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More EU Meddling.. and again we will lose!

It has been revealed that both France (a perennial antagonist towards Britain) and Germany (neo-fascist), have decided to impose a 'crippling tax' on British companies that would stifle or cut any gains they have made thus far! And Cameron thinks he can broker a deal with the EU?? Forget 'deals' – just get us out!!

The media constantly talks of 'reforming' the EU. But why? The EU is unelected and does us harm, stripping the UK of our sovereignty, money and morals. We don't need 'reform' - we need to get out!! A 'reformed' Hitler is STILL a Hitler even if he cuts back on a few murders in concentration camps!! Is this not true?

Human Rights Law

The government wants to scrap the Human Rights law shackled to us by the EU. All well and good.

But, this will not rectify the draconian and grossly unfair laws Stonewall have forced on Christians.

Stonewall? Yes – I have insisted on saying that Stonewall rules this country, not government.

And government is overpopulated by homosexual MPs and officers, so it is always making laws that give them an advantage over the rest of the people. As I said a few years ago, scrapping the Human Rights law will not in any way come to the aid of Christians or anyone who wishes to reject the homosexual agenda.

I also suggested that the government only wanted to scrap the law AFTER it gained advantages for homosexuals.

The idea that Cameron and the Tories will forge 'one nation' is a cruel lie, for only pro-gay and pro-Islam will be allowed a voice and freedom. The infamous SOR Act 2007 was claimed to offer equal rights to believers and gays.

As the very first Christian to lose his job because of SORs, I can testify to the falsity of the claim!! It does not matter what the scenario is – gays win and we lose. Note that Tony Blair, the awful 'red under our bed', is throwing his meddling weight into the 'say yes to the EU' campaign. This is the same man who destabilised the Middle East and forced gay laws on the whole nation!!

Opening of Parliament Speech

I write this without hearing the speech, but I do know that the Queen is forced by parliamentary command to utter words that will chill Christians' hearts. How I wish she would, at times, say what ought to be said! 


Truth From Professional Liars!

An ex-Lib Dem MP has spoken the truth – that 'All MPs tell brazen lies'!! It is true that there are a small number who (apparently) do not lie and who are honest. But, my query is this: "If you tell the truth, why don't you challenge the obvious corruption in Parliament?' Could it be that your massive salary helps you to stay silent??

Migrants – or Terrorists?

Hundreds of 'migrants' have landed on the shores of Kos, a Greek island. They are called 'migrants', but how many are terrorists? ISIS has created a huge feeling of people from their barbaric actions... but they are easily hiding terrorists amongst them. They have promised they will do it – and lo and behold, the sudden massive increase in 'migrant' numbers came about immediately after the threat was made. It is still good sense to send these boat people back to their place of origin.

Satan is finding great success these days... these LAST days. But, remember scripture, which prophesies that Satan's time of freedom will last but a short time. And then God will stamp hard on his head. Along with his demise will come the demise of his disciples, whether they are homosexual or Islamic! Even so, we should give up imrecatory prayers, that our enemies will be cast down and removed from this earth.

 (With reference to Daily Express and Daily Mail)