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Once again BBC News comes up trumps! (Excuse the deliberate pun).

The presenter spoke to two people in the USA about the furore over Trump saying we should inject with disinfectant and go out in the sun, or, lay under UV lamps, to cure COVID-19.

To my surprise one person, a political writer, corrected the presenter, who then tried to get her expert, an epidemiologist, to ridicule Trump. Which she didn’t.

Rightly, the writer commented that all Trump did was to muse, but perhaps it was not the time to do so when everything was being broadcasted to the world. He might have a point there. 

HOWEVER... what it shows is the ease with which BBC News is willing to corrupt information just to ruin Trump.

In the USA democrats are more than willing to ignore EVERYTHING so long as they can destroy the president! Literally everything.

Nothing matters to them but his removal from office. I would not be surprised if they do this by shamefully and criminally altering postal votes in November on a massive scale.

To repeat – Trump did NOT say we should inject with disinfectant, nor did he claim the other ideas were offered. Read the transcript!

Also, he was quoting from scientific reports suggesting a variety of possible ways to beat the virus, all of which are valid in terms of scientific enquiry.

(This is what the writer told the BBC, but the presenter didn’t take up his suggestion). People only hear what they want to hear!!!

(Same goes when teaching from God’s word, by the way).