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I rarely watch anything by David Attenborough, but for some reason watched this programme (BBC1 , 24th Jan.).

I'm glad I did, just to see the excavation of the biggest ever dinosaur 'Titanosaurs' (actually seven of them) thus far. It would not surprise me if someone in the future dug up something even bigger, such was God's design ability! It is 10% bigger than any other similar species, so they think it might be a new species.

I don't watch his programmes simply because his script is littered profusely with evolution, and, for me, that spoils the programme. It spoils it for me because when he utters a pro-evolution statement I immediately answer back – though he can't hear me!! When I know pro-evolution statements are unscientific and unprovable, it is a source of much annoyance when I can't shout "Hey! Let's argue that point!"

It showed that seven bodies of this dinosaur were found in one place. Also, nearby, some of their eggs.

Remarkably, baby dinosaur skin was found in an egg and Attenborough, perhaps inadvertently, said that the eggs were taken by a flood. He meant a localised flood – but the water pressure, he said at a later time, was not powerful enough to float such huge animal bodies to their final resting place!

What else but a universal Flood could do it, eh?

And he did not mention the fact that actual dinosaur skin was found, even though no skin could survive millions of years of evolution!! It would only last about a few thousand years – which approximates to the time of the universal Flood! What a coincidence!!!

But an even better statement came as he marvelled at the finished skeletal replica built in a huge old shed.

It was indeed impressive. But, he actually imagined how impressed it must have looked to people when it was alive!! Indeed! "What a thrill it must have been to see it when it was alive."   (iPlayer 57:00)  Because dinosaurs, including this mighty titan, lived at the same time as men.

Perhaps Attenborough will take out that segment of film, so that the 'error' can be removed or will he have the courage to keep this truthful statement.