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Tuesday 27 September 2016, the news presenter was wearing an hijab.

In view of the VERY serious consternation in the West about the insidious infiltration of the West by Islam, using ‘cultural’ weapons (burka, burkini, etc), was this choice of presenter genuine?

Was she chosen because she is superior to white, non-Muslims?

Or was it, as I suspect, a provocative pro-Islam move to bring Islam even closer to the people, by dominating the news?

I know what it was – a definite statement of pro-Islam. It is getting viewers used to seeing the signs of Islam. What comes next – BBC-style news favouring Palestinian terrorism and Islamic violence?

No offence to the presenter, but it begs serious questions.

It is noted that Ofcom has rejected complaints that it was inappropriate for Channel 4 News to allow a Muslim journalist to present coverage of the Nice truck attack (Guardian, 22 August 2016).

So a Muslim can murder and injure scores of tourists in a terror attack in Nice and then another Muslim report their 'success' on Channel 4 news.

Would a Nazi be allowed on Channel 4 News to report on the 'success' of the gas chambers in killing Jews at Auschwitz?