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I don’t normally watch a secular film, but on this occasion... I just watched a film named ‘Divergent’ (rated ‘12’ and no foul language etc)  (2014). I bought it for £3 in a superstore (Tesco? Asda?) because of what I suspected was the concept... brainwashing by PC methods. (Please note I am not saying that the film 'Divergent' is in anyway edifying for a Christian. Watch at your own discretion.)

And I was right.

It made me shudder, because it contains strong elements of fascism – something I have fought against for years. In the film young people were persuaded by psychological pressure (which they did not realise was there) to conduct mass shootings of people not wanted in the walled city. Those who were considered ‘divergent’ were sought out and thrown outside the city walls and killed. The symbolism was accurate and heavy, reminding me of Nazi Germany and ISIS who brainwash people to do what they would not normally do, including murder (actual psychology trials confirm people are willing to do this). Basically, it shows what happens when a few individuals do not comply with the (fascist) rule and demands of a very few, just like today. It also displayed very strong PC commands by people in power. For me, the violence portrayed mimics Nazi rule.

If you watch this film it will leave you sobre and alarmed, not so much because of the film itself, but because it accurately portrays (though not intentionally the current wickedness running throughout the world in the name of godless PC and fascism. ISIS already practice Nazi style fascism. So do most Western governments, ‘green’ activists, globalists and homosexuals. But few citizens in the film realise what is happening, or where it will take them. Just like people today who are swept up in the moment, believe wicked rulers, and do their bidding. I recognised the very clear psychological pressures, used in real life, that make people 'think' they are chosen for their tasks, when, in reality, they are manipulated to think that.

We find similar methodlogy persuading Christians in their churches... and those who are ‘divergent’ will not last long in their local churches. All done in the name of ‘love’ of course! Even Christians think we, as a ministry, are ‘over the top‘ when we warn of impending evils coming upon us very soon, from both churches and secular enemies. For myself, I recognise the subtle and not so subtle ways people can be manipulated. I even used ‘mind’ methods myself, in a psychiatric setting, to change people and refocus their aims and desires. It is already coming at us generally from evil Muslims ready to kill everyone who is not like them.

Homosexuals, too, are straining at their leashes, wishing us dead. And deluded ‘greens’ are more than willing to ‘punish’ anyone who refuses to worship Gaia and obey the environmentalist’ mantra. Though it might seem globalists (one world government) are new on the scene, they are just the end result of centuries of empire-building ideas from elite and usually hidden faces in society. Now, they are coming out publicly – Obama, Soros, Blair, Cameron, Merkel – their boldness shows just how efficient their psychological persuasions have been. They, though, are only the public faces. Others of dark wicked complexion are behind the whole thing to crush the people and ‘guide’ them to do whatever they are told.

So, if you want a taste of what it is to combat PC and fascism watch the film. It shows how young people can be manipulated and moulded into any shape the elite want them to take, even though it means going through pain and fear barriers. People ARE willing to do these things. It is about time all of society understood what PC and fascism really mean, because their methods are already hammering society with a disguised ‘softness’ that is misunderstood and thought to be ‘good’. In reality just about all people in the world are being trained to hate even themselves, and to obey the demands of their rulers. In the film this is achieved by use of neural implants in the neck (impossible to change brain activity, but effective as graphics), but these are not needed – those skilled in psychological manipulation can easily produce the same results by mind control. I used to do it myself, so I know. And it is all happening right now, which is why we are constantly warning readers to beware.

Today, Obama and Clinton are top manipulators. They are using Marxist means to topple the USA and hand it over to a one world government. Merkel is another example, and she uses migration to destabilise Europe ready for absorption into a greater form of government. Al Gore has returned from his sleep to rekindle the Green agenda, which is fascist to the core, and everywhere people are being conditioned to accept a one world government, by use of a wide variety of psychological means. We are now in a time of realised conspiracy, when the conspirators are making themselves known. Beware and oppose it, if only in your mind. Be divergent!