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Numbers of children being adopted started to fall last year. (The Times, 29th Sept) What a coincidence that it began when Christians were persecuted for their faith and government said Christians may not adopt!

True Christians will not even contemplate adoption now that they will be taken to court for wanting a child to live a good, decent life. But, if they are willing to lie to social workers, and bring a child up to be queer, that's okay!

The Times did not quote the position of Christians in their front page article, but then. They wouldn't, being pro-PC. Many Christians want to adopt, but are prevented from even applying because of government hatred for godly people.

Only 1050 children were adopted up to March this year. It would be very interesting to know how many potential adopting couples were Christians! The PC mentality of fools in government and agencies makes me heartily sick!

Meanwhile an Iranian pastor has refused to recant in Iran, despite a death penalty notice on him.

Would many UK Christians make such a stand? I do not hesitate to say "Hardly"! God help us all!

Now that it is law for all of us to be homosexual and candidates for AIDS, no-one mentions this outrageous abuse of Christians who only want what is good for children.


Britain is said to be the worst place to live in Europe. 9The Times 29th Sept). Are you surprised?

Those who leave say we are a 'broken society' (a fashionable statement, but true).

It is 'broken' because government has deliberately ripped the heart out of the country.

uSwitch conducted a survey and Britain came bottom of the list for everything!

12% of adults interviewed in another survey said they were thinking of emigrating.

Of all EU countries France and Spain came out top of those most desired, because of quality of life. Watch that sink to zero once homosexuals get laws into their wicked grip.


Yet another man swam in the ocean off the coast of Cape Town.

Significantly, the man ignored shark warnings! That is the action of an idiot!

As a result of his stupidity, a shark bit one of his legs off. Sympathy?


Christians in the west have been warned about the consequences of their actions/inaction.

Yet, they ignore the warnings and society is literally going down the drain, 'broken'.

Despite years of warnings about sexual wickedness and legal oppression, Christians have just remained silent. So have the majority in society. Yet, the filth now being spread by homosexuality is wreaking havoc on all fronts. So, whether it is a white shark or homosexual legislation, society is being violently torn apart by vested interests.

As I keep saying - there is NOTHING in authentic Christianity to call dangerous or bad!

But EVERYTHING about homosexuality is bad. So WHY does government think it wise to legally bind us to homosexuality? Superficially, the answer is that homosexuals have worked tirelessly for over forty years to place people in positions of power. Now, government has an inordinate number of homosexuals in office, so they are bending law to suit themselves, though what they demand causes fatal diseases and evil social ills.

Islam is also a grave danger - but who argues about it? No-one, especially not Christians, who in the main are lifeless and insipid, with no backbone.

Same goes for any social ill you can think of - Christians tend to stay in the shadows, anxious to retain an image of Christianity that bears no resemblance to scripture.


It has taken a judge to decide that a brain-damaged woman should be allowed to live on a life machine.

The sickening point is that the idea of shutting off the machine should not even arise!

In an ethics part of my first book on nursing I said that once science finds a way to save or extend life, we are duty-bound to use it. And that is my lifelong belief.

As Christians we should not contemplate discussing the matter for we are not God!

God gives us life. And today He will use machines to do the job, too. Some have even come out of years of coma, bright as buttons! We cannot kill people because their existence is inconvenient.

And on the hospital front - I concur that nurses are not as caring as they once were.

This is partly down to inadequate training, most of which takes place in college. As a student nurse I spent all my days on wards, training hands-on. I only spent two week modules in class.

If you want to starve in hospital, or get almost instant bed-sores, or a near-fatal bug, then it is almost a foregone conclusion! I know, because in my last few jobs I had to go into hospitals to assess patients, and what I saw was often deplorable. You get what you allow!


© 1 October 2011

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