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Out of the Recession (Yeah right!)

I often wonder if governments have just lost their marbles, or are being deliberately stupid!

Metro newspaper (13th Nov 2012) reported that the UK has a £48 BILLION 'black hole' in its finances. So, public spending cuts will ensue (except for MP's expenses and wages which are set to rise!). Analysts said the UK is going to suffer much more financial pain for a few years to come. At the same time, ministers keep insisting that we are 'out of the recession' and the economy is growing!!!

Before we were struck down by the 'recession' I warned it would happen and that any statement that the UK was coming back out of a recession was a blunt lie! All the signs point the other way. And is it not very odd that the amount of the black hole could easily be covered by simply getting out of the EU!

Do not believe government when it says we are coming out of recession. It is government (starting with Labour) that caused us to enter it in the first place, and it is the present one that is maintaining it.

Why not cripple companies? (Daily Express)

Bad governments love to tax people and companies, because it is much easier than having astute and experienced chancellors. Those in the UK government are very good at getting their own finances stuffed into every pocket they have, but have no idea about running a country. They sternly warn individuals to have a budget and not to go outside it... and then they spend, spend, spend, using OUR taxes until we are again in deep trouble. In an effort to appear to be a strong country, governments continue to abuse our money and their own offices. They refuse to cut their cloth according to what they have... and just hike-up taxes when it goes wrong. Now, the latest idea is that a couple can take up to a whole year off to look after new babies. In the 'old days' (like mine) we had to just get to work, whether babies came along or not!

We had no extra income from government, and few women had babies for the fun of it (yes, many do) just to get a house and free benefits. Now, companies have to budget for their employees going off work for a whole year. What's wrong with this government? It is sad that two parents have to work anyway, because of the cost of living. Thus women are forced to work. But, knowing the country and the times they ought not have babies unless they can cope with them. To expect companies to pay them a whole year to stay off work is not a good idea. The TUC says it is 'common sense', but economics tells us it is a stupid idea that will cost the country dearly. And what if many couples (and they exist) will deliberately have babies just to be paid to be out of work officially? This is another side to socialism.

Leaving Terrorists to Roam the UK (Metro)

As you probably know the right-hand-man in Europe to the dead Osama bin Laden, Abu Qatada, can now stay in the UK. Why? Because the judges feared he would not get a fair trial in Jordan,  where he is wanted for organising terrorism within the country. My response is "So what?" If his own country want him, it is up to them to prosecute.

It is only guess-work that he will not be given a fair trial. And, anyway, he is a guilty man – let them deal with him. Let this rampant Muslim receive the justice Islam loves to dole out to its own. Instead, the UK acts the wimp and leaves us all wide-open to his disgusting penchant for mass murder.

This man is responsible for the murder of many and it costs £100,000 to keep him in the UK (on benefits of course). Yet, he cannot be returned to his own country? What nonsense! The only thing stopping him from going is the yellow streak down our government's back. They were thwarted by the EU (what a surprise, eh?). We CAN do what we wish, regardless of EU interference. All it takes is political guts.