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In the past we have forecast many of today’s happenings and events. But, few listen. And so we suffer.

We warned that the new Conservative government was just another form of socialism. Some laughed.

Others thought we were just hung-up on socialism. But we are not! We speak about what we see.

It has emerged in the last few days that Cameron is being tutored in foreign affairs by Tony Blair.

(The Independent, 20th Sept).

The same Blair who began the destruction of Britain on many fronts and who secretly handed us over to the EU. He is the same Blair who secured ever-growing ‘rights’ for homosexuals and ever-diminishing freedoms for Christians. The same Blair who lied about the need to go against Iraq. The same Blair who advised Gaddafi how to invest his money! Does this make him a foreign policy expert? Hardly! So, we are still being governed by socialism. It offends me to think that Cameron is relying on Blair to sort out this country, when Blair was ruinous and a disaster to our way of life.


Cambridge scientists have caught-out The Times prestigious Atlas, which lied extensively about the supposed extent of that Toy-Town fakery – Global Warming. They deliberately re-drew the ice-boundaries on Greenland in the 2011 Atlas, to show a supposed massive reduction in ice-cap, when, in reality, there has been almost no change at all.

It ought not surprise us, because at the height of the debacle of global warming lies, The Times insisted on publishing debunked lies in its newspaper, even producing a whole edition ‘proving’ global warming, though the evidence did not, and does not, exist!

The Times trumpeted that 15% loss had occurred, but polar scientists from Cambridge universities said the changes Shown were “incorrect and misleading” (Daily Mail, 20th Sept) and had “no basis in science”. The most recent satellite pictures completely contradict the claims. Meanwhile, Al Gore becomes even more shrill as he shrieks against those of us who reject global warming claims, so much so that even environmentalists are embarrassed by him. He is a fraud, just like all those scientists who want us hamstrung by their green stupidity.

We must not forget that whilst this is all based on socialism and stupidity, it costs us a great deal in taxation and higher cost of living. So, it is not just about fools who love to commit scientific fraud. Reject it!


The Dale Farm idiocy continues as judges create an even worse mess.

Just as the local council was to rightly evict travellers from their site, a judge held up proceedings for no good reason.

I have no doubt whatever that the ‘Human Rights’ law will be applied… the right to stomp all over proper law.

The families to be evicted are not being kicked out of their homes… they are, by definition, ‘travellers’!!

If they want to remain on the site then they must obey planning laws, like the rest of us.

It is not about making them homeless – it is about them building solid dwellings without planning permission.

In any part of the UK an illegal dwelling can be pulled down, and often is.

But these people flaunt the law and build anyway. If they win their case, they will do even worse, and the rest of the UK can justly be up in arms.

The reality of these sites should not be forgotten!

Firstly, these are not genuine gypsies/Romanies, so there is no racism involved. They are tinkers… people who move around because they will not pay tax, not even vehicle tax, insurance, etc.

They do not benefit the local area, but dump rubbish everywhere and intimidate locals, commit crimes and let their kids run riot. So, why is a judge giving them leeway to do what they like? He would think differently if they lived next door to his home!

Secondly, this is about flouting planning laws. If they had not done this, the council would have let them stay, even though they make life unbearable for locals. Why is it that Britain has become a cess-pit, where decent folks cannot live and those who defy law and morals are given freedom to do what they like? It is because Christians defy God by not living holy lives, and by allowing indecency and godlessness prevail.


Cameron in a tin-pot Caesar, trying his hardest to emulate Tony Blair. Blair thought he was a world leader, and tried To tell the world what to do. Now Cameron is trying his best to be a big boy, when he is, in reality, just a deluded lad in shorts playing in a school-yard with pretend guns.

Cameron has told the EU to pull its finger out or the Euro will collapse in six weeks. I wish it collapsed right now!

Cameron is acting just like Blair by being a totalitarian. What he says goes, regardless of public disdain or anger.

He says he will spend £335 million of our tax money to give to charities that educate girls in Africa and Asia.

Yet, he refuses to give £1.5 billion that is needed to give pensioners a better deal, including freedom from fear of putting heating on and spending on essentials such as food. Britain has the worst record in Europe for supporting pensioners, but it is okay to send money to charities to help foreigners!

The best thing to happen would be if the Euro collapsed, and the EU with it.

Better to throttle the self-interested leadership of the EU than to continue on our rapid rush into the pit. Let it all collapse! Then start again without fascists and Marxists forcing us into a corner. In the UK, politicians are saying that looters in the recent riots should keep their state benefits, homes and ways of life, rather than be penalised!! This is how far we have come.

Criminalise Christians and yet give freedom to looters, most of whom are habitual criminals.


As part of this reversal of morals, a few days ago a judge refused to ban a young man from Facebook, even though he used it to lure and groom younger boys for his own sexual crimes, which included sexual attacks.

The judge said he could not refuse the young man his social contacts!!! Once again, Facebook comes up with the nastier side of life. As a Christian I would never join this group, because it has too many evils attached to it.

Readers should know by now my views on letting killers out of prison. They should be put to death straight away.

One such killer was let out on day release. In that one day he made eleven robbery raids! (Daily Mail, 20th Sept).

Others have been let out of secure mental hospitals, and have murdered readily. Anyone who deliberately kills should be put to death – that is God’s demand on society. But murder ranks very low today with a society bent on evil and immorality.

There is also a kind of immorality in young people today, who do not wish to work. It has been reported that one local employer now refuses to employ youngsters from school. He says they are lazy, and are often found using their mobile ‘phones, for guess-what? Yes – Facebook entries! Music comes a close second. They simply do not want to work, says the employer. Sounds right to me… when I was first employed I earned less than an adult doing the same job, and it was accepted, because older men were usually married and had financial responsibilities. I did not mind and worked hard to earn what little I was given. There was no slacking. This attitude of working hard stayed with me throughout my working life. But young people today want state benefits without responsibility. Not all, it is true, but enough to enable me to make these comments.

Another immorality is the case where a man stabbed a burglar in his house, and was taken into police custody, charged with murder. I have said it before – if I was suddenly confronted by a burglar, I would fight! Why?

Because modern criminals do not think twice about killing people. Even if I saw no weapon immediately, I would make very sure the man did not have a chance to get to me first! Yes, I would be scared stiff, but I have myself and my family to think about. The criminal is not my concern. You might think I am being unchristian in this, but that is up to you. We live in a world where killers get life reduced to freedom, and those who defend themselves get put away. It is immoral and, as far as I am co0ncerned, godless.

I remember a number of years ago returning home with my wife. We could not get the lock to unlock, so I climbed over the wall, to get to my back windows. At the time a uPVC installer was very late in putting in new windows and so a burglar had climbed in through the plastic sheeting. He stole very little, but had put the inside lock on the door to ‘lock’ – hence we could not get in. We later learnt that he had broken in to all the homes in the row. Anyway, I unlocked the door and whilst we were looking to see what the burglar had done, I spied him jumping over our back wall. I instructed my wife to call the police and then ran around to the side entrance to next door’s home. I wanted to catch the criminal, so stood in the driveway waiting.

He jumped over the wall and saw me and just continued strolling towards me.

He had his hand in his pocket.

As I went to apprehend him, he drew his hand out of his pocket and before I knew it his punch landed on my face and I staggered backwards. He had put large coins between his fingers, like a knuckle-duster. As I reeled backwards, he ran off and though the police came quickly, we lost him. My point is that though he did not have a formal weapon, he came ready for trouble and used coins. My face and lip were bleeding profusely and swollen for weeks. Would I allow even the possibility to occur again? No! Christians are not doormats for criminals, perverts or politicians! If we are not prepared to defend ourselves, then we deserve to be hammered down to the ground. In the case of the home owner who stabbed a burglar, it was discovered that the burglar had a knife. I have no doubt whatever that he would have used it if he had not been surprised by the owner. It is no good saying the owner should have just let the burglar go… because he had no way of knowing if the burglar would have killed him anyway!

Another immorality… an unmarried female Somalian immigrant with seven children (???) was living on benefits. After all, why not, when the UK stupidly allows it? She received many thousands in cash and other benefits, but was caught living with a boyfriend who paid all the bills. The amount defrauded was about half a million pounds! But the judge let her go with community work!! She should have been sent back to Somalia, whether or not she had obtained citizenship. Indeed, when citizenship is given to immigrants there should be a clause, that if found acting criminally their citizenship can be revoked. No doubt the wicked EU would disallow that! And it still stands (despite fake assurances from MPs), that immigrants get far more from the state than any UK citizen. I am sent a stream of examples every week!

Yet more immorality… The former boss of Lloyds Bank was kicked out in March, but still was paid £100,000 a month. He has now been formally on a pension of £5 million a year!! If you are a fat-cat you get paid extraordinary wages for doing a very bad job, AND get generous pay-offs when you are kicked out. Lloyds was a bail-out bank, so that means the boss, Eric Daniels, is getting his unworthy gains from our taxes. But who cares?

Nobody! Some other company will get him onto their Board of Directors even with his bad track record, and he will again get huge pay for doing next to nothing, and STILL keep his former cash and pensions. Meanwhile… sorry to keep saying it – but pensioners will suffer from now on.

Of course one of the biggest immoralities is staying in the EU, which not only stole our sovereignty, but also imposed wicked regimes sexual and immigration regimes on all of us. If we left we would be able to make our deficit zero as well as make pensioners more comfortable and free of fear.

One more immorality… because government employs so many high-paid ‘experts’, pensions have been cut by 25%. (Express, 24th Sept).

As usual, politicians and experts get their pay okay. But the rest of us must suffer. Think I am going on too much about the fate of pensioners? Then hear this: “Millions of pensioners will be condemned to a life of anxiety if the economic crisis wrecks reforms of elderly care.” (Economist Andrew Dilnot, government adviser:

Daily Express, 24th Sept). As I have already said, Cameron is very keen to spend on everything except pensions (watch for even bigger pension agreements for politicians!).

Dilnot added “The system is in a mess. It is causing misery. It is condemning all of us to a life of anxiety and fear as we grow older.”

I will be officially a pensioner next month – so I look forward to my dose of misery! It isn’t so good at the moment, so what will The future hold? I can only guess and pray that the Lord will support us in His hand as hatred for Him and us grows.

God is still gracious and merciful to His people in the world, even though he has been let down many times by inaction and true faith. We have failed to witness with strength and power, because we have none. The power and authority we are given by the Holy Spirit is frittered away on stupidity and failure. How long will the Lord put up with us? I have no doubt that the present ‘king of the north’ is crushing us to dust because of our lack and unholiness. Stand up. Be counted.


As I have said, Cameron has held secret talks with Blair over foreign affairs. In particular, what to do with Palestine.

Blair was himself an upstart with no experience. Now he is imparting that inexperience to Cameron, who wings it every day as a pretend prime minister.

If the UN gets its way, Israel will be pushed hard to hand back boundaries to its hateful neighbour. If that happens (which I doubt) then total war will be inevitable, and the UN will get its opportunity to send in its own power-hungry troops.

In no country at war have UN troops stopped violence. Indeed, they provoke and maintain it, killing thousands.

Israel would never accept a mandate from the UN, because the UN is run by Marxist-Islamist countries who also hate Israel.

Instead, Israel will fight to the death. It is as clear as day! Yet, Cameron, with as much experience as a child, insists on pretending to be a big-time leader, but taking useless advice from Blair.


I don’t mind sport, but have no time for government supporting it in any way. Not with our taxes anyway!

So, you can guess my view of the Olympics, costing billions in taxes and giving us nothing, except maybe a mega-mosque.

However, the Olympic village is being sold by our kind government for half its actual cost to Delancey Ltd. (Daily Mail, 24th Sept).

That is, a cost paid for by our taxes! We will thus lose £247 million on the deal, while a Tory cash donor makes a huge profit at our expense. The buyer will turn the estate into luxury accommodation, so richer folks will also gain at the expense of people who pay most taxes. Remember that £1.5 billion need to secure the future of pensioners???

There are many more wastes of our taxes that could easily pay for pensions.

Another waste is paying for the treatment of AIDS in homosexuals. In reality they should not get NHS treatment unless they pay for it. After all, they knew the risks of their foul behaviour. Come to that ordinary normal folk who contract STDs should also pay for treatment, as should people who get injured when playing dangerous sports, etc., those who smoke or drink heavily, and so on. Self-inflicted? Then pay for it!

Think about it friends, for these are Christian answers with biblical sentiment.

© 24 September 2011

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