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Ralph Lee, the head of Channel Four’s (TV) channel factual programming, gleefully announced they would broadcast a Muslim call to prayer, every morning  at 3:00 am throughout Ramadan (for 30 days) which begins on Tuesday 9 July 2013. (The Guardian, 2 July 2013)

Ralph Lee told the Radio Times it would act as a form of provocation aimed at those associating Islam with extremism.

He also suggested that Ramadan was of more interest to viewers than "blanket coverage" of Royal events. (BBC News, 2 July 2013) (Daily Mirror, 2 July 2013).

Islam the religion of global violence

Islam is a religion of violence. Its doctrines, its history, its persecution of all people of all religions, even Muslims and particularly Christians, and its laws are a manifestation of evil and hatred. Every day we see broadcast on news media examples of beheadings, mass killings, destruction of property, intolerance, terrorism and all in the name of the false god Allah.

The world has witnesses the recent ‘in Allah’s name’ killing of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013 and still Ralph Lee says there has "never been a more pressing need to give a voice to the moderate mainstream majority".

Make no mistake the idol god Allah is not the God of the Judeo Christian Bible. Yet Ralph Lee wants to promote a foreign violent religion in this country by broadcasting the words from the Muslim Call to prayer which venerates Allah and their ‘prophet’ Mohammed – a call to idolatry across the UK nation. I refuse to repeat the blasphemous words of the Muslim call to payer, but you can read a translation at Islam101.

Make a complaint to Ofcom

I exhort Christians and all decent people of the UK to make a complaint to Ofcom on their website before the broadcasts start on Tuesday 9 July 2013.

My complaint is as follows:

“I strongly object to the broadcast of the Muslim call to Prayer on a daily basis during Ramadan from Tuesday 9 July 2013 on Channel 4

The Muslim Call to payer is a public veneration of the false god and idol Allah. It is that name which is, in the UK and globally, used as the ‘killing cry’ to commit violence, persecution of people of all religions, acts of terrorism and killing of UK citizens and British armed forces personnel, including recently the outrageous murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May 2013.

It is an extreme act of provocation, insensitivity, and indecency of Ralph Lee from Channel 4 to gleefully promote the Muslim call to prayer under the guise of minority interests.

How do you think the victims of the bereaved families, slain in the name of Allah, will feel when the memory of their relatives is trampled on by the praise of Allah and the violent doctrines of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed as being the root to success on Channel 4 day after day?

This is not just breaking a taboo it is a betrayal and insult of the British people by a publically licensed broadcaster and the flying of the flag of Islam and their ‘commander in chief’ Allah across the UK.

Will Ofcom halt the broadcasts of the Muslim call to prayer, which has no benefit to the majority of people (95%) in the UK or will Ofcom crumble and bow to the politicians and political correctness?”

You can read Ofcom’s code of practice here and can complain in your own words to Ofcom  on their website requesting that this broadcast be stopped and questioning why a publically licensed broadcaster is being allowed to promote the rallying call of a religion of violence, terrorism and persecution and who has followers that are enemies of the British people and British Armed forces.

There may be ‘moderate’ Muslims in the UK who, for now, do not practice violence, but that does not detract from them being followers of a religion whose doctrines promotes violence, hatred and intolerance, which is clearly evidenced across the world, and has an ultimate aim to impose Sharia law globally.

© 3 July 2013

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Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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