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Perhaps some will say I have ‘got it in for’ Islam.

They are absolutely correct.

I am against Islam fully and totally. It is a fake religion that spreads wickedness and ungodliness worse than any virus. More than that, it hates God and truth and those of us who believe in the
salvation of Jesus Christ. So, it is also blasphemous.

This is why no genuine Christian can have Islamic ‘friends’. I fail to understand that Christians can pal-up to a people who openly claim Allah is the only true god, and that Muslims must hate all
Christians and kill them!! Not all Muslims want to kill, but ALL Muslims retain their fake religion, so they have no place amongst Christians or in any free country.

Remember what I said, was it yesterday or the day before, when I summed up the present coronavirus situation?

Well, by ‘coincidence’ the UN today claimed that many countries will starve because of ‘biblical proportion’ droughts and famine. (I find it an irony that a Marxist organisation compares present day problems to biblical records!!). The spokesman added that these will force people to migrate “out of necessity”.

Firstly, the countries shown on the TV screen who will supposedly suffer are all Islamic. How strange!

Secondly, The UN is using EXACTLY the same arguments it used several decades ago. EXACTLY the same!! But, it is – as I said recently – another example of groups getting on the coronavirus bandwagon.

Thirdly, have you heard about Israel “making the deserts bloom’??

Don’t you find it odd, if not insulting to intelligence, that Israel made the deserts bloom almost immediately after being given back the land, but Islamic countries do not? After 1,400 years of taking over the lands of others by force, Islam has not even bothered to look after its own people, let alone do anything constructive with the lands they occupy (THEY are the true occupiers, not Israel)! 

Muslim countries could turn their own deserts into blooming fields of food IF they wanted to but they don’t want to. So the people starve. Of course, they SHOULD say it is what Allah wills... instead, they rely on the West to feed them, whilst their leaders squander grants and aid on themselves. Yet, naïve Westerners, including clueless Christians, continue to offer tea and sympathy to Islamic countries, the same ones that kill Christians and send jihadists to Europe and America. This is like giving in to bullies and then pleading with them to “hit me some more”!

It is no fluke that the UN made this announcement today, in the midst of the pandemic. indeed, they even blamed the droughts and famines ON the virus!! It is no coincidence. They are
making the most of a genuine crisis by inciting and spreading even more fear and anxiety. It is what Marxists do every day, to control the people. It is why (as I said) all kinds of socialist groups are pounding on our doors wanting this or that to be done. And it is probably the reason the virus spread in the first place from China (oh what a surprise – a Marxist country!).

Fear is the major tool of socialism. The pandemic on its own is not the biggest issue, as I and many have said. it is being MADE a much bigger issue by socialism that wants us all to accept lockdowns, probably in readiness for even worse controls by government. And, believe me, if Democrats can manage to swindle their way back to power, they WILL impose vast changes on America through harsh controls.

And what happens in the USA will drastically affect every other country in the free world... which will be free no longer. This is why it is imperative that Trump retains the White House. NOT because it is Trump in particular, but because he has the strength to get back to normality and freedom (at least at the moment... he must be watched, as ALL leaders must be watched).

Anyway, remember that what the UN now claims is old news. It is also ‘news’ fanned to re-ignite BECAUSE we have a pandemic... it gets lost in the general pandemic pandemonium so all kinds of political gains can be made by socialists everywhere. It is part if socialist strategy. Also, the claims of famine and drought have been used for several decades to force the West to cave in and give plenty to countries that have not wanted to feed their own, nor make inroads provided by science, medicine, engineering, etc. It is not what Islam does.

Islam only wants power. (Just like socialism).

If it means destroying the West (and with it, all possibility of improvement), then so be it. If invading Muslims make the West bankrupt and lead us all back to medieval days, so be it. If they then can no longer be supported by taxations and Western wealth, so be it. What matters the most to Islam is itself. That’s all. And if/when it does gain control, everyone in the world
will be just as destitute as Islamic countries everywhere! Great strategy!

Of course, Islamic leaders will all have a great time. This is what makes Islam fascist/socialist, and why the UN and other Marxists want us to send our money to support Islamic countries. using ‘drought’ and ‘famine’ as the excuse is to be expected. (Note: yes, there is famine and drought, but not because of climate or lack of money. They come for logical technical and religious reasons that Islam refuses to address. Those who blindly send aid to charities and lands that are Islamic should read up on the REAL scientific reasons why deserts are enlarging, etc., and why
drought and famine are being experienced)

All this nonsense has come hot on the heels of Trump cutting grants to WHO, and rejecting claims made by the UN. The USA funds these colossal useless groups, who use their power and money to increase Islam and Marxism throughout the world. The UN is a major player in one world government. So, in coming days you can EXPECT the UN and many socialist groups to clamour for attention and power. Watch out for it, because it will continue and grow, using the pandemic as a background ‘reason’.

NEVER believe anything said by the UN or its cohorts.