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EU at War With British Laws

A report by a panel of Tory MPs says that the EU is at war against British laws. (Daily Mail, 12th Jan).

Well, I never! What a big surprise! NOT!

We don't need MPs or a report to tell us what is blatantly obvious. We KNOW the EU is against Britain. It only wants our money, not moral or intellectual sanity and independence. This is because, as we keep saying, the EU is a fascist organisation, that intimidates and bullies member countries. The leaders are the French and Germany. They don't like us!

The report states that 75% of cases we send to the appalling 'Human Rights' courts, including Christians wrongfully sacked, are kicked out. The report says Europe is dismantling laws that have taken centuries to lay down.

Angry MPs are using this to argue against giving rapists and hardened criminals voting rights (demanded by the EU of course). Thanks to the EU, Britain has even had to pay galling large amounts as 'compensation' to the most wicked of people, such as terrorist clerics. The EU also overrules when British courts imprison the most evil of criminals for life – real life. Of course, we should put certain law-breakers to death, but this goes against socialist stupidity.

The other side of the coin is that wicked groups, such as homosexuals, make enormous gains by using the Human Rights laws, and the faintest sniff of using these laws sends employers and others into a panic! God does not give us 'human rights', and He certainly does not give them to homosexuals, murderers and paedophiles!

The latest absurdity has come from a graduate who did not like being told to work in a shop! She is taking the government to court under the infamous 'Human Rights' laws, because it dared to tell her to work in Poundland. What a terrible thing to do! How demeaning to actually work for her unemployment money! Many graduates have come to think they are special, and look down on ordinary menial jobs. They think the country owes them a living! If the UK allows this frivolous case to continue, then the law really is an ass!

AS a graduate several times over, I never ever expected to be treated like royalty. If jobs are not there, then that is that! You must work for a living, wherever that income comes from. Many graduates never make it to high-flying incomes and jobs. Tough! In reality, there are far too many students anyway. They far outweigh the number of jobs that correspond to their qualifications.

Universities make slick promises and ads to lure youngsters into their hallowed (and usually drunken, immoral) halls. They oversubscribe classes. They are in it for the big bucks, so they don't really care if graduates get jobs or not. But, it is about time graduates grew up.

After he left the army at the end of the war, my father had to do jobs he hated. He did them because it was his duty to work and to earn income, for his family. Most of my own jobs were not what I liked. That's how it goes in real life! Today, the majority of young people keep all their money. They know nothing of giving 'keep' money to their parents. Instead, they spend on drunken nights, drugs and immoral living. They just spend and spend, 'Partying' seems to be the normal everyday life of most undergraduates and graduates, so young men and women saturate their lives with drugs and alcohol, gather as many STDs as they can, and generally think life is to be wasted on their very selfish desires.

Parents, even Christian ones, allow their offspring to keep everything they earn, so they never learn the real-time ways of this world. They just spend on themselves, with no thought for others or for duty. And nothing shows this more than those shameful videos of young people on holiday in places like Ibiza.

Get real graduates!! Work and stop thinking you are special!

Scotish Referendum, Yes! EU Referendum, No!

Scotland the Brave... or, How Scottish MPs Reap Cash

Amazing, eh? Cameron tries to muscle in on Scotland's desire to run itself, by imposing a referendum on the people, to see if they want to get out from under Westminster. But, he absolutely refused to let the nation have a referendum on whether or not to leave the EU!! Is this, er, something we might call 'double standards'? Or, as scripture puts it – hypocrisy?

Apart from that, I am no fan of 'devolution'. As I have reported years ago, it is only the method used by the EU to reduce Britain to four separate regions, much easier to rule from Brussels. You can expect any devolved region to also be Europhiles, because the EU promises the earth to all who bow to its supremacy.

In truth, Wales could never survive on its own income and rule. It is a fallacy to think otherwise. Same goes for Scotland. But, devolution would cost the Scots a massive £140 billion!! And that is the key to it. Only MPs and government officials will benefit from such a regional break-up, paid for by hapless Scottish taxpayers (not including MPs of course).

Scots are playing right into the hands of Brussels if they vote for devolution. Then, when the deed is done, they will come to see what it actually means in their pockets and lives. The machinations of governments are deliberately confused and foggy. But it need not be that way. The people could, if they were not so apathetic, force government to reduce massively in size and power, and to explain everything in simple language.

But, governments don't do that because knowledge is power, and they want that power to stay in their hands. The people, after all, are just pains in the neck who want to know what's happening, and this stops MPs from doing whatever they like without impediment!

Another Self-Evident Fact Made Public

Here's another big shock for you – immigrants DO take jobs from the British! Yes, that's right – the fact you already knew has now been made official. Not only that, but single immigrants earn more than the British they have taken jobs from, while the British have lower incomes because of immigration. (Migration Advisory Committee).

Those immigrants who have a wife and children earn slightly less – but this is because they show willingness to do so... and this helps to drive down the minimum earnings of British workers. In 15 years, the British had 160,000 jobs taken off them.

This is nothing to do with illusory 'racism' – Britain should never have had such high numbers of immigrants anyway. Labour brought us down with its liberalised socialist theories, and a wish to reduce Britain to a patchwork quilt, with no national identity! Well, we seem to be heading for such an identity now – Islamic.

The Sexualisation of Our Children

When out and about my wife often comments on the way children are dressed by their parents. She rightly says that children are no longer allowed to be children – they are dressed like mini-adults. And the danger this poses to them is enormous.

Even children's programmes on TV are sexualised. And heading this huge decline in morality is the BBC. Under the guise of presenting 'sex education; videos for use in schools with viewers as young as nine, they are sending out videos containing serious sexual content that has made adults blush. Make no mistake – this is homosexual-induced, so as to prepare children for much worse sexual content, which they hope to make 'normal'.

One stunned MP said the video was like "a blue movie" that will shatter the innocence of children. The "Sex and Education" DVD is determined to sexualise children. This can only be for the gratification of BBC paedophile-minded 'experts'. How else are we to think of these foul-minded people who want to make our children into fodder for the porn and sex industries?

It is likely that parents will be informed simply of their children being shown a BBC sex education video... but without explaining just how explicit and beyond-their-years it really is.

The distinction I am making is in the scope and approach to sex education, between human sexuality and human biology. If we were living in an agricultural setting children would see animals mating all the time – no big deal and quite informative on the mechanics of sexual reproduction. Primary school children around 8 or 9 years or older in some case do not need nor want to think about human sexuality, as opposed to human biology, as it is difficult at that age to understand or relate to adult emotions and behaviour. They are children, not mini-sized adults.

In a recent conversation with a co-worker he said, “I knew in very simplistic terms the mechanics of sex from about 8 as I asked my Dad about babies. It did not make a lot of sense to me and seemed a weird and alien thing to do at that time and I left it there. That was all I needed to know and it did not bother me nor was there an interest in knowing more as it was an adult thing and I was not interested in adult stuff, why should I as I was a child.” So why expose children to explicit adult sex education information which is inappropriate for their age group? Let kids be kids.

Which leads me to ask why TV companies always talk of the 'watershed' as a suitable time to start showing 'adult' programs? The 'watershed' time was originally set at ten at night. Now it has moved silently down to 9 o'clock. So, we are bombarded with swearing, lewdness and sexual profanity and the most shocking of language when children are still up.

It annoys me greatly that this is called 'adult' content. What they mean is that the content is immoral, foul, full of nasty language and as useful as sewage pretending to be soup. It should not be called 'adult content – it should be called 'content for the inadequate, wicked and depraved'! Why should I pay a licence only to have content filled with garbage like that? I don't swear or curse or act immorally, so why say it is 'adult'? I don't know anyone who speaks or acts that way, so why suggest it is just a reflection of what the public is like?

The 'public' will get away with whatever they are allowed to get away with, but only if those with authority say it is okay. There was time when men did not swear in front of women, but now women lead the way in drunken violence and swearing, dressing like prostitutes and even showing their bare buttocks and breasts to cameras in police programs! If we returned to decency, all this would melt away and once again be the province of people living in sinful dark corners of society.

There is nothing 'adult about most programs – they are just lewd, or filthy, or sexualised or filled with evil language. It shows a downgrading of society as a whole, and acceptance of sin as normal. And, whether parents believe it or not, even 'Christian' youngsters are part of this scene!

And the mainline TV fast-food of game shows, and nasty things like 'Big Brother' and Eastenders only helps to cause further deterioration of souls. Think you are not affected by these things? Then I beg to differ – those who are fed on this kind of rubbish show it in many ways, especially with a tolerance for things sinful.

Yes, I know – I am a stodgy, old-fashioned party-pooper! It doesn't worry me. Souls are being painted in filth while Christians stand by and watch, passive, saying nothing. If I can change just one person by saying what I say, it is worth it.