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1 Are you Serious? Not taking COVID-19 Seriously? K B Napier
2 The COVID19 thing really is a big universal game. K B Napier
3 'Very Frustrated' Fauci nags the nation | GOPUSA K B Napier
4 I don’t think I am stupid – so please tell me!! K B Napier
5 COVID19-Status Certification Review - Call for evidence J. B. Waddell
6 More on COVID-19 K B Napier
7 WHO is speaking out??? WHO is using their brains? K B Napier
8 Lockdowns are Violence Against Society K B Napier
9 Trump was musing about new Coronavirus treatments K B Napier
10 Famine, Lies and Islam K B Napier
11 The New Virus: My Thoughts, 20th April 2020 K B Napier
12 Was it God? Coronavirus (COVID-19) K B Napier
13 Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 6th April 2020 K B Napier
14 Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 30th March 2020 K B Napier
15 Coronavirus - COVID-19 Facts 24th March 2020 K B Napier
16 Coronovaris: Economic Tussles 17 March 2020 K B Napier
17 Coronavirus - 16 March 2020 K B Napier
18 Coronavirus – Facts to Date 07 March 2020 K B Napier
19 Contaminated Blood - Another Cover-Up?? K B Napier
20 Encouraging Martyrdom by Silence K B Napier
21 High Court, like the law, is an ass! K B Napier
22 Who Should Pay for Pre-HIV Pill? K B Napier
23 Mental Illness does not exist K B Napier
24 Sin of Others at our Expense! K B Napier
25 Blood Terrorism - Gays donating blood. K B Napier
26 UK Blood Transfusion Service has agreed to accept blood donations from homosexuals. K B Napier