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Munich Agreement Neville Chamberlain waving his 'Peace in our time' document

Lethal Indifference will enslave us all to Islam

(A programme in the Channel Five series, ‘Supernatural Nazis’. Shown 8pm-9pm, 26th Aug).

I know that some Christians think I am ultra-strident and perhaps even sinful, to suggest that all Muslims are the same because they come from the same stock.

If you can watch the above programme, please do, because it ought to change your minds. What I claim is so painfully obvious.

As I said not so long ago, the rise of Hitler and Nazism almost exactly parallels the rise of Islam in the West. Note how all the German people, even those who didn’t agree with Nazi aims and methods, cooperated with Hitler. Of these, 20 million were Roman Catholic. If they had raised up their voices and refused to obey, Hitler could not have done much! But, the Germans, religious or not, developed what one historian called “lethal indifference”.

I see this every day in the West and amongst Christians who say some Muslims are okay. Yes, they are okay for now... wait until Islam has sufficient clout to put them under pressure!! THEN we will see how peaceful they are. I honestly warn this will happen, because of the Nazi similarity. History is repeating itself and Christians are in the crosshairs, as they were in Hitler’s Germany. (Of course, the programme referred to ‘Christians’ meaning Catholics, but that’s beside the point).

Historians point out that the Germans, millions of them, were brainwashed into accepting Hitler’s efforts to provide a brand new kind of ‘Christianity’, which included destroying the Bible, real
Christians, and Jews. Before you laugh and say YOU wouldn’t be brainwashed by such obvious evil... think again, because it happened quite swiftly to Germany! To gain what he wanted Hitler wanted to eliminate Jews, many Catholics, and Christians. Only then could he successfully take the world.

So he thought... but millions WERE killed before he was stopped. (Frankly, I see strong semblances of the German hatred for truth in today’s Europe and Merkel, who, like Hitler, claims to be ‘Christian’).

Now look at Islam in Europe and the UK. It is following the same Nazi path. If you still can’t see it, you will probably turn me in when the time comes. You have already been brainwashed, just as the Germans were, as Hitler gave the false image of a reformed Christianity under his rule.

A rotten apple can still look red and green on the outside

I can tell you right now – as the Lord gives me discernment - all of Islam is bad. Rotten corruption is in the innermost hearts of all Muslims. The only difference is outward – some apples are obviously bad (terrorists etc), but most apples are still look red and green... but the rot is within. It is the outward appearance that fools so many today.

I repeat – treat all men with due courtesy and do not hate. Just be warned. Be vigilant. Do not be fooled by talk of moderation or agreement. Neville Chamberlain waved his bit of ‘peace paper’ (30 September 1938)... and then came the onslaught.

We can wait for the bombs to fall and for millions to die, or we can stand up and be counted TODAY. Know the truth and stand for it, before an Islamic Hitler and socialist government redefines it. Governments everywhere are already redefining what Christianity should be. There is already talk of rewriting scripture to conform to worldwide socialism. And they are making it a crime to be critical of Islam. The writing is on the wall. CAN YOU SEE IT?