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I will not enter into detailed arguments but I have noted the following:

Though bats do have viruses, it now seems unlikely bats are the cause of the new pandemic. It is even possible that blaming the live meat market in Wuhan is a smokescreen.  On the other hand, I am coming more to the conclusion that the virus (SARS-COV-2) that causes the new COVID-19 illness is NOT a natural phenomenon.

It would therefore be reasonable to look for a bioweapon cause.

It is interesting that a research study on mixed viruses into one illness was completed in Botswana in 2016... (See USA CDC reports) and now a growing number of experts say the new virus is a combination of two, maybe that of coronavirus and HIV (both look very similar). Adding to this suspicion is that a great deal of detail has been missed out by China when reporting this pandemic. Including the extensive damage done to a lot of organs in the body, and not just to the lungs.

A variety of virologists are now saying they don’t understand what is happening because the new virus won’t respond to all their usual research methods. It is baffling them. So, it may well be a bioweapon, either inadvertently let out, or deliberately spread. Why? To weaken the West in particular and to bring countries to their knees economically, financially, socially and spiritually.

It is also a fact that there is an explosion of both charity pleas and socialist activities. The Democrats in the USA say the pandemic is an ideal time to bring in a new socialist regime. Soros is paying billions to change the world into his own Marxist image. Many leftists are salaried by his organisations. Others, not obviously socialist, like the Green movement, fake climate change groups, abortionists, etc., so-called ‘trans’, homosexuals, have all joined the general mess. One has to ask “What is going on?” And, something that has annoyed me from the start, WHY have a slogan that gives protection to the NHS and not directly to people? It is very weird and has significance beyond the obvious.

As readers know, I am not prone to conspiracy theories – they waste time and effort. But, the more I see of the new virus, the responses from experts, and the multi-political actions of so many, the more I tend to see it all as a deliberate world-changing event that coincides with the biblical teaching on the last days. Literally, all Satan’s efforts are now bearing rotten fruit, as worldwide violence and murder (mainly through Muslims) erupt into mayhem, and Western governments protect and promote Islam. Sexual immorality is already well established by governments everywhere except in a few brave African nations and the spread of HIV and AIDS is rampant. It is interesting that the new virus bears the marks of both coronaviruses and HIV combined.

When experts tell us they are baffled by the virus because it doesn’t respond to the usual methods of research and study, we should take notice, because it then makes us ask if the new virus really was manufactured in a Chinese lab and deliberately foisted on the entire world... the vital time lag between the first cases (which may now be traced back several months before Christmas) and the sudden spread suggests (if it is a bioweapon) that China seriously allowed time for the virus to spread before making any announcements. That is why Trump is right to hold China to account.

Why use a virus? That is simple. The aim of Marxists is to sow alarm, crises and fear, but not to appear to be an outright enemy (which could start a war). They stoke the fires of fear until the people are ready to accept any solution given by governments, who will claim to be our saviours. Thus, at this time, it is highly possible that solutions have been found. Or, more precisely, were developed BEFORE the virus hit the world. In comes the solution and... BINGO... the people are so grateful they will accept anything enforced on them by governments. Already Bill Gates is pushing hard with his trillions to force people to have vaccinations to ‘prove’ they are over the virus. A subcutaneous chip is envisaged, one that others have warned about for years. Supposedly to contain mere health records, it can be used to contain anything the left wishes to know... our movements, beliefs, actions... and Christians in particular would be traced wherever we may be.

The new virus also serves to promote one of the main demands of globalists – reduction in population, particularly in those who are older, have chronic problems and take up ‘space’ on the earth, using up resources, and others they think are of ‘no value’. This movement began a long time ago, maybe about 150 years, and is fundamental to the spread of socialism and one world rule. (This, too, is featured in my 2009 book!!). The forcing of ‘alternative’ forms of energy on people is another feature... the actual alternatives are not the main issue. The real factor is forcing people to obey government in every way possible. Not allowing us to choose forms of energy is just one way to do it. There is also an headlong rush to make everyone buy electric vehicles. Whilst I can see value in vehicles that combine petrol and electricity (self-charging), I see electric-only as a real binding of the people... they are awkward and control where we go. And there is no real infrastructure to support them. Thus, people are controlled by switching on or off of electricity. Same goes for ‘alternative’ means of providing energy in houses, using less than adequate means of electricity production (wind farms etc) that cost an enormous amount to have, though they are inadequate.

In the USA moves are afoot, feverishly developed by Democrats (Marxists), to change the voting system, to one that can be controlled and manipulated by evil men. This would mean loss of freedom and choice, and imposition of a continuous form of government that will no longer be voted into office.

Thus far, I have followed the official narrative, but also different sources of information. I completed my COVID-19 course, and have read almost all reports connected to the new virus... and have been led, quite quickly, to warn that things are not right. I have said this from the start, as have others. Something is radically wrong and governments are being advised by the wrong people... experts with a leftist agenda. Many of them receive money from China for their projects, so they refuse to speak out. And so millions die. It is now vital to cut ties to China, for all and any reasons. They have said for a while that they want to conquer the world. If you know anything about Marxism you will not want to be ruled by such a vicious and wicked regime. The face of this regime IN the West is very much altered to win over the West. But, ask anyone who has lived under such a regime if they favour being ruled by it!!

This is as far as I can go at the moment with this topic. No doubt there will be further developments. Meanwhile, the facts do not support the way governments are dealing with the new virus. They just don’t make sense! And on top of it, whole national economies are being destroyed alongside destruction of morality, freedoms and spiritual foundations. So, these are my thoughts right now. Even if the virus is soon treated, the world will not be the same place as before. The anti-Christ need not be an obvious enemy. He can come in the form of actions that ruin people. It is up to readers to form their own views. Read what scripture says about this coming of end time scenarios. To my mind, they have already begun.