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For many years homosexuals were banned from giving blood, because of their diseased lifestyles.

Now, thanks to increasing gay propaganda and pressure, the UK blood transfusion service has stupidly given-in to gay demands, just to be PC.

Now blood is being accepted from homosexuals, which can have horrendous and disastrous effects on the one who is transfused. This is foisted on the public to further normalise homosexuality. but it is filled with danger. Not only can tests miss the presence of HIV, but if the HIV has been caught recently, the homosexual may not show it in his blood for several months. Homosexuals lie about themselves and their appalling sins, so it is conceivable they will tell staff that they have not had sex with the same gender in the past year, just so they can give blood. The tests may not also show up other diseases common to homosexuals, such as hepatitis and other foul ailments. It should be understood that many homosexuals want to spread their diseases to others. May the Lord deal with them in severity!

Thus, if you must have an operation or you need a blood transfusion for any other reason, you should, as a matter of priority, demand from your consultant to use your own blood. This can be taken from you weeks in advance and kept just for you. Put it in writing (keep copies) and say that you will refuse any other source of blood (except family so long as none are homosexual).

Make sure you get a WRITTEN reply, signed and dated. I did this for my wife in the late 1980s.

If this is not possible, you must demand from the hospital, in writing, and signed, dated, etc., that they ASSURE you, UNEQUIVOCALLY, that any blood they use for you has NOT been donated by an homosexual. Also demand that they do NOT use 'pool' blood - blood from several donors, which could include blood from homosexuals. The most obvious danger comes from male homosexuals, but demand the same if the donor is lesbian, because many lesbians have sex with males, including homosexual males, and may have their own 'brand' of diseases.

I would advise, too, that you carry a card with you, or something printed, to outline the above demands, in case of accident. This advice is given for a very good reason! Do not ignore it.

If you write to the transfusion service to complain, all the better, because what they are doing is insane, irresponsible, and extremely dangerous. Don't be misled by consultants or others who claim to be 'professional'! Most nurses and doctors have fallen for the propaganda put out by pro-gay sources, so they can be just as ignorant as anyone else. Whatever excuses they give are invalid or misleading.

© 13 September 2011

Published on

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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