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No doubt ‘tributes’ will pour in for George Michael.

He died of supposed ‘heart failure’... but the photos of him clearly show the ravages of AIDS. I might be
corrected, but that’s what he looked like.

There was a time when singers were quickly dismissed if they were publically declared to be homosexual, but these
people keep on pushing and younger folks accept homosexuals as if they were ‘good’ just because they sing well.

Michael, like Freddy Mercury, has now been rewarded for his time spent lurking around men’s toilets and other dark places. His sexual wickedness has caught up with him. Many homosexuals have had their lives ended prematurely by their evil sexual choices. Michael, as with Mercury, will have his life sanitised for public mourning! (Although Owen Jones of the Guardian (overtly homosexual) wants to celebrate Michael's brazen homosexuality: 'George Michael was a defiant gay icon. His life must not be sanitised', 26 December 2016)

But, the life of every homosexual is just a corpse waiting to be taken to the grave.

Make no mistake, homosexuals are hated by God, as are their lives. Scripture says they will enter hell for their abominations.

And so we say farewell to yet another peddler of perversion.

Hard words? Then see him as God sees him, an evil man waiting for Judgment Day.