings promise its follows a passport to paradise for slaying them? How does that fit with the BBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016?

Islam is not a religion it is a political ideology that rejects Judaeo-Christian values and freedom of conscience and speech. The BBC dares not offend a Muslim in its news reporting by self-censoring images and words, but will delight in portraying Christians as bigoted fools and cultural numpties for opposing homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Yet, every human is born of a man and a woman - a very inconvenient fact!

What will the British people think when the BBC starts broadcasting the Muslim’s war cry “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) and “La ilaha illa-Allah” (There is no god but Allah) every Friday at a call to prayer? You might as well let ISIS have a free pass to take over the BBC network. If you start allowing a call to prayer on a Friday, do you think it will stop at one day and only once a day?

Stop trying to sanitise the idolatrous and abominable pseudo-religion of Islam and stop forcing the British people to embrace and swallow its oppressive and destructive pus and vomit. Islam has no place in the civilised world let alone the UK.

Get real and use your journalistic training to be objective and portray Islam as it is and abort your politically correct social liberalism.

Sign the petition 'Protect Christian programming and coverage at the BBC'.