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BBC 4, "Rome: A History of the Eternal City".

Well, you'd never have guessed it – the BBC got it wrong yet again!

With seamless intellectual nonsense the presenter and historian of BBC 4 'Rome: A History of the Eternal City' , Simon Sebag Montefiore, talked of Peter being the first pope, and that he was in Rome. No proof, just a bald statement! (That's how academics work it nowadays – no need to prove anything; just follow the PC line, even if it is stupid.

Everything else in the programme was founded on that simple, unsubstantiated statement. Yet, the whole self-assumed authority of Rome depends entirely on this claimed 'fact'... but, look at the ACTUAL facts and you won't find these 'facts' exist at all!

There is NO EVIDENCE other than contemporary hearsay, that Peter was ever in Rome. There is certainly no evidence that he was the first pope, or Rome's first bishop. If anything, these accolades should go to Paul, who WAS in Rome. But, Catholics don't like Paul, because his work denounces Rome and its falsity! So, they chose Peter.

Of course, Rome predicates the supremacy of Peter on its false interpretation of what Jesus meant when He spoke of the 'rock' on which the Church is built... when logic and genuine biblical scholarship tells us that JESUS (not Peter) is the Rock.

I await with muted anticipation (forgive my yawn) for the next BBC howler, which will no doubt be led by more deluded scholars whose intellectual ability is much harmed by sheer inability to apply proper intellectual research, making them as gullible as the people who listen to them. All hail, PC blindness!

The real fact is that the BBC, a government pawn, is out to deceive and brainwash, with pro-Romish Propaganda and all kinds of PC garbage. It is helping to break-down the Christian heritage and thinking of the ages, in favour of pro-homosexual, pro-Islam, pro-Rome lies. Every time a Christian allows these lies to be uttered, without complaining, the BBC is strengthened in its resolve and the Marxist West drains the life out of people, kills true intellectual activity, and increases the poison of PC.

You must either write to the BBC, and tell everyone you know of this deception, or you will wonder why you suddenly find yourself in a ghetto surrounded by God-haters.

(For the truth, read our articles: O/214: "Chair of St Peter"; A/317: "Was Peter In Rome? Is There Succession?" RC/001: "The Rock". There are others) Will be uploaded shortly.