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I have recently read several conflicting opinions on Disney and the latest film, Beauty and the Beast, which contains a brief ‘gay’ scene. (LifeSiteNews, 17 March 2017)

For some years commentators have spoken of support given by Disney to homosexuals and homosexuality.

Yet, today, I read an email by a well-known Christian, who says he went to Disneyland with his wife a few days ago because it is the most heterosexual place on earth. Very strange given the past decade or so of pro-gay activities said to emit from Disney.

As I have asked several times in Bible studies – how much sin is allowable by God? The answer is - NONE.

No Christian, no matter how well-known, can advise us that a business is 100% heterosexual when it is not. Or, are all the previous commentators lying or confused? Over the years I have read for myself the way Disney has promoted homosexuality.

Maybe I am just reading it all wrong.

Beauty and the Beast might only have a very brief token indication of ‘gay’. But, it is enough to beat Disney over the head with it.

NO amount of gay content is acceptable. We meet enough homosexuality in real life without a film portraying it as something ‘cute’.

That one short ‘cute’ depiction is only a crack... but a crack in a dam leads to its total failure and collapse and cannot be ignored.

The film’s encounter with ‘gay’ is very brief and hardly noticeable... but it is a crack. If ignored, how many worse depictions will appear in Disney films in the future?? It is the practice of homosexuals to push boundaries ever farther. It is written in their agenda!

They have said they will keep pushing and showing greater depictions until they finally reveal to the world their REAL nature and the foulest of sexual deviances. But, I have warned of all this in great detail for several decades and Christians don’t listen or do anything constructive.

Do not fall to the acceptance of ANYTHING ‘gay’. It is a foul, dangerous, godless behaviour, one that is used to harm Christians and reject God and His Gospel, no matter how small the picture is painted. How much homosexuality is acceptable in even a Disney film? NONE.